Alex Jonestein: Jewish involvement in the migrant caravan is a 'false conspiracy theory'

Alex Jonestein: Jewish involvement in the migrant caravan is a 'false conspiracy theory'

Even after supposedly being censored by the jews, the tranny-loving sodomite continues to protect his jewish masters:

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Reminder that when people spam "alex jones is redpilled" in the future that the mods will not be allowed to ban them thanks to codemonkey.

it's just that the most vocal "fellow whites" on the pro-immigration side, happen to be jewish, and it so happens that this idea does not seem to bother their fervent zionism and the idea that israel must stay jewish at all costs and possibly, expand.

he's right, it's not a conspiracy if they are doing it in the open.
shame they get pissy when someone notices it.

posting stuff on youtube until you get banned is good, but SHILLING YOUR CHANNEL FOR VIEWS is not.

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Not my channel. I was going to just post the mp4, but the 480p from jewtube was too big, and I didn't want to get any lower res than that.

He's really the best goy ever.

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He literally is and always has been funded by kikes and not too long ago he was married and to one and has kike kids. Alex Jewowned belongs in Hell with the rest of the synagogue of satan.

He was a rampant trumpnigger and the mods still are until every single trumpfag, gopshill, and votecuck are permabanned the same way the old userbase was for YEARS.

Zig Forums shills aren't the old userbase.



I thought your go to boogeyman was shariablue?
You get new marching orders?

I'd love to see him actually try debunking any of it. The evidence is overwhelming.

Rabbi Schmuley Yankowitz sheltered detainees from the Caravan and shilled for money on social media, saying;
He has made $20,702 so far

Israel Flag can be seen in Honduras Foreign Ministry at 0:42

Articles about Israel's influence in Guatemala user posted in a previous thread:

"Honduras and Israel, a New Special Kind of Relationship"
"Influence and Government Corruption"
"Israel in Central America"
"How Latin America Abandoned Palestine"

Alex "The Anglo" Jonestein. An alternative method of exposing Alex is by exploring his crypto-hatred of the Irish. It is very subtle to the untrained ear. Top guest Steve Pieczenik is also a rabid Irish hating Jew. Homosexual Paul Watson is frequently heard attacking the Scottish, as "a bunch of degenerate heroine addicts". In other words, stop rocking the boat. Accusations of "divide and conquer" are always by jews. The anglo is used as a pet guard dog after Cromwell's violent 1648 coup in England. Only the House of Stuart can take care of business there. So look further into that, and explore it quickly. The clock is running down to WW3.

Salvation will not come from the Anglo
Salvation will not come from the Jew

The safest path forward is to align with history's opponents of these two entities.

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3rd Jones thread

What the fuck this that?

It's like the leftist saying "It's not a "theory" it's a hypothesis".

Ok Jones

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If Jones says so, it must be true.

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Hilarious stuff!

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That's just as sherrfif's badge for good luck.

Nowhere did I say that, you illiterate pile of fucking shit. We HAD natsoc mods; codemonkey removed them. This was after kikey. Kill yourself.

Neck yourself. Trump, GOP, and voting should be instantly and permanently banned here.

So, (((FOX))) that is known for rolling out half-dead neocon/RINO/Judeo!Christian/Zionist/Izzy-firsters right after 9/11, seemed to have chilled somewhat in the past few years; right? Nope! Two-times in the past week they edited out kike-unfriendly news like the star of Rephram on the caravan truck, Nielsen confirming to Kike Wallace that (((DHS))) held active shoter drills at thr synagogue of satan in Philly, followed by firing Lou Dobbs for daring to mention Soros the nazi-collaborator because Antisemitism. what the absolute fuck?

Wow imagine my shock

is no one going to point this out?

We had natsoc mods, Hotwheels removed them. This was before kikey.

He didn't say that Fox was good. Fox just happened to have that on the screen for a split second, in the actual video when the guy gets on the truck and the star would have been more clearly visible they zoomed in so that people wouldn't see it. Most people who watched the video that the screenshot is from wouldn't have noticed it.

Damn, a conspiracy theory that Jones doesn't believe in? Not possible!!!


wait, wait wait…LOU DOBBS IS FIRED???


that god dman cripple sellout freemasonigger faggot

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He is just a humble merchant. Why does Zig Forums persecute him so?

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Trypt didn't get removed by wheels. He got removed by the board owner because of some massive behind the scenes faggotry from some of the other mods. He was a pretty cool guy.

So what happened to Heil?

Oh wow he actually said it. He's fully embraced the memes. I wonder if he'll call himself Jonestein next

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Jones wouldn't have a problem with that. If pushed he'd ban Christmas like his Great Great Great Great Grandfather, Oliver Cromwell.

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My understanding is that comey 2012 was a sort of test case for rolling social media into project mockingbird or.whatever its called now. But it got way too big and they started to lose control of the op. How did they shut it down? The documentary (((film))) maker was found masturbating on a street corner.
I get a similar feel from our guys tranny porn saga. Jonestine was too effective and he's trying to sunset his own operation. To get banned from twitter the poor thing had to cover cnns manlet with salt for 10 minutes, batter a congressman, and shrek out at jack dorsey personally all on a live stream.
I mean if he was serious wouldn't he be suing that mischling from cnn for tortious interference instead of paypal and the platforms that can hide behind 230?

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Who the fuck knows. Trypt was literally the only good mod this board ever had and the day after he was pushed out the board started it's descent into a r/The_Donald colony.

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Ahh shit, now it makes sense.

Yes it does.
Who is Hindenburg? How did he lose control?
What is an easier method of unifying a people, bringing them closer together, than having an election? There is a reason the D&C starts with left and right. If you dont see opportunities there, i wonder what else you do see besides
Goddamn anti-vote shills. Not everyone that votes sees it as a solution to a problem, which is almost what anti-vote shills seem to imply. Its the best poll you have to check the temperature of a nation and the best method of landing a foothold in our current climate.
Youre longing for a time not your own. Man makes the age, the age does not make man.

This thread smells like shit and its attracting flies. Do you eat recycled food? I sure as fuck dont. Stop feeding Zig Forums your mundane observations.
what else is new.

The two main reasons why I ended up finding Infowars to be insufferable.

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Agreed on Owen. At first I thought he might be ok, liked his 'man on the street' stuff. But over time he became just like Alex and badmouths Hitler while defending the jews.

I can respect Dave Knight but he's not around much anymore.

Alex should have stuck with making feature length videos. His videos were pretty good.

I gave up on him years ago though. It's all just another jew op now where back in the early 2000's he had a great mix on, with Texe Marrs and Webster Tarpley etc etc. Infowars used to be a good show.

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shareblue all died of AIDS and Zig Forums got tired of saying "muh seez duh meemz uhv perducshun!" 6 gorilian times a day so you come here to do it.

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And take your buttbuddy Mr. Potatoniggers with you.