Another staged jewish shooting hoax

>DHS was there prepping for the stunt according to (((Nielsen))) months ago

In other words they pre-filmed all the footage

Yesterday was for the most part 41 degrees near cold breath weather aka frosty breath why none? All the footage is from the drill back in march.

Screenshot before the jewish terror organization ADL scrubs it.

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Are there images of the trees? Their leaves should have changed.

The difference in temperature at which a change in molecular state occurs is called "latent transient heat". It's not important to to you guys, but it's important to me. My autism made me type this.

sage for stupid
We have a thread
Looking at breath and people checking their phones is stupid and a distraction

No phenomenon can take place "at" an arbitrary difference within a scale of measurement (or any scale at all). E.g. water doesn't freeze at a some arbitrary temp delta and you don't get a speeding ticket for going "15 mph *faster*". If you're trying to make a point about the virtual temperature delta in a material associated with the energy delta required for a phase change then you've worded your statement like a retard and haven't made a case for autism but for downs.

We know who the kike is now sorry schlomo science and common sense isn't stupid

Heavy humidity 50 and under = Sees breath also Zakheim related to jew who did 9/11 in zionist jew run Pittsburgh "Squirrel Hill" we true goyim know the game retarded scum

(((Nielsen))) has admitted DHS was there prepping for event aka filming also
I quote a brave user goyim I know

why don't you investigate something know nothing?

Yep we know you the jews are now denying science, logic, common sense and in fact I just walked outside and did it same conditions as Jew infested Pittsburgh you sound like loq IQ fapping jewboy shill

45 degrees is the median for seeing your breathe its impossible not to with full humidity also all your fake low IQ "science" jargon

It was 41-49 yesterday in Pittsburgh I know people up there they could see their breath you and yes you get a speeding ticket for going 15 mph faster you stupid fuck most cops give a 5mph buffer have even drive outside of Israel?

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What is the mossad motto again? And then we have the kiked DHS, which welcomed the caravan of invaders with open arms.

Oh yea and goys according to the climate data Pittsburgh on Saturday up to the late afternoon had 100RH and 41-45 degrees aka breath seeing weather specifically that morning of the shooting hoax…hence the lockdown and no live reports. Also the football game and fake ass vigil today was done in 55% humidity and 50+ degree weather nearing 55 which is not codusive for seeing breathe unlike Saturday morning until roughly 3 pm

Bing fellow goy we must see beyond their hoax ass media

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No bodies, no believability. I think it would be a good idea to push that when the cops were shooting nigs every other week we saw them die on tv footage. There's no such footage for this. The DHS slip by that now fired whore is the smoking gun though

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Maybe Jews don't actually breath?

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Expect them at two tonight dudes
It's inevitable


DHS a corrupt jewish FBI ADL fucker handling their "security" common goys don't be so stupid, the jews in power do everything to smear, sabotage, infiltrate, and ruin you…think for 2 seconds they are trying to assault the "brand" of Goy resistance.

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How does any of this hurt the brand of resistance? Millions learned to beat the jew you must kill the jew

So stuck in Desert thinking jealous mode, when are we going to make teleporters and move them all to Jew Island?

And that is not the fucking "line" the media spewed to the dumb goyim do you even understand propaganda and brainwashing?

If they can fake muh holohoax they can fake a shooting for "sympathy" play the victim be the aggressor.


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They can start it any fucking time. There are lists deeper down that show the leadership and their attack dogs home addresses and where their children go to school listed per department. This civilization is the foundation of their control, no reason to let it continue if the gloves come off right? Peace and stability are their strength and allow cover for their power and legitimacy. Even hint that 'it' has gone live and chaos becomes ours. Unless you are one of the cucks whom are too cowardly to ever act, but who gives a fuck about you anyway.

At this point if I was them I would be very worried should the chan's go down for more than a day or two. This is after all the last outlet valve left. The only place many can be assured that the world does not need the fire to rise.

How do you expect to act without numbers while the dumb goyim are Sidney Gottlieb MKULTRA'D?

If recordings and pictures were from earlier in the year could we not look at shadow angles compaired to time and date?

Images of trees? Yes they appear more march but I'm not sure on that only the reports from friends in the area of the weather conditions one guy was almost attacked at his job for calling it a hoax

Yes but beware they caught onto that and maybe have altered the record, they were caught doing that in Newtown….they scrubbed and viciously attacked did counter intel on all the real research most of it scrubbed.

The lengths (((they))) are willing to go to so that the NPC meme gets buried.

Holy fucking shit, who in here remembers (((Gomel Chesed Cementery)))?

I don't think that's what they were going after, but I can't think of anything else that specifically needed to be hidden (but then I haven't been paying much attention to Zig Forums in the last month or so, so I'm out of the loop)

Though to be fair, normalfags being good goys and buying into consumer culture, if I were a jew, I'd be absolutely terrified of them gaining consciousness or asking questions.

So then we know: After the NPC meme dies down, our most effective way counter-op the jew is to make normalfags not okay with their lifestyle

damn I forgot as well

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there were no planes no hijackers this IDF jerkoff was supplying a false story with "pre knowledge" to support the fake narrative an "incompetence" theory aka plausible deniabily the Mossad did 9/11 in a heavily compartmented operation with the entire US GOV that "needed" to know aka FBI/CIA/ WH State Department who ran the drills pulled the plugs and removed the defenses which would hav caught Eillot Abrahms jew CIA-SOE flying the holographic plane. Real planes would not have reacted or been capable to do the "feats" of 9/11 so that plan was scrubbed they went with the magick trick hence Urban Moving Systems and etc. being caught with detonators and explosives.

(((They))) are making themselves the uncoolest kids on the blocks, the ones nobody wants to know as they are sly, backstabbers, liars of the highest order and will whine and sell others out for pennies. Not looking good for the tribe, do they not understand goyim have gotten tired of the their games of lies and deception. It is getting so old.

God damn, I can never get over how fucking stupid lefties are. Their minds are like a soggy sponge that's been left in the sink. They never express an original thought, but every now and then, when insulted enough times, they spring up and shout "you NPC," or "you snowflake," like they've just thought up the most original and hard-hitting insult ever spoken. Come to think of it, every insult I've heard from them in the last two years, that hasn't been their go-to since the '60s (racist and whatnot), has been mimicry of things we on the right call them. It doesn't even make logical sense. How the fuck is a lefty going to ask me if I need a safe space, in a mocking way, when it's only mockery because they literally have safe spaces?

let's do it

Let's activate it user. This was the shitty OC I made to push it yesterday that no one noticed.

They can't handle the bantz of past, present or future. The eternal bantz slays them in a way we will never truly know

The MSM sucks, just remember no more than 2%-3% of the whole population watches the likes of CNN, MSNBC etc. Never forget about 3/4 of the population does not know what happened.

Styx gets busy with slippery SHLOMO Gordon.

Watch your speech goyim.

this stuff is pretty disappointing Trump wise, it's hard for all the people saying things about sealed indictments and military tribunals to be taken seriously. It's hard to see any moment of truth over the horizon with Trump going on the way he is

I find his comments about 'bill smith' to be particularly concerning, the possibility that Trump might be sitting there like some kind of deep state bully bragging about getting some no name youtuber hauled off to a black site is just… honestly. This nonsense about antisemitism isn't going to really for Trump if you ask me, not while he has his friend Larry Silverstein getting away with killing thousands of Americans. The hypocrisy is fucked and I really thought with Trump getting elected there would be some kind of movement, desire or whatever within the power structure, within the US government to actually clean things up but as these days go by it looks like if there is any such thing Trump for sure isn't part of it

This. THey don't know and don't care. People are oblivious to all of this shit, the bomber packages, the synagogue shoot up….and there's reasons for this; I think adults and even most children have a deeply innate sense of when they're being lied to and when they're being lied to by groups too distant or too powerful for them to do anythign about their response is simply to tune them out. Same for NFL football. That shit is dying. Movies are dying too.

Yes they don't pay too much attention but the ones that do become rabid satanic imbeciles, also 50% get their info from newspapers and the fake news aka the 6 that also do (((Fox News)))

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EMTs generally don't give a shit, so I would imagine the yid ones are no better

here's a bump lad

Calling it NOW!
There WILL BE a false flag somewhere in Denver CO before the end of the year.
It literally always happens, every single time, that they run these type of drills preceding their false flag attempts.

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