Everything I Don't Like is Hitler: Understanding Why "Leftism" Isn't Even Real

Does "the left" even exist at this point? Short answer: of course it doesn't. Long answer: of course it doesn't. It's just their way of claiming that the so-called "other side" of politics must have a "counterbalance" so that they can feel good about being on the "right side of history". They're using (((Marxist))) narratives for the sake of "progressive ideas", in that you have to be something very specific (like a genderfluid polysexual African/Mexican/Indian/Jewish El Goblino transexual handicap with two biqueer tranny moms) to be part of their group, or simply just be a woman or "minority". As of now, their understanding of politics is next to nothing other than calling anyone they don't like a Nazi/fascist. Their "opposition" of (((capitalism))) is only in the sense that they think it has something to do with (((capitalism))) supposedly opposing homosexuality, open borders, race mixing, and feminism, when it's the complete opposite entirely. Their "opposition" against the (((media))) is that they think all these (((media))) outlets are all like a bunch of Der Stürmer-tier TV/radio stations, with no further actual proof other than they just say so.

The fact that they think that Zionist Evangelicuck known as Donald Trump is the reincarnation of Adolf Hitler, further solidifies my point. Even the most lax cuckservative is a Nazi/fascist in their eyes. Why? Because they say so, just like I've said before. This is by far the slimiest personality of the so-called "left", they'll forget almost everything they have ever protested about in the past for the sake of protesting something in the present. When the 2016 elections came in, suddenly Hillary was a saint to them. Only a bunch of "centrist" normalfags stuck to their principals of calling out both sides. Not that they know anything about politics, either. With all that said, how can you actually properly debate any of these freaks? I'm running out of ideas here because even if you call them out on their retardation, they'll just switch it over to an irrelevant topic to the debate because they never want their beliefs to be challenged by anyone. Either that or they will just nonchalantly call you a "troll". I would love any of you anons to give me your own interpretations of the "left" and their twisted personalities. This might give anons a better understanding on how you can actually deal with a lefty debate situation anywhere. The NPC meme could not be anymore true, folks.

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Don’t engage them. Just redpill the normies and move on. Once we have enough people agreeing with us, social proof will put all the leftists in line.

I don't know about that, maybe leftists still have a chance to be redpilled as well.

Simple answer: you can't debate or red pill an NPC because NPCs are incapable of independent thought.

There is only one (((problem))). Period.

$150 billion in "charitable" nonprofit foundations attacking Trump and promoting illegal immigration

(check 'em)

Put them on the streets and see how long they remain leftists. The far right has always been the group that created poverty to work programs. From Hoover to Hitler. Proven fact, it works every single time.

Zig Forums is why progressive rightists go to be abused, Zig Forums is where conservative leftists go to be abused. The partisan sorting must be perfected.

Stab stab guess stab.

The thing that I find staggering about the accusations that Trump is "populist" is how transparently it reveals the media to in fact traffic in lies. Trump isn't popular. Not giving people what they want is pretty much the schtick he's been hitting the economy with. Trump is more of an unpopulist.

I don't even think most people accusing Trump of popularism realize that they're lying. I don't know what they're thinking when they bleat that out. Is it supposed to be a sin to care more about what helps the pops than what the pops popularize?

Trump is popular with the mass.

Racism is pretty much stupid incarnate, though. That's why stupid people of every race are racist. The world that matters is the world of ideas, not some spiritual/superstitious world of bellowing dick collectives.

Nobody who is en masse unpopular with women is authentically popular with the masses. The masses like fucking too much to fall for that. Even sexual conservatives rely on sexual immorality in large numbers - that's why they hate media and culture that offers alternative satisfactions for sexual drives.

There can be no such thing as populism without women. Men do not defy the preferences of women without cause, not only because women are desirable whereas men are detestable, but also because men often speak their minds, whereas women often are "agreeable". It is dangerous in the extreme to go against "agreeable" people, for not only can they neither be predicted nor controlled, but indeed their tendency to put forward a facade of loyalty in all contexts does not sufficiently prove them lacking in virtue.

Men are equal, and therefore argue; women are dominant, and therefore don't.

Leftism tried to put forward strong women who would pose less dominance threat to men. Would that it had worked.

…oh, my IP renewed… Uh, sorry… I'm Spartacus?

The left is malignant - the true reason left handedness was and is considered evil, distrustful, malicious, underhanded, disheveled.

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Striker gets the gas.

Of course it exist. Every ideology spawned after 1789 revolution is leftist: republicanism, democratism, humanism, socialism, nationalism, liberalism etc.

>>>Zig Forums

NIgger "ideas" = Muh dick

Jew "ideas" = Americans need to be replaced

I see what you mean there.

And gay ideas = they want to fuck children.

Maybe some but most didn’t arrive at their viewpoints through reason or logic they just hold the popular view to have. The rest are like they are because that’s just how their defective brains are wired to be. Use them as a fool to redpill the normies but don’t get frustrated and burn yourself out trying to convert leftists.

Foil* but “fool” works there too I guess.

Fuck off, Sargon.

You need to stop falling for the left v right meme. Politics and ideology is far deeper than "my team, your team". Then again, it would be more accurate to say it isn't left v right, but globalist v nationalist.


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I may dislike what Chenk is saying, but the balls he has to have a leftist political show basicly named "The best genociders of armenians".

well yes it does, but the actual amount of truly "leftist" people is quite small
the left itself got royally fucked in the ass by liberal-capitalist ""leftists"" who represent nothing more than the interests of the financial elite hidden under a leftist blanket
the leftists that at some point in history cared the most about the rights of the workers and the family and didn't give a shit about "social rights" and faggots are almost a mythological creature

Politics is simply the management of conflicts of interest, the basic paradigm is this, Right Wing/Me—–The Universe/Left Wing, the subjective and the objective.

Thus traditional Right Wing ideology centres on the self, the family, local community, Nation, it can extend to say Pan-Germanism or Pan-Europeanism but it is assuming no conflict of interest.

A conflict of interest can arise at any level including within one's immediate family but identity politics assumes certain positions.

Left Wing politics then assumes caring for everything in the Universe, those whose interests are seen as not extending beyond their immediate tribe are seen as limited and inferior, the caring for all as the superior perspective.

It does recognize conflicts of interest and scapegoat those groups, for example white people or capitalists, if not for those it would be a wonderful caring and sharing Universe, an entirely naive approach that fails to recognize the conflict of interests they themselves generate.

They consider it superior to to put aside their own interests and those of their actual people to concern themselves with others, this is based in vanity and pseudo-intellectualism and generates disconnect in what should be the natural progression of their own interests, rather than managing conflicts they simply ignore them.

In theory one should be concerned with the better interests of all but that requires conflict management, i care about the survival of lions but if one was chasing me i would be forced to shoot it, better to avoid that situation.

Bump for decent OP. Make threads great again. The Third Position is the only "real" alternative political position, there are some hardcore communists like on leftypol that aren't braindead Jew slaves, and stand behind principles like being against Israel instead of picking and choosing, but those are such a tiny percent they can't even be considered. The vast majority of people who are remotely principled are on our side.

Also sage for off topic, but I've been seeing some good discussion threads lately despite all the spam, keep it up dudes.

The "Left" can be characterized many ways; but for all intent and purpose, it is anti-anything and anti-everything that is or was culturally stable. The "Right" has also lost its bearings; wherein "Conservatism" means voting the straight Red ticket, as opposed to real conservation of tradition, conservation as in "waste not want not" and conservation of "if it ain't broke, don't fix it".
There are two opposing sides emerging, as one might expect in preparation for civil wars

Racism is natural.

You don't! You ridicule them and beat them over the head with the fact that your views are normal and theirs aren't, and that's how humanity has been since the dawn of ages, and will forever be. They are just an irrelevant blip on the radar of history.

Nationalism =/= Racism

Wanting to preserve ones heritage and legacy isn’t racist.

Good morning angry Jews. You need to wake up earlier.

Nationalism for the jew is the only Nationalism allowed. Like they've done historically, they change the name to protect identities; like masking jewish Nationalism as Zionism. The stark difference being that once the Yinon plan is realized, Israel now Greater Israel, would be kike HQ for running the entire globe

This is the first step, and it's the least socially disruptive. You are quite correct, the empire cannot be built in a single action, regardless of how extreme that action may be.
For the white empire to come to pass, it must be created incrementally, so it will last.
Our enemies are not just the Jews, although they are currently our most dangerous enemies…our enemies are every branch of humanity that would deny whites their own countries and their own existence,
We are outnumbered, but not hopelessly so…there is nothing so powerful on this world than a white that has achieved his potential.
We must be methodical, and utilize our natural intelligence to regain our ascendancy.

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And yet our enemies program them all the time.
Anyone can program them, with the right messages.
And we have the advantage, as our message is to their own benefit.

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The current progressive left is a party of inconsistencies. To them everything is a spectrum with no definite borders yet with every victim they divide and create organized terms. It's thick with cognitive dissonance.

You can't. You posted an image from the guy who created these people, and he personally admitted THAT YOU CANNOT DO THIS. Why are you so stupid? Why can you not listen to and understand your own fucking arguments?

This. When debating someone, you're not actually trying to sway their view, but the view of the audience listening to you. This is why leftist use the tactic of shaming so much, because it doesn't matter what you say, as long as the audience thinks you're losing. Quite simply, just flip arguments on them, whilst verbally making them look like a fool in the eyes of their peers.

Look up the book "Hammer of the patriot", it's basically what you're asking for, and it's online and free, and redpilled on the JQ and modern social arguments.


So much this. Yet lefties see Zionist Jews as "White colonialists" because of the Israel-Palestine conflict. You create a golem only for it to turn against you lel. Jews vs. Jews happens a whole lot more than Zig Forums thinks, you know.

Why does this keep happening to (((them)))? It's as if (((they))) are all destined to be despised by everyone else, whether directly or indirectly. Is this a part of one of their so called "prophecies"?

>Their "opposition" of (((capitalism))) is only in the sense that they think it has something to do with (((capitalism))) supposedly opposing homosexuality, open borders, race mixing, and feminism, when it's the complete opposite entirely. Their "opposition" against the (((media))) is that they think all these (((media))) outlets are all like a bunch of Der Stürmer-tier TV/radio stations, with no further actual proof other than they just say so.
Because this would imply that commies are actually competent on their own. They like claiming themselves to be the proud heroic revolutionaries against the (((government))), but so far I'm not really seeing it. They have generally spent more time fighting against a bunch of Alt-Kike retards whom they claim to be "Nazi fascist scum" without any proof just like you said. They're loud and violent because they cannot grasp anything rational in a political debate. They also revolt against kosher narratives (Zionism) for the sake of fighting for also kosher narratives (Marxism). Mislead golems that only existed because Zionist and Marxist Moshe needed something to stop the one nation knew about the Jewish peril. Now Zionist Moshe is getting more anxious that his own Marxist Moshe and his golems are turning against him.

Nice post and dubs m8.

Trump is popular among White Americans.
As in, the only real Americans.
(feather indians have their own nations: the reservation system)
The rest (browns, blacks, spics, asians, jews, etc) are either invaders or obsolete farm labor. They should all be deported to racial and ethnic homelands compatible to them. Some degree of separation into racial and ethnic homelands via balkanization is also possible in the USA.
Ultimately, the only way to effectively oppose genocide is via proper Nationalism and separation.
Globalist/ multicult genocide vs Nationalist separation.
One or the other.

Race is biological/ genetic fact.
Race is genetic differences between population groups. Those genetic differences give rise to differences in most things including; appearance, intelligence, and emotional qualities.
Ignoring race is ignoring the truth.
The ability to comprehend and develop ideas requires intelligence and emotional maturity. These qualities are heavily affected by genetics.
No amount of education will ever turn a chimp into a human, just as no amount of education will ever turn a 70 IQ african or a 90 IQ spic into a 105 IQ White man.
You multicultists are the ones who think like "superstitious" idiots. You make endless excuses for brown and black idiocy and failure because you have FAITH in the multiCULT which is built upon the maxim "thou shalt not acknowledge racial differences."

Most women are NPCs.
They belong in the women's sphere of home and family, not in the men's sphere of politics and industry.
Feminism is pure cancer.
To be clear, I am advocating for traditional White "gender roles" and healthy, straight, White families as the foundation of society, not "White sharia" or "mgtow" or similar crap.

Monarchfaggot detected.
Again I ask, will YOU PERSONALLY become a property less slave/ serf owned by aristocratic landowners in the "new monarchy" that you advocate for?
Reminder that "neo feudalism" in which the jews/ top shabbos become the "new aristocracy" ruling over a brown mass of "afro-euro-asian" "race of the future" (aka kalergi plan aka new world order) appears to be the goal of, and object of the current machinations of, "ZOG".
Reminder that marxism and unrestrained capitalism naturally evolve into a similar "oligarchic despotism" of ruling hereditary "elites" owning everything and lording over a vast sea of labor slaves (marxism) or wage/ debt slaves (capitalism).
Reminder that National Socialism is about the Volk freeing itself from oligarchs and "aristocrats" and creating a government/ economy that serves the Volk, promotes the middle class, and ensures "equal rights and duties" among all of the Volk.
As in, a government of the people, by the people, and for the people, and also an "economy tailored to the Volk's needs," specifically.

This. The "left, right" is largely a false dichotomy.
Both sides work together to continue the march of tyranny towards a combination of "1984" and "Brave New World" with the jews and their "elite" buddies in total power over the idiot masses of raceless low-IQ mixlings that they are trying to create. They are pursuing White genocide specifically since Whites are too smart and willful to make good slaves long term.

"The left" in the USA right now is, more or less, "the party of supporting everything that hurts White people, especially White men, and works towards White genocide and globalism. Also, endless degeneracy."
The "right," on the other hand, is "pretty much the same but be sneaky about it, always support israel/ jews, and pretend to care about tradition and family."
It might be possible to subvert redZOG, and redZOG is still better than bluemexicancommunists, but both suck right now.

This won't work.
Racism is recognizing racial differences. Accurate racism is simply recognizing the truth.
You WILL be called racist. You WILL be called "Nazis." Even kosher-conservatives today are called both those things, after all.
Racism is opposing genocide.
Reclaim language.

"We are all the same and equal with no real differences" while simultaneously "everyone is unique and special and each their own different individual whose special-ness must be recognized and respected."

The "diversity equals and/ or leads to genocide" is a useful tact. Make them defend genocide. "It's not REAL genocide since they're only White people!!!!!"

There is no such thing as a "rightist".

You are either right or you get left behind.


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IT IS YOUR DUTY AS A WHITE MALE To colonize asian and black females. Share the magic of the aryan with these poor women. Make the world a better place. CUM HOME WHITE MAN

IT IS YOUR DUTY AS A WHITE MALE To colonize asian and black females. Share the magic of the aryan with these poor women. Make the world a better place. CUM HOME WHITE MAN

IT IS YOUR DUTY AS A WHITE MALE To colonize asian and black females. Share the magic of the aryan with these poor women. Make the world a better place. CUM HOME WHITE MAN

IT IS YOUR DUTY AS A WHITE MALE To colonize asian and black females. Share the magic of the aryan with these poor women. Make the world a better place. CUM HOME WHITE MAN