Lets talk about how badly the Germans got fucked over after WW2

Lets talk about how badly the Germans got fucked over after WW2.

Mass ethnic cleansing of Germans from all over Europe. This was especially bad in Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia and elsewhere in eastern Europe. Random Germans with ancestors dating back hundreds of years in those countries were just rounded up and killed, raped, tortured, interned and displaced. These weren't Nazis at all. Just random people who happened to be German.

Worst mass rape in history. German women and girls (and I'm sure quite a few young boys as well) suffered the worst mass rape in human history at the hands of the Russians and their allies. Women were gang raped in front of he children who were often times murdered if they tried to interfere. They were raped with empty bottles, knives, broom handles etc. Some 2 million German women were raped, many ended up being killed or dying from their injuries. Here is a disturbing description of some of the violence they faced at the hands of the Russians einsamerkrieger.wordpress.com/2012/03/14/horrors-beyond-imagination/ (warning: VERY graphic)

Destruction of German cities. Major German cities were absolutely leveled and destroyed by allied bombings. The firebomnings of Dresden and other German cities were easily comparable to the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in terms of devastation and loss of life.

East and west split. Germany was split in two between communism and democracy. This would last until the Berlin wall came down in 1990.

Mass starvation of German POWs in American run concentration camps. See: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rheinwiesenlager

I would also add the current state of Germany today with mass immigration and leaders like Angela Merkel who actively hate their own country. It's a continuing symptom of the neutering of the German people and their post war humiliation.

I wonder why nobody ever talks about this.

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probably because they're dead

The Jews who died in the Holocaust are dead and everybody talks about the Holocaust.

The holocaust didn't happen. That's why you hear about it all the time. So that you can make this statement.

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this is retarded no one said literally everyone got cremated the law states that the holocaust includes anything that happened to the jewish people on occupied territory

0/10 poor bait

It didn't happen. But it should have, and it will soon.

they got fucked, really badly

can we talk about something else now?

the one think I dont understand is that people not realize that you dont need to bake a human like you bake bread

its not like they were baking jews and testing that they were the right temperature

You are 8ch dude, not cuckchan or reddit. We all know the holocaust is the greatest lie in all history. Once you know that, there is no going back.


Very badly. About the same as they did with the russians in the seventeenth year of the last century. It was a brilliant plan. First, to make the genocide of the russian, the hands of the followers of the german jew - Marx. Then to put two white races in the war, which will win the party which is most intimidated and brainwashed.
Thus we will destroy both rebellious people. And in this noise we will also expose ourselves as the most affected party. I now about those six million, which was the strength of the two if it was.

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You're a Hopeless fucking Shill Kike and your ENTIRE lineage can hang themself. You serve zero purpose anywhere.

Are you talking about Jews?

Dubs checked.
And check this pic out.
We need a different approach, otherwise we are fucked.

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A different approach? The moment white nationalists take control of any nation will be the moment they will be invaded by half the countries on this planet. Jews control communication, culture, education, the press, cyber security, finance and the strongest military in the world. Hitler and his allies were mankind's last chance at salvation. The best thing we can hope for at this point is for an apocalyptic event to force humanity to start anew.

The Jewish power comes from their system and its control, undermine the system and you undermine Jewish power. They arent invincible, they have a plan, it doesnt involve society collapsing before white minority but it absolutely involves one afterwards. The only way to beat the kike is to force an early conflict and win it, while we still have an advantage in numbers.

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Goes perfectly with this
We HAVE TO make sure that the filthy kikes will be processed by two trials. One legitimate with proper rule of evidence and one being they getting thrown to the nigger mobs.
Kikes deserve only suffering.

There will be no trials, their blood is the evidence of their wrongdoing. We can figure out what happens to Israel later on, but the ones in our countries are invading soldiers perpetrating our genocide. The Jews in Israel who commit pricetag attacks point out that all muslims are guilty merely by existing there, they should be familiar with that position in return.

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I love how this joke only works because Chad and Romania's flags are the same color

While your optimism is admirable, what you are proposing is simply not possible. If we're very lucky and generous, 5% of whites will support our position. The rest would either fight us or support our enemies. I estimate that at least 25% of the white population is, ideologically speaking, lost beyond saving and cannot be redeemed either. As you can see, just by looking at the numbers it becomes obvious that we do not stand a chance now or in the near future. Not to mention that those whites that would support our cause are going to disproportionately consist of societal outcasts and are therefore less like to be useful.

Warning: Jewish propaganda, observe academically

It cant just be any random Arab, it doesnt matter if they were involved or not?
And for you that guilty enough, just being here. That makes them guilty.

Thats not an argument. Governments are overthrown all the time, a simple general strike for 1 day is enough to force a governments hand. 13% of whites support "Neo-Nazism" now and the problem is only going to get more extreme. Niggers being pacified relies on welfare bucks, welfare bucks relies on the economy, the economy relies on speculation, favorable speculation relies on… bad things not happening. All it takes is the prospect of a civil war and the economy tanks. There is a crash coming and the Siege types arent just going to sit back, eventually they are going to start targeting infrastructure.

Not even Siegetype tbh
The way the whole Bower ordeal has shown me that lone wolves are going to shown up. People with nothing to lose.
Manipulated? Maybe. But a wilful puppet? He called out the kikes literally and ZOGnald.
Which is why the event already died out today.

Muttmerica's infanstructure is hilariously laughable, and the only thing they have over the third world countries is that the wires aren't tangled to shit. Still, all the transformer boxes are exposed and a silenced magdump (doesn't even have to be subsonic) from an AR inside a car would be enough to disable a box. Ad infinitum. Similar for water and waste management. Pouring strong anti septic down the drain can fuck up an entire apartment complex. etc

Of course, it won't happen this year, but soon enough.

Hes not a fed he was a popular member of the same circle that I was with. Half the people he reposted were in a backroom chat with me, although he wasnt included and we didnt talk to him or anything. We recognized his avatar, some his name, some had actually exchanged a few words in passing. Hes a real guy, he went and shot up a synagogue thats run by a group who specifically import rapefugees, Pat Little was the one who exposed it over a week ago and set him on the path. He also just had the story about the rapefugee caravan with the Israeli star on the truth in his feed etc. He said I cant allow these kikes to keep harming my people, he did a bob mathews pretty much, said Im going to take action. Some people are like that.
As for having nothing to lose, thats what Siege does. It says to actively seek to create an environment where the situation is so dire that people cant sit back and enjoy their peace, theres no option but to fight. Its a viable strategy.

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Mind posting a source for that number?
Also: As I've said in a precious post, the moment they would manage to overthrow a government, numerous countries would immediately intervene. Don't get me wrong though, I do believe that we have a duty to try to achieve our ends in any way possible, even if it is practically impossible. I simply think that we should be realistic about where we stand. Siegefags, just like the rest of white Americans, are little more than degenerate cowards. As a Eurofag, I'll never understand how a heavily armed and independent populace could allow itself to be set up for genocide like they have.

The Synagogue he shot is one of TEN national federally approved distributors of rapefugees nationwide, they get all sorts of money and are 1/10th of the governments men responsible for this stuff. I forget where I read that and Im not sure exactly what their role is, but they facilitate rapugees on an industrial scale.

Pic related.
Thats why the US government considers the breakout of a civil war to be the actual loss of the fight. The moment civil war breaks out, they lose. If you read any of these text caps Im posting, read the one with the Hitler consider the following in #4. Then you should understand. Its highlights from the start of a book on guerilla warfare thats from the CIA.

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Well yeah. Thats why I said maybe.

The sane people of the world really have nothing to lose now.
Maybe some NEETs can still get off their asses and create a respectable life for them. Just semi wagecucking like being a waiter/bartender working on your term is enough to sustain yourself with decent clothing and a nice apartment to hold in (tactically important as a place to plan, group, store weapons and logistics, etc for the Gemeinschaft, as Hitler and friends didn't just sat in that beer hall's basement everyday). And of course, the importance of lidiquity for special interest groups can't be stressed enough. But this all start from not being NEET.
You know the richest are mostly coward and ass kissers (as always) and will never support you until you are powerful. Again, look at the NSDAP.
This is why it is important that you also establish a simple but strong, reliable support network for your own ala Golden Dawn and undermine the fed infanstructure at the same time. Of course, the operator teams and the political teams have to appear as if they are seperated. A few careful false flags on yourselves from the op team aiming at non reliable members of the political team also helps. OPSEC is of utmost importance, as always.

Good luck, my 56% comrades. You will need it.

As for how they are allowing it while being heavily armed, Yuri Bezmenov explains that. Anyone who watches Bezmenov give his lectures and then comes out still blaming white people for anything, at all, ever.. failed to understand whats going on here. Jews are responsible for literally every single problem we face as a people. It would be like a fucking utopia without them and their nigger pets etc.

The 56% meme is not only skewed incorrect data but it refers to the percentage of pure whites in the country, not that they are all 56% mixed. The number of whites who have pure European blood is 56%, the 44% are not white. Thats the implication, and of those 44% are your mutts, along with the niggers, beaners, arabs, chinks, etc.

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You missed out the american occupation of Germany since from 1945 until now. 80+ years is a long time. Same goes for Japan.
You also missed out the americans changing all the laws of the country in order to "eradicate European culture", and bring in american consumerism, create a permanently weak country and prevent any kind of return of Germany to Germans.
It isn't that they were merely left in a defeated state - that defeated state was made law, and guarded by an american military occupation every since.
Try finding some people who were alive 80 years ago and remember a time before. Why is Germany still under occupation.
Lots of ((()))

of Americans*

Anyway, enough. Accquire enough currency, create safehouses, start to group and be respectable members of your immediate surrounding. It is still easy enough for you in merica to do so right now, and you should take advantages of this.

Another reason for the mutt meme. Until this stops which will see an immediate resurgence of German Nationalism, no doubt, we will always be resentful.

Very few people mixed in the US, youre carrying water for kikes. Theres about a 1% chance you have more pale skin than I do. This bullshit D&C between whites would rightfully earn you a ban a few months back, before kikes hijacked the board.

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Oh shut the fuck up, So what is your "origin" from Europe then? Do you still speak the language of the Fatherland?

ALL EUROPEANS are automatically hwhite, but there are more to each European race/ethnicity than just fucking skin color.

D&C this deecee marvel that. Meanwhile your undeniably "huwhite" government literally still occupy Europe through NATO. Stop that shit and you will see all the deecee stop instantly.

Also, the Dixie states before and during the Civil War had a really unique, Europe based culture that almost became something. Then your yank goverment fucked it all up.
So blame yourself for your situation. Europe fought back and lost. You never did.

Most of you speak English and English is a European language. Your antifa is showing. That said, I speak multiple languages. Due to mixing in Europe, I have both Irish and Norwegian blood. Also some French, because Normans. Irish themselves are thoroughly mixed, the language is spoken in a very small number of areas. That said, I still understand what key words are. Take your anti-white bullshit elsewhere, no one is interested in this garbage. White genocide is going on and youre trying to divide whites from opposing it effectively while throwing around our local patois as if youre one of us.

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Also this is blatantly lefty/pol/ trash. Kikes run the government, blaming kikes actions is race treason but I suspect this guy isnt even white himself.

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The mutt thing came about because of Americans constantly mocking Europeans, particularly about "weakness" against the illegal immigrant flood and following rapes/murders.
It came from a Spanish board, was brought here, and afterwards taken to halfchan. It was at first a Spanish joke, based on the mixes in central and south America and how they further mixed to make a modern day north america.

If Germany and Japan were free, they would indeed quickly regain nationalism, internal nationalism, and the country would be fully healthy again.
Germans are very healthy stock, despite all that has been done to them.

You are wrong.
Europe isn't a country. "white" isn't an identity either, that is an american concept. European blooded is a thing, but each country in Europe has its own blood, language and history.
The multicult crap came from the juden that you let thrive in the US.
You should have shelled the boats as they arrived. 5 million of them between 1900 and 1950 as they changed their base of operations.

Yeah, ZOGnald is a kike. True.

Low IQ strikes again. Why don't you go visit any national european/pol/ thread and ask them about your huwhite nationalism, you autistic low IQ subhuman fuck . This is what Dr Pierce warned about. I literally talked about how you can dismantle the feds safely and you are screeching like a butthurt mutt monkey because you can't speak the language of your Vaterland.


No shit. I literally just said that. The fucking low IQ retards just get emotional about it, especially after their ZOGnald idols worship blew up in their face.

Fucking leave Europe, gets every fucking nigger soldier and dismantle every NATO base and you will see Nationalism flying through the roof again.

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Evolution or the Globe Earth is the biggest lie in all of history, you dipshit.

Nobody cares about the holocaust. It means nothing and changes nothing. 9/11, vaccines, JFK, big pharma, chemtrails, flat earth, evolution/creation debates all have more value when it comes to conspiracy theories.

The star on the truck thing seemed too obvious, like it was a lure. There was something else off about it too.
Then again, if each person offed 11 juden in the US, it would only take 1 million sacrifices.

don't use the "w**nessed" forced meme.
It was from a viral marketing campaign on halfchan that was run more or less continuously for months when that tumour of a film came out, mad tampax faggot chode. The viral marketing company was a tiny thing in England, which used university students by paying them hourly rates to shitpost with a formula.
Can't believe that crap stuck.

The whole idea of racism, racial equality, racial tolerance, is nothing more than an extension of anti-nazism based on the mythical extermination of gawds self chosen pets.

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I don't know, Mad Max was pretty cool. If you are objective about it and didn't pay a cent like a good goy, the oasis was fucked the moment Joe's army was decimated. Like Elysium.
Have to have something to watch while I'm enjoying my home cooked meal on a weekend. Bite me.

You sound like a viral marketeer, you must have been in a lot of those threads absorbing their bullshit.

Maybe they shouldn't have started the damn war if they weren't prepared to suffer the consequences of it.

Not enough ethnic cleansing!

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All "germans" should have been killed right after WW1.

Would be more humane than brainwashing us into hating ourselves and our history

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Another low IQ.
Poke your eyes own, blindfold them. Doesn't change a thing.

Were you prepared, mutt? For what was to come?

Too bad we are still here. You mad?

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All i see is shwabian scum ruining it for the rest of the germanics since the "unification" of Germany. What the fuck do bawarians and silesians have in common? Being cucked by Otto von faggot.

What the fuck, mutt?
Mutt zogbots were forcing mutts to breed with niggers in Muttmerica?
Schwabian what?
Are you such a low IQ subhuman mutt?

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Germany is newer than the USA and such a unification is unnatural in Europe, it only works in America because you have lots of blacks and hispanics who are even more different to you than other breeds of whites are.

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Some key things to take away from this cap
And therein lies the unseen foundation for everything else this cap talks about. Without local support, a hypothetical guerrilla army cannot move supplies around, cannot recieve before-hand notice that the military is going to conduct a large scale attack on their area, cannot gather intel very effectively, and cannot even exist in any area without risk of detection and destruction.
Without the sea of public support, the guerrilla fish will perish.

Let me describe for you the ideal situation for a guerrilla movement in America;
Just outside of washington DC, say in Appalachia, there exists a guerrilla movement that has massive public support in its environment. Say, 60 - 90% passive support from civilians. This allows them to operate with relative freedom. Cops in the area refuse to cooporate with the federal agents because they either support the Organization in question or know that if they did cooporate, cops who did would likely find out and alert the Organization and then the Organization would go after them and their family.
In fact, public support is so high for the Organization that its political wing, the Nationalist Alliance had recieved enough support to win electoral positions before the System banned it. Thus further alienating Appalachian voters and driving them to support the rebels.
Indeed, such autocratic behavior has alienated many even outside this bastion of support and in conjuncture with the nearness of Appalachia to DC, allowed cells operating inside DC and New York to conduct "terrorist" attacks against government installations and buildings. Obviously economic buildings are targeted as well, leading to black rioting when welfare checks fail to arrive and every time the government launches any attack whatsoever against the rebels, a car bomb is detonated near Wallstreet or other financial centers causing massive economic damage in retaliation for any slight that the criminal government commits.
Though the Nationalist Alliance has been banned, even local politicians collaborate with the rebels due to the knowledge that their homes would be firebombed in the night if they refused to cooporate. Thus, ample flow of federal money, weapons, and information slips into rebel hands.

That would be the ideal scenario for a rebel organization.
The key factor to take away from this is regional support. It would be better if 22 million White people supported us than 32 million White people if those 22 million were concentrated in one region as opposed to spread out across the country. This allows revolutionary organizations to transcend from terrorist organizations to guerrilla ones.

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Well duh. If any one of our nations were freed from jewish media, financial, and political control, then they would quickly rekindle their natural, healthy nationalism. Self love.

The problem is removing the jews from power. After that, things will right themselves.

Look at how easily (((outside forces))) turned this thread into infighting and brother-wars
Maybe it's time to set aside our differences and fight against the world enemy trying to genocide all of us, huh.

Europeans are great, Americans are great. Jews are trying to extermine ALL of us together. So let's save our hatred for each other until after we no longer are staring extinction in the face.
Who knows, maybe we'll learn to respect each other and no longer need to fight destructive brother-wars in the future.


I was thinking more in line with Dr. Williem Pierce's Turner Diaries than his rather over optimistic friend Bob Matthews.
As Pierce himself said, I admire Matthew's optimism and can-do attitude, but I think he was a little bit too optimistic and had poor OPsec. Very poor OPsec. Fantastically poor.

We must learn from his failures and also from his poor target selection.

i can smell you from here leftypol

this style into a video would be neat

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Virtually all of that 25 percent are weak, soyboy cowards though.

Never let it go in vain.

Another high IQ post. Applause!

Stay mudblooded.

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That picture is obviously someone larping as a (((blessed person))) to trigger as many people as possible, but the narrative is correct, but that's how the story of Revelation goes – victory is not ours – it belongs to God, and for the time being Satan is the god of this world.

(((they))) will keep on winning battle after battle, but at the very end it amounts to nothing, and their crimes will not go unpunished.

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Woke posts. Made the mistake of going on 4pol when the Pittsburgh thing went down, never going back again. Neocons everywhere now.

I've not been paying attention to anything at all lately, so my knowledge on all of this new stuff going on is surface level at best, but I knew right away that Pittsburgh was real, and that Robert Bowers was a real person who was genuinely woke. Bums me out that he couldn't wait long enough to plan better so that this wasn't just a single-strike deal. He's not helping anyone from a cell, which sucks because he really, genuinely knew who the enemy was.

Lol what

user, help

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Welcome to the rabbit hole.


Read the book the "Myth of German Villany" if you want to know how badly got fucked. I didn't go into too much after the war but the whole thing especially the rape were evil

thats what you get for being fags and starting a war … retards
not only reatards fucking pussies.

I just want you to know, next time you start a nazi war … if you lose , expect the same treatment


You're on the wrong board.


same crybaby shit , i didnt post on this board to get your approvial

I didnt post in this thread, on this board to agree with you

this thread is retarded and you are a retarded crybaby … now fucking do something about it. But be warned … youll get the same treatment. You dont start war and get treated fairly. Lifes not fair, if that was the case there wouldnt be any jews.

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D&C everywhere, every threads.

MS King's The Bad War is pretty great. Talks about this and more in detail.

Watch Hellstorm

kys schlomo.

Want to get really mad? Look up the numerous communist kikes who brutalized Poland, Ukraine, and Hungary after the Axis fell who then escaped to Israel when their Soviet Empire collapsed in on itself.

Then compare and contrast to what they do to accused "Nat-zees"

I'm interested.