Sacre Geometry of False F(l)ags: ELeven Steganography

Tree of Life Synagogue Victims' Names Released
– 11 Victim's combined age divided by 11 = 74 (eleven again)
– '11 counts of criminal homicide
– (((6))) counts of aggravated assault,
– (((6))) wounded
– Took place on the shabbat – Gematria: 204 (((6)))
– 13 counts of ethnic intimidation, 29-count federal criminal complaint
>29 + 13 = 42: (((6))); or 4 (1 +3 counts) + 11 (2 + 9 counts) = 15 (1+5) = (((6)))

– 11 Victims, 6 Shabbat, 6 Wounded, 6 Assault charges = 29 ((((11))))
– 11 Synagogue Victims, 4 Dead Police = 15 (((6)))
– Date aligns if using numerical value of October's 7 characters; reported time of incident to authorities ~9:55 A.M (very close.)

Law of Fives Numerology & 23 Enigma for the 'Goy'
– Multiply them for 540 – The interior of a pentagon has five angles totaling 540 degrees. In a regular (((pentagon))) and five congruent angles – each angle is 108 degrees. Each exterior angle of a regular pentagon is 72 degrees.
– Alternatively character sums 12 x 8 = 96 (15, or then 6); with "years old" = 192 (12, like the name total); with "age…" = 132 (6 again).

23 Enigma – Extra Sephiroth/Chromosome
– Bower's age 46 (10, or 6 from 24) is twice 23
– apropos the 5 seventy-two degree exterior angles of the regular pentagon, forty (5) -six (3) totals eight
– AR-15 and 3 Glocks likewise on the 5 an 3 multiples

>tree of life synagogue – 4-2-4-9 (288,10)
– multiplied = 288 (9, for additive as well)
– Inverse/shadow Kabbalalistic tree is the Qliphoth; "tree of ' death synagogue' (5)'' gives 360 multiplied, 10 & 1 additively.
– The El-eventh sphere is implied but generally not depicted (like no graven images of Allah/Muhammed, Tetragammaton ect.) So there are really 11 sefirot spheres, 22 together with the dark qliphoth
– 23 is inauspicious, being 1 less than (((6))) and presumably tied into the human chromosomal pair count (as in "you goyim have too many chromosomes")

So then take the Chosen Ground of the Tree of Life Synagogue (10, 10) in goyim land of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (5, 23), the unlucky Squirrel Hill (13) – Nine is 1 less sephiroth than required on the Tree of Life, two removed from the implied 11th; Eleven is one too many, naming the ineffable, a blasphemy; – the multiples of the unnatural/profane Fives element is cut down to size by natural law of Six – 24 would be to total of the lower 4 spheres, 23 effectively signals being sub-human, cut off from the divine– goyim, golems, animals.

>Dr. Karl Williams, chief medical examiner of Allegheny County, has released the names of the (((11 victims,))) who range in age from 54 to 97.
>(((6))) wounded (two police)
Cecil(59) and David Rosenthal (54) of Squirrel Hill; Bernice(84) and Sylvan Simon (86) of Wilkinsburg; Daniel Stein (71) Squirrel Hill; Melvin Wax (88) Squirrel Hill; Irving Younger (69) Mt. Washington.
>foxnews. com/us/pittsburgh-synagogue-shooting-leaves-11-dead-and-6-wounded-suspect-hit-with-multiple-charges

>zerohedge. com/news/2018-10-28/elderly-couple-2-brothers-grandmother-nearing-100-names-squirrel-hill-shooting

>apnews. com/017eca5511ec4834b4406ac8c6b5bb13

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Checked for eleven. Creepy

Alright, I give up.

All you Christcucks on this board right now tell me the truth about the jews because as I see it most of you are cucks for the kikes yet your own God told you the Jews are the ultimate evil and most of you don't listen so why should I give a crap about any of your bs?

*Law of Fives addenum
12 Tribes of Israel, the 'Thirteenth Tribe' as the Khazar/Ashzenazim (Koestler's book by the same name)
Either 8-15(14, then 5; or 23 then 5);
2-15 (8; or 17 then 8);
First & 18th letters (1+ 18 +15: 34, then 7), or 1 + 1 + 8 (10, then 1), and 1 +1 + 5: 7

What else is new?

Do the numbers predetermine the events for them or do they make the events match up to the numbers?

As expected you can't explain shit can you?

And even the other torfags I see say the same shit as you so don't talk shit.

You're all the same kiked shit and don't pretend otherwise.

Those are some creepy dubs for Halloween dude.

Kikebush AND this retarded number bullshit. Whatcha sliding rabbi?

Checked for roughly 3355. Creepy indeed.

Ok I am going full retard (suspension of disbelief with random speculation).

What about the date and being so close to Halloween? 2018=11, 10=1, 27=9
(UTC-4 EDT - Pittsburgh = 16:47 shooting = 9:50)
>This period reveals dreamy tendencies, passivity, illusions and emotional disturbance - Maybe you feel lost in thoughts and amazing imaginations.
Abraham binds Isaac and is about to lower the knife when God opens Abraham’s eyes to see a ram caught in a bush, an appropriate sacrifice instead of his own son.

The name Bower
Bowerbirds have also been observed creating optical illusions in their bowers to appeal to mates. They arrange objects in the bower's court area from smallest to largest, creating a forced perspective which holds the attention of the female for longer. Males with objects arranged in a way that have a strong optical illusion are likely to have higher mating success.
Bauer Name Meaning
German and Jewish (Ashkenazic): status name for a peasant or nickname meaning ‘neighbor’, ‘fellow citizen’, from Middle High German (ge)bur, Middle Low German bur, denoting an occupant of a bur, a small dwelling or building. Compare Old English bur, modern English bower. This word later fell together with Middle High German buwære, an agent noun from Old High German buan ‘to cultivate’, later also (at first in Low German dialects) ‘to build’. The German surname thus has two possible senses: ‘peasant’ and ‘neighbor’, ‘fellow citizen’. The precise meaning of the Jewish surname, which is of later formation, is unclear.
Definition of bower (Entry 1 of 3)
3 : a shelter (as in a garden) made with tree boughs or vines twined together : arbor
The surname Bowers is of Saxon origin, derived from the word 'bur' meaning 'a chamber; a cottage; a shady recess'.[1] Adding 'er' to the end of topographical terms was common in south east England.[2] An alternative origin is "a maker of bows"

But what does it mean??

FOH, it's a solar symbol
But yes, kikes like to base their shit on symbolically significant numbers, images etc
Problem being, attempting to unravel this shit is worse than useless. You just end up going in circles and driving yourself mad, which I suspect is at least half the reason they do it
It's ultimately meaningless, useless hindsight rabbit hole scavenger hunt that distracts from getting anything done

Look up the number 23 phenomenon. You'll start seeing shit like this everywhere the more you focus on it, and never know if it's actually there or just confirmation bias


The real tragedy is that he only killed 11 (eleven) kikes.

3 is The Empress. 5 is the Hierophant. 11 is Strength.

This means that white women are (finally) joining right-wing men. They're finding out who is running the caravan of rapists.

dat 32 get

I'm trying to have sympathy. Can't. They mean to fuck over all whites. How can I feel sorry for the parasites?

What the fuck are you doing here?

It is our duty to defend the weak. Therefore, it is our duty to find cause for compassion, if there is any.

This is why we refuse to permit torture. As it is conceivable that a person could have been wrongfully convicted, it would be immoral to go beyond necessity.

Let's try something different this time…

(((Centrists))) accuse the left of false flagging because Trump is such an abominable leader that they want people to flow away from the right.

(((It was a false flag.)))

(((It wasn't a false flag.)))

Triple creepy. That was some get.

23 skidoo

That's where you're wrong.


< 23


Agreed. Yet, we must retain our identity. We scan for the possibility of human life.

But what do you think about this? I am unable to discern a cause for compassion? They were involved in extreme politics, the overthrow of their host nation. When people find out, will they still have compassion?

See here, the esoteric meaning of this event (which is that a "loan wolf" white man was the only one defending white women from the rape caravan):

See also the perfect Grand Cross on a full moon. The time was right and the energy was high. Huge repercussions to come.

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Did you ever catch the blog "extra-capsa"? That guy did amazing and right on analysis and run downs of gematria at work in events like these and also all through sport and pop culture. Dude was really amazing and suddenly he has gone black. About 6 months ago everything stopped and his site was scrubbed from WordPress. He wrote a couple of books that just got published and I rekon he landed on their radar.

Old FB page is still up but untouched. The book is advertised there. Cant find it anywhere else. Dude has vanished.

The numbers alter the time/space fabric. Its literally pushing and pulling reality in given directions. And the power of these events being viewed and talked about and running over and over in the minds of the global consciousness makes these events stronger. Its just magick.

(Sun at 1˚13' Scorpio) and (Venus)
in opposition to
(Moon at 1˚13' Taurus) and (Uranus)
There's that 23 enigma again.
The other two opposite corners of the square are at 1˚21' Leo and Aquarius, or 22.
So is it FF , or not FF ?
This new found paranoid schizophrenia of mine and number OCD is making me uber creeped out by this thread, even if I have no idea what it means.

It (((was)))(((n't))) a (((false flag))).

(((It(((was)))(((n't))) a (((false flag))).)))

Yep. There is definitely something going on with the numbers. Not sure what, but the patterns and timing and events and constellations are sometimes so freaked out that it convinced me long ago that this is how they work and it is very real.

How about the planets on 9/11? Woah!

I don't consider the degrees to be significant. I consider the story of their placement to be the true method of interpretation. This is how it was done, of old (that's why the sky is laid out in characters, rather than as numbers, if we take the old sources).

Also, be certain to observe the actual heavens, or, being a bit lazier, observe the sky with an app. A free app is Stellarium - but I think it's only on computers. There are free ones on ios, Android.

Mars is in Capricorn. Capricorn, more than any other sign of the Zodiac, represents borders. Successful war at the border.

I've done it to myself for years with 11:11.

Jewish magic is real.
Had some workmates who delved deep into kabbalah. Use to use the energy of raves to power their rituals.
Watched them open a hole in spacetime and blow up a bunch of tube trains.
Demons used to inhabit their bodies - proper ones with fangs and wings.
Its all real


Anyone who actually believes this garbage is either a shill or willfully misguided. It's the same as when they try and get you to think that Hitler was a jew that carried out the Holocaust, so that you end up believing in the most important thing (6 million) over the next most important thing (Hitler is Evil). If you're actually interested in Kabbalah, read Gershon Scholem's works, he's considered the first academic to study the field scholarly. With some things, like the inferior status of gentiles in kabbalistic works, you have to read between the lines, but otherwise I found his works evenhanded and informative. Christians eat up gematria like candy lel

what the fuck does 74 have to do with anything
>>>/fringe/ with all that bullshit numberology
It’s literally fucking nothing

t. schlomo

see ya

Nah, man. This is their power. This is why they win. And this is why everyone else sucks up their ass and gets onside with their power base.


Checked, again.

35 5493 7976 1695 797
25 1 19
15 18 5
21 5 22

Quit perverting the Temple sodomites. You know 11 means the joining of male and female.

Death of Yesod, which means a Jew has sex with a message bearer.

It’s an inverse of Pythagoras 47. Meaning some Jewess got impregnated.

Gematria is actually European in origin.

987654321 97531 86420
876543212 75313 64202
765432123 53135 42024
654321234 31357 20246
543212345 13579 02468
432123456 31347 24686
321234567 53135 46864
212345678 75313 68642
123456789 97531 86420

11 is a two digit numeral representing a position in an observer's observable order.

Good documentary, but not easy to watch for someone not conversant in astrology. Full of eerie coincidences!

That's a matter of perspective and how you derive your "truth".
They (and the entirety of their leviathan) would say they were just helping the poor, discarded, downtrodden peoples. Because they know how they feel. Because jews .

That seems rather illogical. 11 is two penises. 10 is a penis and vagina.

What part of "Zig Forums is always right" did you not get?
Take your Qlarp orgy to >>>/x/ you double nigger.
There's an entire board for you to infect.

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Good find user

Okay, off to /x/ with you.