Why we lose

Leaders on the right disown right wing violence but leaders on the left own it.

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The battlefield is the human psyche. Our war is for minds. Win enough minds and the violence becomes unnecessary.

False Flags

Yeah, the left is led by, and mostly comprised of, sociopaths.

Also, the right is constantly bickering among themselves about petty bullshit. Happens on this very board every goddamn day.

I don't normally support this type of reply, but this thread deserves it.

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They really aren't bickering among themselves at all. There is the actual right and then there is the jewish, neoliberal horde that makes up the bulk of the republican [and affiliated/like minded parties in other Western countries]. What happens on this board is the former tries to have productive conversations about functional policy among themselves – and did so quite well prior to 2015, too well – and then the parade of trumpniggers, hasbarats, cervix thankers, fudds with nigger grandkids, and the rest of the garbage pail kids show up and spill their spaghetti everywhere.

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You're technically correct of course, but it makes little difference in the effect it has overall.

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A terrorist attack isn't right-wing violence.

She's such a good goy… Why? It's not like she'll ever be president.

Because we aren’t willing to be deceptive stooges, that will do anything to win. Sure some of us are ruthless and dedicated, but that doesn’t make us deceptive stooges.

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All I have to ask is one simple (multiple part) question:

Do you even know what "the right" even means anymore? What is the Right? And why have so many of your people decided to be multiple versions of The Right today?

Purity tests? Is this how it ends?

(((Leaders))) on the right are neocohens, who are all commie globalist pricks. Of course they'll fuck it over until they're forcefully removed.

nice reddit spacing faggot

It's the end game of cuckservatism, weak kneed whites with no willpower, and strong proud iron willed shitskins and other assorted leftists who won't even flinch at crushing you.

Agreed, and also

agreed, and ALSO you must remember that we are infested with D&C JIDF shills.
One rule I have is:
Easy as 1, 2, 3!

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Right vs. Left is becoming a false dichotomy.
It's Jew vs. Gentile now.

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Is seriously nobody going to call clinton a wignat or that her optics are shit?

Everyone, including the left, just wishes Hillary would go away. I really hope she runs again in 2020.

Sage for gay OP.

It is a false flag.

We arent crying about the victims. We are telling the truth that this was another government inside job with another mkultra victim. (((They))) did it for two reasons, blame yours truely the board of peace so they can go after online free speech sites. Another reason is to give demonrats a political sympathy card for the midterms. If they wanted to stop this attack they wouldnt be having a public jerk off to the crime in the media. This is a political move from the kikes. We arent complaining about the act, just their carefully prepped bullshit post event narrative.

Dont blow up a nest of treasonous agents then say we did it or are responsible or need to claim credit. We arent going to cry about dead treasonous agents, but the political excuse to make us potential perps when we are simply educating people these people are out to backstab the US and the west is bullshit.

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They actually call it


and use the cop-out that there are no objective measures for violence and that you shouldn't appropriate Jamal and Tyrone's 'struggle.'

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The real reason we're losing is that voting for shabbos goyim while making believe that they're on our side isn't a viable strategy.

When your base is heretical protestant evangelcucks who fell for the Scofield bullshit, you have to treat carefully.

Who fucking cares about eunuch conservatives losing to liberals. Both are Jewed to the core.

Having been a former lifetime leftist, you must understand the psychology of the leftist. In a nutshell its the belief in blame, that somebody else has more than you and just because you're a human being you deserve a chunk of it even though you never worked for it or earned it. I believed in fat cats, corporate thievery, corruption, the money not being redistributed and thats a bad thing. Truth is yes there is all of that, but democrats have always been on the side of corporate fat cats and corruption as well, so they're double hypocrites compared to the GOP who are simple hypocrites. After seeing all the nevertrumper republicans I'm beginning to wonder if NSDAP was the true path for us after all.

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Not really, spending decadses worrying about the christcucks and their 'muh pr' got 'our' side nowhere and losing everything at every turn. Whom ever came up with christcuck and cuckservative got it right the glorious bastards. You don't worry about the mewlings and worries of an fucking wealkling cuck, you dominate them as they desire and push forward with no care about their nonsense. /V/ taught Zig Forums well in how to play to win.

The jews can have their false flag. Anyone whom dares utter pity or support for the jews at this point are to be treated the same as the niggerball watching faggots. They come to us for respect and support now. Not the other way around.

Are you me?

Ok…they have a right to be here, I feel really sorry for them

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We need a hidden, clandestine, "win at all costs" element on the right. Principles should be suspended, among that group, in order to achieve some type of victory.

The left has a huge advantage of shamelessly encouraging sociopathic behavior among their activists. They have legal victories and social change to show for it. The right has an intellectual tradition on paper and decades of losing every battle that counts, irl.

Leftist violence is not prosecuted and even encouraged by the authorities because they are completely coopted by the Jew who feeds the receptive inferior leftist mind the lies they want to hear. Other kinds of violence, specially right wing violence, is to be curbed.
This is not difficult.

The problem with you beta TRS types is you view masculine behavior as "sociopathic."

What you're saying is also completely wrong, the left controls all the universities, book publishing companies, etc. Fascism has always been about action and intellectualism is fucking gay.

You're just making excuses. Shit opinion.

The right is just a bunch of boomers, they don't get anything done because of concern trolls like you.

I thought about this the other day. The left just circles the wagon. CNN “had no comment” on the Don Lemon thing and I bet it’s just gonna blow over. Republicans are either massive traitors or massive cowards, neither possibility is excusable.

But we've been winning. Public violence turns the people against the perpetrator. This is how we've succeeded. we're only slowing down because lefty violence has taken a backseat to these big false flags like the """bombing""" and this suspicious jew shooting

This is a great example of how centrists are pushes to one extreme or the other along the political/ideological spectrum (or that which they perceive)

He's right ya know

No. The lesson to be learned is; 'Shut the fuck up about what you're going to do, and just do it'.

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Who the fuck do you think "we" is?

The left has lost so fucking hard they won't even exist in five years.

They don't touch the 'Proud Goys'. There is something there. Not quite sure what exactly but there is something there; maybe the CivNat thingy?. Also, at this point, most groups aren't doing anything in the streets because a) the Left/Commie has gone underground (who knows what they're planning) so there are no optics to be had in a public confrontation, b) the right wholely rejects violence (whether that is seen as good or bad depends upon ones perspective(s)) and c) there is no reason to when politics in the West are leaning to the Right. Combine the latter with the absence of goys fighting kike wars and that's a huge win, save for watching the destruction of the West from within by jewish supremacists

We don't lose. We are gaining ground, and it'll only get better.

That's not the reason… the reason is that the police do not file charges because the politicians order them not to. Every single one of antifa can be arrested for assault, terrorism, incitement to riot, possibly treason if the rumors of them being founded by Arabs are true. The police stand by and do nothing, as they are told, or they arrest Antifa's victims. They are winning because they hold the power of the state and the law is disregarded. Their victories give them pride and prestige which builds upon itself.

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Add to that… the victims tend to shrug it off and grunt about how tough they are instead of going to the police and demanding that charges be filed. The other side has armies of lawyers ready to sue anybody for anything. This is the kind of fighting that needs to be done. Legal fighting. You can make a career out of it if you're good.

(((Gavin McInnis))) is why. He's controlled opposition for the actual brownshirts that will appear once things go too far.

What did Robert Bowers accomplish? He did exactly what you blackpilled posters suggest. He shot some jews. He gave the media some ammo, he gave all the politicians a reason to virtue signal for their Israeli masters, and he made the right look insane. Good job. Violence isn't necessary yet, we're still in a culture war. And I think you know that, because if you didn't, you'd go out and do the same thing he did right now.

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The culture war ended when jews started exterminating Whites in Russia in 1917. No, this is a hot war.