(((Bolsonaro))) EXPOSED

Johnny Gat here. JewTube took my channel down entirely, but I will be returning very soon with a new video on the mysterious connections that (((Jair Bolsonaro))) has. Stay tuned.

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do it phaggot

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This has been known for a while with the typical shout downs of anyone who brings it up. He's real big on (((opening up the economy))), too.

Brazil should have voted for the liberal candidate with a semitic last name instead?

He's even got the same exact shill lines being run for him that Trump does. It's Mossad all the way around.


Those digits are relevant to me.

Fuck off niggerjew.

(((Transparent thread)))

Blah blah blah everyone is a kike everyone is controlled op don't do anything ever just sit in your house and wait to be exterminated blah blah blah always the same fucking thing with you cunts. It's like you spent a decade on /r/conspiracy bitching about chem trails and atlantis, learned about the JQ in 2015 and then picked up right there doing the same fucking shit just on a different topic. All so god damn tiresome.

Bolsonaro doesn't hide his israeli puppet strings. You don't need to reply, I'm filtering every one of you sage bombers as soon as you pop up.

Eat my shut nigger blue

Are you serious lad did they really shut you down?

Post XMR wallet or BTC and I'll show my support

Weird how a reddit board is the first thing that comes to mind, not /x/ or ATS.

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lol cucks are still ass blasted your "Trump savior of the white race" video basically predicted this weekend

You must choose the lesser evil when there is no other option.

/x/ and ATS actually deal with plausible shit on occasion.

we are so surprised

it never could have been the case

a zogged castizo-larping mestizo

Love your work, Johnny. Never stop.

At least he's pro-gun. That is always good

Try again Chaim.

You're only making it more obvious.

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And I have The Grifter on bluray

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Better go stab him again. On your own time, not Zig Forums's.

Same old story. Lesser of two evils and all that.