Bolsonaro won

PT is shitting themselves, Lula will die in prison, and liberals everywhere are REEing almost as hard as they did when trump won the election. to all the leftypol shills please hang yourself

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Elections were rigged using PSYOPs. The same methodology was employed with Trump. Exposure soon.

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Don't you get tired of copy-pasting the same drivel over and over again? Shilling seems like a horrible job.

I'm pretty sure the implication is that you're the shill along with everyone else who keeps trying to convince younger Western men that the answer is more neo-liberal philosemitism.

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Who cares. Brazil will never be a good place to live. Politics or not.

You have to admire this level of multi-spectrum autism.

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If only two options are present, you should vote the lesser evil.
However, voting should never be you only action against international jewry. On the contrary, it should be a relatively small one, with improving your volk and having children a lot more important than voting.

fuck I hate you commie jew fucks so bad. just say communist jew. how fucking hard is it to call yourself a fucking spade?

Nope user, there's only two choices don't you see? One or the other. Black or white. There's never any gray area! Only dichotomies goy!

What I'm trying to get across is that there's a non-zero chance you've got the wrong idea about who the lesser evil is. Bolsonaro's social/economic program is straight out of everything the US has been doing since Kennedy got his skull blown apart.

I'm not a communist nor a jew and resent the accusation you've presented with no proof.
I don't say communist because they aren't really advocating for communism, or at least whatever you want to call what the Soviets were doing. Bolsonaro is pushing neo-liberalism, the Washington Consensus. NAFTA, out sourcing, service based employment.

if you rig something with a PSYOP, it's called persuasion and you can expose it all you like. communists and feral will no longer suck the blood of the people of Brazil.

But euronews said was going to have a low turn out because of the polls

And the cycle of South American fascism takes another ride around, grasping at the brass ring. Again to be denied by American colonial powers ala Dole, etc.

Enjoy your whirlwind. I only hope this reaches the suburban basements of the average Zig Forums-loser in a meaningful way.

So you're trying to tell us that Bolsonaro's opponent(s) would have been a better choice? Is that what you're saying here? What about Hillary… should we have been with Her too?

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If any of you Zig Forums lads are looking for some bum fun, head down to the knights templar and ask for SA

"well at least we won WW2, eh?" t.brits

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No, I'm not trying to tell you that.

The astroturfing this brings is astronomical

So what are you trying to say?

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Kikes kvetching makes my dick hard. I can practically taste their fear and anguish. It sustains me. Makes me stronger.

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Exactly what I wrote. It's in plain English.


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Great, so the response to Brazillians uncucking themselves is….don't vote goyim.

Nice, really shows the quality of shills around this board.


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So you are trying to say that Borsalino's opponent is…better than him?

Excuse me?

Israel will do the blood sucking. In America, PSYOPs used to sway an election is treason. Not sure how it works in Brazil. Will all find out tho.

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why would they be kvetching? pics related

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Yeah, you will "find out".

Why wouldn't they? They are already kvetching in this thread.

That's how you want to interpret it because it sounds better than saying "This is the neo-liberal candidate who is stridently advocating for the exact social and economic program that has placed the US where it is, overrun with an unending horde of non-Whites and its foreign policy dominated by military action to maintain these flows of jewish capital".

Which is fine. If you want a non-critical forum to push your ideas, try GLP or reddit.

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We all shoulda voted for bernie tbh fam

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why would jews kvetch after a proven shabbos goy won?

No. I said exactly what I wrote. There's a non-zero chance you've got the wrong idea about who the lesser evil is. Non-zero means just that.

You don't even know what that word even means. The closest thing to fascism that actually ruled in Latin-american history was Juan Peron (although he was compromised by kikes when he was imprisoned). The "fascists" as you say, were all autocratic right-wing reactionaries, such as Pinochet in Chile… however they've never were legit leaders with popular support. But just (((CIA))) stooges. This is however the most "hard-right" candidate chosen democratically and most of us are too young to remember but the (((news))) always supported these tinpot stooges when they came into power. Yet they shriek in horror with this man.

That says all I need to hear.

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So again, state your point.
Or we can be critical right here, champ.


Talmudic as fuck.

Because it's a goy who wins, and not their literal jews.

So again, you are saying Borsalino's opponents are better than him?

and the english anglokike agent provocateurs!

I have already stated my point multiple times. You are now filtered for being obtuse and disingenuous.

I don't understand your point, bucko.

Stay and screech in your safe space tho.

who cares; /ourguy/ won

Huh, really makes you think

I told everyone, that stabbing put him in the win column automatically. It showed how right he was and how wrong his opponents were.

the only thing getting rounded up are young Brazilians when it's time to send them to die in the desert in some (((Trump))) coalition attacking Iran for Israel

it's okay, reddit

Just like with Trump!


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Eh, Moishe, you have been saying this since 2017 already.

Got something new?

Funny how half of that also applies to non-vote shills.

You can probably rephrase that a bit and it would be correct.


We need to remember to thank that commie nog who stabbed him like an amateur on camera. That was just perfect for winning the election for us. I bet the kikes are fuming about him.

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if the vote is rigged what's it matter? revolution, not votes.

Actually, that's the communist way.

Do try on that though.


Nice, he will take office on January 1st, 2018. Let's hope he won't be a Zionist cuck like Blumpf.

post Brazilian music

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Funny how the shills are now caring about Brazillians dying inna desert, despite being le shitskin army.


1776 is a liberal revolution.

why the fuck would a jewish shill attack Trump for attacking Iran?
nothing you votecucks say doesn't even make any sense

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u ok hun? x

It does, they are doing this to make people not voting.

Don't vote for Trump, goyim, he gunna attack Iran.

In truth, Iran is irrelevant.

stop posting trannies


imagine being this retarded.

nice meme

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It's the truth, retard.

inb4 the founding fathers aren't liberals

Why am I not surprised?

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…but they are.

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that's why AIPAC and Netanyahu personally (good friend of Trump) have been lobbying for an attack for decades

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in during retardation

Which did not happen, meanwhile Iraq, Syria are actually destabilized.

Iran, has existed before Israel, yet has never done shit against them, true control oppo.

This idiot thinks by defining a well known term by his own standards he can win an argument. "I don't think you understand the word means what you thing it does" is a garbage argument from an extremist.

"Hurr durr you don't know democracy because America has never had democracy. The electoral collage is anti-democratic, and we're a Republic anyway so deal with it…."

Kikes are throwing all their minions at us. Shariablue, JIDF, leftypol and even tumblr.
They are all here and they are all completely assblasted for several reasons. I fucking love it.
Oh and some bots too just for the diversity.

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Make Brazil Great For Once.

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Kikes are worrying about young Brazillians being sent to die for Israel.

Nicely done, hues!



And I'll be here to laugh at them.

Trump is gonna win mid-terms too and they just lost 11 chosen for nothing,

thats clearly a man, why are you attracted to men?

the ones raiding right now are Corbyn supporters aka Labour shills from Zig Forums they advocate genocide of all white people in Britain and want to bring about a socialist utopia scary stuff TBH

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No, they lost everything. We just haven't gotten around to taking it from them yet.

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Because every British woman is even less attractive

Jews are a big problem. Israel itself is almost a red herring at this point. In fact, as long as we don't send them aid and all the kikes go fuck off there and we build a giant wall around them, IDGAF about Israel. Especially since it would help mudslimes that I almost equally despise.


A jewish bot most probably.

Wait I thought Brazil was already the kike's engame demographically. Is there another level below them?

Don't dodge the question. You just admitted you find men attractive.

and Trump has done nothing to untangle the situation choosing instead to send more """""advisors"""""" to Syria to protect ISIS