Degeneracy Definition

By far the most infuriating of leftist behaviors is their tendency to redefine words. I'me sure that everyone here is familiar with how they've reduced "racism" to total meaninglessness. What's more worrying though is how Zig Forums displays some of these same tendencies. We need to set several definitions in stone, starting with "degeneracy". Now, I could come up with a laundry list of behaviors and things that are degenerate (unlimited casual sex, children at gay sex parades, etc) but I don't have a definition for the word itself. So, after going over a number of left-wing blogs and articles, I've come up with the following two:

Degeneracy, noun:
1. "Knowingly engaging in self-indulgent or hedonistic behavior with no regard for the well-being your body, mind, family or community, to the destruction of those ends"
2. "Not caring what will happen next week, or next year as long asd you're having fun right now" / "Après moi, le déluge" / "After me, the flood"

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There sure are a lot of “language police” threads up right now.

Shit thread and I'm not sure if we need it, but I won't report it. I'll add that Jews use pilpul because it is the foundation of their very beliefs; they constantly use language and loopholes to avoid the "punishment of God". They are the most arrogant and foolish people on Earth in that they believe they can fool even their own God. Jews do not need to change public opinion if they can redefine a word to fit the definition that they wish.

I'm about to vape some legal, tax-paid cannabis because of an injury. Now some edgelord to jerks to trap porn will try to convince me that's somehow degenerate.

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This isn't about "muh optics/muh pr", this is about setting terminology in stone. It makes us less vulnerable in the long run.

I'm all for setting standards and definitions but you'll be hard pressed to find one that Zig Forums will agree with.
Besides, there's already a definition for the term degenerate: "having lost the physical, mental, or moral qualities considered normal and desirable"


You can't set terminology in stone though, you can't take away Jews ability to manipulate words and definitions. The question should be how do we best combat it? I'm not sure myself, but this could be a "pilpul fighting brainstorming" thread.

Great the languagefag is starting a new slide when his old slide is still IN THE FUCKING CATALOG.

Hey good for you, milk the system for all it's worth and hasten the collapse. Unironically apply for as much social support as you can, too.

Your opinion means fuck all, woman.

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It was always meaningless. It's a jewish term made to obfuscate the fact that you can have genuine reasons for disliking others, and indeed always do. Blacks aren't reviled because they're black, it's because so many of them behave like fucking animals. Jews can't stop jewing, thus a final solution is necessary.

Terrible example, OP.


Well then take smoking weed (>>12338846): Smoking (tobacco, let alone weed) is degenerate because you're damaging your body with no regard for the future. Or if you want to talk about blacks, littering is degenerate because you're damaging your community.

I beg to differ.

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While it is true smoking can have harmful effects on one's body, there are other ways to injest.

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its etymology is good enough I think

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No, that's a technical definition that applies to objects: "Those old lithium batteries have degenerated". I'm taking about moral character.

the etymology is exactly the same and neither 'de' nor 'genus' are necessarily reflective of physical objects, you are already straying away from the etymology yourself
in fact, both "that which loses the quality and character of the primitive/original type" and "unworthy of its origins, corrupted" I think quite strongly capture the feeling of the word as its used to describe the state of modern Europeans

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I personally prefer the Old English form, misboren.

How the fuck do you pronounce mis-beódan?


You're a faggot because your morality is reliant on the worst imagined behaviors of others. You're an NPC for not already realizing that. Have "fun" being lesser. Also, feel free to fuck off if you think everyone here is sooooooooooooooooo different.


Kek this

The truth is if you're not a gun loving career man with half a dozen children you're a degenerate.

That leaves an opening for people who's actions are degenerate but who's day-to-day life isn't: Marines who get black out drunk every weekend, professors who sleep around, political activists who jack to traps, etc. They're not full degenerates, but they knowingly engage in degenerate things.