Police have not released any information about potential suspects, their political affiliations or motive for the incident.

Political organizations and elected officials condemned the shooting later on Monday.

1/2 for article

Orlando Sentinel:

Daily Caller:

I'm pasting the article as it was written, nigger. Don't like it? Take it up with the cunt who wrote it!

captcha: yef dpt

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Sensationalist faggotry.

2/2 of article


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God dammit!

Always good to see zionists targeted.

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Global report for ban evasion.

The kikes are hilariously fucking desperate.


Ban evasion? The ban I got was only a 24hr, and that was up two days ago!

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Thanks for admitting it. Reported for paid jewish shilling.

Your desperation is showing!

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dob jej

The jew cries out in pain as he strikes you.

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sup goon? how's /intl/ treatin ya these days?

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who the fuck cares
anything against the System is good news to me

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wtf i love jews now


Sage negated again nigger. Thanks for outing yourself!

Goons hate anime you retard.

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What if your party is the Communist Party?
Or what if your party is the National Socialist Worker's Party?
Because I'm pretty sure Trump is now on-record saying anti-Semites deserve the death penalty.

Keep crying. It keeps bumping this thread and exposing the sad, desperation you kikes are feeling right now.

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Oh, the cancer is still here. Neat.

Protip: Anime is great but you are cancer. Please stop getting cancer all over the anime. Thanks bro.

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Do you feel it in the air, boys?
This caravan situation is going to be the boiling point.

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I wish, but seems improbable.
We already did the caravan thing. It came, the news cycle moved on, they came in, normalfags didn't notice, etc etc etc.
I'm almost inclined to think this caravan thing is something the zionist jews put together to help the Republicans by riling up their base.

When is the caravan supposed to arrive anyway? Aren't they still in Southern Mexico?
Seems unlikely they're gonna get there by Nov 6.

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Militias in the street by breakfast

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I didn't say stop posting anime, I said stop getting your cancer all over the anime.
There's a difference bro.
Unless the implication therein is that you can't post without being cancer, in which case, just don't post at all.

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Condemnation by the Left?

They don't condemn their radicals.
Its one of many aspects that makes them superior to cuckservatives.

false flag

But they must! They must disavow these law breakers immediately! reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


Except militias are getting involved this time around. People are actively moving to block the caravan off whenever it does decide to get here. So we'll see what happens.

Makes me wish I still lived in Texas.

Fuck off. Fact is things are reaching a turning point the sooner the election draws. At this point, I'm betting on liberals going into full lunatic mode and shooting up polling places when people go to vote. That's about the only option Dems have left now. So instead of whining about the anime-posting, why not contribute to the thread? Comment on the shooting, or maybe discuss the caravan. The only ancer here is the one who would rather whine than add anything constructive!

So again, fuck off.

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Call him by his name

No doubt this is a false flag to counter the synagogue false flag.


Agreed my fellow pede!

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I wouldn't have been so sure had the kikes not tried 2 massive false flag attacks both of which backfired on them (in the same fucking week no less). Additionally the kvetching and shilling is off the charts even though I thought I had already seen the worst of it.
No matter what, blood is going to be spilled. The time is ripe for it, in huge part because the kikes have been dramatising everything and making both sides tense and ready to snap.
I think we're about see that happening right before our eyes even IF the kikes shut down hatechan.
War is coming.

It's probably at most 55% since Trump loves based spics


The most bizarre thing about the situation in the USA post-Trump election is not that there are shootings and drive-bys but rather that there are so extremely few of them. So far it seems actual bloodlust is at a all-time low compared to all other similar situations in history. I can't blame people for thinking these are all false-flags but if they were, then that suggests the sheer passivity of post-modern society, on both sides in fact.

I don't mean to encourage violence, merely comparing that throughout history whenever you look at similar conditions, mass battles, violence, mass execution and slaughter were the norm - at least, according to history as we know it.


They were involved last time too bro.

Settle down.
No they aren't, and just like during the election you're still just a hollow shill platform trying desperately to fit in.

I already did you doubleglowinthedarknigger cancercell.
What commentary on the shooting would you like? The fact is that there are no suspects and no deaths and so its really a rather irrelevant story for the most part, could even be a false-flag aimed at drawing attention off the mass jewting.
I already asked about the caravan too. Why don't you answer my question about it instead of telling me to ask more questions about it?

Stop being so cancerous.

Forgot my image.

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This entire state is situated under one massive powerline, and built on top of an old indian toxic waste burial ground.

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At this point, does it matter? Though I admittedly hope it's some nigger they paid. We'll see.

Honestly? I think it's what's actually helping in the long run. Here it is the Dems and their NPCs are screaming how the sky is falling, but nothing is actively going on.

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Good. Fuck both parties

High degree of comfort and many things to lose for the average dude. Add some downer drugs, illlegal or (((legal))) and you have many people suffering or being angry but bothering to go out and kill people.
Niggers of any type obvioulsy don't count.

Where do you think you are posting now, rabbi?

You're right. Modern America is far more degenerate then the Weimar republic.

* not bothering
My mind is hasty sometimes. I guess I can't wait to get this shoa on the road.


Comfort breeds complacency, and where in all of history have people been more comfortable than right now in the US?
The fact is, though we are rapidly advancing toward the downfall of the nation on several fronts, for the time being, the economy is decent, personal amenities are ubiquitous, infrastructure continues to function.

People are liable to get upset when they don't have regular access to internet and electricity or gas, let alone when they have to buy bread with a wheelbarrow, but so long as they can come home from their shitty jobs and spark up a joint/crack a beer, turn on Netflix and watch reruns of some kike sitcom while eating frozen pizza and alternating between absent-mindedly beating off to internet porn and playing addictive video games, what the fuck would you expect them to be doing besides that?

And far more comfortable.

If you actually read that article, you would know it was referring to emoticons, not smug anime girls.

Voting Republican on the 6th, by the way.

Of course it doesn't matter. Especially since nobody died and it will be swiftly swept under the rug in a matter of hours. I'm just saying that not only would I not be surprised if it was a false flag, I actually expect it to be one.

I think you're on the wrong board, nigger. Leftists are sub-human filth.

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What do you want, a parade or something?

No, they are superior in that regard to conservacucks. When did the mainstream left disavow the weathermen or SDS? Never. But the mainstream right falls over each other to disavow nonviolent groups like the john birch society and the ANP.

Why would it be a false flag when it will receive zero mainstream media attention and will be ignored by all influencers, as they're all leftist filth? Only leftists false flag, because they have the ability to use false flags as propaganda in their media. False flags are an age old tactic of the left.

Go back to Zig Forums. Filtered. Nigger.

Think that nigger cares? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Have fun in based trumps bad goy camps.

Fuck off and let us know when it costs you a wheel-barrel full of cash for a single loaf of bread you pinko faggots.

The pussy ass lefty probably got so scared by shot four he had to put the gun down from how much he was "literally shaking."

Why would i read breitberg?
But you're right, the fact that the CIA has a whole list of japanese-style emoticons completely invalidates the suggestion that the spamming of animu smugs is likely to be a gov op.

They are filth, yes, and their political infrastructure is far superior to our cuckservatives, as evidenced, for example, by the absence of condemnation of their radicals.

But the modern US is much more comfortable than the Weimar, on economic grounds alone.
Do you deny that?
That was during the Weimar, yes.

Keep telling yourself that. I came with the first exodus in the wake of the fappening and Moot's crackdown of 4chan. So your assertion I'm some newfag drawn by the election is inherently false.

Your faggot-ass is ignoring the blatant shilling in this thread as you chose to hone in on my own posts, rather than who I was responding to. And posting an article from kikebart only proves you're projecting, rather than being a legitimate poster since you apparently didn't bother reading the article.

By concernshilling and calling me cancer. That's some real good contribootin' there.

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It's almost like they try and imitate those they are trying to infiltrate.

Attached: derp.jpg (702x658, 66.87K)

No one denied that the government more-than-likely has smugs at their disposal. But what you conveniently ignore is how horribly they misuse them while shilling their commie talking points.

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Leftists don't have a political infrastructure, nigger. Leftists are welfare dependent, drug using street trash who mindlessly follow the people that have an infrastructure because the single qualification to be a leftist is to be a low IQ monkey.

Muh left right paradigm. VOTE harder!!!

How is America not more degenerate than pre NS Germany?

We are in a far worse spot than Germany was then, lad.

*faggotry is legal and supported by a majority of the people

I told you that though.
How can I keep doing something I've never done?

Absolutely any gov op glowinthedark can find that information on the web in under 5 minutes, and the fact that you think anyone would believe such claims on your behalf only furthers the claim that you are not from here.
Next you'll be telling us your dad works at Nintendo, I assume, and expect us to believe it?

Yes, that is correct, I do.
Also correct - you need to calm down sport.

No, I'm talking to you right now.



I'm not voting left or right, nigger, I'm voting for the guy who's against amnesty instead of letting the guy who's for amnesty, welfare expansion, and all manner of other shit, win. Nice shill post though.

… Yeees they do?
I mean, fuck dude, the DNC exists.
This is pretty obvious, unless you're retarded or something.

Mostly the non-Whites, actually, so maybe like 2/3 of them?
Very common.
Ehhhhh nah, lots of em are quite rich bro.
I think you're a low-cog hominid.
The notion that the left does not have political infrastructure is laughably stupid, as is the inability to realize their superior networking and political infrastructure is why they're able to rally a bunch of minority factions that generally hate each other into a functional whole when elections arrive.

I don't like the DNC, but to pretend it doesn't exist or isn't effective is retarded, or at least ignorant/historically illiterate.

In your opinion, when is the last time something happened that wasn't a false flag?

Keep going, I'm enjoying this.

Why? Are we being raided?

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You are a paid jewish shill.

This is the quality of shill they’re paying to spam the board now. This is how desperate the jews are to make us vote for their puppets.

There is no guy who is against amnesty.
Trump is already on-record as trying to cuck out on DACA dude, and Reagan was the last person to give widespread amnesty (unless you count DACA which somehow still isn't dead).

Attached: e62.gif (250x219, 208.17K)

Kinda feels like it to me. I even goreposted a couple of days ago but just like the dickless zombies they are, they don't stop coming.

You still didn't answer my question glownigger.
What was that you were saying about contribution? In what way is this smugpost a contribution to the thread?
Typical hypocrisy and non-argument from a hollow shill.

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whatcha shittin' up moshie?

Attached: 1461030006097-1.jpg (736x778 2.04 MB, 109.72K)

I agree with you on the bnai birch society tho

So why are you against me when you and I are in total agreement with objective truth?

You are the reason that whites have not risen up yet.

Wow that's pretty stupid of you.

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Been under a low-intensity raid since end of last week, from what I can see.

It's just kikes escalating as usual. If only the synagogue shooting was real instead of another false flag "drill" as they deserve to get shot up in the crossfire of all the division they sew.

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Keep going. Keep ignoring all of my post and keep being triggered by anime. Also, keep ignoring IDs. You're way too obvious.

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are they this desperate to take attention off of the fake bomb hoax getting BTFO and the synagogue shooting narrative going pear shaped?

Attached: 546478.jpg (474x355, 21.33K)

lurk and watch the shills change over time user

If this escalates into a tit for tat attack for attack we will wake up to a civil war.

Because your spamming is fucking gay, and it shits up the board with no benefit. I'm tired of not being able to read a goddamn thread without seeing your repetitive ass. And you were a shit mod.

Nigger or noodly armed soycuck confirmed.