/NOVAERA/ brings the ashes back to life

The /NOVAERA/ is upon us. USA, Brazil and Italy are already a part of the future.

When will your country join the axis of Freedom?

What are you waiting for?


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Enjoy kike-free first post.

There are already some threads up faggot
also >>>/brasil/

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What did they mean by this?

Meh, the usual. Don't vote, reed seej, blow up a federal building, etc. They've been running that shill script on loop for days.

Fuck off junglenigger.

Hue-hues are okay. Purge Rio and you'll be honorary.

That and italy, trump, brazil, is the new axis of power

Italy isn't going to be a part of Trump's zio-servitude and will not back him up with his jewish mafia hit on Iran. Don't include them. They've got integrity.

Thank Captain Obvious

This is about the global shift of power against diversityniggers

So where is this Iran war? I've seen no sign of this actually happening. Sounds to me like you're just making shit up.


Time for Europe to wake up.



ZOG USA better not be part of the future.


That's right fellow white OP. We must ally ourselves with the based niggers and spics. This is surely going to work to our advantage in the long run. Our (((FUTURE))) is linked with the chosen. We have to obey them.

All those deformed kikes and impotent leftists butthurt because they are losing and know that they will be mass killed are hilarious to watch.


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Bolsonaro é um cuckservative mas votei nele, vamos manter essa thread viva, pois Zig Forums tem uma só com pivetinhos edgy falando sobre matar fascistas e parentes que votaram no Bolsonaro, vale à pena ir lar e rir deles.

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Speak English, spic.

>(((FUTURE))) is linked with the chosen
Do not compute.

You want to say something, kike?

No on this thread, dicklet insegure poor white boi ;^)

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Hello kike, that nigtalk suits ya. In fact, it's you who teaches them to talk that way.

One more politician refuses to acknowledge the inbred golems
What will happen to israel when nobody believes in their imaginary (((muslim))) enemies anymore?

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I think the monkeys deserve a break from this one. They are and have always been useless in the war against kikes. And this is literally the best they can have.

Checks out.


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SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU FUCKING KIKE. Voting is controlled by kikes on every level and the worst thing you can do is grant it legitimacy by casting a ballot for one of two kike stooges. The most important thing we can be doing right now is to discredit the system in its entirety. This is what we were doing before 2016 and we were making great headway. Trump has set us back so many paces its almost unbelievable.

Hi Zig Forums!


You forgot to post my pics

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I'd love to, but not until Trump is explicitly anti-Israel. Plus, what about Putin?


Are you afraid now that Moro is going to become minister, you fucking petista?

Are you excited for the strike back against crime?

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is he wearing a jewish hat in the 3rd pic?

Don't get me wrong, I want (and plan) to create an unkiked right wing movement, but this is beginning to look more and more like neo-neocons.

Anything is better than communists.

Which third pic? if you mean OP, the president is not even there

OP is high as a motherfucker. "Axis of Freedom", nigger please. Nothing but Kike controlled fronts for the expansion of Globalism and the corporate oligarchy. Jesus the IQ of this board is now below Sub Sahara nearing Reddit and Half Chan levels of niggerdom.

Race mixing make my blood boil more than anything.
Jesus fuckin Christ, what is wrong with those people.

We will not vote for communists, deformed kike.
You lost.