Zig Forums is headed for the border



>inb4 'Everyone who actually takes action is a CIA plant trying to ruin muh PR, goyim!

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For what? Armed citizens have been patrolling the border for decades. This is no different, just more people are showing.

In summary, fuck off, Schlomo. Blackpill somewhere else.

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I suppose they'll halt them with words and yellow hazard tape?

bump for true patriotism

They'll do a lot more than you will, sitting your coward ass behind a computer and denigrating any actual effort made in the physical world.

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Boomers are going insane recently, three hate crimes in a week all committed by average joe blow boomers. Who knows what's going to happen when they see a migrant horde

Those are called redpills and you are a blue-pilled shill signalling your allegiance to a Zionist puppet while also trying to signal your loyalty to National Socialism, as if that makes any sense whatsoever. Fuck being consistent when you get paid per post though, am I right?

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So what is Zig Forums going to do again?
You didn't say.

Patrol and report spics to border patrol. More eyes and boots on the ground.

You're not a very good shill, by the way.

So nothing.

posted to Zig Forums
>>>Zig Forums620395

Maybe they'll help, maybe they won't.

At least they're trying. Instead of, say, sitting on the internet and whining about other people's attempts to fix things.

And what are they going to do, pray tell?

Zig Forums here. Chances are border patrol will stand between anyone looking to stop the caravan and the fags entering the country.
They won't be able to arrest them and will use their power to keep people from interfering.

I already said what they're going to do.

Reported(again) for blatant ban evasion, by the way. I don't know what you think you're accomplishing, but have fun.

meanwhile, in (((Beverly Hills))), 1,200 starfuckers and walking stains on Weinstein's rape couch and pizza touchers, and the 3rd richest kike in the world threw a party to raise $53,000,000 for the IDF. never mind that Zion already recieves over $10,000,000,000 each year from FedGov, so where are our taxes to Israel going if that's not enough and the IDF needs even more shekels. also, never mind that American citizens who have never served in the military of their own country are making tax deductible donations to a foreign military while on US soil, which is technically illegal treason and violates FARA.

so while you slack jawed faggots are scrambling your scraps to defend America from invasion and getting your ass kicked and losing your job and your neighborhood and your lil daughter's hymen to your new taco neighbors, the Israeli's are living it up off the fat of the land–your land, and Zion has so many shekels its wallet is busting and everything Zion wants on its Chaunnukah wishlist, Zion gets it, courtesy of ye dumb Goy US shekel payer.

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So they're going to tell the border patrol to do their job even though the border patrol said they're doing nothing about it?

Source your claim that border patrol isn't doing anything.

What happens when a beaner gets shot by a White Man? Will the Democrats have enough time to use that incident to win in the Mid-terms?

I suppose the 100 or so agents that show up will cart them off one-by-one to a detention facility to then release them?

Well. This will certainly be lulzy.

Cool, so you link an article where US troops say they're not gonna shoot Paco, and you use it to claim Border Patrol isn't going to block entry.

Have I told you you suck at your job yet?

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So how are they going to stop 5000 people from coming in?
Arrest them one by one and then release them ala catch and release?
What the fuck is going to happen to stop the spics then if they can't be stopped by force?

Isn't it already at like 15k and growing. Think there's an El Salvador horde coming too that's up to 2k.

More than that, lad. And they're armed too.
An actual small skirmish may happen in America for the first time in years.

ok just shut up, you are adding anything.
I guess we will see something interesting because it doesnt look like the cravan is stopping.

So do you think there will be fights between the military and the american citizens. Like a 3 way match?

They will, even if it's done in self defense. All the wignats who suggest that they should be shot Starship Troopers style have low IQ.

Once again, Schlomo - at least they're trying to do something, instead of sitting behind a computer shilling the same tired old 'Nothing will work, goyim! Just give up!' line again and again.

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A literal small army is coming to invade America and those who are supposed to defend against this are told to be nice and ask them to be arrested.
Fucking clown world.

The military will side with the spics. 100% guaranteed.

But let's take this out of the little circular argument you've set up.

What is your alternative plan?

Nobody even knows what's happening. Israeli government media (MSNBC, CNN, Fox) won't tell us what's going on, south of the border. And the agencies exist to serve the kikes.

That's where you're wrong, (((newfren))).

ok this guy is thinking.
I say yes … this story is enough for the dems to scream about mid terms.

but win? whose going to win off this? All out work on Nov 6th would be cool. Like instead of voting every state just secedes .

All I can see in the future is a disaster for someone be it the border patrol, the citizens of Texas, or the Zig Forumsommandos who will almost certainly take a few potshots at the caravan.
All leading up to 2 weeks of new coverage.

How can there be plans without coms?

First we need gab to get taken out (it's crap that is so full of problems, totally not secure, literal garbage). Next, a replacement that's legit. Zig Forums ain't it, needless to say.

We'll have it, but not until the right takes comes seriously.

I almost forgot about the horde after all of the false flags tbh they've done a great job minimizing this.


please, please, please, please be a cuteboy

The ACTUAL MILITARY to stand there, 25,000 strong with full artillery embankments and tell them to turn the fuck around to be blown away.
It takes one fucking call from Trump to send them there since a LITERAL INVADING LAND ARMY is coming.

Checked. It's good, overall. It will show that no matter how you vote, the government is useless to defend Americans. The government exists exclusively to serve the super-rich, which includes kikes & kuks.

I would be ok with that as long as it was a shit show and basically a warzone that the mexivan was caught in.

No one able to report like they arrived some place worse then they left. Im enjoying this idea too much.

If you really think that border patrol will let a few civilians start causing trouble and not stop them, you're wrong.

you forgot the red text retard … saged

All it will take is a sharp eye.

Example: we keep track of news involving outages of, for example, GPS. That tells us where the US military is operating. Other reports of the kind. Keep an eye out for caravans of unmarked vehicles & military vehicles.

We can find out where they are, and this information could be used by this army of patriots.

But Trump is a civnat faggot, so that isn't going to happen.

So, again - what is your plan? What is your brilliant alternative to grabbing your SKS and going innadesert to tell Mexi-chan to fuck off?

Friendly reminder that illegal immigration can be very deadly for illegal immigrants. Maybe you can give them aid?

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not too sure about that frendo

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You assume, though, incorrectly, that this isn't a positive thing.

Let it be seen that the government is the one bringing in the drugs that are devastating our communities. Let it be seen that we have no government of our own, but are occupied by the kikes.

There's a reason they're trying to diversify the US military as much as possible, to minimize any loyalties they may have to their people or homeland, and instead make them another faceless force that blindly follows orders. The few white men of sound mind left in the military are vastly outnumbered, and that's on purpose. That said, if shit ever really got bad, I've no doubt the military would splinter, but it would take a significant event for that to happen.

iQ is a jew tool to inflate their own standing. Shooting the invaders is not only a sensible course of action but an essential one. Who gives a damn what the Democrats and the other traitors think about it?


so how pozzed is it?


The democrats aren't the only traitors. 99% of the fuckers in DC are traitors, whether they pretend to be democrat, republican, green, libertarian, left, right, or centrist.

Checked. Incredibly true. People with high IQ often are very poor at visualizing 3D space.

Just never trust polls/surveys. Kikes lie all the time, plus, people have very good reasons to not tell the kikes everything they're thinking.

Drumpfs army will kill all of them for being racists and also antisemites

Take that who he goy

talk about population correction.
This might be the most interesting and useful outcome.

-mexis killed
-boomers killed
-zog bots killed
-new statement about america not being a land good for foreigners

there is only wins happening.

They're trying. They haven't succeeded. They'll succeed just as soon as they invent the robo soldier, and make it where people are just there as window dressing.

*take that white goy*

Forgot your downvote.

So instead I should be blown away by my own military for shooting illegals coming into my country?
You honestly believe the military won't side with the spics if you do that?
Are you OK? Do you have brain damage?

Unfortunately these citizens don't actually do shit. They just LARP in operator gear spotting border crossings. Then they call the border patrol who if they catch the spics, will just release them later. They aren't sniping or shooting at spics. Just a glorified neighborhood watch only more pointless.


Man, I must say - I really hope nobody is planning on going down there and fighting these poor underprivileged migrants as they cross the empty desert.

I mean it! Don't you even consider it!

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Were talking about the US Military that fights for Israel here right?
I mean even if the poll results are not manipulated the sample could be hand selected faggot liberal POGs.

What kind of retard commits crimes in front of the police?

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Great, now actual citizen are coming to the border and Zig Forums still try to blackpill.

Fucking kikes all of them.

I never said positive or negative either way really.
Just some fags think the military isn't cucked and that's gay.
Literally who would want to join that when there's many gun clubs and local militias all around America?

considering the military is over 40% non-white the polls seem fairly representative

they are not really an army , its just a bunch of dudes. If they are an army why do they need your faggot ass to help them.


When the day comes, phone posters will not be spared.


Pls no bully. I have to work.

sage that dude , hes a retard

Get a job where you can shitpost on a proper computer, like me.

Checked. The military is quite cucked. But the fighting capacity of the military is utterly uncucked. Talk with an old military guy sometimes. The raw reality of war blazes away all the bullshit.

< y-you can't be s-soldiers!
< t-the only reason anyone fights is for a g-government p-paycheck
< r-right, fellow g-goys?

I really wish that damn near most officers recruited after 2007 got flushed out.

Todays army is mostly spics, nigs, and any other mystery meat looking for govt assistance and a "free education" or women "fighting for equality".

American spics are on average 75% white. After white flight, nigger neighborhoods were filth. Spics moved in, painted everything really bright colors, and cleaned up the place. le % memmie or not, their white side wins.

Quarterons aren't white, fag.

hello spicboi I'm glad you're enjoying your brief stay in America don't think it harsh of me that I want you deported to your third world shithole so that 25% nigger in you can express yourself

prove me wrong , i really dont care. Im just saying that if these soldiers need our help , they are not really an army

what are you going to "join the cause"?
fucking FBI has become such a retarded place.

The only shill here is you nigger.

Well well well soyboy. Get fucked.


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how can a place be clean when its filled with dogs?



That image is illegal on the brave nu/pol/.

Hypothetically, what would happen if one of the Citizens of the United States of America were to fire first – to prevent an invading army from entering sovereign territory?
Zig Forums is a board of peace

Someone let the fags take over the board.
Wasn’t me.

he let the other caravan through, he will let this one through too lol

War is peace.
Get over it queer

< hating doggo

Implying this is bad. It's good for them to be a well-illuminated nightmare.

shooting any fire arm for any reason I believe needs to be done in a designated area.

and there are hunting seasons which I dont think any are for humans.

There is not legal time to be able to shoot a person as a citizen unless its for self defense.

to answer your question, they would be jailed for man slaughter or murder

mexicans are not your nice husky or german Shepard

do you like chihuahua faggot?

Oy vey, reported for blackpilling!

Not even close queer logic

Take him user, we all know you want his cock in your anus

The military isn't there to stop the beaners from crossing the border. There were deployed to make sure no incident takes place that could potentially look bad on TV including someone trying to stop the caravan by force. Spics will be detained until asylum hearings are held. Unfortunately, due to (((Trump))) slashing ICE budget to shit, there aren't enough beds in detention centers to hold them, which are filled to the brim with spics already by the way, and so those beaners will have to be released. Those beaners will then disappear in the masses of illegal immigrants already in the country. Exactly the same like with the last caravan. Army will rather shoot you than the invaders as the media successsfully framed the beaners as innocent victims fleeing from prosecution. No soldier will risk jailtime and their careers by opening fire on the beaner scum. Killing some spics would be a PR disaster. However, murdering any Zig Forumsommando heading there can always be framed as destruction of just another dangerous White terrorist cell preying on soon-to-be new Americans. Especially after the van and synagogue hoax which (((Trump))) used to rally the lemmings against the supposed right-wing threat to the American safety. In the end (((Trump))) will save face and maintain popular support among the easily influenced boomers and young magaspastics by acting tough on Twitter and doing nothing substantial to defend the border, aside from making sure the browning of America is still going according to plan that is. 4D chess.
It's so tiresome. We don't have the luxury of time anymore. That ship have sailed in 1965. With each passing year America is less and less White and we lost another 2 years. Triggering shitlibs is hardly a substitute of the 14 words.

You said "dogs". Yes, I like doggo, and Hitler did too.

Pretty sure Hitler never had sex with animals.

Keep crying fagboy. The noose is getting tighter. The fact that militias are taking up arms finally is the beginning tolls of that final bell for you.