How Jews took control from WASPs

When did Jews win the war for control against the WASP establishment? What led to WASP decline? Did they simply sell out, or were they checkmated somehow?

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that's easy, rothschilds funded woodrow wilson's campaign, he implemented the federal reserve and women's suffrage
they gained a lot of power around the turn of the 20th century with the rapid expansion of large corporations

Probably the moment some chad in a bar almost threw a punch because someone said something against jews and his chad grandpa was involved in the war and how can you be a literal hitler so soon after the big war was won and all the good men lost?

OP too lazy to do his own research and post it here instead of making this shitty low effort thread asking for answers before OP even makes an effort to research.

Patriarchal life was undermined greatly by suffrage, public school, war, and welfare. Denominationalism was one of many institutions undermined by jewry.

Look into (((AIPAC))) and (((Dimona)))

Maybe I have researched it, and that's obvious from the fact that I can even articulate the matter as a question for discussion. Perhaps I'm interested to hear what you faggots have to add to my research, and because its a valuable topic that would improve the overall knowledge on the board. Maybe you don't need to shout down every single topic about jewish power.

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You have clearly done zero research, nor did you read the rules of this website. Kill yourself.

No, I've done quite a bit, but there are still controversies and questions that need to be answered with regard to the WASP-kike relationship. On the outside, it seems to fit the model proposed by Hitler in Mein Kampf, ie, that kikes have a long history of buying off the European nobility with loans and financing, that this kind of finance-based corruption is particularly acute within the WASP establishments of the Anglosphere, and thus, led to WASP decline. But when you look closely, it seems that Jewish finance actually constructed the modern WASP establishment.

For example, to what degree were the Rothschilds involved in the American war of independence via Haym Solomon and other jewish intermediaries? To what degree were Jewish financiers involved in the financing of the Glorious Revolution of 1688 and even the reconstruction of legal rights in the empire after 1689? We already know about the Jewish circle around men like Churchill and FDR, but why did jews in the WW2 era seem more marginal than jews a few hundred years before? Did WASPs stage coups and take back power, for example, when Andrew Jackson dismantled the banks?

There are many points for legitimate research and debate. Anyone who tries to derail this kind of classic Zig Forums thread is obviously trying to supress threads about jewish power.

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Jews interminxed with anglos and they take over when anglos become weak.

This does not mean anglos = jews, and the fact you think so means your mind is already riddled with jewry.

I don't think "Anglos=Jews" and neither said so or implied it. I said specifically that the relationship is at times a partnership, and at tomes an outright war between WASPs and kikes. Clearly kikes came out on top after WWII, and former WASP lands became ZOG. WASPs still exist, but their power is eclipsed by international jewish power. I'd like to discuss how this happened – did Anglos just sell out, or were they forced to surrender power? How, why?

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It happened because WASPs were done after WW2, the defeat of Hitler comes with the destruction of the British empire, the french.

Only the USA and USSR were prosperous, and the USSR was a jewish power, while USA is Zionist.

It's been a continual struggle but I would say that Cromwell and then the Glorious Revolution of 1695 when William the III (of Orange) was put on the British Throne and the Bank of England and the stock exchange were brought into being was the beginning of the end.

For the US the creation of the Federal Reserve was preceeded by the Morgan Bonds in the aftermath of several artificially imposed stock market crashes.

JP Morgan was the George Soros of his day. Not that wealthy but he appeared to be massively wealthy; he was rather the front man for London banking interests.

Are zionists not considered "jewish"?

Was JP Morgan jewish?

Also, can anyone confirm that Rothschild financed Glorious Revolution / American war of independence?

Don't need to be a jew to be zionist, no.

It happened during the 70s after the kikes supported commie gooks, immigration acts, and the gooks supported their retarded holohoax narrative. Before that if you were old enough nobody knew or gave a shit about muh six gorillion.

Your rebuttal to the accusation that anglos are jews is garbage. You offer nothing of substance. Zig Forums already knows the anglokike story. I don't know why you idiots keep trying around here.

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Nice try, kike.

Shove The gun up your Mouth and pull the Trigger you Autist Fuck. AIR is more self aware than you

You're kind of blurring the line between racial jews and philo-semitic "good goys". There are good goy movements in every nation, including Germany. This didn't ONLY happen to the British

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fuck outta here newfag. Also your insight into anglokike here is fucking boomer tier garbage. In other words you're useless and shit the fuck up.

Anglokikes have a 900 year history being anglokikes. It didn't "start after ww2" you fucking moron.

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it actually traces back to the enlightenment
the (((enlightened))) whites decided the Christians were too harsh on the Jews and decided to invite them back in to Europe
soon after the Jews took over because of their unscrupulous business practices such as usury

Scandinavians are an offshoot of Celtic Peoples. They were an outcast cult that split away and lived like hermits way up north. The nation of Germany is a Celtic nation. All of Central Europe is Celtic. The Vikings were Jewish paid mercenaries that went around raiding Europe. Hence the name Raider (Viking). The Norman Invasion wasn't an invasion it was a raid orchestrated by Jewish merchants. To this very day, the descendants of "Vikings" are still employed by Jewish merchants to protect & defend Jewish power brokers across the world.

Sweden, Denmark, England = Jewish Vikings

Nordics are greatly misinterpreted. A great deal of the accomplishments that are mistakenly labeled as Germanic/Nordic are really Keltic in origin. If you believe the Germanic/Nordics get a bad rap inside a Jewish culture, take a look at how anything Kelt related is immediately attacked. The Normans were mercenaries hired by the Jews to go robbing and stealing across Europe. Particularly against the Kelts.

Norman Invasion into Britain - Funded by the Jewish merchant Josce of Gloucester: "Josce, Jew of Gloucester"
Norman Invasion into Ireland - Funded by the Jewish merchant Josce of Gloucester: "Josce, Jew of Gloucester"

Sweden and England still have these old ties with Jewish merchants. The target is always Europe, because this is what the Jews are paying for. Sweden and England are glorified mercenary states.

The truth is Keltic European civilization had a far more impact. A lot of people who think they're Nords are actually Kelt. When was the last time you ever watched a blockbuster entertainment flick about the Kelts of Europe? Never… Jewish Viking Mercenaries are acceptable though, even after WW2 sentiments. The Jews know the Vikings are /theirguys/ going back a long ways. Did you know Adolf Hitler was a Keltic man from Austria? Try running your own social experiments between Jews and Kelts. Quickly learn how the Jews hate Kelts more than any other people.

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It is the coward English who plotted the Russian invasion by Napoleon

The Holy Roman Emperor Francis II is remembered to have said after the allied defeat in the Battle of Austerlitz (1805 ): "The British are dealers of human flesh. They pay others to fight in their place."
The English are still at this game-too coward to fight on their own so they use allies like nato or mercenaries like Taliban and isis muslim extremists to do their dirty work.

Considering the extent of the disaster (at battle of Austerlitz and of Ulm before that in 1805 instigated by england with money stolen from India), The Austrian Emperor said


The Emperor forgot to mention that the payment of gold is from the victim or some other people’s wealth especially loot from colonies.
Incidentally, the very next day when Napoleon was celebrating that great victory of Austerlitz,(battle of aristocratic armies ) the so-called Trafalgar win happened-the pirates won while the whole grand army was somewhere else celebrating the greatest victory ever of Napoleon !

And English are too coward to fight on their own-they have never won a single war on their own since boar war in 1899 and that too with all resources of loot from the empire.
It is the anglo-saxon (US & UK mainly + Canada & Australia as followers) criminal gang who is pushing for war and their bootlickers: the Baltics, Poland, Romania will be used as cannon fodder.
The only solution is to attack and destroy the nerve centre of that anglosaxon empire of evil-england must be sorted out and annihilated.

US 'army': the speed at which they abandoned their military base in Yemen - from which they launched drone attacks - bodes ill for neocon triumphalism.

looking at the "battles" the english and US armies have been up against does not indicate that it is in a special league. Every time they have had the hugest advantage and yet could not do the enemy in without bribing them with cash.
May 5, 2011
Last year, British forces in “Helmand” province send a message to the Taliban that all major operations were carried out by the Americans, so if we did not target them, the British forces would not target the Taliban," Nazir said.

What english cowards!!

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That isn't really the proper takeway. The proper takeaway is that Whites were fucked from the start of christ insanity. Do you think kikes would give up their religion? What do you think the effect would be if they did? It's a total disaster. I am surprised it took kikes until the 20th Century to just openly run shit, but I guess it takes awhile for the AIDS religion to manifest.


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Fuck off with your /x/-tier D&C bullshit.

The Normans are an interesting bunch if their account in the Book of Veles (still banned in any form or any amount in Russia to this day) is to be taken as truth, for some reason the Normans feel it necessary to travel to help the Khazars, so far away, who are being attacked by Slavs because the Khazars need help in subjugating the Slavs.
The reason for the Slavs uprising against the Western powers was because of a further down line.
This whole thing with the Khazars only stops once the Vikings answer the call for help from the Slavs.

And so the synagogue of satan infiltrated the normans explaina a lot

Found the jew… go ahead, jew… explain what is being "divided and conquered". You can never answer that question. Lying jew!

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Are you stuck in ancient times bro? We conquered you faggot.

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What the fuck are you talking about you anglokike genetic homo. Wow, of course he drops a "video game" photo to base his bullshit identity on. God damn, I hate these faggots with all my being.

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