Atheists Can't Be Antisemitic

A Semite translates to the children of Shem:

The "race" which means sub-species of Shem is why they call anti-Judiasm "racist". It's also why Muslims are trying to use the term now.
If you believe in Noah. If you believe all evolution went back to zero and either god or aliens restarded the entire planet from trees, to seas, to everything that would die in a world wide mudslide, then you can be considered antisemitic.

BUT, if you don't believe in Shem or Noah, then it's a fairytale. And nobody can call you this slur.


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This is retardation on the level of "I'm not anti-White because I don't believe in race"

You don't need to believe in jewish fairy tales to hate what the jews are doing to my race.

Arabs are Semites and most Latin Americans' are related to Sephardi jews. All this mass migration is actually lower caste Semites and it's why (((they))) support it.

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Unless of course this is somehow intended to be a response to the "anti-Semite" slur directed at non-religious White nationalists.
In which case, this is still retarded.
The response to any of the jews anti-white slurs is.

In your opinion X is anti-Semite. You're only saying that because I'm criticizing jewish supremacy. Antisemite is just a hate slur you and jewish supremacists use to dehumanize anyone who opposes Zionist supremacy.
Bam. Done. Now you are on the offensive again.

No need to try to explain that "I'm not reeely an antisemite because X, Y, Z, and here's my essay on why I'm not what you accused me of.
That's a loser startegy. If they call you an antisemite, you go on the offensive. If they call you a racist, you go on the offensive.

In your opinion X is racist. You're only saying that because I'm White and oppose my extermination. Anti-racist is just a code word for anti-White
Bam. Done. Go on the offensive.


>All this mass migration is actually lower caste Semites and it's why (((they))) support it.

Semite describes a language group fucktard.

Why you mad, kike?

Only if you believe in the bible

You're just using Commie talk in reverse. It doesn't work. They just call you a white supremacist with conspiracy theories.

No, it's because Semites aren't real. BOOM.

Only a religious person would say that. So that's why you're freaking out.

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I am an anti-semite, gas the jews.

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I have the explanation is OP. It's not a language because there was no Shem. There are many languages and you can call them Phoenician or Canaanite or Middle Eastern.

There was no Shem. There is no Semites

Reminder…Atheism is a term coined by believers who wanted to insult people who don't believe, but since you can't direct an insult at a nameless target peer pressure makes one up. Also please don't refer to yourself as an atheist, because why would you give yourself a name for the things you don't believe in?

And you post anime and read the bible. So? Go your own way MGTOW

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MGTOW is jewish and the bible is also jewish. Are you a jew?

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Because other people do. And they rule the world.

Believing in God is just narcassim. You look at the vast creation and you make it into a human form. You're going to die. Be scared if you want faggot.

Watching little asian cartoon girls demoralizes you as much as my little ponie. You're being Jewed.

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The whole Noah story is about humans being divided into three intelligent races.
Niggers weren't even considered a real people, since their population was so small, but an exotic 'dogged face men' that were cursed. They were basically abbos or pygmies and come from a couple remote tribes; this why they have 'no history'– they were bred to be ape-slaves relatively recently.

And genetics, they share the same parental groups, mostly. Castro was a jew and so was Obama through his mother, most 'progressive' leaders seem to be.

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In your opinion I'm White supremacist. You're ONLY saying that because I'm White. White supremacist is just a racial slur you use to dehumanize White children.
You are anti-White.

I don't see you calling BLM "Black supremacist" when they promote Black nationalism. I don't see you calling Indians "Red supremacists" When they demand that they have ethnically homogenous terroitroy all to their own.
You ONLY attack White children. You are anti-White and your viscious assaults upon White children at every opportunity prove this.

You can believe that if you want. But you're insane.

Dude STFU. Your meme failed already. It's been around for 20yrs.

Supermacy is redpilled.

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Best of V7

Also got a good tutorial on pirating M$ windows
☮▁▂▃▄☾ ♛ ◡ ♛ ☽▄▃▂▁☮

How does that refute my statement?

What word would you prefer Christcuck? non-theist?

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Protecting Judiasm against Christcuck?

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scripted responses

Why would I prefer a name for not believing in something? I don't believe in flying pink elephants either…Is it my job to make up a term somebody else can call me? And if somebody else comes up with a term how I don't believe in what he's believing…why should I give a flying shit about it?

Yes, that's everything you've posted. You can't break character or you lose your day's pay.

Kikes and Sand monkeys are not Semites. They're mixed/mongrel descendants of the children of Adam with preexisting primitive hominids.

The White race is descended from Adam. Shem, Japheth, and Ham were all White. Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, White.


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If 90% of the NPC world believed in them.

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I dont believe in Adam

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*tips trilby*

I dont believe in anti-Smithism and think Mormons are in a cult, not a race.

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So it's yet another jewish question? As for myself…I have a weapon in my head that is more powerful than religion and lies, that is based on natural law, and given to any and all human being on this planet. It's called common sense, and very few use it these days.

Talmudism teaches that non-jews are animals without souls, so whatever happens to them is not a sin. Christianity teaches that non-jews are the Children of God and that jews are to be shunned as the children of satan. Tell me what animal you claim to be "evolved" from and I'll tell you what sort of golem you are.

Oh, we're doing the shitty weak-sauce raid shit again eh?

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Atheism is common sense. What's your problem? All of philosophy was based on atheism because it challenged the fake gods and studied nature. You wouldn't even know the word "nature" without classifications of forms which is what nature means. Plato was a cuck who turned the gods into abstract numerology, but he had to deal with the Sophists and Athenian authorities who murdered Socrates on the charge of corrupting the youth and atheism, so I don't blame him too much.

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You need to lurk 3 years and/or never post again.

I dont care about the Talmud teaches. It's a cult.

You mad, kike?

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You need to stop with the "antisemite!". I dont believe in Shem


You aren't a very good shill.
A shame our mods are even worse.


Imkikey is mad he has to post anime for free

Kind of a stupid argument to make when you could just point out that Israel is anti Semitic, since Palestinians are semites.

No. Common sense is the ability to judge any situation into right and wrong and starts at birth. Atheism is based on using common sense against religion.

I can't even make sense of this.

But at least I'm not as stupid as these faggots.

Your meme has been around for 30years. It doesn't work. It's not changing anything.

Just like the red text screaming faggot who wanted to demonize "Supremacy". I dont want sympathy for Palestinians or Jews. The entire region should be taken away from both like it was pre-WW2

OK, but religion is anti-common sense in its current vernacular. If you want to talk about the etymology of religion then it means Holidays and tradition, which includes Halloween and Santa.


Just like they did to Socrates.

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The bible counts the years back to Adam and it's only about 4500BC.

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Of course you don't, dick slicer.


Jews are really mad about this thread.

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gooks are ugly lol
Anime is white

Not about sympathizing, it’s about turning it back on them. They are literally violent anti semites.

No, it's actually Asian. Did you know that?

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How could this fucking thing fly when in any forest those wings would smash in to every fucking lance of a branch and get shredded. In open areas that thing would be bombarded with arrows and spears or in modern times get riddled with holes.

Mothman is stupid, Mothra could destroy Tokyo.

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There seems to be an old NatSoc which had a strategy of "turning their language back on them ha haaa!". It sort of trolled Jews. Muslims used it. Sometimes Liberals did. But in the end it didn't stick.

You see my strategy doesn't borrow from Jewish language like "Jewish Supremacy – ha haaa got you!", or, "you're the real antisemite – ha haaa got you now!". It's just common sense. And it appeals to any side that isn't a weirdo religious person.
Religious people will never stop calling each other the wrong Jews. Everyone wants to be a bible character. They even posted that spics are from the bible in this thread.

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You care enough to protect the talmud by spreading their lies that non-jews are animals. Why are you helping the jews by teaching people that they are animals?

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Which is why I said very few use it these days.

JQ…a false narrative driven and manipulated by an outside factor. They can call me whatever they want, my common sense trumps their believes with truthful logic, because it's a natural defensive mechanism to question every narrative.

I dont care about the Talmud. I dont care about your fake Shemites. I dont care about you. Animals just means biological creatures. If you don't believe you're an animal then dont pee for the entire week.

You're still an atheist. Doesn't matter if you protest.

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You finally admit that you approve the jewish teachings of the talmud. So next we need to understand why you prefer the cult that says you're a stupid animal over the belief that says you are greater than an animal.
Is it because you're a faggot, a drug addict, or some other degenerate? Why would you rather be a jewish pet than a free human?

This word is one less letter away from describing OP.

Except yours is just a shittier “haha, got you” because they’ll just say “we are of Shem, and you are against us, you are an anti-Semite”. It’s as effective as arguing your don’t believe in hate crimes, so they can’t actually be part of the legal code. Nonsense.

Your disagreement is powerless, robbing them of their word isn’t so much.

Imagine tomorrow some new religion comes up, I don't believe in it's teachings, therefore they start calling me "Nobhob". I say nope, don't give a shit. Then a guy tells me "You're still an Nobhob. Doesn't matter if you protest".

Am I obliged to take this nonsensical oppression by somebody who argues like a child who says "because I said so"?

You hate animals?

And then I'll laugh at them for believing in fairy tales like every atheist does. Notice how Jews get away with calling themselves Atheists? Not anymore.

There was no Judah or magical Moses.

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Oh no! You’ll LAUGH at them!?!?

I wasn’t prepared to go that far, you are going to absolutely devestate them.

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You're still an atheist. Nobody cares about your "stop defining my terms, with your oppression" emo bullshit.

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Atheism = anti-Judiasm too now. Deal with it, sophist kike.

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If everyone defines you as a Nobhob, then you are. Ideas and definitions are defined by society and general consensus. Semantics is a pointless and semetic topic in my opinion.

Yeah we know. You see it every day.

Linguistics The study or science of meaning in language.
Linguistics The study of relationships between signs and symbols and what they represent.
The meaning or the interpretation of a word, sentence, or other language form

I hate humans who act like animals, and I hate animals that pose as humans, as all men do. If you do not, you are either a jew or a golem, as has been shown throughout history. Since you see yourself as an animal, or at least, you see all humans as animals, then you are in a talmudic cult and either you're too stupid to realize it, or you're a jew doing your part to spread it. Either way, it's obvious you have the IQ and morals of a nigger.

lol, what?

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Antisemite is a meaningless term and Jews are a mongrel people with no real discernable "race".

Atheism describes a NON-believer. Don't you think it's wrong for one specific group to make up a name for everyone else? If somebody sits down and tells humanity that they're all faggots, does that make him right, and furthermore should anyone else just accept this petty insult?

In short…your insulting accusation is based on nothing. A lie propelled forward by peer pressure and then sold as the truth. It's called the straw man tactic.


There are no Shemites

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Jews Love Wordgames, the thread.

So on top of seeing humans as animals, you think niggers and jews are human. And the circle is complete.


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And that's why the jews are winning…because they make lies true and you just accept it. I don't. I always use common sense on every narrative and challenge people to dig out the truth themselves.

Please don’t laugh at them user, anything but that! It’s practically anuddah Shoah!

What sort of sick mind comes up with this stuff!?!?

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How large is your 4chan file, user?

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Dunno m8 check my file names.

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Truth hurts, user.

You can be an atheist and believe that Jewish people are in power. You can believe they control the music industry and tell rappers to be more “thuggish”. They can be totally awful and immoral towards the Palestinians.



Which group is "ethnically" Jewish?

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By “people” I mean the people with power and money who happen to be Jewish.

And I don’t know. I assume Sylvester’s family because Sylvester is a Jewish name.

Yeah, so? We all agree

I was answering OP. The post states that atheists can’t be antisemetic and I agreed. Then you asked me a question and I answered.

Not much

Look at this Shemite! You better not critisize her religion or you're a fucking racist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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judaism is a cult


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Reminder that the only time Jesus used physical violence was to literally whip some fucking kikes in a synagogue.

You hate Jesus




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What a strange thread.

And this is why that meme is so effective. You may not be an anti-White, but you have no real response to it. That is why it is so effective.


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