Stop blaming the Jews Trump

44Ds on falseflags

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Donald Trump suggests Jews might secretly be committing anti-Semitic hate crimes on themselves so he looks bad

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In true Trump fashion, he's turned the narrative back on them.

Are faggots still pretending this faggot is anything more than a kike who wants you dead, your kids raped and brainwashed, and he thinks it is funny.

You mad, Anderson Cooper?

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Why can't Anderson be a BASED nationalist pedophile like the ones Trump is connected to?

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On balance, not everything is up to Trump

You mad, Joe?

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you seem awfully triggered, shareblue-kun

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Look what I started.

See, you should have left me alone.

Master shitposter. If I did not know better, and I'm just some user posting on a Tibetan Dorje Sculpting message board, he's intentionally fueling the fires. I can see the smoke from the 2020 Civil War from here.

what an absolute madman

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Nice try (((Alt-Kike))). But as the media falls, so does the black magick of the Jew.

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That article is from 2017


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he is playing them like a damn fiddle

Trump didn't just "know" Cohn. He was his mentor, who made him.

And since then he's cited those same bomb hoaxes as evidence of the persecution of the poor jews.

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You are trying too hard, shareblue-kun.
You stick out like a baboon's ass.

You don't belong here

Good, it is absolutely evil and must be washed from history and memory. Soon.

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This is a low-effort post, go fall into a pile of burning tires.

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Trying too hard at what? Listen to that last webm he posted. Trump literally says "We will combat antisemitism"

What more proof do you need that he's a zionist

Are you mad, Kelly?

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No source. Calls me low effort

This is from the archive, you AIDS infected 4tard

How about more war?

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Trump is just reacting to the fact his family could have been shot since they are kikes or are dating/currently fucking them. It's just a natural chess player reaction.

the archive
no archive
Cries like a bitch at all his friends on 8ch

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I agree that zionists love war, but why else would a president say they want to combat antisemitism if they weren't a zionist?
Ah yes, the "think of the children" excusing of evil

Because you have to, retard. The next thing you know he's tweeting about baseball. Obama said lots of feel good normie shit too. Did he tell the truth - EVER?

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You kikes don't even realize how bad you are at shilling

So you gave up your scripted argument and fall back on the "you're a x shill" meme.

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Excellent projection. We both know you're the one looking at a script:

Bush didn't start the Iraq war for Israel until his third year in office.

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Reported for supporting jews and shabbos goyim.

This is imkikey. Report all of its posts immediately.

But…you called me imkikey yesterday. Which is it?


Talk is cheap, sure. But talk changes minds. Do not knock Trump's propaganda. It won him the election, and keeps waking people up and bringing them closer to the truth.


Trump thought now is a great time to call the Luegenpresse the Enemy of the People again XD

Still better than Hillary. Reminder that if she'd been elected we'd all be in camps right now.

Trump hasn't started any wars, yet.

True, this is no exaggeration. We would also be at war with Iran and engaged in a full blown Syrian Civil War/Proxy War with Russia.

Russia would've killed us all months ago.

Every now and again Trump surprises me. I'm impressed.

That's what gullible goyim in both jew parties think leading up to any election, but it never happens. The jews believe in incrementalism and would rather slow boil us than do something that would cause a revolt.

What's an easier way to deal with the "right" - round them up in gulags or convince them that a lifelong jewish asset is their savior? What about those on the "left" who rightly opposed Bush - put them in FEMA death camps or give them a shabbos goy nigger savior?

Fuck off back to r/the_donald, yiddishrat. You're trying too hard to fit in with your low effort tweet-thread:

>White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders says she was not at the meeting, but says the president has made "extremely clear" that any act of violence directed at Jewish organisations is "condemned by this administration. Full stop." '

Well, do you genuinely see another option when all reserve banks are owned by jews?

The only way to buck their authority is just that: to buck their authority. But then you get Kennedy'd or Jackson'd or Lincoln'd. Or Gaddafi'd.

those who deny that something happened are an accomplice to it.
i dont think we landed on the moon. does that mean im part of the reason we landed on the moon?
even if what he said made sense, it also means that im an accomplice to nothing and am blameless, since the holocaust didnt happen.

Yeah, that's what happens with war. People die. Hopefully the right ones.

I notice that Trump is the only one that alludes to Cohn's sexual deviancy.
When you're walking into a cloud of bees, it is better to smoke screen them, and keep them asleep, while you destroy their hive.
But he leaves small clues. It's in his nature to have a large ego, I'll bet he can't help it.

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Reminder that Dr. William Luther Pierce identified Trump as a jewish puppet decades ago, he is possibly the most pro-Israel President in US history, and his own daughter is now a jew. Trump is a puppet. If you don't trust me, trust Dr. Pierce.

Dr. William Luther Pierce

Because the media told you so?
I'll bet you think Einstein "invented" the theory of relativity too, don't you?…because you were told so.

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Never forgive jews

My point was to express that as someone in a position of power, you don't have true power, but are a pawn of jewish interest.

The people will do as the people will do. But a leader has to deal with the Sword of Damocles over his head, and Shlomo with a big ol' pair of scissors, making demands or else he cuts the thread.

Guess what just happened.


Fucking downs.
Stop wasting our air.

This the best you've got??

I was told Newton discovered the theory of relativity. And Einstein discovered the theory of special relativity.

Are we winning?

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What this means is that Jack is going to continue to isolate people on twitter via shadowbanning and the removal of likes as a reinforcer. He's taking the validating power of likes away in hopes that people who look at Trumps message won't get immediate feedback as to how many people agree with it and the left can flood their messages of dissent over the voices of the banned.

If by we you mean white nationalists or national socialists, no, we're not.

Uh oh. Abolition of the like? How will the NPC's know what opinion to hold?

I have to admit that i didn't expect something like this from Trump, i am pleasantly surprised.


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It's frustrating that despite all the experience this board has with subversive tactics, that everyone here seems opposed to subverting the Jews. Talk and photos are cheap, which is the same thing I tell to everyone who can't believe I would have voted for Drumpf because he's just so mean.

More censorship of normie reality = more redpilling than any faggot march rally of 20yr old larpers could ever be.

Chaos chaos chaos, chaos for all!

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They'll know which opinion to hold because they "correct" opinion will be the one that is echoed the most. Leftist bots are never removed from twitter and wrongthink gets your banned or muted in their system. Twitter is just trying to engineer a false consensus.

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it's because he's a gemini with sagittarius moon and leo ascendant

we can always count on you to degrade your own methods over time. you have no resistance to entropy

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Okay guys I'll vote for Bernie next time, you can leave now.


Okay champ. We're not Europe and voting is a staple of being an American, and also Hitler won through election instead of a coup, but sure. I guess you're the real whatever you're trying to be.

You should probably go back to high school and ask your English teacher to repeat the lesson about irony.

Reported. You are not on reddit. We do not support jews or shabbos goyim here.

You don't have to vote. You can do whatever you want, I'm not the one trying to tell others what to do. That's you.

You have personally admitted that voting does nothing.



so what? that statement changes nothing. the overton window is not smaller than it was a week ago. trump has his own plans - what benefit does he get from goin after ventures that are brought to the table by others and cannot benefit his long term goals? this is how he walks away from this particular subject. we have not lost anything with this option. people who, as children, learned year after year from trusted authority figures to hate antisemites are not any different than they were previously, just because trump said a thing

why does it matter if one does or does not vote? why are you upset about something that is inconsequential and trying to influence which way it goes?


It is further left.
Yes, they are jewish plans.
His long term goals are the realization of the Oded Yinon Plan and the completion of white genocide.

We're all free to vote or not vote for whoever we want, user. This forum is simply an exchange of information. You, same as I, should take everything everyone says with a grain of salt and form your own worldview based on knowledge you obtain here and from other sources.

But you just keep freaking out and calling me a "jew" and not saying the word kike.


You're right, I look completely unreasonable and I'm definitely not an oldfag.

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Listen you dense faggot:

The leader of a movement is the only one that the Sword of Kikeocles hangs over. The people are free to act of their own accord. Learn to read.

Lurk two more years, consensus shill.

Trump tweeting invaders now. THIS MEANS WAR!

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I don't want them at all.

Go away and never come back.


ahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahaha suck my orange dick, spics

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Personally, I think they should all be shot, especially the children, who will grow up to be more radical than their parents. They already hate America, it's too late.

Who run Barter Town? Or should I ask, "Where's my Roy Cohn??"

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Excellent. Don't cede any verbiage to (((them))).

Must be the boomer edit.

I wonder what changed Madcuck's mind?