Holy fuck why has reddit take over half chan

literally caught a ban for saying nigger on Zig Forums, tbh i knew about you guys but avoided this place due to low traffic, however now it seems this is the last bastion of free speech on the internet at this point. anyone else notice the crackdown on "racism" on sites that used to allow it ?

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George Soros is a filthy kike.

i wonder just how much he can actually do on the internet? i mean it's harder to set up fake protests and shit online than irl

they're here too ever since the 2016 election cycle. FYI this is not how you make threads here, use the QTDDTOT

He likely isn't as important as he seems. The actual string pullers are completly anonym and unknown, people like Soros are high level jews, but still not the ones that have anything to do with the planning and decions.

thanks, yes iv'e only made a few post here over the years, mostly after the 2016 election

No one says nigger here though, except retarded non-natsoc faggots.

Heil Hitler, filthy nigger.

Fuckin-A right, nigger.

Holy fuck why has half chan take over full chan

There are bunkers if this site ever truly goes down. Won't list them publicly though.

This is a nigger shill, OP. His kind are the cancerous faggots that are currently infesting halfcuck to the point of no salvation.

I said a nig nog a nigger to the nigger to the nig nig nog and you don't stop

I said the same thing about 4chan in 2013.

You can say whatever you want, but it's a double edged sword. There's a lot of subversive shills here, using divide and conquer and sliding to keep us from being effective.

Cuckchan is full of unironic nigger and kike lovers from reddit. Cuckchan Zig Forums is by far one of the gayest boards next to /mlp/

You must have come out of a time machine from 4 years ago, Ellen Pao just banned them for not being leftist enough.

I suspect you are Reddit yourself. Cuckchan has been unusable for at least 2 years and you had to be a masochist to enjoy it back to 2014.

We don't fucking care if you got banned, we've known that site was shit for years, not sure why you people always feel the need to blogpost about getting banned.

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Shut up, nigger.

Go back to 4chan

Welcome newfag. Kick your shoes off and get cozy, you are here forever now. As long as you dont bump slide threads, fall for bait and as long as you can contribute to dig threads and get used to filtering and formatting your shit so it's neat, and acknowledge Trump is a kike- You are welcome. I have been lurking cuckchan lately, and lots of anons there are dumping tons of good info that gets slid off the board immediately. We need them to migrate here next time their Mods ban everyone and create an exodus. 8/pol/ lost alot of it's oldfags to (((Q))). We need anons who arent zogged out with boomer 1776 shit

Welcome to truepol, friend. Things work a little differently here than (((cuckchan))) though, so lurk for a little while please before you create another thread like this. While pol on (((cuckchan))) may have been considered an (((alt-right))) board, this is a natsoc board– which is also known as the third position or ((("nazism"))) to kikes and unenlightened NPC's. If you are a commie, which you may be considering your origins, go to leftypol (who are leftists but not liberals ((there's a difference))) All (((races))) are welcome here, but don't trash talk Europeans because this is our board first, and (((other races')))) second. Check the catalog before posting please, we actually have a list of rules at the very top of the page. Don't sperg out, settle in, and enjoy the slightly less kiked version of (((cuckchan))).

Also, realize that we are dealing with a major influx of shills and refugees due to the kike censorship and that you have come to truepol in a time of greater unrest than usual. I hope you decide to think more carefully about what you post and become a part of the solution rather than the problem. Again, welcome to truepol, I don't speak for everyone but I am glad to see more people joining our (though it may be politically incorrect and vigilant against shills and spies) very wholesome community.

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The better question is, why hasn't full chan taken over Reddit?

Aggressive moderation and cooldown timers on posting and account creation.

Go away.

Observe the D&C kikes in action.

More people is a good thing you autistic wignat.

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Unwanted invasions destroying once perfectly good societies and communities. What an astonishing unique situation!
Im assuming you have your heart in the right place, but please kindly fuck off with your shit threads. Old men are bitter, but they will join hands with the new youth if mutual respect is possible.
To me, you are the first wave of unwanted immigration. A bad omen. Of course you will do your best to integrate yourself into the community, but its the second and third generation, people that come after you, that will fuck up yet another community - the exodus of brain and brawn is a direct result of that. Fullchan eventually will become another cuckchan. But by then a new refuge will have already been found.

Wrong pressurepoint rabbi. Perhaps try huwhite or something?

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Lurk more.

ITS TIME TO GO BACK To segregated Tribes.

And Anyone who continues to deny this Deluding themselves into thinking conglomeration work. Get the fuck off the Internet LowQ Spics

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No matter what we do there are going to be shills coming in. It's just a fact that we'll eventually get fully infiltrated. It's better to get some newfags who will integrate somewhat than only shills, spies, or trolls who will fully intend to only wreak havoc. Don't get demoralized, things are looking up a little, look at Brazil and Italy! These are good signs. We all knew that eventually 8pol would fall, too (in fact it's already dying). Acting like an asshole or a wignat is only going to make it harder to redpill all these refugees. Even you, someone who seems very jaded, must admit that it's better to take advantage of all this new blood rather than just giving up and scaring them back to (((cuckchan))) to become kiked. You think you know what you're talking about, and you have some wisdom– that, at least, is obvious– but you have become blackpilled and that only makes you part of the problem. If (((they))) see you losing face, confidence that will only let them know that (((their))) tactics are working.

I don't blame you for your instant negative reaction, things do seem bleak, but that's only what (((they))) want you to think. I still consider you a brother, just like the rest of my comrades on truepol.

Stay strong, siege heil! Hail victory!

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Reported for being a low effort QTDDTOT nigger and a newfag


If you want to fight Soros then join this server. ;)

Jews shitpost kikechan into full zog

subhuman apes == niggers. What wrong with the word?
ah, a redditor.