What motivates the Jew?

Between the behaviour exhibited by the so-called "International Jew" and the behaviour exhibited by Jewry in all mediums of media; what is it exactly that motivates the Jew to behave in such a way?

Why does the Jew promote miscegenation?

Why does the Jew think it is the master race?

Why does the Jew have so much power?

What motivates the Jew?

Where does the Ashkenazi Jew come from?

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Race. That's why they all must go.

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Not a race

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Explain Atheist Jews.

"Just as it is often very difficult to tell the poisonous from the edible mushrooms, it is often very difficult to recognize Jews as thieves and criminals…"

- "Look, Johnny, human beings in this world are like the mushrooms in the forest. There are good mushrooms and there are good people. There are poisonous, bad mushrooms and there are bad people. And we have to be on our guard against bad people just as we have to be on guard against poisonous mushrooms. Do you understand that?"

- Yes, mother," Johnny replies. "I understand that in dealing with bad people trouble may arise, just as when one eats a poisonous mushroom. One may even die!"

- "And do you know, too, who these bad men are, these poisonous mushrooms of mankind?" the mother continued.

- "Of course I know, mother! They are the Jews! Our president has often told us about them."

- "However they disguise themselves, or however friendly they try to be, affirming a thousand times their good intentions to us, one must not believe them. Jews they are and Jews they remain. For our Volk they are poison."

- "Like the poisonous mushroom!" says Johnny.

- "Yes, my child! Just as a single poisonous mushrooms can kill a whole family, so a solitary Jew can destroy a whole village, a whole city, even an entire Volk."

- "Tell me, mother, do all non-Jews know that the Jew is as dangerous as a poisonous mushroom?"

- "Unfortunately not, my child. There are millions of non-Jews who do not yet know the Jews. So we have to enlighten people and warn them against the Jews. Our young people, too, must be warned. Our boys and girls must learn to know the Jew. They must learn that the Jew is the most dangerous poison-mushroom in existence. Just as poisonous mushrooms spring up everywhere, so the Jew is found in every country in the world. Just as poisonous mushrooms often lead to the most dreadful calamity, so the Jew is the cause of misery and distress, illness and death."

- American youth must learn to recognise the Jewish poison-mushroom. They must learn what a danger the Jew is for the American Volk and for the whole world. They must learn that the Jewish problem involves the destiny of us all.

"The following tales tell the truth about the Jewish poison-mushroom. They show the many shapes the Jew assumes. They show the depravity and baseness of the Jewish race.

They show the Jew for what he really is: The devil in human form!

Jews are a social class masquerading as a race, trying to display themselves as a religion

Judaism forms a continuum. The religion, culture and breeding form a system where it's impossible to distinguish between the individual parts. An atheist jew remains culturally a jew and will be seen as such by other jews.

Avarice and arrogance. It's a helluva combo.

I did

People let them get away with it.

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You explained wrong. In anthropology "jews" are an ethno-religious group. They are form both the race and the religion.

Ie, there's no such thing as an atheist "jew".

Don't bother your time with that user, they are literally too low IQ to be reasoned with. Having researched the Talmud and Judaism, I would argue that it's not even a religion but a set of traditions designed to benefit the Jew. The spiritual aspect is extremely minimal, they even view themselves more as "God" than anything else. They don't even study the old testament.

A set of traditions centred around what people? How do they identify themselves and distinguish themselves from the rest? There is a Jewish race, with their own DNA which defines them and their own facial characteristics which identify them. Additionally they have racial predispositions to diseases which differentiate them from us.

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Here's a good start.

Fantastic link, thanks.


how is it even plausible that this is a religion when there are basically no black Jews?

It seems this assortment of tribes is purported to come from Judah and the Caliphate?

Is the poison tradition/religion or is it racial in nature, do you think?

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Tribal in group survival seems to be what motivates Jews the most, but sometimes they betray members of their own tribe to get what they want lmao. Jews aren't a weak or stupid race, they just lack the empathy (something they abuse out of their children at a young age) to use their strength or intelligence for anything more than in group benefit. Jews promote miscegenation, like any other weapon of sabotage, to destroy their host. It's a divide and conquer strategy they use to manipulate the host population to become their slaves so they can avoid being marginalized with other minority groups. Ashkenazis are just their European flavor.

searx.me/?q=black jews&categories=images

Religions don't get genetic diseases.

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Kill the chosen people of God. (Whites) and install their Luciferian NWO.

Ever ask yourselves why this connected earlobe in the video always wears glasses?

I consider this to be a half truth for they do not simply have a lack of empathy. The only intelligence they can speak of is a highly attuned one, entirely devoted towards taking advantage of a host, but it has not proven itself in the sciences. Einstein was an absolute fraud. The Jew is also lacking in creating beauty in art, music, literature and architecture. The Jew considers excrement to be the height of amusement and has produced nothing of value. This is why I consider them to be stupid. They are manipulative yes, but not intelligent. They bring nothing to the table.

Jews promote miscegenation, however they do it themselves as well because they often inter-marry, though for a profit or a power-grab.

Do you think it is the Luciferean Doctrine? Why?

First time I've ever seen this guy. Go on, tell me why he always wears glasses.

Stop asking stupid questions. They are destructive parasites by nature.

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Sorry I was unclear, yeah the Jewish lack of empathy is related to their lack of creative/imaginative intelligence. They have no spirituality.

Their genes.

There are no stupid questions when it comes to knowing your enemy. You are saying that they are not motivated by anything, save for an instinctive drive? If so, do you think it is because of Neanderthal genetics? If not, where do you think the drive comes from?

The difference between a Jew and a mosquito, tapeworm and bedbug is that a Jew has not the same thing for millennia akin to other parasites. The Jew has adapted and appears to be pushing things in a particular direction. I am not just talking about the pendulous left-wing and right-wing that they pit against each other in order to keep the masses occupied. I am talking about a long-term plan, such as the Kalergi plan and the protocols of Zion.

What is their endgame? What is the reason the Jew Jews us so? And if ""that"" too is a stupid question, then tell me; why do we allow it to happen?

Explain jew genetic diseases.

That is certainly an interpretation; a lack of spirituality.

To say nothing of course, about how stupid it is to subvert nature and how entitled to consider yourself better than it.

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Can someone explain this to me
Jews against Zionism?

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It's not a subspecies. It's a cult. THERE WAS NO SHEM!

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Reported for spam. Jews are a separate genetic entity. You have no argument.

Juden have NOTHING to do with Neanderthals.
These faggots, likely JDF, have been pushing this for several years.
Reminder that Neanderthal dna maps show the concentration point in Scandinavia, far away from the disgusting desert shithole the juden arabs came from.
Neanderthals were supposedly far more empathetic than the other proto-humans of the time, and their tools were more advanced. Juden have never worked and never needed tools, juden also are amoral reptiles, incapable of empathy. If they had empathy they wouldn't be able to have stealing and lying as their cultural centrepoints.
Neanderthals were also more social, due to the empathy factor. Juden do not socialise, they tribalise. They are antisocial and typically awkward, stuttering and erratic.

The JDF want to interrupt the proof that negroids are not the same species. It was becoming commonly known that negroids are the only ones with no Neanderthal dna. JDF try to subvert this important knowledge with their compounded lies.
As for the other point "a lie is best hidden within two truths".
This tactic can be seen with the likes of Al*x J*nes and other disinformation controlled opposition. They might report one obvious truth, but then throw in stuff about aliens to discredit the few standard truths they included.

Read about Neanderthal research yourself, preferably from before 2000, or earlier, so it is less likely to be politically affected.
You'll find the information about their behaviours to be contradictory to this JDF's claims.

Neanderthals elements are what make us human, and negroids incapable of higher reasoning, empathy and true social cohesion. It is what goes against all the juden's racemixing and "equality" pushes. That is why the JDF want to disrupt it.

The Jew does not care about a homeland, the Jew is more comfortable being the _International Jew_. This protest is an empty one and serves as a distraction.

Thank you for this. I will look into this further. If you have any especially good links on the subject, I would appreciate them.

What say you about Cro-Magnon?

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They believe they own the entire world, not just a single place.

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I expected another shitty slide thread but this one was alright I guess.
If you want to understand the jew, simply read the Torah and Talmud. All of their wishes for world domination are in both of those books. You don't need any of this autistic investigative Kevin MacDonald shit.

Fuck off kike, we all know there are three races of jew. ashkenazi, sephardi, mizrahi.

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We are literally CroMagnon - Cromagnon DNA is identical to "modern man" (Europeans).

Don't know enough about cromagnon, apart from there being a localised concentration of them in northern Spain.
I suggest also reading about the out of asia theory, as it makes far more sense than the out of Africa.
It can be combined with multiple origin theory.
Out of Africa has more or less been disproven, and was never sound in the first place. it arose in the 1960s with the civil rights thing in the US, and was heavily pushed.
Before that, out of asia was the norm in the scientific community.
Separate evolution with intermixing between a variety of primates.
They have even isolated which ones the subsaharans bred with, but for some reason that isn't spoken about.
Note that outside of subsaharan africa, no one else shares those particular primate strains.
That means they have no Neanderthal and we have none of their primate mix type. Unexplained by the politically motivated out of Africa.
Also, they give the date as 10-50,000 years since "we" left africa, yet human remains have been found in europe, arabia and china from 300-500,000 years ago.
Also unexplained.

simply because they are parasites. You are asking what motivates parasites if killing the host could end up killing the parasite after it sucks the host dry.

there are supposedly two main factions, Marxist and Zionist.
This was spoken about by various public figures before, during and after ww2.
It is currently demonstrated by Soros versus Israel.
Power struggle of parasites.


Jews are mentally ill, and Christians do what jews tell them because they believe in the goofy return of christ fairy tales and think jews have a role in this bizarre prophecy.

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Nothing to say and nothing to counter anything stated, just a typical emotional response image to try to distract. Pathetic.

There's more to it then that. This has been a war for thousands of years. This shit is biblical and were currently living in the time where Jesus comes back and holocausts them all.

The image you posted is odd.
The scale on the left is wrong, skips from 1-3 feet and claims abbos are nearly 2m tall, with cromagnon at 7.5 feet.

The subspecies of juden came about 5,000 years ago, traceable by the origin of money, usury and written language, used for tracking debts.
It was nothing to do with religion in the beginning, think more of the freemasons.

Their people, their faith, their homeland. The future of their children.

They aren't people, they have no faith, they have no homeland. Their children have no future once the nuclear rain comes.

True, but all of this has been prophesied in the bible, including Jesus coming back during the darkest hour.

Revelations 3:9

Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee.

He has a lazy eye.

They're a fringe group with a religious disagreement as to when they get Palestine. If their Messiah were to come, they'd be completely in favor of slaughtering the goyim there.

That's semitic theater, Hitler wrote about it in Mein Kampf.

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Traditionally, Orthodox Judaism held that their Exile was a sort of test or punishment and so they were forbidden to create a Jewish state. The Messiah would come and lead them back to Israel, which officially has not happened. Most Jews got around this by being either secular nationalists (the original Zionist Congress under Herzl weren't too peachikeen on religion) or kabbalistic orthodox. They concocted a 'prophecy' that if 6 million Jews died, the Redemption would occur and they could return and make a Jewish state. That's why from 1897 onwards you see references to 6 million dead Jews, far before a single antisemitic thought crossed Hitlers mind.

What motivates the Jew? Satan.

So is it true that jewish women are autistic about maintaining good hygiene and personal grooming

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Why did I click that.

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So are you saying Jews are just a gang of people over time and evolved the way they did as a tribe because of their self selecting affinity for other individuals of swindler behavior? Their ability to band together and benefit from society as a whole. In a way it's pretty redpilled and cold blooded to live like that, but you can see how that could create a certain kind of subgroup. Hard to really blame them though when so many people are so dumb and incapable of being more. Basically they have exploited the NPC nature of humanity to a superb degree.

Have a read of this: aryanity.com/aryanity-forbidden-history-of-the-aryan-race-unabridged/

This is a very long, but very interesting read, but chapters 1-8 present an interesting alternative theory.

What about atheists?

Fantasy. No saviour is coming, our salvation is entirely in our hands.

Didn't the freemasons start post Crusades? Were there not Jews before the Crusades?

Good post

There's only 3-4 million of the rotten ones and only a fraction are elites. It's amazing how small a group they are yet people don't realize it as its kept hidden to hide the disproportionate power they hold.

One day some shia muslim or rogue boomer submariner is going to take out their cities and a large fraction of them needing only a very small amount of nukes because 95% reside in 15 or so cities


Except it fucking is

What about the Caanites

It is a temporarily but powerfully successful evolutionary strategy of parasitism.

It is not a nationality, not a genome, not a religion. It is a strategy that has worked, so they keep doing it. And since the media are mind parasites, it follows that the jew controls media ("people of the book," remember) to add mental and emotional parasitism to the economic and social sort.

Not a race or a religion.

An evolutionarily successful parasitic strategy. At least till the host throws them off.


Self preservation.

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It's the tradition. The Talmud is a venomous book of oral rabbinic tradition that explicates and justifies the maltreatment of anyone that is not a Jew. Usury, paedophilia, murder, slavery… it is all warranted if the target is a Goy.

When you talk to a reform jew or a rabbi, they essentially do not believe in the traditions and laws of the Torah, they don't believe in the creation story of adam and eve and the garden of eden, many simply give a pin prick to symbolize a circumcision (if they aren't a cock sucking orthodox) they don't believe in heaven or hell, they don't believe in objective morality or standards of good or evil. Against their torah, they believe it is acceptable to engage in sodomy and genital mutilation (transgenderism). However, they do believe in evoloution, they believe in the theory of the big bang.

They are essentially post-modern atheists accepted and alluring by and to non-jewish atheists. They are a political enterprise. They are a global domineering force. They are the slime/jelly-like substance that Hitler spake of when meditating on his experiences engaging them in debate. Enigmatic and disgusting people they are.

The Bible pins them down for what they truly are: liars, deceivers, unfaithful, conniving, scheming, and destructive to the entire world.

I know Zig Forums hates Pastor Steven Anderson, but this documentary is worth watching if only for the segments of interviews with the slippery and filthy rabbis.

OP here.

The Atheist Jews still identify themselves as Jews however. What do they mean by "Jewish", if they have renounced their faith?

They mean whatever is advantageous to them at the moment they say it.

It means nobody is challenging them on their lie. They want the nepotism but know it's a lie.




Pic related, a Jew

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The sleepy eyes are a dead giveaway. How can you ascertain that that is not a racial characteristic? How do you account for a higher predisposition towards Tay-Sachs if they are not a race?

Great documentary. Somehow he gets kikes to admit they are happy they killed Jesus, don’t follow Torah, and love the Talmud.


The same as most other subclade of humans: to survive and thrive. Their strategy leads them to becoming slave masters over other subclades through subversion, psychological domination, and trickery.
Because it is effective to achieve their short-term aims and trickery naturally delights them. Either they can't help themselves from the pleasure of it, or they cannot bring themselves to engage in what most other races would consider honest and honorable conduct. They don't build their own societies very easily given their nature, so they infest existing ones and weaken its natural defenses to facilitate their own kind's success. This process of weakening and meddling continues until either the host rejects them or the society itself crumbles away, and the parasite moves on to the next vulnerable host.
Pathological empathy. Whites have been trained since the Enlightenment to extend kindness (generally reserved for those of your own kin) to all Men, which exercised empathy to such an extent that now it blinds them to the possibility that other human subclades might not think or believe or see the same way they do. It is a weakness that Jews learned to exploit just as they learned to exploit banking and money-changing and other methods of worming into healthy societies. They will attempt to worm into Asia using different routes of psychological and economic entry since the populace is not as vulnerable to empathy for the outsider as Westerners are.

The Jew cares about having a hideout to retreat to when the goyim learn of his actual nature and to fulfill the only glorious thing their wretched race ever achieved in their loathsome and fabricated mythology.

A guiding myth transcends modern poisoned notions of belief. It is the way you see the world. Even an atheistic Jew has been shaped by thousands of years of religion-guided breeding to bring him into the creature that loves trickery, fascinates himself with shit, and parasitizes and destroys those he envies. Their many genetic diseases are the results of inbreeding through multiple generations of the top Jew reproducing prolifically through their Rabbi authority-worship system. It has massive effects on their physicality and mentality. They are a race, and their racial myth is imprinted on them like that of other races whether they recognize it or not.
It's just as the TOR poster said:

You simply educate people into knowing the Jews as they have been and are. Mein Kampf explains the process perfectly, and the greatest fear of the Jew is being rightly identified because the parasite cannot survive once identified by the host. Once you know them and realize they are fundamentally different than you, the chains of empathy fall away and the process towards rejection of the infestation pushes forward.

This is why the Jew, no matter his political camp, strives to remain seen as a strange, diminutive, and harmless spiritual oddity that is hated just because he's innocent. The only disagreements that Jews have among themselves is what their best strategy for parasitism is among the Goyim. One strategy is to weaken the host to the point that they can't fight back through cultural and spiritual decay, which naturally delights their envious and vengeful natures. Another strategy is to hide in whatever camp they think won't reject them and delight in the destruction of their opposition on the other side since it will fulfill their greedy natures. Always however they portray themselves as harmless and innocent because Westerners respond positively to it and defend the parasite against whom attacks are seen as unjust. It's just a trick that works on Goy who don't know what the Jew is.

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Same thing why niggers think we wuz kingz
Pumping of totally shit tier ego with nonsense to keep the lie up
As well as absolutely out of reality sense of self

Jew doesn't even know what he is doing. Like fly rubbing it's hands. Just some primal instincts going on that please the joo when he swindles frauds or causes shit. They are basically niggers with different skin colour and a tad smarter, not by much.

Just put jew to work. He'll cry and whine before he perishes. They are pests that eat your crop and then blame you when their stomach hurts from overeating.

Homos have a predisposition to AIDS.

They are not a race, either.

They are IN a race to death, evidently.

They are not a race, per se, they are a tribe. A tribe can have people who just jumped in, or who GOT jumped in, or who were born to it. Eventually, the tribe takes a certain look to itself, with exceptions, but it is a tribe.

"Race" is a bullshit concept anyway.

It's more like "species." And there are many species of hominid.

Atheist/Satanist Jews are motivated by a complete hatred for their Jesus, they believe that Jesus was the messiah but that he betrayed them, so the bully the goys when they can

Different name, same shit

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No, subspecies = subspecies.
There are literally thousands of races.
Look at the taxonomy image related.

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She's not a kike but you two kikes already knew that.

Very good response, thank you.

The problem I see with this is that there are many barriers to entry when it comes to talking about Jews. I am very vocal in my day to day life when it comes to speaking about Jews, however there is always the knee-jerk reaction of "racism" and "the holocaust". Thus far I found that the most effective method for puncturing through is to ask why Auschwitz had a swimming pool and then further asking why there was a maternity ward, a theatre, a library…etc. Next comes presenting evidence that the Jews were not actually gassed, for instance by mentioning that there are no traces of Ferrocyanide within the purported gas chambers.

However this only serves to cast doubt on whether the holocaust happened or not, most people are still persuaded that all the races of the world can get along together like happy families and there is no real reason to work towards protecting race or even nation.

I speak to them about how they make up some 1% of the world's population but are in all of the leadership positions and in all the media and the response I usually get is that they have a high IQ; which as we know is bullshit. They network their way into these positions and take over. Nobody appears to be alarmed by the fact that their environment, past, present and future is decided by someone who is not a part of their race or nation.

I seek to understand the workings of the Jew and the effect it has on the population, precisely because I want to figure out the magic formula towards waking people out of the stupor and take notice.

They have a predisposition for AIDS because of behaviour. What behaviour leads to a predisposition for a genetic disease?

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I know the pre-6 million is true. Just wondering bout the prediction

Beta Israel 586 BCE… Ethiopian Jews. Yemenite Jews.
Looks like a Race to me?

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She's literally not Jewish, dipshit.

I don't care about Christina Ricci. What is she? A singer? An actress? I don't care. I have not seen any of her work, I do not own a TV and I do not read celebrity magazines. The photo in question has the sleepy kike eyes so I agreed that she's a kike. Looking her up I can see that she does not actually have eyes like that.

tldr; I don't really care whether she's a kike or not. You obviously do. Good for you. That does not mean that those who know less than you or do not agree with you are kikes.

Have I explained that simply enough for you?

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All that you've explained is how out of your depth you are.
Every seen a Med before, dickhole?

Reported for spam.

We know who you are, ashkenazi mutt Varg Vikeners.
Fuck of with juden hoax propaganda - "whites are white because of Neanderthal genome". We know you are spreading this, because you are part Neanderthal prom your Wiener faced mother.
All what you shat in this post is uttery nonsense and pure evil lie. Europeans are descendands of Cro-magnon, and has been in species war with Neanderthals for some 45000 years.
Neanderthals in Scandinavia? Yes, yes, we know, you are from Scandinavia. But show us sloped forehead weak chin people from Scandinavia.
Look at the Neanderthal skulls. Look at the Cro-magnon skulls. You will see, whos is European man ancestor and who is ancestor of the semites.
Also science. Fucking read some arcticles Varg, scientific proofs, results, researches. Like this one here:



Just stop with that jewish hoax, Vikeners. You may fool some young noneducated people in your church of false pride, but you can fool Anons on this board, ashkenazi jew.
For further info and grafics, read this thread here:

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no doubt Christ has always been coming back all these aeons
& only the women knew,

That's why they cover themselves in those long robes described by Jesus, isn't it?

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As I was so generous as to try to explain to you children in another thread, ask yourself this question, "which religion is responsible for the most rhinoplastys?" that means nose jobs for you fucking hicks

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That's like saying termites have done an excellent job of destroying your house.

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Jew magic. Aint gotta explain shit.

that's subject to change

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