The unspoken problem

Women are the root cause of capitalism. I was thinking about this after i saw my wife swooning over a oversized teddy bear. Then i was thinking about my life as a bachelor. Before i met her i paid 275 a month for rent, lived with two people, slept on the floor, and ate frozen burritos and pizza all the time. I was leterally living for about 580 dollars a month. I was able to work for myself doing web development and be a kinda hippie slacker.

Now i know its #notallwomen and my wife is a great example of that fact. But before we lived together she was paying 700 a month for rent and working 160 hours a month in a billing office for a local hospital. (Yuck) now that we have been married im in debt, own a mattress, a car and my wife thinks that frozen burritos are unattractive.

This is a trope that has been talked about since Greece. The industrious independent young man tamed an neutered by a women. An Its my belief that if a womens motivation was communal over material we would already be living in a communist utopia.

A mans weakness is women and a womens weakness is material. Because we men know that it takes stuff to keep and provide for a women and stuff makes her happy. Also women tend not to be attracted to a man who has less then them materially so We end up plugging into the system and toeing a line we probably shouldn’t. Therefore women are in fact the root of capitalism. Its the hunger for novelty and comfort in stuff over the community that lead to things like a 300billion dollar beauty industry that prays on low income workers, and animals. Or a 80 billion dollar dimond trade that perpetuates war, rape, and slavery.

How the fuck do we solve this problem

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So were you satisfied with this? Were you planning on living like this until death?

Dude the accusatory tone thats wrote in is hilarious
because idk about you but it was probably THE MOST satisfying time of my life. If i had the cash on hand i would live like a Amish man in the woods with a small farm.

So ya i would live that way “until death!” Unthinkable right? How could i be happy? God that annoyed me.

Also sorry i should add that i would if I could have my wife! Which i cant because she never would so im kinda left bending on my morals. Which is the whole point im trying to solve.

I remember when we discussed theory on Zig Forums but now its just

that's what you get for not banning anti-feminists

yes because there are no men driven by materialism whatsoever. implying same dudes who always make this statement aren't like "oh 60$ to preorder a shitty incomplete videogame!"

honestly we need to just bite the bullet on this board and ban them, I literally prefer unironic nazbols to this shit.

I was only asking.
Here's the thing.
Some men look to get into an industry, or turn a hobby into a career out of their personal enjoyment like me and enjoy training and going to the gym. Personally it feels better than sitting around and eating Oreo's although I still have rest days for that because I need to so I don't over train. I was simply making sure you knew what you wanted in life. Do whatever makes you happy, but I will say that if you feel like your girlfriend is bringing you down dump her. The downfall of men happens when the woman becomes their biggest interest but isn't a part of them.

Shut the fuck up no you don't.

Someone report this thread, I'm on mobile. Mods, delete this shit.

Ironically enough I forgot my flag the past 4 posts.

I was here since the very board split and before that, we literally never had much valuable discussion but neither had it this bad before. Wait 2 more years before saying
Then you can say it.

I've been using Zig Forums since 2015

At least we had like one or two regular effortposters even if their theory was shit.

I already did, but the mods here don't care. I wouldn't be surprised if it was actually posted by one of them

Oh right. I remember when a leftpol mod said that anti-feminism (and/or mens rights stuff) is just as valid as feminism in that thread on Zig Forums.

She muh wife, and she doesn’t bring me down. Im making the point that her with all her good traits is the one with her foot on the gas pushing us to buy more shit. An that women are the driving force for the economy. More specifically its sex, EVEN more specifically its the biological desire to breed. Women see stuff as security for themselves and there children. Unfortunately corporations have highjacked this biological instinct and gone above and beyond what’s nessarry materially. Before it may of been a new hat made from deer skin that made them swoon. But now its a 300 dollar teddy bear. But they both signify the same thing a ability to provide everything including the superfluous comforts. Which is totally fine until you’re exploiting the labor of the third world.

Its a lot easier to devaldate someone then consider what they said

smoke out an chill newfriend holy fuck.

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So you're straight up bitching over materialism and not women?

God damn man, show some basic autonomy and keep your woman in line. It's not her fault you don't have the sense to tell her to shut up when she whines about some stupid status-seeking shit.

Shit taste tbh.

I'm glad I'm not the only guy who hates tattoos on women, I feel like a minority especially when it only seems as though incels have an issue with it.

The only method by which we can realistically change sexually dimorphic behavior is to create new technology. However this new technology must be compatible with our base biological instincs, otherwise no one would use it. The birthcontrol pill is a good example of that.
Unfortunatley i have no idea what kind of technology could solve this issue.

Ugh. This shit again. As if though there are no men who waste money on power tools that will never be used, souped out cars, rare classic rock vinyls, viagra, etc.

This is why people don't respect willful cuckold and incels. You guys take the "muh women" too far.
Women are NOT the root cause of capitalism, though they're shopaholics. You chose to listen to your dick instead of your brain, maybe the root cause of capitalism is "muh dick".
Cohabitation will naturally causes prices to go up because more people means more mouths to feed.

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Yes, women are materialistic. And they buy stuff not for their own use or enjoyment, but to raise their social status. That's why fashion is such a big thing with women. Now, they can do whatever they want with the product of their labour, problem is, most of them actually use someone else's money, namely that of their boyfriend or husband. Your wife will probably try to become stay-at-home as soon as she can, while keeping on purchasing useless stuff, so beware. This guy puts it best in perspective: