First attempt by private Chinese company to send a rocket into space fails

The craft carrying a satellite broke up in the atmosphere

Landscape said: '[The rocket] separation was normal but something abnormal happened after the second stage.'

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I don't even think Americans can do it again. They needed a NSDAP German scientist.

Ant men can copy, but can't understand.

If Germany falls humanity will forever be stuck in the dirt.

and Mkultra program/other inhumane mind control shit was also the brainchild of NSDAP German scientists.



You dont know the history of psychology or when the government started doing it. You got that shit from the DisInfoWars shills

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Chinese are nowhere near as powerful as they think they are. The sanctions, while painful, are working 5x on them. They were building their military on US dollars and now they're forced to spend that money on propping up social programs to keep the people placated.

They will lose this, eventually. It may take a year or two, but they will capitulate. They are angry because they have a MASSIVE INFERIORITY COMPLEX and are trying to overcompensate by massive PR projects. But it's all built on the west being addicted to cheap, disposable shit. We are funding their garbage PR and global extortion. Cut off the money and they fail. Their model was exporting the dependency on cheap shit, just like the west did to them during the Opium Wars.

They can't even invent a new model of warfare. Fucking losers.

Fight this one out and see them fail. We have all the ammo.

You should probably tell them that, since they keep doing it repeatedly

Found the problem

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I didn’t do anything, but hey I am just white trash ;-)

Just like Fukushima, only Israel-approved projects are allowed

Just like with the kike satellite I can't shake the feeling that the people who say chinks are kikes weren't right on the shekel.

The solar station will collapse…

I love this process. It's the perfect fodder to enable the genetic algorithm of democracy. And the result is a more perfect democracy.

Sorry, Russian asshole-bots. All of your energizing of our political process only feeds more data into out democracy algorithm that makes us a more Perfect Union.

Keep it up, Sergei. You're only pouring more concrete on your grave.

Surprise! Rockets built of chinesium break apart before they reach orbit. Who would have thought?

Oh please. The three most important people in the history of rocketry before WWII were a Russian, a Frenchman and an American - the latter of which independently derived the laws of rocketry and constructed and flew the first liquid-fuel rocket. The NSDAP program was important and the scientists made remarkable advancements but they didn't invent rocketry or single-handedly take mankind to space.

American attempts to get into space failed miserably again and again and again until they got some National Socialist Germans to set their program straight.

Flat earth

Happened to NASA.

Hollow not flat

The entire Chinese space program is actually Russian stuff they copied. It will be awhile.

Wrong. There may be some portal at the North Pole though.

Ironically the Nazis based their space program on American Robert Goddard's research. Seems the USA government didn't think Goddard's work was of much importance, go figure.

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Definitely on the South Pole , we used to have cool discussions about this very topic back in the day here

The NSDAP had far and away the best rocketry program immediately before and during the war and after the war the expertise of the scientists involved was in extreme demand because nobody else had the experience and hands-on knowledge they did but this idea that without their contributions it would never have happened at all is just masturbatory pop history.

Theres millions of them crossing borders right now, there is no need to complain.

The Earth is flat. NASA knows this, hence why they fake almost everything they do with space. This private Chinese company may come to the same conclusion in due time, to which they'll do what everyone already does by using telecommunication towers for GPS/internet and pretend that they're using satellites.

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Cry me a river nigger

Literally nothing of value was lost.
They could lose another 50 rockets and probably see positive overturn.

if the earth is flat how come we can see other round planets in the sky using telescopes or even binoculars on a good day?

Just because a pool table has billiard balls doesn't mean it has to be shaped like a ball as well.

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You animals are unironically going back to geocentrism

If the earth is flat, how does the day/night circle work?
why is earth the only flat 'planet'
what benefit does round earth propaganda have as opposed to flat earth 'truth'?
why do timezones exist?
how does the flat earth rotate around the sun?
why has a pre-NASA concept only recently been reported as fabrication by NASA? were they paying off men of the 18th century lie about the earth's shape?

i await your intelligent answers.

also, if nothing/nobody has been to space, why are there visable human probes on venus/mars and visible satelites in space?
why isn't europe visible from the east coast?

Actually the Opium wars were started because certain chinks decided to trade for silver and then never let the silver leave the country. This didn't make them smart, it didn't make them rich, I have to stress that. What it did do is fuck with the ability of anybody to trade for anything because the common trade currency was now overvalued and nobody could determine how much silver would be in circulation because some chink was always trading for a shitload and then burying it in China. So they flooded china with Opium and demanded silver as the standard good in trade for it.

Dirty fighting? Yes but the colonial powers didn't start that shit China did buy forcing the forefingers to trade in whatever the locals wanted while nepotism prevented any of them from being regulated in any way even when they stymied the favorable trade the government claimed to want to perpetuate. The same shit is happening today. Tariffs work but the Chinese aren't using them to build a robust infrastructure(Germany and the US both have more industrial capacity even today and the US has more than twice as much). They just assemble components and make cheap shit not to spec, they don't even have a domestic infrastructure that could support them as they have component materials imported. You'd think they would use the opportunity to build up the entire manufacturing base so they can be independent but that isn't what gets immediate cash. And the entire concept of "face" fucks this system up even more as most products either don't exist or aren't functional, like bridges made of garbage.

And the Soviets, when it was a new and difficult thing to do.

Well arguably the V series as an abject failure, the potential lay in twenty years in the future rather than ten.

10 white men VS 1000 chink scientists. Watch the ants fail.

Geocentrism assumed the world was a sphere, also it was a predictive though not representative model of planetary movement. No model of a flat earth with a celestial vault was predictive thus they were never adopted. TEH MOAR U KNOW.

provide some nice answers about these things and I'll believe the earth is flat

He abandoned the thread. Flat earth faggots can't refute truth so they run away. Typical jewish tricks.

The brainchild of jews you dog cunt, jews. 90% of the "scientists" in charge of MKUltra were filthy, rotten, scheming, soulless kikes.

You mean with old commie rockets? That were built based on WW2 German tech and never expanded upon?

It was a Communist Rocket. It got lazy and didn't want to wok.

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Hell, it started way earlier than that. Eratosthenes calculated Earth's circumference and axial tilt around 250 BC. Turns out he was just a government shill.

Not a flat earther but that's a bad question. When atmoshperic conditions suck I can barely see the mountains that are pretty close to me where I live

Only shame is it weren't packed full of ant people.

These are the same fucking cockroaches that wanna launch an artificial moon into orbit.

Fucking hell.

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Ya don't say?

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obviously the simulation has a limited draw distance fucktard