Florida, Philippines, FBI link to all mass shootings/terrorism

The 9/11 hijackers trained in Fl.Terry Nichols the accomplice of Timothy McVeigh trained in Philippines. Hogg's father was not only connected with the FBI, but also worked with a company that creates crisis and his mother a CNN connected puppet. notice FBI, Crisis creations and CNN connections, now think Parkland FF, yes this ties in with the whole Hogg family it appears. suspect they will be going down under the family plan and possible support of Terrorism on the Nation and we the people, think Treason and RICO. Don’t forget all the Q posts and Anons on this board that have shown how many people interviewed or who are in close proximity to cameras wearing a Masonic symbol… not just those incidents but several others including some assassination attempts plus after the NY to SF plane take down was averted the interview with Brennan that was published the following day as when similar attacks took place the symbolism in those interviews that followed… to many coincidences to be mathematically possible let alone probable !!

The "bomber" (are they bombs if they won't explode?) was arrested in Broward County, the same place Hogg lives, and home of the Broward Coward deputy that wouldn't go in the school during the shooting. Eric Paddock lives in FL. DS clowns have assets all over the globe why Philippines. Remember President Rodrigo Duterte aka "The Punisher" called Barry Hussein "Son of a Bitch" and all the liberals went berserk. Could be DS using Philippines connections to frame Duterte. Food for thought. AN active shooter drill was planned for Squirrel Hill 9 months ago. The Synagogue shooter made his gab account around the same time. Remember about 3 years ago the Philippine president calling Obama a bitch and bad mouthing his momma; 3 months later, ISIS is in the Philippines.

Adam Lanza was also tied to the FBI. The Sandy Hook shooting official report claims they visited his home when he was in about the 9th grade because he hacked through 2 levels of their database. Lanza also had a large shooting target in his home that was label 'property of FBI;. In addition, in the FBI report on the Sandy Hook shooting, there were a whole lot of grand jury subpoenas with the same case number as the shooting, issued in Connecticut on the very same day as the shooting. How subpoenas could be issued before an investigation had even begun, even before all the bodies were removed or autopsied, is a giant unanswered question..
For more info, read the article: "How Deeply was the FBI Involved in the Sandy Hook Massacre" The FT. Lauderdale shooting was in FL and that guy went to Alaska to an FBI field office and started complaining about CIA MK Ultra mind control and other creepy stuff. Post all the Florida, Philippines, FBI, CIA connections you've got. It's all connected.Also Adnan Khashoggi had a yacht called The Nabila he sold to a Sultan who sold it to Donald Trump who sold it to Al-Waleed bin Talal who owns the Four Seasons hotel inside the Mandalay Bay and now all his Jamal Khashoggi business makes one think. Really makes one think. But anyway post all Philippines, Florida, FBI, CIA links to terrorism/mass shootings you've all got.

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Florida was actually just hit again i shit you not. A gunman open fired and fired four shots into a GOP office right now.

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Hitler dubs confirm this man.

Fat Leonard Navy Scandal in the neighborhood, being prosecuted now. – suppose something worse was planned to be slipped into the cargo holds as a result of this massive bribery network?

Again from the Podesta digs, the Austrialian faggot's flip lover involved in the infamous Destruction of Daisy production that ultimately got them caught.

Phillipines was a loot cache site for the Imperial Japanese– with a decade+ headstart on the Germans, it's assumed deals were also cut for some of this by the US. Perhaps compartmentalized Deep State legacy faction from this Pacific loot for black budget/finance has its power base still over there in Dueterte land?

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Do not look for a shady pig farmer living in the Philippines. He is not related to this.
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Lots of Filipino masons.


I wish more people knew.

Lots of truth buried in fiction.

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Reminds me of that Holy Grail Holy Blood book or whatever, was that a psyop?

Bullshit mixed in with the real thing for plausible deniability. It's up to the reader to discern the truth.

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Found some weird objects on the roof. I don't think they're AC units.
They've been there since at least 2004.
In 2014 there were more objects and wiring than there are now.

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Demolished HVAC storage? Those tracks look like runs of ducting. In the 2014 image it looks like they actually had round stacks at one point. Pretty bizarre, wish we had better pictures.

Hey guy

Concealed rooftop cell array, probably multiple carriers.

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They took ownership of that building in November 2017


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LOL wrong pic.
Meant to post this:


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They were here until mid-November of 2017.

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