I can’t believe that I have to vote for a pussy like Ted Cruz because Beto will fuck up our economy.

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He may be a neocon, but he's infinitely better than anything the left can offer, which is not only the death of whites through displacement, but our suppression and theft of our productivity to feed shit-skins.

A republican sponsored jew, or a democrat sponsored jew……..
choices choices

You should be less concerned about the economy and more concerned about all the shitskins he wants to import.

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Lol one poll that says Beto is 4 points behind Cruz while the rest point to a lag range of 10 to 12 point. The only striking thing about this is the desperation in the air from Beto "Hello my fellow kids" O'Rourke.

Genuine question–are you trying to mislead the issue with this thread?

The glaring, stupidly obvious, make-or-break, do we have a future or not issue, is NOT the economy. You must be GOP, because they are so fucking stupid that they keep dwelling on that. Muh tax cuts muh economy.


If the left never waged war against whites they would probably be in power for years to come. We have a whole generation of young voters who would have ate up the left bs if they didn't try to push their hidden agenda so early. Then you have gen z coming up who think it's all a meme to fuck over the left. Outside of Weimar Republic has then been a more catastrophic miscalculation?

Hard to rank it in world history without seeing the end game–whether the US collapses or it doesn't. The US collapsing means the world has a very good chance of plunging into total chaos, so the effect of the left's miscalculation may ultimately have the most damaging results in history.

No great power goes on forever without periods of stagnation. Like Rome, America expanded way too rapidly and quickly to dominate the world but that's not something that can last especially when you have an entire nation full of people who have absolutely nothing in common and keep on importing more and more people who hate each other and then try to force them to live together. It never works and the modern day isn't any different then 2000 years ago as I'm sure the people come 200 or 300 years from now in the future will find out the hard way

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The left is going all in on Texas. They wantto flip this state hard and turn it into a commiefornia hellhole. They already have a base in Austin which is like a mini-san franscisco. San Antonio is basically there and houston is one giant nigger hole. And let's not forget the rio grande valley which is like a blue turd.

The democucks put all their eggs in one basket. Millions of donations to beto o' rourke - the O is for Open Borders. Why take chances? If he's not solidly defeated then the democucks will feel motivated to repeat the same tactic next senate race. They have to be soundly defeated so that they become desperate.

When a good senate choice appears, that will be the time to pick them. If the rat was new to the scene and so was beto, the answer would still be obvious, choose the rat. There's no current solution that's better than the lesser evil.

They are grooming him for the presidency.

They've managed to keep this quiet, and his base doesn't care that adult 26 year old Beto exercised his white privilege when Daddy bailed him out and got community service. He's doing a decent job of owning up, appealing to youthful indiscretion, spinning this to be about lesser privileged minorities who don't have a second chance. When the DWI report came out late summer, it was a campaign destroying issue, and no one used it to its full advantage.

If he runs, it'd be good to use this and remind voters that a 46 year old on a skateboard is cringy.


The economy is not controlled by politicians.

Not yet. At least not in my neighborhood. Even had some WN posters up in my neighborhood some months back. Feels good man.

Voted for Cruz just because I'm sick of seeing all these goddamn beto lawn signs. I'm going to lick the tears off my neighbor's faces when they pull up the signs november 7th.

What is the fed?

no one gives a fuck

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My neighbor still has Hillary for president up. I hope the Beto signs up until he fails in 2020.

This. Also vote for republicans who care more about white values in the primaries

Lol. Aren't there any better technologies to use besides discord, though?

The funny thing about Beto is that he's using the same Hispanic angle that Jeb did in the 2016 election. A self hating white man begging for spic votes. With many hating to pick Ratboy, he's the only better choice. Beto is wanting open borders. Rato over Beto is a good choice. In the next Senate race however, find a candidate that cares about Whites and a secure border with no more spics getting green cards and hopping the border. Illegal and legal alike.


How is letting democrats win better for whites?

Killing whites is the only reason they want power. Satan hates whites, so his synagogue gets to killing

Reminder that only paid jewish shills pretend that the (((Republicans))) and (((Democrats))) are separate parties with separate voting records and separate owners with separate agendas.
Go. Fuck. Yourself. Redditor.

Oh gee you are right. What is he thinking you can't let the blue team that is owned by the kikes win! Better bet on the red team that is owned by the kikes. Surely this time the kikes won't win.

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etc. etc. etc.

Don't get lazy. Still vote. Still do your part.

Reminder that Zig Forums does not support zionists, neoconservatives, civic nationalists, shabbos goyim, or the continuation of the ZOG.

Reminder that Zig Forums votes R to harvest salt and keks from fagface leftyniggers

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I continue to vote because Third Position can’t get it up enough to so much as pull off a good terrorist attack much less do a military coup of win the hearts and minds of WASPS to their essentially esoteric cause. Fuck your circle jerk, effete losers.

You’re not men, you’re fbi snitches.

The rat has more power for change and more personal charisma in one little skelegate summoning pinky than 2000 dedicated shitposters on any given day. He will make the world safe for principled constitutional government once again, while you vile creatures sit here dying not of a purposeful genocide of which you are victims but rather the stale funk of your entropic memes.

Let me know when at least half of you become real fishermen, the type covered in sores and boners.


Nice strawman. Try harder next time. Reminder that Zig Forums does not support zionists, neoconservatives, civic nationalists, shabbos goyim, or the continuation of the ZOG.

I am voting rato just to keep them from getting the senate. I don't care about him or the republicans but if the dems take it they will be insufferable and smug faggots about it.

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Had some lady screaming about voting democrat in the grocery store where they set up the polling. I voted all R just to spite that cunt. I dont even know the majority of these faggots but if it means I can cancel out the entire vote of some dumb cunt like that ill do it.

texas is texi-mexi-fagi-magi central

you are all fucked

Always go for the lesser evil.

Spite gets shit done. Spite is a powerful thing.

Basically this. With democucks, they're openly wanting to ruin everything. The rat and the republicans by extension have to be careful when trying to kike up the country.

It makes no sense to let the democucks win when they're obviously going to make everything worse.

Actually, Texas is not as far gone as you would think. Austin and Dallas are in need of a good nuking, but SA is still salvageable. Wilson and Bexar County, alone, went red for Trump during the election. I would know since I used to live in Wilson County. I don't anymore.

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Inaction doesn't spell winning either. You "don't vote goyim" cunts never provide an actual solution for shit. You just kvetch that voting is bad.

At least Ted spanks his daughters.

well at least el rato isn't as big a pussy like Rubio that I had to vote for last election because it was either a pussy light or a full blown pussy leftist

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I'll take the one that's pro-2nd amendment and against illegal immigration over the dem who's against the 2nd and for illegal immigration and amnesty for all.

Cede Texas to dems and it would cause illegal immigration to explode exponentially. It would turn into a sanctuary state and quickly, given its position, become the new stronghold of shit-skins. Also it's one of the strongest economies in the country. They already stole Cali through hordes of shit-skins. We can't let them take Texas too. Texas needs to reverse trends, not be given over to dems to allow those trends to become worse than we could even fathom.


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oh yea forgot about the booger

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jesus christ these assblasted niggers telling Zig Forums not to vote for the less shit party. Wow, dont vote goy just do nothing. and if you vote R you fully support the kikes in everything.

a bunch of retarded niggershills is what you are. Vote, fucker, vote!

dude u should just run for gov

Hidden cam or STFU

You aren't concerned with his proposed white genocide?

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Wise advice as topical today as yesterday.

Those are but small nuances- the extermination of the native Texan culture is simply a relic on the wrong side of history. It is much more important as to who has raised more carpetbagger money, and has more yard signs they are like a fucking plaguenot ebola but Marxism v3.0

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Just ask yourself, if there's no difference between D and R, and if both parties are jew puppets, then why are they so determined to stop you from voting?

Salt alone is indeed reason enough to vote. I voted Trump in 2016 not because I believed in him, but because I thought it would be funny and out is spite for Hillary Clinton. And guess what? It's been endlessly funny, Trump posts a shitlord zinger at least once a week, and Hillary spills a kettle of salt every time someone sticks a camera in her face. 10/10 would vote again.

I can't imagine giving money to any sort of political campaign, but giving so much to a candidate who can't possibly win? Inconceivable.

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Typical Dem behavior.

That explains welfare as well.

Also I just realized his name is Beto. I've been calling him Beta this whole time.

What would happen if all campaigns were publicly funded?

You're asking the controlled opposition to break free, never gonna happen.

The funds he's raising is for a presidential run, they're gonna play him off as the "white" Obama.

lol gay.

Thinking voting is a solution is what keeps Reddit fags like you in line and from openly disregarding the state. I don't care if you vote just stop fooling yourself into thinking it makes a meaningful difference to the system. I almost went out to vote for Trump but after seeing his deportation numbers and his big beautiful wall I'm glad I didn't waste my time.

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Beto is trying SOOOOO hard to channel the soul of Bobby Kennedy…it's pitiful to watch.

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lol if you don't vote shut the fuck up and do something else.

All these newbie radicals are about to get bombed the fuck out, just in time for the old Clinton machine hacks to move back in and take over the show for I'm With Her part deux.

Well there was JEB!

I judge a man by the enemies he's made and a mighty god damn, Trump has the finest collection of shit goblin enemies the United States has ever seen. I used to despise him but now I think he's downright loveable.

Fuck off, if vote fags weren't on here acting like they just figured out a new secret way to alter the government called voting I wouldn't need to say anything. I'm not saying "don't vote" I'm saying stop pretending as though its a godsend.

Nobody even says it's a godsend lol

Nowadays, it's hard to say PLEASE VOTE without being bombarded by at least 10 shills.

They act like it though, I agree with you that "don't vote" shills are definitely worse though. In the case of Beto vs Ted though Its probably worth it to vote just keep AR-15s above ground for now.

They don't, votefags just say do your civic duty and vote.

Voting literally is harmless. You can meet and socialize with likeminded people at the voting booth even.

go away gen mattis, this is a kike free zone

Voting puts you on a jury duty list
Also your registered party is public record. Antifa will see you're not registered Democrat, and will kidnap your children for Soros who will harvest their blood and organs

lol I double dare you them.

Go on, do it.

I expected this reply, but not all white families have the means to defend themselves in that situation. Sure I know you're liam neeson from taken and you have a special skillset or whatever. Most white dads are just ordinary guys though

Goddamn cowards afraid of their own shadows.

You're so brave, why haven't you killed soros and hillary and obama yet? Why haven't you wiped out the migrant caravan?

Well hello there mister FBI.

No, sir, I'm just a humble meme farmer.

I'm not FBI but why should that stop you anyway tough guy? Aren't you a US Navy SEAL sniper with the full might of the USMC at your disposal etc etc ? I'm sure you could just kill any FBI SWAT teams that try to raid your home

No, sir, I'm just a humble meme farmer tending to my memes.

But you could kill multiple antifa and any mercenaries Soros could afford, if they took your children, right?

No, sir, I can only tend to my meme farm, sir.

So these comments were just you bullshitting, then?

Sir, I can defend my meme farms.

If you have an ID you get on the jury list at least in this state. They used the license database.

I'm a native born Texan. This is a shit post. Take your bullshit elsewhere, eat some shit, then ask an adult to kill you because you can't be trusted to effectively do it yourself.

Fine. Vote for him as a stop-gap to prevent BETA from getting in and fucking things up. Study and begin campaigning for the job yourself next term, if you really want a representative you believe in. There isn't a single reason why you shouldn't run next term. This goes for all you Zig Forumstards. Get involved locally, state wide, or nationally, run for office. Change the perception of what white men can do. And remember, NEVER apologize, never back down, Double-down.

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Newspic detected.

It's not impossible for him to win. The reason the Democrats are throwing so much weight behind this is they understand that flipping Texas blue would hand over control of the entire country to them. It is the prize gem in the political landscape, and considering the demographics of Texas continue to shift towards the Democrats favor, from both Hispanics and white liberals moving to the state in droves, it's highly likely they will gain it in the next few years, if not this very election.

They will not relent on the pressure being applied to Texas even if Beto loses, expect more heavy campaigning and pushes in every race in Texas until they get what they're after.

FLanon here. I understand your pain. I actually didn't have an issue with DeSantis until he started shilling for Israel during the debates with Gibbon. However, it's always the case that we have to choose between a shit sandwich and a soggy shit sandwich. Best of luck. I hope that tall faggot o'rourke crashes and burns into nothingness and irrelevance despite the severity of hatred that I hold towards Ted Cruz (who had the fucking balls to say that true Christians and Americans support Israel, and if they are against Israel, they are against America).

This country is depressing.

He will. There are lawn signs up for Beto, but those are the only people voting for him. It was a stupid strategy on his part, I may not have voted in the midterm, being secure in the Democraps losing, but all these stupid lawn signs got everyone scared and motivated to vote for Cruz. I'm a cruz missile now.

To all the shills who say "cruz is owned by israel", I'll take him over a fucking communist who wants white people dead.

Beto is just the Democraps answer to Jeb Bush. He gives off the same attitude Jeb was: a big cuck who is a beta male. It's tough user but like what (checked) said that it could be worse by just having some fag Irishman who rejects his Celtic pride over wanting to be a beaner and get wetback votes. It's Rato over Beto.

correction Jeb *had

Behold the low state to which America has fallen; choose between an IRA commie drunk driver and a Cuban Canadian who's daddy was a buddy of Lee Harvey Oswald…

But there it is; get out and vote Republican no matter what.

This is the most important election in US history.

They want his funds for a presidential run. They want a white Obama. Beto is going to lose, but hes their only hope for 2020.