DHS slips up on Fox

DHS admits to being in Synagogue, "conducting a site visit there with our protective advise security" in March. Then the feed cuts with a hard edit in the middle of the interview and jumps forward

Fox News Sunday with Christ Wallace

If you guys are done feeding the enemy and being degenerate race traitors by larping this attack as a good thing and not another planned false flag you should check it out.

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There is nothing but shills here if this keep sliding behing holloween black face and "orange guy" and "hurray false flag" and "shitskins of Rome" thread

Every time shills bump "orange Stalin" I'm bumping this slip up by the feckless DHS cunt

damn that's a pretty hard edit.
what did fox news try to censor? what did she say?

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They totally reset the conversation right on the spot. Since the news is done almost live they had to push a delay button like sweaing on a radio show it seems.

Why would the DHS be in a random Pittsburgh Synagogue months before the shooting?

get some actual evidence.

bump until I get answers!


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Didnt 2nd patriot act revision make it legal to report these drills as real?

Florida shooting was a drill. Kids who were being interviewed the day of said so 3 seperate time when it first happen on CNN

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Zig Forums shills are seething now.
Told ya it was a false flag, Zig Forums is totally taken over by glowinthedark niggers and self hating edgy kikelets.



If this is going to be your dig thread, have at it.



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To make sure everything goes as planned.

Oh fugg what are they doing

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Now why would DHS be at?…ohhhhhh that ain't right.

Wallace blew the fucking whistle in his own people.


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There are also news articles about them being in the area in January conducting an active shooter drill, a few blocks from the synagogue. The shooter made his “gab” profile the same month this drill took place, January 2018.

Link to gab profile

Link to the news article in pic

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why do they keep doing active shooter drills if every time they hold one everyone that participates get's murdered by an active shooter later?
pure coincidence

Soooo, they didn't sacrifice a hebrews dozen of demijews to wipe a botched false flag operation off the news cycle. Bowser was a totally natural and unplanned gamer gator.
Got it.
But general zod then sent some dhs proles to fox to pretend to fuck up and reveal that they cased the place 7 months ago…
So that we would be fooled into thinking that this was some sort of conspiracy.
Top shelf my fellow pole.star. They almost tricked us into thinking that they were trying to deceive us.

Any other insights?

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You don’t drill for something you don’t plan on doing

Bump. Nice big crack in the dam.

Don't let a little thing like Bower's distributive justice theory get in the way of your belief in omnisemitism. They're everywhere, man.

Do you watch alien documentaries?

More people seem to die too. In fact, the death counts break records.

How is this not plastered all over the board. Even this thread has barely any replies. Zig Forums has changed so much.
It’s not even some obsurd “consipiracy” That “the government conducted a false flag!!11!” Its simply pointing out the coincidence. The DHS visits in March 2018 and the FBI visits in January 2018. Two different agencies visit the same area two separate times in the same year?

Zig Forums truly is horribly compromised

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you didn't copy paste all of that second talking point.
Its just not as likely the two, what?

I'm probably not on you level when it comes to aliens, or sedition.
What documentaries do you recommend?


You should fuck off back to half, nigger.

As in

You aren't welcome here shitskin.

Playing devils advocate here. It was probably hard cut because the silly cunt gave away detail of security measures that she was not supposed to. If they didn't want us to know DHS was at the synagogue at all they would have cut well before that, removing any mention of it. If they were trying to hide that fact, why leave it in?

The Sacrificial Lamb and Blood Libel are tenets of the Talmud. They even understand that they run the risk of being sacrificed by their own for some larger goal; like sympathy points and POTUS orders to shoot anyone suspected of Antisemitism©®™ against a group of Levants LARP'ing as Semites

then why not cut it far sooner, have her handlers brief her not to have bleached blond moments, remind her that she's expendable and tell her she's lucky the Mike Wallace piece is recorded (no 4 sec delay)

You shills are desperate

patrick little's weakness to this talking point about it being some conspirashit has done more to convince me he's a shill than anything else

Basically, yeah. I don't think they were trying to hide that DHS visited the synagogue. Wallace is himself a jew, and would certainly cooperate with any measures to protect that secret.

Why even do an "Active Shooter" Drill if you can't do anything about stopping the shooter? What's the drill? Get low, take cover, hope he shoots at someone else and not you while you wait for the police?
Throw "distractions" at him? Try to tackle him when he reloads if you're brave?

Really, unless you have a gun or are super close to an exit, you're fucked. There's no point to a drill. You're fucked. If anything, the drill for anti-gun areas should be to "human wave" the attacker and hope that you can overwhelm him by just sending dozens of people running at them screaming all at once, but that takes a level of bravery that few are willing to display especially not kikes on a Saturday.

Do we have proof this was how it was broadcast by Fox (not edited by the person who uploaded it?). It's not that strange because synagogues tend to get a lot of threats and ZOG is obviously protective of their Jews. They tend to get all kinds of special protections in their host countries (look up Shomrim).

Wallace is a Jew? Sounds Scottish to me.

as usual there seems to be something to this shit where they basically have to tell you it's fake and in some kind of wizard-homo-land that means they have permission. Well I don't consent to being lied to, at all.

so sick of this shit

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How is a drill in March at all damning? ZOG exists to serve and protect the jews, the DHS included.

The drill was probably a direct result of this, which also happened in March:


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From 0:55 - 1:10

i'd agree but it is a piece of evidence. They say these events are planned out way in advance. If anything, March means they are rushing things for some reason. Word was they were planning Sandy Hook for two years.

Don't yids also have a problem with their spawn turning away from religion and also miscegenating at high rates?

Chris Wallace, has a JEW WHORE MOTHER who divorced his dad to latch onto a bigger piggy-bank. He is a self admitted JEW. jew filth steal everything, including names.


The only problem is when they get with broke niggers. Otherwise it's game on.

So did anybody actually die or is it another crisis actor event?

Despite all the proof this was bullshit, you are actually going to claim this? The old kikes just went to retire

More importantly, their females have fallen for the drugs and debauchery vogue harder than anybody and now the younger generation have epic levels of autism; where you found medical schools and dental schools packed with nothing but jews in the 60's and 70's now they're almost completely absent, replaced by muslim arabs. Amazing to see the grandchildren of university professors in hard sciences unable to ever learn how to read.


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Its at 6:50

The cut appears to be legit. There's another copy here:

You do realize it’s much easier to kill people then to have a crisis actor scenario? You do realize false flag doesn’t imply crisis actors were involved? It’s very well plausible that these drills were held so, #1 it prepared the surrounding communities so that it could possibly save lives because they knew a shooting was going to be taking place and #2 prepared the event site for when it did happen/ planning the optics/narrative.
There could be dozens of reasons for why the were there, for this though I highly doubt it was “crisis actors”


Have we seen photos of dead bodies yet?
Have we even seen blood drenched rooms?
Did local EHS get in there or were they kept out?

Ask questions…ask the questions…find out. They're liars, they're such liars.

It was a setup and I think some people got shot, but I haven't seen proof of kike death yet. THE TIMING is what makes this most suspicious, being on the heels of the most laughable false flag I've ever seen. Plus - ANYONE can spoof a Gab account wtf.

HOWEVER, If kikes did die PRAISE CHRIST!

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You're new here. You need to catch up to speed…

Why would you think this was real?
Are you retarded or just gullible? If you were going to snap and shoot up a synagogue why would you go there NOT during the normal service and instead go at a random time, then only shoot the retirement age kikes? Since he didn't even go during the normal service time in your listen and believe scenario he could have busted down the doors and the place could have been empty. IF this was real, which it clearly is not, there would have been some amount of planning even if it is just looking up when the jews would actually be in the synagogue

I also want to add that the Kavanaugh hoax was led by jews (schumer, feinstein, blumenthal, katz, bromwich) and the flip MAGAbomber's car was always parked by a KOSHER market. And now of course a synagogue where the former rabbi alvin something was told not to go there that day, and like OP demonstrated had DHS attention.


Also, don't forget Orange nigger and his nasty little speech last night about hunting and destroying those that want to destroy jews and then giving them the death penalty.

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Thats Private fucking Pyle

Now this. This is delicious.

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We've been totally compromised user. I know I rarely even post now and a bunch of other oldfags have jumped ship. It's mostly reddit and shills in here now. (((They))) were afraid of our ability to dig. Old 8/pol/ would have archived fucking everything and had multiple digging threads by now. I can't remember anything like that happening since Vegas. We were digging up too much information and spreading it to the normalfag networks too quickly. We woke too many normalfags up.

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No of course, asking questions is key. Look at the ages of the people who were killed though. It is reasonable to think that, with their generation, their first thought isn’t to pull out their smartphone and snap pictures. And if the case is that the FBI/DHS allowed some patsy to carry out this shooting, likely everyone sent to investigate/clean up the aftermath would be trusted not to snap pics and post them as well.
I dunno, I’m not ruling out the idea that it could have been crisis actors, but I think that’s much harder to pull off without say, the weirdness that surrounded the sandy hook shooting. And so far, I haven’t seen anything matching that level that screams there were crisis actors involved.


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Forgot a few
Probably still forgetting more

Oldfags don't leave, we just get crustier and use the dirt as camo.

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Because the digging is happening on /qresearch/ instead

They haven't even had to show any crisis actors yet since there is no video or photos even though last year the city paid 50k to get the synagogue new security cameras

EHS wasn't allowed to go into the building at Sandy Hook…

And all those killed were ancient. Were they already dead and having their deaths kept on hold to be declared at the time of the shooting?


someone arrest this goy for spreading this vile hateful conspiracy theory

Kek. You better hide, Qcumber.

Same thing at Sandy Hook. Nobody should be able to watch children being gunned down but why can't we see the shooter entering the building with his guns?
For that matter why can't we see all the CCTV at the Pentagon on 911?

Because truth is toxic to our democracy.

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I went right away to gofundme, a page was set up at 9AM EST. Shooting didn't finish till 9:54 AM EST.

I call bullshit on this false flag theory. Robert Bowers is a hero just like Dylann Roof. But should these 11 yids turn out to be alive somewhere, I'm gonna be pissed!

What is the page? How do we confirm the time it was set up?

Seems likely it could just be a payoff and send them to retire in Israel under fake identities

Care to give a reasonable explanation as to why you think this was real? Also anons are mostly claiming hoax, not false flag. Odd that you don't know the difference

Instead they go into other professions that require a lot less effort and focus solely on leeching off goy earnings.

This is the early gofund me I saw. I timed it because they bragged about how much money they raised in 9 hrs.
I am not too savvy but I be you guys are. I hardly know how to post here.
The shooting was over at 9:54 am EST

Someone kill Ben Shapiro. He's worth a hundred old cunts with one foot in the grave. Plus, if he's not online you'll know it was real.

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Occam's razor. And because I want it to be real goddammit.


Would be nice if someone at Fox who browses the board could get their hands on that missing footage…

It's hard to be invested in stuff like this when it really doesn't matter whether I look into it or not. The most I get out of this is that I learn a bit more about what happened and maybe who was behind it. But even if I had undeniable proof about this event, very few people will believe it anyways, especially because this is about jews. Plus I'm already aware who all the bad guys are in the grand scheme of things, so this is just confirming what I already know. We all know what needs to happen at this point but we're going to have to wait a bit longer for that

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This is good news. Everyone was calling the bombs a false flag, because the overton window had shifted just enough, we can now move it an inch by making everyone say that this was a false flag as well.

Now how can we get exposure for Op's find?

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Someone said last week, if this bomber is still in the news monday it may be real, although I doubt it. If something else replaces headlines it was a false flag. Everyone shot was old, they are worthless to the jews. Money is always part of the ritual and the gofundme was set up 1 hr before the shooting.

They didn't do a very good job advising, did they?

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Remember the Alex Jones stuff, a few years ago, when DHS works with "Community Religious Leaders"?

Where does it say that? That's big evidence right there.

Then every other holy book must be permitted also. Otherwise it is unConstitutional.

Those drawings are from the late 20s by the KKK