How Long Does Zig Forums Have Left?

Most likely this upcoming week congress will pass the anti-antisemitism bill which makes criticism of Israel illegal and many posts here will pretty much be classified as an act of terrorism or "ethnic hatred/incitement". This will effectively destroy the 2nd amendment but because of the hatespeech law creep the normalcattle won't care. It probably wouldn't even make it to the supreme court due to the ZOG infestation along the way.

So, what do we do if this becomes a reality?

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It's not happening.

What is scarier is the slow demographics replacement.

Repent, all ye sinners, lest ye suffer life eternal!

buy vpn if you'r americuck
force adms to move 8ch to civilized country

youre welcome


That's still slow, or you want millions each time?

Did you just confuse the first amendment with the second?

This is the absolute state of this board. Squawking like parrots without understanding a damn thing about what they're arguing for or against.

There's really no reason to use a VPN on this board. People hate the incitement that goes down so much that anyone caught watching it and manipulating the culture to encourage it would be shooting their own feet off.

Hey, not too long ago I pretended a guy had met his end already, even though I knew better. This place is way too exposed for anyone to be honest in, and way too unnatural. OP's "confusion" is just par for the course.

This honesty thing… I'm mostly honest, as a user here, although not always. I don't consider it obligatory in this space, and I don't hate all the people who tell lies here. I'm mostly honest, but I'm also pretty much never spending my posts trying to reverse-damn people I hate by accusing them of and/or trying to trick them into taking up bigotries. I want people to be able to disagree with each other peacefully. Liferuin tactics are worthless to me. I'd rather people gave up the terrors they inflict on themselves by imagining the world strode by Jewents.




Before the end of the year.

they're fucking up majorly if they really go for the 1st amendment

they can pretend they have the authority to override the founding fathers but just aboutr everyone important has sworn an oath to uphold the constitution and even if they try to ram a bill through at midnight they're seriously pushing their luck

8ch is hosted in the Philippines. Duterte doesn't care about jewish kvetching from trump.

who are you quoting?

Are you fucking stupid or something?

Move to nanochan.

Take note: They have yet to actually deny that they are, in fact, importing endless masses of immigrants with genocidal intent against whites.

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OP is a fag


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It's slow compared to the European migration. Still fast in the grand scheme. But we don't need to argue about who's more fucked.

Nobody there. Some bunker.

I don't use a VPN because I stand behind what I say and if I or others like me get thrown in jail for it that should serve as a rallying cry for others who think the same. My speech is still safe where I live, and if it ever got so bad that I was forced to use a VPN, I would either move or take back my right from tyrants.

Need moar bunkers.

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There are none. Mewch, endch, nextchan, whatever, they are all dead. This is the only board with enough users to sustain conversations without having to come back literally weeks later.

Slow is subjective in this case, neither of you are right.

I will go to prison for antisemitism then.

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This is exactly what happened to the Euros. I think that most normalfags care more about the first amendment than they do about hate speech, it's instilled in them, but it may be a 50/50 split with freedom loving muh guns muh speech vs the total ZOGbot NPC shitty dildo party in the streets tranny faggots.

Not if the Republicans win the midterms.

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Yeah, then you'll just get the death penalty top kek
based Zion Don, amirite guize?

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Just let them misinterpret it, it's better for their groupthink

Are you nigger high? You do realise some of us post from countries that monitor all traffic live? ISPs in some countries are forced to store internet traffic or logs for some time.

He specifically said death penalty for anti-semites.



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literally untrue fear mongering
searching for this gives a news article about them trying to pass this shit in 2014

epic meme dude

There is one communist party in the world that I do support. Israel Communist Party.

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Are you blind or just retarded and ignorant?
The guy literally said that he seeks to destroy counter-semites, aka white people who are resisting their own genocide.

Zig Forums is a honeypot, it's against (((their))) interest to take down a honeypot.

All our IP's are registered and cross-referenced with other intelligence databases so (((they))) know exactly who we are.

Nothing will happen to Zig Forums.

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You've exposed yourself.

What country has better free speech laws than America?
None of them do.

My dick exposed itself. Fuck off, kike.

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Checked but infinity's servers are /based/ in Duterteland. He doesn't give a fuck.

Yeah, you're not one of us. Reported. Leave.

Get Tor Browser Bundle and bookmark this site:
or if you think Tor is a jew botnet, get I2P and bookmark:
both are the same front-end to Overchan


Good. The moment these terrorists who infiltrated our government at every level just straight up announce that our governments Constitution doesn't mean anything there will be no arguing what their agenda is. Then we won.

Daily reminder to match the tantrums when nigger or kike is said when white or goy is said. Any time somebody uses the word white they follow it up with a racist comment. Return the same medicine they gave to you

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

All they can do it make laws that add extra penalties if the issue comes up in a crime. Otherwise, you can say whatever the fuck you want.

Engaging Honeylocust defense.
Motion denied!

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Let them pass the law
I will go overboard on the absolute gushing for pissrael , enough to make an obvious mockery of it. Kill em with kindness and such
What , are they gonna say my praise isn't sincere enough?

there is no way this could backfire on them topkeks to ensue
Smother them with praise till they die

Kill them with sarcasm , dripping sarcasm
Jews never did anything wrong ever. Ever. They are so perfect and so sweet. In fact we should kill every human that ISNT a Jew so that the Jews can be totally safe from any persecution

You wish, rabbi. He called for death penalty for anyone who goes into a church with guns blazing.

Synagogues are torture chambers, not church.

Reminder Nike actually sells a hijab.

Checked. And for more advanced users, Whonix instead of Tor Browser.

i2p actually works?

It doesn't even matter if he called for it. The Supreme Court has already ruled that h8 speech is protected speech.

same here. fuck a VPN that is just sugar pill security, since NSA decrypts all VPNs anyways and spies on everyone. don't listen to these JIDF faggots who constantl shill "MUH POWER LEVEL" and who scream that all WN should do nothing except hide in your basement for the rest of your lives, because you might get caught or you might make a mistake or you might actually do something to fight back against ZOG.

this secret FBI memo from the JFK files is enlightening. if you're a Nazi, then the FBI does NOT want to interview you and they do NOT want you as an informant because believing in NS automatically disqualifies you from having anything to do with the glow niggers. das rite, being a Nazi is the best glownigger REPELLANT out there. so don't fucking hide your powerlevel–flaunt it. because then you don't have to worry about the Federales fucking with you. never forget, the feds are scared of Nazis. they fear *YOU* more than anyone else, because in the back of their minds they subconsciously know you're right and that you can't be stopped and that your numbers are growing and that someday you will win and that everything the FBI lied to itself to fight over was for nothing.

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Rather, that "hate speech" does not exist as a concept.

VPN are highly effective at preventing sub-NSA-level threats for bothering you. Like for using bittorrent.

Also, while some disagree, Tor over a VPN is a smart move, because that way your ISP (probably - traffic analysis might still be possible) won't know you're using Tor. Hell, they have no idea what you're doing.

Zig Forums our great city, it will survive.



i would also add another reason why i suspect 8/pol/ won't be going away any time soon.
this is quite literally the only place on the Internet where i regularly poast. after being suspended countless dozens of times from Twatter and Jeddit, this is the only watering hole i'll tolerate. i know it's not just me–there are probably thousands of you out there just like me. now shift your POV and look at the Earth from the Moon for a moment. from
the CIAFBINSA glow niggers perspective, imagine how terrified they would be if we all simultaneously went dark? if Langley and Quantico and Ft Meade and Tel Aviv could no longer kettle us here to keep an eye on us and listen in to our chatter and bants to pickup the occasional stray tip from us–the living Hot Sheets?

in a sense, part of me does hope (((they))) do shut this place down because it would be like jamming a rubber stopper inside the safety valve on the biggest ticking bomb in the world. i imagine thousands of you perfectly censored online and silenced from sharing frog memes forever. i imagine hundreds of you leaving your Plato's Meme Cave basements for the first time in years or decades and stepping out into the light. i imagine dozens of you surprising yourselves and being very good at what you're going to do out there. i imagine a handful of you succeeding beyond our wildest dreams in locating that one teensy tiny Achille's Heel on ZOG's foot and i imagine a couple of you doing the Right Thing and hitting it with everything you got. never forget, (((they))) need at 100% perfect defense at all times and places to stop us. we only need one /ourguy/ to get through. /ourguy/ always gets through.

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I literally said it was slow compared the the European migration but fast in the grand scheme i.e. most historical migrations not due to war i.e. it's subjective, what was the point of your comment?

They might silence our ways to express our opinions, but they will never be able to put the genie back into the bottle. My opinions of the kikes will never change.

Don't worry dude, I certainly don't think I'm kike controlled. If there was a decent bunker I'd love to use it.

Damn, good to know I have a natural glownigger repellant mutation, lol. I've always thought that hiding power levels only works to an extent, if you completely mask it your impact is essentially the same as a normies. Even in situations where letting my full values be know would be totally unacceptable like work or with casual acquaintances, I'm always pushing the boundary as much as possible when discussion about politics, culture, or race comes up to shift the Overton window.

Some anons seem like they are almost ashamed of some of their beliefs, I don't have any that I wouldn't be completely comfortable risking jail time (to an extent, running to fight another day is better than life in jail) or losing friends or family members. If anyone can't say the same they shouldn't have that belief or are very selfish.

It's also just more refreshing to post on here on your downtime. If I go on jeddit or Twitter I can almost perfectly predict what will be said in a conversation about a certain topic. And it's always the same topics. It's just so tiring. We have our disagreements here, but it's certainly more interesting.

do you just live your whole life in fear?
being afraid is the enslavement of your mind to kikes
have no fear and you are free

< fear

Awareness. A constant state of awareness. That is the situation. We are in a constant state of awareness, and caution, like a tightrope walker with no net, like a rock climber with no safety harness.

what about 'incitement to violence', 'threatening liberty' etc. How does that play into free-speech.

Free speech is always free speech, "incitment to violence" or "disturbing the peace" or "threatening liberty" are all masks used to hide the true purpose of simply shutting down perfectly legal behavior but behavior they don't like. Rights cannot be taken away, but there are certainly methods used to "illegally" remove the ability to practice those rights without actually removing them. Laws mean nothing in themselves, but must be actively protected and probably enforced to have meaning.

They already have, they're the ruling class, it's up to us to take them down

Are you sure, I thought hotwheels lived in the Philippines but the servers were in America.

Hotwheels is gone mate, but yeah IIRC Drag Queen is hosted in the US

Brown people need to stop being made mods on Zig Forums.

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Pol poster confuses 1st and 2nd amendment. You fucking retarded son?


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This. I use them primarily because I sick of dealing with bogus harassment complaints by (((butthurt))) people. "Sorry, he's out of our jurisdiction, and don't call back."

President Ivanka would disagree.

Go away. Bump.

Why not tripfag then?

>Zig Forums is a honeypot, it's against (((their))) interest to take down a honeypot.

Also nice proof that an anonymous site is a honeypot

The jew is here.

Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.

I'm proud that you faggots can read. Can't say the same for OP.

Keep dreaming, faggot.
It will never hold up under Supreme scrutiny, and if it is forced, this country will motherfucking burn.

Nobody messes with my rights and lives.

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They covered this a long time ago with the 'Secular' passage, rejecting any bias against "religion". So, for example; once upon a time the people that would become "Christians" as codified by Constantinople rejected 'Usury/Usurious' practices. Today, we have Judeo-Christianity which embraces the jew, and forgive despicable jew tactics like usury. Christards even get 30-year mortgages to buy McMansions, paying 3 times the face value f the home over the life of the amortization and call it "An Investment". We've waded too far into the abyss. There is no turning back

I remember a day, way back when…
Zig Forums called for the death penalty for murderers, back then. They even called for the use of wood-chippers…

Now, they think executing a murderer is bad, because he murdered Jews.
I know a lot of you hate Jews. I personally don't. I've worked with them, known them, some of them are all right. Even Hitler liked the Jewish doctor that made free house calls to help his mother, when his mother was sick.

Random murder is not the answer to the Zionist ZOG machinations to genocide us (oh, yes…I have seen enough evidence to convince me it's true).

If this guy had shot and killed Soros, I'd be laughing and smirking. If he had taken out the lap-dog Merkel, I'd be celebrating. There are plenty of ZOG that need to eat a bullet.

But even if these Jews were horrible people, this action did not help our cause, it did not help us overcome the forces that seek our destruction, and it did some damage to us in the minds of the hopelessly duped NPC's that we are trying to wake up.

This guy should be executed, just as anyone that murders should be. I don't hate him, nor care about what he did, but to think he was "helping" us is just short-sighted, and the law must be upheld.

My question will be, if they execute him for murder, why are they not executing ALL murderers?

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That bill will definitely effect schools and colleges and punish the underb8 even more. Public and private schools aren't protected under the 1st amendment, you could get expelled and a cop "mentor" you for saying the wrong things

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