Vox advocates drugging you with lithium

Alex Jones was right

In an article by Vox, they advocate "changing the minds of people a bit" in order to accomplish the goal of inserting lithium into your water.

Tim Cook presented on it ( youtube.com/watch?v=yaFaEpPFTgI ), freaking out and advocating for a reverse osmosis water filter. In the article, Vox would go on to say any scares about it were from 'right wing nutjob conspiracies' about fluoride that carry over to lithium. While acknowledging that it is actually directly intended to affect the brains of people, they say the idea is not the problem - but the attitude towards it.


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The absolute state of britain

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ahem, Tim Pool

I didn't watch the video or read the article. I'm just going to say that (((they))) are exceptionally bold these days, often straight admitting that they would like to implement methods of mind control. It's spooky for sure, pic related.

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That would be expensive as fuck and cuck based Elon hard out of his electric auto utopia.

It seems to me like that argument could be used for anything imaginable.

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Lithium can cause hypercalcemia

Here are just a few symptoms of hypercalcemia.

Chronic fatigue / feeling tired all the time (#1 symptom)
General feeling of illness that can be hard to describe
Lack of interest in activities that you previously enjoyed
Difficulty concentrating or focusing
Depression or anxiety (blog)
Bone pain, particularly in the hands, feet, arms, and legs, but can be anywhere
Insomnia / difficulty sleeping through the night
Needing naps during the day
Irritability / crankiness (blog)
Memory loss / feeling like you might be developing dementia
Gastric acid reflux / heartburn / GERD (blog)
Decrease in sex drive (blog)
Thinning hair (predominately in middle aged females on the front part of the scalp)
Kidney stones
Chronic kidney disease / kidney failure (blog)
High Blood Pressure / Hypertension / Erratic blood pressure
Frequent headaches
Heart palpitations
Atrial fibrillation / cardiac arrhythmias (blog)
High liver function tests (liver blood tests)
Development of MGUS and abnormal blood protein levels


Jews fund pro lithium propaganda to poison the goyim and make returns on their "investments"

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Prevent suicide? If you don't need it, lithium will drive you to it.

Lithium is far worse than Sodium Fluoride, lithium can cause tremors.
"Lithium tremor is generally symmetric and is indistinguishable from essential or physiologic tremor. Thus, it is most apparent with intentional posture, such as writing or holding a coffee cup (Baek et al. 2014). It is distinct from the parkinsonian tremor associated with dopamine-blocking agents. Patients treated with D2 blockers and lithium may present with a complex tremor from multiple etiologies. The severity of lithium-induced tremor is additive to other forms of physiologic tremor from etiologies such as anxiety, alcohol withdrawal, caffeine ingestion or idiopathic, familial tremor. Some studies have found additive effects from other medications such as some antidepressants (Bone et al. 1980; Vestergaard et al. 1988).

Lithium-induced tremor typically presents early in treatment but may emerge at any time. When it occurs later, additional etiologies should be considered such as those noted above. At times, lithium tremor seems to improve spontaneously after years of treatment. Lithium tremors are more common with older age, presumably due to the additive effects of age-related essential tremor. The type of lithium preparation does not alter tremor prevalence but higher lithium levels correlate with greater risk of tremor (Vestergaard et al. 1988).

Tremor is exceedingly common in the context of lithium toxicity. During lithium toxicity, the tremor tends to be coarser, more irregular, more widespread (affecting other body parts), more severe and is associated with the other symptoms of toxicity."

Hilarious how they try to compare the anti-lithium crowd to the KKK in the article. Anyone that questions these kikes' insanity are immediately labeled far right.

Already tried spraying in the air stateofthenation2012.com/?p=28410

I take this for my psychiatric condition. Wouldn't recommend. I pray to be put out of my misery daily.

Tim, quit shilling your garbage channel, you bald hapa cuck.
No, you fucking retard, fluoride in water is an industrial waste. There are theories for absolutely everything and yet you conveniently neglect to mention them unless you can use those to support your beliefs.
And as usual with Tim, nobody is to blame and nobody can ever do anything wrong (whether intentional or not) until twenty different courts say so. And shame on you people for ever making conclusions, you should be like me and the writers on Vox and have some Journalistic Integrity™. If you say anything bad about Vox then you're just attacking all of the good journalists out there. Journalists don't have a responsibility to keep each other in line, that is YOUR job.

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Lithiumized water, yay!

Crikey! This one's a pharma commercial!

finally , maybe with this new water and the new designer drugs the nogs will fucking calm down.

turn those beats headphones up and just fucking go to sleep you shit heads.

this new future is nice

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We need to kill them. Right now. Every single last one of these people needs to be killed without a trial right fucking now. Gun them down without mercy and leave no survivors. They all need to die before they go any further with this horse shit. I wanna see every last journalist, shitlib, and jew tossed into a big pit and burned alive.

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Licensed Clinical Mental Health professional here. This is a completely absurd and awful idea. Just summarily dumping a mind altering chemical into the water supply is beyond dangerous. Dosing levels exist for a reason, not every person is the same size, shape, and has the same body chemistry. If you have ever seen Lithium toxicity in a Patient, it is a nasty thing. Of course, those in charge don't care, a few deaths and people who are so dulled out of their minds isn't a bad thing for (((those))) in charge.

Their goal isn't health. Their goal is to cause brain damage, and limit the effectiveness of the populist revolt, by targeting right-wing areas with high dosages.

From the article:

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Not one mention of any possible environmental impact on wildlife exposed to abnormally increased lithium levels, not even trying a "there's only a negligible risk" argument. The fact they don't even think to address that is what should truly scare people when they make such suggestions. It's like they think that water never end up storm drains or something.

I'm more curious how it would impact other animals. Am I right to suspect a larger ecological problem here?

Of course the goal isn't health, it is control. It always is.

Though animals are fundamentally different than humans, organic life operates in mostly the same ways. Introducing Lithium into the water supply absolutely would affect animals.

On all the researchers and people supporting this will themselves drink the clearest water. I wonder why.

They proposed this before in the 1990s as well. Some people thought rural towns were used for experimentation. People reportedly felt euphoric.
Basically they wanted people to be happier so that they would go out and spend more money since the economy needed a boost.

Alex Jones tried to warn us….. why didn’t we listen?

One thing that is worthy of mention is that Obabocare, when it was implemented, had provisions regarding pharmacies at schools (in effect medicating children without informing parents) that tie into Common Core despite Common Core not even existing yet.

MAYBE not add it to others. What they are proposing is all-or-nothing and then maybe a bit research if people complain enough.

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Fug. I have a few of those symptoms.

Which ones? Because by taking only a few of the symptoms, you could easily have something completely different.

You have no idea how seriously fucked things are. This video is over a decade old.
Delete unnecessary logins before next year user. What if SSL wasn't?>>12335876

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I probably just have IBS.

why would you want clean drinking water you fucking loonies!

You still haven't stated which ones you have.

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I have most of those symptoms! :/

Constant fatigue, lethargy with the muscles, stomach upsets and diarrhea, faster heartbeat than average (could be arrhythmia based) and memory loss. I have a pretty strong memory for facts and data, but personal experiences are a bit of a blur. Can't remember what my first dog looked like, for example despite having her for about a decade form childhood to 15, lots of school memories gone etc. Almost forgot to mention my depression and anxiety, more social anxiety than anything else.

Oh of course, now it makes sense

God I hate half-white people. They always need to do their apologetic routine while discussing any topic. You know, where they preemptively drop a disclaimer before every sentence. "I don't really follow –insert white person here– but sometimes", "yeah, I mean… –insert white person here– is totally insane but I do agree with". Who the fuck are they always talking to? Is there an actual group of people in society they are talking too, or, is it better explained by recognizing half-whites are split personality wishy-washy mental wrecks. I don't believe half-whites like Tim Cook are preemptively disclaiming everything they say to any real group of people. No, what you're seeing is Tim Cook battle the voices in his own head. The voices that will never agree on whether he is 'White' or 'non-White'. So, here we are… watching Tim Cook disassociate himself from "white" politics on his 100% white political podcast. Every…. single…. fucking…. episode…..

How about go full White, or else get the fuck off my PC monitor. You incredible, indecisive, narcissistic, attention seeking, validation requiring, centrist minded super homo. Note, this post has nothing to do with alex jones. Time Cook was his same wishy-washy self way back when he did his Sweden tour. Always throwing out disclaimers. Yeah, guy.. take a hint, your viewer base aren't exactly black nationalist are they. Stop flirting with Whites, while at the same time disassociating yourself from them simultaneously.

Are you even married with kids yet? Can't commit to that either. What a surprise.

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Its Time

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Isn't Alex Jones mocked for being a filter salesman? Sounds like he may be on to something, lol!

The jews have been poisoning water supplies for centuries, it isn't some new revelation that was uncovered by a feminine penis enthusiast who sells low quality water filters and overpriced snake oil.

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this is why i am on Zig Forums

what the fuck are you even on about?
get off Zig Forums and get some fresh air/

They are mocking you by having their jester sell you "the cure" to their poison, his filters do not do reverse osmosis and will not remove all the poisons.

I just thought it was funny that he said that, without pointing that out about Alex Jones and realising it was amusing too.

He's mocked for being a scammer above all else. Natural News probably pulled the article now that Mike Adams is back in Jonestein's fold, but the filters he's currently selling are some of the worst reviewed on the market.

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I haven't got any water filters, let alone the ones Alex Jones sells, so I have no idea what they do and don't do.

Found the indecisive half-white. I guarantee you're not cooler than me bitch.

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things are looking Crikey

Tim running a bot to bump his own thread? A new low is hit.

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Go full white and stop messing around. Tired of your ways.

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Pic very much related.

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Believe it or not but Jonestein isn't the only one that has been talking about filters. He sells gravity-filters and markets them as removing fluoride when in reality you're not going to be removing solutes that way, precipitates maybe but not this. What it means is that he is selling you overpriced garbage so that you take your dose of fluoride like a good goy.

deepest celtic lore

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In reality no matter the filter you're either getting fluoride, plastic particles/dust and or heavy metals. The water cycles been poisoned worldwide, thanks to companies and governments. Your best bet is underground wells, so long if you're not in a fracking/mining town or district. Clean, pure water will be only for the elites within the next 10 to 20 years. Mark my words.

There seem to be a lot of unhappy customers in this thread. It's reading more like a reviews page on Amazon, lol!

I advocate Vox going out of business due to its lack of profit and no audience.

No, it's called distilling. From water to steam back to water again.

Unfortunately distilling won't remove everything. Plastic dust for example will melt and rise with the water vapour during the boiling process, as well as pulling up unmelted particles. Also your food is also contaminated, unless your one of the lucky ones growing your own food with well based water supplies. Reverse osmosis is the best we have currently in the mainstream but relatively slow and expensive. Although no denying that distillation does remove the bulk of contaminants.

You cannot purify water only by distilling. Impurities lighter than water molecules (plastics) will come out first, and require multiple stages. Look up how brandy is made to get a feel for what distillation does, and why the flavor hinges on blending various stages of the distillation process.

If you want pure water, you need to do distillation combined with filtration and chemical neutralization, and the closer you are to a pure source of water, the better. That means well water from a tested aquifer or rainwater, depending on where you are. Don't bother trying to purify tap water. To keep the water microbe free across hundreds of miles of pipe, where there can be a leak anywhere, water treatment introduces massive amounts of chemicals that maintain concentration in various mechanical environments and chemical environments.

Rain waters now been contaminated as well, once again plastic dust. For rain to form the vapor requires a forming site. It used to be generic dust from sand, pollen, etc. But now plastic dust primarily from the rubber in tires is allowing this to happen. Full contamination of the water cycle is present. Was an thread on pol about a week ago about micro plastics being found in human excrement. Lots of solid info within it, suggest you have a read if you have the time.

I don't even have a merchant that's Jewish enough to represent this.

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You left out its most insidious effect: it's a powerful tranquilizer.

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This seems to be very interesting. Apart from the purple behavior resource guide they don't seem to offer the rest. Do you happen to have them?

They can't keep this stuff on the shelves where I live.

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Good goy.

>tfw you realize (((the media))) exists solely to (((sell things))) and (((debunk))) historic kikery

Fix society? Nay, let us further drug the populous instead.
This shit is an act of genocide.

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Here's the label.

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Reminder that white genocide has already happened on the North American continent.


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Oh boy, a new flavor of Fresh Tap? Thought it couldn't get any better.

Luckily I don't see much of a chance of this actually happening, Vox publishes shitposts like this because they know it will outrage people and get them publicity. I prefer to ignore them.

Also reminder to filter your water at all times.

I never make it more than a few minutes into this guy's videos before he says something unreasonably retarded. Distill or filter your drinking water.

Take Lithium Orotate cuck.

These people are fucking insane, listen to this shit.

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My DACApede bbrother in law told me about this

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you havent seen anything yet
there was a celtic tribe that coronated a man who fucked a horse, bathed with its dead body, ate its pieces while bathing still with it, having to drink the bath water to top it all off

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I suggest a race war.

Jones sells a variety of filters. To claim they're "badly reviewed" (Where? On amazon where fake reviews are pushed? Are you just going to listen and believe every piece of bullshit you hear just because Jones isn't correct on the JQ?) or "don't work" is disingenuous.

Who will pay? Will my lithium pills be tax deductible? We need a national conversation on this important matter before we move forward too much too soon. That said, I'm all in. We got this!

No Reverse Osmosis filters, the only one that actually works on all their tricks?

There are multiple ones there.


How long until mr. Tim Pool realizes what's happening in the world. How many no go zones does he need to visit?

Sounds a lot like the effect fluoride has on the brain, calcification of the amygdala.

lithium is actually the only drug proven to prevent suicide. there are quite a few cities in the US where lithium occurs naturally, and these cities have significantly lower suicide rates. lithium is actually an element, not so much a drug, and it probably wouldn't hurt to put it in the water, tbh. many ppl say it cures joint pain and all the rest

You are correct.
However, refer to the following:
Case 1: Natural Lithium -> Water Supply -> You
Case 2: Government says it's Lithium -> Water Supply -> You

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idk what you mean by this. i mean, fluoride aside "the government" already puts tons of things in the water, so they could already say "oh i swear this is chlorine" or whatever. i actually used to live with someone who was the technician that actually did this for about half the water supply of a major US city, so I suppose I'm not as worried about it. also, remember its not "the government" but usually a local public works commission that usually operates these entities and in many US cities they're set up as consumer-cooperative nonprofs

t.jim acosta

I'd usually say "feddddd", but frankly you're right.

These people make me sick

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They would pump the niggers full of testosterone so they get more violent

so then it is just as safe to add lead or uranium? that logic makes no sense. just because something is an element doesnt mean it is safe for human consumption. I don't go around looking for argon to breathe.