Synagogue shooting digging thread

As some of you might have seen it in another thread :
The FBI had a shooting drill not too far from the synagogue and the shooter made his gab profile approximately at the same time.

Active shooter drill planned for Thursday night in Squirrel Hill, Darlington Road to close

Shooter's Gab account

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forgot pic related

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Yeah I forgot, sorry, thanks for posting it.

Do you guys know anything about H.R. 1911?

H.R.1911 - Special Envoy to Monitor and Combat Anti-Semitism Act of 2018

Just like the (((commies))) did after they took power in Russia.

A yea ago, gas this retard and send the corpse back to cuckchan.

I bring this up because if we can find a link to an NGO or gov org it would be a decent talking point into the motivation.

I was trying to see if Bowers had a miltiary background but the NGO option seems better.

>faggot (((gunman))) survived firefight somehow
This shit is so fake, and normalfags are eating it up like mud cookies.
Thanks OP for not being a actual faggot ABC glower/REEEDSIEGEE nigger.

You almost never see those things following any mass shootings. Kike shills created a set of supposed "signs" that an event is fake after Sandy Hook, and low IQ conspiracy hobbyists like you ran with them, discrediting actual the real conspiracies and the truth movement in the process.

glow harder you fucking nigger, falseflags are real and are proven to occur, whenever a real event happens, there is fucking PROOF! like someone recording the firfight from their phone ina house nearby or SOMETHIGN that proves ANY of this fucking shit happened!

This deserves it's own thread it is very important (polite sage for off topic)

forgot to sage suicide imminent

This thing too deserves a thread

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Yes, false flags are real, but contrary to what hobbyists like you think "false flag" doesn't mean "faked with crisis actors", and rebranding it to hold that meaning was a jewish operation.

okay faggot prove this event actually happened, go ahead I'll wait.

Don't fight, dig.

The burden of proof is on you to argue that it was a hoax, and all you have are things that apply to any mass shooting that didn't happen somewhere crowded/open enough for there to be cell phone videos, and even then, you'd probably say they were faked.

Tell me one even where you think people actually died, and what you're basing it on. Are you one of those golems who think the jews are so nice that they didn't even kill anybody on 9/11, and the buildings were empty?

This incident just appears to be a hoax without a single shred of evidence thuis far presented to even insinuate anything the jew media claimed actually happened.

Your responses ITT and the hysterical manner you;ve done it in in this and other threads makes it seem even more so.

PS - In what way was Sandy Hook Nose, not a hoax?

don't reply to glow niggers

There's no evidence that it was, as I said, the "signs" are based on things that apply to almost any mass shooting/terror attack. Now can you name one you're convinced happened, and why that is?

Take your pills schizoids, why can't you accept some retard shot up a synagogue without thinking?

Think for one fucking second. Why would they waste so much time and resources on faking every aspect of this shooting when they could just get one guy to do it?
Are you really so dumb as to think they wouldn't kill tons of people?

He was a poster on Gab, which is a Mossad honeypot.


fuck off moshie


WHAT ASPECTS?? niggers on MSM seeing who can boohoo the loudest? I have seen NO fucking proof that any of this shit happened, In all real cases there is actual evidence of the happening, like people filming from a block away recording the sound of a intense firefight at the very least.


(((Dr. Jeff Cohen))) telling you it's all a (((Cohencidence)))

Okay there is a ton of slide threads now, funny how that started as soon as people actually starting to call this shit out as being fake and gay here and in the other threads. All the original OP's on this habbening were glow in the darks and their breads got spammed to death with SEIGE faggotry, and blackpillers.
Get in here faggots

Yeah this event never actually happened. This is a huge fucking false flag, the Jews are scared and need some new propaganda since no one cares about "muh natzees" anymore.

I actually know exactly where this is, and never saw the van….and it's not hard to miss looking at the thing.

The drill was months prior though. Are you saying that the Bowers profile was created as part of the drill?

The DHS slip-up edit on Fox was damning as well. Anyone have the webm of that? The woman from DHS saying they are in synagogues all the time for training?

Ofc they planned it months ahead for the midterms, they absolutely needed this to happen to completely kill free speech and regain a false morale high ground.

webm link V

What's supposedly damning about , other than the obvious that ZOG puts the safety of jews ahead of everyone else?

I can't wait until we get to gas you in the streets.

The normalfags I know don't give a single fuck about this, or le MAGAbomber.
And if these are false flags, they are incredibly stupid ones, because they are normalizing political terrorism.

Just going to drop a quick run down of both False Flags the past week

Ceasar Sayoc's Facebook
Ceasar Sayoc's Twitter
Ceasar's Twitter Followers
Only followed mainly liberals

I this Facebook post he mentions his friend "Ricky" in the CIA

Van Parked Here
-2minutes away from kosher Market
-4 minutes away from Lev Tov Synagogue

A Rabbi at Lev Tov named Ariel levy happens to be a member of the IDF

USPS located in same building as Synagogue

Seminole tribe denies Ceasar was ever a member of the group


Son of former Pittsburg Rabbi who was killed works only 1.2 miles away from where the MockABomber Van was parked in Avenida Florida


FBI holds active shooter drill 9 months ago in Pittsburgh and Allegheny County, the stage for the drill was a Jewish Community Center

The shooters Gab account was registered 9 months ago as well

The Shooting drill and actual shooting location are virtually next to eachother

Shooting drill in January
Shooter creates Gab account in January

Here you can see a leftist organization called Deplatforming Hate talks about deplatforming Gab and hints at "big hits this October" as if it may have been a plan




ahh links are gone to both the first pittsburg synagogue connections. Did u archive? :(

That's probably ly my fault, I think I missed some letters when I typed them.
Here try again!

This was during a babypenis mutilation and sucking ritual.

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wow good info here, I havn't seen the (((Deplatforming Hate))) stuff yet. for the Seminole story

That's what ZOG wants. They need justification for their muslims and antifas and NLMs because normie sentiment is turning against them. They are manufacturing "right-wing extremists" so that the normies get "disgusted by the whole thing" and refuse to listen to red pills about jews.

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Because in 2018 there are pics and videos of everything that actually happened.

Best clue it's a psyop is the shooter runs in yelling 'all jews must die'. They couldn't even find a crisis actor who could tell this story with a straight face. Right before midterms we get a litany of october surprises. Blasey Ford to demonize white men, 'magabomber' to demonize conservatives, this to demonize those woke to the power of zog. All of these operations were run by organized jewry, as well as the caravan. They control the media and the federal government. They always coincide with drills. Most the people in the government just think they are taking part in drills. It's all need to know. The few who do know, cannot tell.

Found this on half-chan. Haven't been able to verify it, but it might be a good place to start digging? Also, what the fuck is up with his hair? It looks like a tattoo.

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shots fired into FL GOP HQ likely this is a related incident and meant to be a retaliation.

He's a soccer coach and Sayok was obsessed with soccer, nothing particularly damning there. I also can't really find anything relating to him being a "Democrat Donor/Supporter".

Seems like it's just another retarded boomer/Trumpnigger trying to "research".

Brainlet. Have fun drowning in the swamp while me and Q-boys save the West.

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can't tell if bait or ironic humor.


There’s another thread talking about how the bris was for two fags.

It’s all so tiresome.

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Oh shit. Also remember that one of the Rabbis killed, Mordechai Rosenburg, had previously botched a baby penis mutilation in 2013, severing the entire penis. And he was still legally practicing his Jewish baby dick sucking rituals upon getting slumped.


It will be interesting to see what kind of controversies lie hidden in the victims' pasts. These were probably a bunch of undesirables, who's existence were either threatening to the narratives, or just plain bad optics for them

Do you have a source that he is one of the dead? The lists I've seen don't have him on them.

Calling it, the tornigger is trying to build a consensus through ip hopping.
No one cares about your gay midterms you fucking kike.


Off topic, but do you have that clip of stoner that got posted here a while ago?

This one?

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Hmmm… you’re not from around here are Jew?

Thanks, user.

there is multiple TOR users in this thread, and I don't think it's outside the realms of possible that a event like this could take place. However (((They))) havn't provided any actual proof of these events happening, and I refuse to just blindly believe (((them))). Don't you think it's a little odd? no stretchers with bodies being rushed out, not even any bodybags, no blood stains on officers BDU's.And regardless if you, or I give one single fuck about midterms (((They))) certainly do.


There was also a drill in September at bethel hill HS an hour away. Used live blanks and passed off a lot of parents. Look it up.

Also look up A.L.I.CE. They’re the ones producing all this theater.

They moved into the place in November 2017

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That's quite an antenna array on the roof. I bet the place glows in the dark.

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It never ceases to amaze me how accurate the stereotypes are.

1- there's no possible way that it's anything else than a staged event
2- it's unlikely that (((they))) would kill their own, therefore where are the bodies and proofs?

exactly this.

It did get them to admit what they're doing

Attached: Bari Weiss, Jewess writer for the New York Times, says Jews bringing in refugees is not a .mp4 (180x320, 624.81K)

Very interesting

One thing to note, this event satisfies practically everyone, no matter what their stance.
Here's why:
There's virtually nobody, no group, that doesn't have some need satisfied by this event, real or not, it had many uses.

All of which will now be accusations that cannot be leveled at them. It will be illegal to insinuate that they are doing what many have openly admitted to doing.

Just to throw this out here, there is at least one company I've heard of that pays churches, and synagogues by extension, to use their building for extending cell tower signals.
It's a tax write-off because it's for a religious establishment, they do all the installation for free, and make any necessary fixes to the roof for free, then pay the church for the right to utilize it as a cell tower.

Last week’s National Refugee Shabbat ceremony by HIAS

HIAS is an 137-year-old organization founded by and for Jews fleeing from Russia. Nowadays it supports all refugees.

ZOA has critisized HIAS for lobbying for Syrian for profit.

This is now a shoop thread! I have held my tongue for too long!

Too soon? Blank for my fellow shoopfags.

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no nigger, this is a digging thread.


video they shut down here, also thread related. someone please cross post the photo from OP here. The (((jewish))) EMS services clearly are unemotional and don't look like they're in any kind of a crisis zone.

I've only just found this and need to find the footage of the Pittsburgh jew false flag coroner to see for myself is the same as the Sandy Hook Nose psyop

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I know of two terror attacks that definitely took place as reported, albeit hidden in the backpages in a small paragraph.
One is an IRA attack in the 80's that targeted Conservative zionist MPs leaving one well known MPs wife permanently disabled, there was footage private and public showing the event and aftermath in detail, now 30 years later every jew false flag has grainy video and zero evidence.

The other was the precurser to the famous "Lee Rigby murder" where a squaddie was killed by blacks because he was a soldier, the media covered up the story and the background of the terrorists only came out, quietly, shortly after the masonic UK government did the Lee Rigby psyop.

When there is an event with dozens of witnesses claim to be there and the only evidence is some jew telling you 3rd hand, that isn't evidence

PS - anyone ever notice that with the advancements of technology in mobile cameras the footage and pictures handed out after the jew false flags is all filmed on a potato

run them through this
www. faceplusplus. com/face-comparing/

Very good find user

HIAS is how they brought Russian spies to the US in the 1960s when no Russians were allowed to migrate to the USA during the cold war.
Normies can't comprehend the amount of damage they caused.

You forgot solidarity with LGBT since they cater to fags.

First Caesar PsyOps and now this guy…

Same recycled NPCs in every jew community. Another user found that the Rabbi looks exactly like Gene Rosen from Sandy Hook.

Rosen is the same patsy for the Vegas shooting!

You reminded me of this video.


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hahahaha hook me into your live feed user I need more.

Lots of coincidences.

Crisis actor claims he survived because his phone doesn't light up.

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My dudes the fucking day before j broke down how these people summon these events every time they are starting to lose control. The news is literally just a fear machine, not an information machine. You have the ability to control your own reality. These kikes HATE the idea that their slaves have freedom. This is why they use fear weapons to manufacture consent. I also eexplained how there are people who need cut off, they disguise themselves as friends family and countrymen and backstab you any time you think about advancing. Then I wake up and they did another blood ritual . All evil shit like this can be traced to a single source. Most humans never resort to violence. The only people doing that shit anymore really are cartels, muslims and Jews. Most people are working towards the fair future where humans advance. Non human reptilian Jews hate humans because they aren't disgusting like them. Their goal is to destroy them before they can transcend them. Horrible events coincide with me trying to break niggas free. Like they think I can be held hostage or something. I am the mkst depressed person on earth and will achieve nirvana and immediately 6 million NPCs show up out of nowhere to attack me.

I have not read the whole thread, but this is what I have noticed so far:
"Tree of life" synagogue, kabbalistic tree of life?
They just HAD to include a baby for extra pity points, oh and it was GAY COUPLES baby
Where are the recordings if there was an intense shootout?
People start livestreaming on instinct during tragedies nowadays, and no one recorded anything, not even blocks away?
He got in a shootout with the cops, and LIVED?
So as to not raise more suspicion they had to make him say “For the record, I did not vote for him nor have I owned, worn or even touched a maga hat.”, can't make their motives TOO obvious.
His gab account created the same time as the drill.
Gab is now taken down.
The synagogue was EXTREMELY liberal, pro refugee, pro gay rights. etc.

Oh, and this was posted everywhere on October 26th

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