Trump Wasn't Kidding

Federal prosecutors from Trump DoJ to pursue death sentence for Pittsburgh synagogue shooting suspect Bowers.

Why does this man deserve death but none of the brown men who rape and murder our women are deserving of such?

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take a wild guess user.

I don't need to guess.
It was more of a rhetorical question.

Like when I ask why Trump names every single other group in the US and addresses them and appeals to them explicitly, except the White people who form 80%+ of his base.

White people don't form his base. You're thinking of voting. Votes don't matter outside of some particular clique within the clique getting first dibs and largest cuts. Trump's real base, where he gets his power from, is zionist capital. White America is a permanent, intractable enemy for him. His job is make sure you don't realize that.

Yes, im talking about his electoral base, not his financial base.

Which isn't relevant to him.

Trump is a pressure release valve for White Americans. He's only going to appear to be on our side, we can see right through it but the brainwashed masses eat it up. If your still caught up in the left vs right dialectic I suggest you listen to rockwell. Race is all that matters. Donald Trump is a traitor, and no voting is going to change the course this country is on.

huwite mericans were so desperate they saw the orange baboon as Hitler.
Never underesimate how insane one can get when backed in a corner.

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At least they waited until he killed. Soon it will be death penalty just for being white.

Are you serious, OP? It's really not relevant whether you like or don't like Jews, he killed 11 people. Killing 1 person is already enough to get the death penalty. They're seeking to execute him because he committed 11 murders, not because of secret kike control.
This would be happening no matter who he attacked. He's a murderer. That's it.

Tell the public why you do the cu. If they won't say then kill the POUSA

Nobody died you RAT

Should we meme him into a martyr, like a Horst Wessel kind of ordeal?

Nuremberg Trial

Because the Jew is hellbent on making his conspiracy as transparent as humanly possible

CBS evening news just said 11 rats died, and that Pittsberg put up 11 Stars of Remphan in remembrance.

All these One-Trick ponies obsessed with Jews you could make America great again by letting your own citizens fuck your farm animals. What kind of backwards freaks doesn't let people fuck horses and cows? Your practically raping your own people to breeding them with jews.
You're the problem. Inbred farmers are the problem. You are all a problem and that's why you always have them.

Notto dis shitto agen

They’re meaningless. How do you not understand this after 2 years?

1.) remove evidence
2.) incentivize squealing if patsy/operator
3.) up security, more dangerous, maybe better guard protocols/facility if these are the charges over mental impairment/incompetence, ect.
4.) spook accomplices


Fuck off Moshe no cares about 11 dead rats.

Because one of the 11 steps to cultural marxism in a legal system that fucks white people over with bias.

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The ones that didn’t die, you mean. Kill yourself for spreading the jewish narrative.

How is this even Federal jurisdiction when it happened entirely in the state of PA?

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A reminder the marathon bombers did not get the death penalty despite a much, much larger bodycount. Fuck this shit, this is all a distraction from the cia terrorist compound raid.

Prove nobody died you fucktard.

This is how you sound you fucking lune.

Prove to me that all of those 11 listed names are fake and were dead before shooting, you fucktard. Please.

S'truth it seems.

It will be like this forever as long as people don't let us fuck with farm animals. People are forever stupid and I will be forever angry.
I want to see more shootings I cannot get enough joy from hearing about them.

You're not white, and you're an untermensch. No one here cares about 11 dead Pittsberg rats. Stop trying to make us think rats are people. You're not people.

No, that’s not how this works. Reported for paid jewish shilling. YOU have to prove that what jews said is true. YOU have to prove something happened.


States can have their own capital punishment laws separate from the Federal government. However, for argument's sake one of the dead rats could have been a Fed thus invoking the US Code.

how do the glowniggers do it?

Ahh I see now. You're just following the "How to" section of 'Imageboard posting for Redditors'.

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You provide no arguments or substance. You are the kike here. Look at how this faggot wails, how he recoils.

Truth is not a matter of disagreement. Your false flag had no deaths. Commit suicide immediately.

Thank you for admitting that no one died.
Enjoy your ban.

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this is your mind on glowniggerism

That implies there is a competition, but because of muh holohoax you aren't allowed to compete with Jews because that'll lead to genocide.
These 'people' have literally got everything they have by hiding behind White guilt.... What happens when that no longer works?
I think you know the answer.

Ok… and?
Correct because I didn't false flag anyone, and?
That's your proof none of (((your))) rats died?

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It all stems from two control vectors: banking and entertainment/press [which are largely the same thing]. We're seeing right now in real time the total break down of both of those and with it the collapse in the appearance of jewish control in other areas of society. Their hold is tremendously tenuous and it's why they are spazzing out so badly with Trump.

Trump was supposed to get everyone back on the die for israel train and he is failing badly with no hope of recovery. Normal people who don't like Trump are increasingly associating him with jews, no matter how much cancerous hollywood jews try to make noise to deflect.

You have admitted no one died and nothing actually happened.

Not surprising tbh. Republicans love the death penalty.

I bet Bower will go to the gallows/death chamber with his head held high.

He'll become a martyr that Jews wish they never martyred.

Thank you for admitting you can't prove anyone didn't die besides saying they didn't.

If you could, you would've blasted me with proof. I was on police comms when this shit was going down. I could hear every bit of information being relayed as the officers were recovering victims, as they progressed going upstairs, Bowers opened fire on the swat members in which they also responded with lead, hitting him multiple times and rendering him out of combat, so he surrenders.

Which part is a mossad mkultra bullshit that ticks you off into a lune retard?



If you had a tiny little penis with no nerve endings and a dried out old snatch, you too would thing there's no reason or something wrong with having sex with farm animals.

Most people on Zig Forums have devolved to the point where they're just cheerleaders for Trump and republicans.

Those are all paid shills.

Why is the State of PA not prosecuting him? Why is it a US Attny?
Why is this going outside of its jurisdiction?
What part of the commission of the crime was involved in interstate commerce????

Congrats; no one died. They faked it. You have admitted this.

the only way they'll avoid martyring him is by offering him an out of 'mental illness' excuse

how bower will react to that is unknown. Roof was fucking based

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They know if he goes to prison he's gonna get so much pen-pal pussy

Feds are out of their jurisdiction, aren't they?
This is PA, the murdered were PA residents, the killer was a PA citizen. This is a state matter, fuck the feds.

And if the PA government wants the death penalty, and gets it, I will be asking why every other murderer the governor signed a death warrant for, was always commuted by our faggot state supreme court?

If this goes down, and he's executed, the tack to take is to go everywhere you can think of and ask why Jews are so much more equal than other victims.
This could work out in our favor.

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There's probably some dumb bureaucratic reason, but the deep reality of it is that they just want to go after someone who was mean to jews to send a message to the society that jews are great and anyone who opposes them violently will be killed.

11 kikes died. Thank you for admitting they did by providing 0 to this discussion besides name calling.

Idiots. If this was a false flag, then DoJ pressing for death will make Bower squeal. If it wasn't, then Trump looks good to his evangelicuck base and Zig Forums can press on the (((inequality))) of law.

Calling it now, Bower will die before he can testify.

Like I said previously it's possible one of the dead rats was an alphabet rat. Killing any employee of the Federal government (if I'm not mistaken) can move the jurisdiction to Federal law.

I haven't seen any reports. However I would also say just because he's being prosecuted at the Federal level doesn't block him from being prosecuted at the State level (except for double-jeopardy situations).

You mean the one where one was killed after being cuffed on the ground, one was almost killed when they shot into the boat he was in, and their friend was killed while being "questioned" by the FBI? The one where there is clear evidence showing it could not have been them and several of the people with "blown off" legs were already double amputees? That one?

Checked and this

Because the dumb fuck exclusively killed geriatrics.

Im expecting this as well.

Question: Do you think it will be 'suicide' or will we get a Jack Ruby for Current Year +3?

… And?

They tried that on Breivik.
Still, I believe that he should not have allowed them to take him alive. It's better to be martyred before they drag you though the mud in court.

Die on your feet. Live forever.

If true I think he'll be killed by a known radical jew, and that radical jew won't get the death penalty pushed.

I'm betting no one actually bothered to record police comms, am I right?

Roof ALSO killed exclusively fucking old people. The amount of good caused was negligable, as any nogging the nigs could nog had already long been done by the time they're fucking seventy.

where are all the accelerationists at? isnt this type of stuff supposed to cause white people to wake up?

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I think it's great that he be officially put to death by the US government. It will have totally destroyed any hope that it's (the US) somehow salvageable.

Because he's a glow in the dark nigger agent.

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So Ruby-mode.
Seems probable.

No one has stated this, yet.
And what if none are? Have the feds tried to claim the murder was a civil rights violation?
If so, we are at square one…why is one murder a civil rights violation but the rest are not?
Yhe Feds may be making a grave error in getting involved in this, because even normies will see this as special treatment, only for kikes.

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If his goal was to prevent jews from doing any harm to whites or otherwise, he needed to pick better targets than ones that had been jewing for ninety seven fucking years.


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So Ruby-mode.
Seems probable.

How many more people know what "HIAS" is now?
But no, not really, this sort of stuff isn't accelerationism at all and I'm not sure how you came to an alternate conclusion other than that you're a faggot.

For a guy who will assail and berate almost anyone he disagrees with, very odd how Trump has not said one word about anti White comments on the MSM. Even on days where hundreds of anti White comments on CNN and MSNBC etc., Trump did not have one word in response. Very strange.

I don't know that such was his goal.
I think his goal was to kill old kikes as some sort of misguided retribution for the innocent Whites killed as a consequence of the immigration policies promoted by HIAS and the like.

Trump never says anything about Whites, period.

Trump has named and appealed directly to:
- Blacks
- Hispanics
- Jews
- Women
- Gays

But never Whites.
Yet Whites are 80% of his electoral base.

However, as someone pointed out above, he doesn't actually give a shit about them at all. That's why he doesn't appeal to them even implicitly.

*trump acts anti-white*
absolute unit of an iq

If your vote mattered then they would have taken it away from you years ago. All about money in the show. We are programmed to believe our votes meant anything.

Yeah just because jews can't seem to leave well enough alone… they always seem to have to do something akin to gloating. So I thought it apropos they would use a jew to kill the guy that allegedly killed jews, but then make sure that jew murderer gets to live.

Maybe so, but you are placing your life in their hands. In fact, once you are in their custody, they can use you at their leisure. They may not even kill him at all. Instead, keeping him alive until they feel that they can use him.

It is better to die in battle like Robert Matthews before they get their hands on you.
When you allow the enemy to "try" you in their courts, it gives legitimacy to the corrupt system. Criminals are tried in court, but we are in a literal war with the System.
Don't give them the satisfaction of taking you alive.

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why would he want to die on that hill right away?

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This is mostly true.


You seem really upset and nonsensical.

I stopped trusting voting a long time ago though. I wager its mostly just a circus to entertain the plebs.

Again, seems quite probable.

He doesn't have to.
Politically, they already support him. He has to try and gain support from those that are not as definite. This is just normal politics, nothing more.
And just how much more support do you think he'd get for espousing to help whites, a people the other races in the U.S. have been constantly told are "privileged?"

He's dealing with duped NPC's, he has win their support by appealing to their brainwashing, otherwise, he doesn't get their support.

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Too confident he has the White vote all wrapped up. Appears like the only Whites he does care about are the Christian Evangelicals.

I don't think he would die on that hill at all, I think he would see a numbers surge as a result of appeal to his electoral base.

Of course, thats again assuming he gives a shit about that stuff, so the more accurate question to be asking on your behalf would be "Why would he seek to stop being a puppet for Jews and try to save his nation?" and you're right, a guy like Trump wouldn't be likely to give a shit about such things.

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Yeah gang rape of a 13 year old yielded a punishment of probation recently in Denver.

It's a false flag in the first place. I don't much like what this could be, but I'm also willing to sit back and wait to see what actually happens. I have a feeling in my gut this is going to lead somewhere big.

He really does though.

No they don't. In fact, a lot who did have dropped their support for him.
I'm in PA, in a job where I have to visit manufacturing facilities regularly, I talk to people about it all the time. There's a lot of demoralization going in the face of his failures and, whenever I bring up that he doesn't address Whites, the folks I'm talking to agree that it really pisses them off that he doesn't.

There is no such group.

Nope. This is cuckservatism.

That would indeed by a bad decision on his behalf.
As it stands, I have no inclination towards voting for him and likely will not in 2020, probably won't take part in 2018 either, and I know a large number of Whites in PA that hold the same position.

White people in my area came out to support Trump because they thought he'd change things, but he hasn't changed anything meaningfully and, at least here, we're still getting in shipments of mudfolk from far away lands being brought in by Jewish groups and settled in small White locales.

Quads for a fucktard. No is never called upon to prove a negative as it is logically impossible to do so.

The onus of proof is on the one making the claim. You say jews died, then prove it.

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*ever*. Shitheads pissing me off. Eleven truly wasn't enough.

Nice law, huh?

Our voter turnout is historically 40%.
Most people just don't give a damn.
And we'll see if his support is lagging, in the midterms.

By the way, the Republicans will keep the house and senate, and then Trump will have no excuses.

This is the D&C we deserve. Now every single shooting that the shooter doesn't get the death penalty pushed on them we can easily say "I guess it wasn't important enough to serve justice because the victims were gentiles". Bring up how Dylan Roof did not have a push for the death penalty for him. Every single shooting going forward this is our angle. They can have their jew privvies, but at the cost of everyone knowing it and resenting them for it.


Oh shit nigger that takes me back to one of my very first conspiracies. The Jack Ruby (((shenanigans))) in the JFK assassination could have only occurred at the time in history they did.


saved. Fuck McMuffin

Hate crime laws are state-by-state.
Remember that case in Texas where white guys dragged a black guy to death with their truck?
The left was "outraged" that they were not being charged with any "hate crime" because Texas doesn't have any such law.
President Bush pointed out that they had received the death penalty, and there was no more harsher punishment, anyway.
They were still not satisfied.

Meme it!

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