Fuck! No, Goddamnit no! I don't want for things in Germany to get better, I want them to totally colapse.

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YOu just know her twat smell mega rotten though nowhere near in the same league of stench as colostomy bag Hillary.

Holy shite krauts get your act together

Germany will show the way once more.

Shes a figurehead, I hope no one here was ever dumb enough to vote for her.

Either it will be looked upon as an example of the communist perversion of "democracy" and her as an atrocity criminal, or they will hail her as some shining example of womens leadership and her continual re-election as proof of the peoples glowing support for her. Please dont let it be the latter.

That's probably why she's about to vanish. The EU is falling apart and her glorious reign as Fraulein Fuhrer isn't going the way her and her kike friends planned. I expect there are dozens of other unelected EU politicians who are about to quietly resign too.

Starting Americanist politics? Changing figureheads all the time to keep playing hot potato with the blame for white genocide.

They are fucked beyond repair.

Treasonous kike whore running away with the money she received for selling her country to the merchants of death.

Who is the new puppet? Any candidates?

Apparently she is staying on as Chancellor, though.

I don't habeeb it.

German plebs really don't do write in votes. Nobody does.

We rearmed before, mutt.

She is here by 2021, unless early elections are called in. In either cases this bald prick is taking over and he is even bigger kike lover and wants more immigration.

He will be in a coalition these lunatics.

wow, didn't know that was her party. Thats some shit.

Attached: 5123412312315.jpg (800x800, 63.63K)

Imagine the fettid vag dribble stalactites crunching off from inside her porous pooner.

Patrolling that Mojave is enough to wish for a cod scented winter.

The commie cunt was never elected nor was she re-elected. Germany was never again allowed to chose their leaders after the war. You can only vote for a party and that party decides who gets to be and stay chancellor.

This drunken piece of shit's "popularity" was so hastily manufactured even the normies see right through it, But you are right, he IS taking over. Until muttmerica GTFO of Europe, "democracy" which is shit will keep go on and on.

If your president doesnt threaten to cleanse those refugee beans with lead and their shithole country with fire soon then the US is just as cucked.


Also this. Extremely important to understand, the extend of Germany's ongoing occupation.

Attached: muttmocracy in Germany how amerimutts allow Germans to choose the next puppet bullshit democracy.jpg (2200x1403 353.5 KB, 1.32M)

Buckle the fuck up the next 6 years are going to get
m e g a b u m p y
For everyone.

Or 3 I guess


Her name was Angela Mergel
She had a dusty clam
She flooded Europe with shitskins
Because she had a dusty clam

Dusty dusty dusty clam
Dusty clam
Dusty clam
Dusty dusty dusty clam
Dusty dusty clam.

Couldn't find a man to breed
Not even shitskins high on weed
Nobody dared to do the deed
Because she had a dusty clam

Dusty dusty dusty clam
Dusty clam
Dusty clam
Dusty dusty dusty clam
Dusty dusty clam.

Dusty clam and shriveled eggs
What's left now is but the dregs
That none will have no matter how she begs…
Because she has a dusty clam

The end.

Is she acctually fucking quitting politics or is this more of the same bullshit from last year.

If she really leaves the party then she is quitting the chair too.

This means nothing. She's still chancellor and able to further ruin the nation.

If anything, all the pensioners and other brain-addled idiots that make up the CDU voting base will see this as a positive sign that "things are changing" so they can go back to voting for "their" party again.

Would be interesting to see the jew stars in that first pic, like they did with all the US publications. But I suppose the amount of judaism is way less in Germany in the lower ranks. And lots more cryptos.

This is correct. As said, muttmerica grasp on Germany must be removed. BRD GmbH is NOT sovereign.

Do not confuse the kikes in power with the american people. The BRD will burn and that will also be the end of any "murican" influence.

All "deecee" will stop when that happens.

when is jihadi Merkel's trial?

Attached: merkelillegalopinions.jpg (885x665, 70.77K)

You going to act like a kike shill about this are you? Or are you too stupid to distinguish who is at fault? The muricans can leave only once kike power is broken. Stop pretending it was their fault.

40% of mutts still volunteered to go on D-Day.
Before than, nobody forced mutts to sell weapons to FUCKING COMMUNISTS.

You sound more and more like a kike. Conviniently ignroing kikes and their propaganda machine. But I suppose by your logic the germans were at fault for Weimar huh? All that degeneracy and death was all the germans. No way anyone lied and manipulated them.
Eat a bullet faggot you're just another DnC giga kike.

muh kike muh deecee
Zimmerman telegram was forged.
Versailles Treaty was forced
Not one of it was German idea. You mutts can't seem to accept you have always been stinking subhuman kike stooges.
How come Germany listened to Hitler? How come muttmerica listened to FDR?
Either we are superior or you are retarded.

Attached: 823395151917c892ffc37e3aa77122fe5ebb9740117ec689c80669f8c3f6b97a.gif (500x500 1001.79 KB, 305.75K)

Just report the faggot. He shows up in every thread about Germany to call Americans "mutts" and insist that the 4th Reich will materialize within moments of US troops leaving Europe. I don't think he's actually German, just a D&C kike shilling from Tel Aviv.

Why don't you subhuman mutts just go to deutsch/pol/ and ask the opinions of Germans you considered to be "huwhite brothers" there?
See how much they LOVE you.

No shit. And you can't even argue against it.

Netter Versuch, Schwuchtel aber ich bin kein Ami.
If you aren't shill you are retarded, forcing the blame onto american instead of the jewish world powers that tricked, lied and manipulated half the world into doing their bidding.
You're just a bitter little faggot too scared to attack the jews directly so you go for the puppet. Your pathetic attempts to devide us over ultimately trivial matters will fail as they always have in the past. Any human who fights the kikes is, or will be, my brother.
You though? You're just a coward.

Attached: Free_Hugs.jpg (837x1000, 171K)

oh well

Attached: hit-1-696x392.jpg (696x392, 38.6K)

Yea with every word this kikes posts I can see that you are right. I still enjoy some comfy shillshitting in the morning.

Attached: The Emperor's Prophecy.jpg (600x430 213.2 KB, 153.62K)

Endlich mal Google gelernt, heh.
Schon gesagt. Besuch mal deutsch/pol/, stell mal eine kleine Umfrage vor. Lass uns alle die Wahrheit sehen.

Amis sind Juden. ZOGnald hat es bestätigt.

Amis sind denn ausgeschlossen?

Geh mal auf deutsch/pol/, "hweißer bruda".

Attached: (((The Greatest Generation))).jpg (999x754 8.62 MB, 190.32K)

Nur ein weiterer jude der immer noch aus dem Arschloch blutet weil Donald Trump Präsident ist und es für weiter 6 Jahre bleiben wird. Was ist den los Chaim? Ich dachte ihr juden liebt es in vergewaltigt zu werden? Was denn was denn? War Donald zu rau und wild für euch? Wollt ihr die Zeit zurückdrehen als die Deutschen und Amis sich bekämpft haben?
Tja chaim, so geht das leider nicht. Nichts wird den Genozid der juden aufhalten. Also los.
Sing für mich, du kleine Nutte. Weine und stampfe und schrei das alles doch so schlimm ist. Ich finde es ziemlich erheiternd, denn deine Tränen sind mein Gleitgel.

Attached: IMG_3225.GIF (594x357 1002.65 KB, 41.67K)

Ach Cucki.

Ok, mein Köter Bruda. Google Übersetzer funktioniert nicht, wenn die Sätze zu kompliziert sind.
Solltest du davor wissen

>Ich dachte ihr juden liebt es in vergewaltigt zu werden Dies hat meinen Augen richtig weh getan Wirklich Bin beleidigt, dass ein MUTT so dumm ist
Ich weiß nicht :^) Sieh Bilder

Nein, du kleiner Köter. Einfach raus aus Europa. So einfach ist das.

1/10 nicht mal A2 Deutschkenntnis.
Nochmal, einfach uns bei Deutsch/pol/ besuchen und deine Meinung äußern.

Cucki spricht aber Deutsch. Der kleiner mutt hier nicht.

Attached: based amerimutts.jpg (675x507 685.1 KB, 22.78K)

Her resignation might be a sign of things to come

Attached: Trumkel.jpeg (750x445, 69.03K)

Women start the fight, now men have to die cleaning it up. Never let a woman anywhere near power. Execute her for treason.

Attached: Angela-Merkel-Theresa-May.jpg (621x429, 42.6K)

I won't be happy until I see her getting hanged, drawn and quartered

She's probably come to realize how much of a magnet her head has currently become for the occasional stray bullet.
The synagogue shooting is one of the first attacks to have come about precisely due to the systematic population replacement being committed on the whites. Many race traitors must be thinking about this, at this time.
When you've taken the treason too far, maybe you start to think that it's time to slink away with your pay, and scurry into the darkness, out of the limelight…

Attached: YouKilledMe.jpg (480x504, 48.91K)

Germany has failed the woeld by letting that conspirator in mass rape live.

Come 2021 you krauts need to seize and re-take your country.

Is she joining the sharia party?

I'm no more a "mutt" than any current German citizen.
And I would expect they would hate us, we firebombed their cities to rubble and aided in the wide-scale genocide that proceeded after the war. The Bolsheviks are usually blamed for it, but America and the other "allies" had a hand in it, too.
For this, I am extremely sorry.
But Americans were fully duped, in both WW1 and WW2, their means of information were already compromised, and the reality of what was happening across the water was not getting through to anyone. And our own leaders sold out, leading us like sheep to the slaughter, into a war that did not involve us, and was morally wrong.

If the U.S. had not intervened in WW1, the Germans would have won. Germany would still have been targeted by international Jewry, but it would have been strong enough to avoid the Wiemar degeneration, and perhaps would have kicked the Jews out without outside interference, due to that strength.

We could speculate all day, without really knowing, but the thing is, I wish my forefathers had not fought with Germany, but had allied with them, instead.
Gaining control of the media is a powerful weapon. In our day, it has been mitigated, somewhat, by the freedom of opinion the internet grants, and the wide dissemination of those opinions it provides.
It's why the ZOG has it targeted for heavy-handed control.
Just know that I and many other "mutts" over here wish Germany well, and will never support war against our kin again.

Attached: GermanBehavior.jpg (800x600, 83.67K)

Germany would not have won WW1.
But it would not have lost either.

I thought the peace proposal they sent to England was very reasonable…that all fighting would simply cease, Germany would withdraw from France, no reparations would be demanded from either side.
With England effectively blockaded, and none of Germany's enemies having set a foot on German soil, I think the "allies" would have accepted it.
But the Balfour agreement brought in the U.S., with a massive industrial machine, and fresh troops. It tipped the scales.
Our own president sold out, agreeing to a war that would not benefit our citizens, and a war we had no business in.
They HAD to demonize the Germans, in both WW1 and WW2, in order to avoid being asked the very hard question of, "why did we get involved?"

"Why, the Germans are monsters, bent on world domination, of course!" they would respond.
None of it was true, it was all a lie.
And it still is.

Attached: Love.jpg (370x247, 11.43K)


So it is nothing. She was going to lose power then either way.

The funny thing is that we don't even want you to apologize.
Just leave…
You see it yourself, messing with Europe creates only trouble for you. Just never come back. Thats enough.

Unless you count the rapefugees, niggers, cucks, feminists and other rigged votes that voted for that hag. Her victory was only bittersweet since the AfD if I recall had a massive surge and the CDU/Socialist alliance barely squeezed by to keep Merkel's fat ass as chancellor.

I'll take the rise of the NSDAP for 500 Alex!


Attached: 45 AM (1).jpg (393x393 19.21 KB, 123.3K)

Is that really Theresa May in the middle?

Stop lying you piece of shit!

Attached: ClipboardImage.png (354x372, 21.66K)

That's literally no better than 42. It's fucking worthless.

Well they found their propaganda was too effective after WW1 which contributed to the massive economic woes of Germany.
The WW2 propaganda instead focused heavily on Hitler and fascism. Deflecting from Germans. This meant useful Germans could be preserved while all others were exterminated for being "nazis"

Course instant the war ended, Churchill was pretty much cut out of the British government and they began asking why all these refugees were fleeing the French and American controlled parts of Germany, prompting those nations to cease their genocides especially once the yanks realised the soviets intended to stay in Germany.


Things are about to get a lot worse. She'll push through every insane law on her way out.
The future of Germany is looking like Green + AfD as those are the only two stable parties left. AfD and SPD are the only groups represented in all parliaments.

Go marry a 30 year old whore, then.

I'm sure it had nothing to do with the central bank taking over in 1913.

Just admit you pulled the number out of your ass and stop your pathetic deflection.

Go away now.

Checked for truthkeeping.

Stop sperging out like an über edgelord. Your intentions are appreciated, but lying only plays against us in the long run.

It's not lying when the results are the fucking same. He's defending nothing by cheering on 29 year olds.

Why are you being so defensive for someone else's lies?
Why, if it's not you under a different ID?

Reported. I've fucking had it with you subhumans here.

Another high IQ member of hahwhite race strikes again!


Reported for amerimutt spam.

She joining Islamic Caliphate/Israeli Secret Intelligence Service proper like?

Fuck off woman.

Attached: ja rule.gif (1101x603, 131.27K)

No, an actual kike.

Attached: quote-referendums-have-always-posed-a-threat-when-it-comes-to-eu-policy-because-eu-policy-martin-schulz-150-25-92.jpg (620x356 224.03 KB, 79.12K)

Yep, that's her.

Attached: may_merkel.jpeg (620x413 169.61 KB, 67.42K)

Did anyone else notice what this poster did? It was subtle. He attacked the idea of a unified Europe, mocked Merkel [a puppet leader of the US military] as a "fuhrer", and then tossed in a little shade towards "kikes" to cover his tracks.

The EU is a parasitic foreign entity that is as much a part of europe as a tapeworm is part of humanity. The sooner it perishes the better. Was that clear enough or do i need to be less subtle?

Skipped right over the fuhrer part. It didn't go unnoticed. Some of us catch what you do, schlomo. Germany delenda est, I'm sure.

Yeah, you are really sharp, you noticed a german word. Here's your star.

Attached: 56c8eedf9b11bc3058485d521046aac9cb757fbed75f84dbd805ab1ce7a97e4a.png (1280x928, 52.56K)

Trying to flip it around now? Too funny. You know what you're doing. Any attempt to slander the Germany people and German nation, any attempt to reinforce that postwar order, get those "nazis" and their "fuhrer. You're filtered by the way, you kike faggot.

Back to the kitchen, whore.

Attached: 6bf047cd89093731a7b6652d4d4c26cb92e9b3812be4544c2540a08c7178f6ac.jpg (540x538 36.52 KB, 61.79K)

All because somebody's wingman, at some point in the near past, didn't take one for the team and give either these two awkward looking broads a decent poking. You don't hear anything from the girl on the right. Know why? Because she's a smokeshow who never had a problem getting a good dicking.



Jews aren't welcome here.


Attached: trumpkike 1.jpg (999x754 635.32 KB, 190.32K)

I…Is that God Emperor Trump? Taking pictures wearing a yarmulke and with Bibi.

wtf, I Hillshill now. #ImWithHer, I tried to even with Trump and I literally Could. Not. Even.

Stay the course, fellow Trumpbot. He is just testing our faith.

Attached: asdds.jpg (962x642, 123.23K)

He's still going to win in 2020, but by all means enjoy your impotent shilling.

Not if he loses his White Nationalist support he won't.
I'm in PA and I can speak for at least a dozen young White guys who are not planning to vote in the midterms because of their completel disenfranchisement with Trump. If I can cite a dozen, I rather doubt its ONLY a dozen - and if Trump doesn't win PA in 2020, he's gonna have a rough time I wager.

His immigration policies have made it improbable that he can hold Texas and/or Florida at that point - good chance Florida will go blue in the midterms, in fact.

You didnt though… Hitler didnt win his election, remember?
Remember how he only got into power because your government was so fucked up and divided that his APPOINTMENT to a position was used to calm things down?
Of course, parliamentary politics is retarded, which begs the question of why you do it, but that's a story for another day, the point is, you didnt listen to Hitler, only some of you did. Why did Americans listen to FDR? Sa,e reason you listened to Hindenburg, Id wager, eh?

Wow so before the internet or tv, before any means of uncontrolled information transfer, people had only the information their government allowed them? And as a result a lot of Americans volunteered for a war that should never have been fought and which they would have opposed if they actually knew what it represented?

You better get on the rearmament bro.
You need to finish the fight.
Information transfer methods have improved, the data cannot be concealed.

Don't shill so hard. You'll live longer.

It wont participate in the name calling but when US troops retreat from Europe the same will happen as with the retreat of Soviet troops.
The regimes propped up by them will collapse. It is the nightmare for Merkel and fellow traitors, they fear to get the Ceausescu treatment.

NSDAP and Hitler won a plurality and became the largest political party. This gave him the political capital to push for an appointment. Hitler being named chancellor was one of the conditions NSDAP demanded in order to join the majority coalition of the German parliament.

They all need to regroup in a neighboring country to merge/offload their DNA. Its time for a Italy/German unification all over again.