This is why conservatives, traditionalists, and white nationalists can't argue...

This is why conservatives, traditionalists, and white nationalists can't argue, they always cherrypick to defend their own positions even when their defenses are of highly questionable topics

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Really makes you think.

Maybe Maher is right?

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Reported. No one cares about your strawman.

t. leftypol

oi vey goyim please kill more unborn goyim children for my rituals.

The man in the tweet isn't wrong.

Do you think white nationalists don't support abortion? Might as well go print this out and wave this at your boomer parents during sunday sermon.

I dont think the person is defending the synagogue murders.
They are criticizing unborn baby murders.

But the guy in your pic isn’t wrong, faggot

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Not a cherrypick exactly but an ineffective troll against liberals. May help the normies to process the killings as not a big deal, though. Might grow some legs as a meme if we had visual evidence of the synagogue being involved in pro-abortion. Nonetheless, very normie tier, since the current view among true right-wingers is that abortion acts as defacto chimp population control in the cities. I would probably wanna point instead to the number of people killed by illegal beaners every year.

Shooting synagogues is against law, abortions are not.
Case closed.


Maybe the time for arguments is past. Maybe this battle has moved beyond words…

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You know he made a video about the shooting right? No mention of how the synagogue was involved in immigration, no mention of zionism (as usual).

as OP cherry picks for his argument

OP thinks that fictional dead jews are more valuable than actually murdered white children for some (((reason)))

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For now…

I’ve noticed Molyneux stopped desperately begging for donations, like he used to a few years ago. I’m sure he has a few (((big donors))) keeping the ship afloat.

He basically appealed to his audience’s reverance for “based” kikes Ayn Rand and Rothbard as a reason to dismiss all anti-semitism. Also, he repeated the standard lie that Jews own us and control us simply due to their hard work and intelligence. He even started fake-crying.

The synagogue shooting video is absolute proof that Molyneux is in the pocket of Jew donors, and his word is meaningless henceforth.


Stop counter-signaling our memes newguy

Well he's a jew soo…

Low effort thread from a low iq poster. You can't even remotely understand the relation he's making. Libtards use abortion as a way out of responsibility for their actions and it is essentially murder even if they ideologically warped their minds into calling it something else.

As said. We're not against the concept of abortion either retard, just its overextended use as a way for an adult to remain forever a child. Sex = repercussions. Not everyone is worthy of continuing their line or adding to the human race (i.e. eugenics).

Oh, we're doing the shitty weak-sauce raid shit again eh? Ok.

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Why is that, exactly?
Define cherrypicking and put it in context in this situation.
How is this topic highly questionable?

Why should I care about corpsified zionists and open borders kikes getting capped, but I shouldn't care that in the same building at the same time two jewish faggots were mutilating the genitals of two children they had acquired for the purposes of molestation?

Where the fuck are the mods?

I don't know how to argue and be persuasive,I think Zig Forums should have weekly threads educating people on how to engage and win in intellectual combat.


What is "this mess" though? If Christianity didn't exist women's liberation never would have happened.

what if the mods where the kikes that died?

Hey now, don't blame that bullshit on us. That was the kikes, through and through.