Why do you (and so many others) bite to the "[s]he's a zionist" meme...

Why do you (and so many others) bite to the "[s]he's a zionist" meme? Most of leaders have stood in front of foreign flags. It's a custom and part of international policy. The same goes with wearing religious clothes just for the sake of diplomacy.

Pic related, is Putin a Finnic Puppet now?

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What I was relating to is this: How come people yell a kike puppet at him too, since he's apparently the most /our goy/ ever elected in modern times.

To me it sounds more plausible that the kikes just uses themselves as co-operators to shun any real nationalists from supporting real opposition and based candidates.

Putin is a Finnish agent, always was.

You are not on reddit. Read the fucking rules.

It's just demoralization shilling. Their playbook is pretty opaque. In MSM everyone they don't like is Hitler, but when they come to shill here they just say everyone is a kike or controlled by kikes to reflect their different target audience.

It's too late for you.

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It's called "larping" and polacks oftenly do this because politics are otherwise too complex and boring. It can be noise-shilling as well.

Why is it LARPing to call out Trump for being a Jewish puppet

It's not larping, it's you being a retard. This is exactly what kills the alternative politics. You play for their hand. You're naive and srupid enough to believe there could be a leader who would spout out anti-jew slogans 24/7. It's just what the kikery wants.

Kikes infiltrate societies and subvert them to their cause. You won't do the same because you're stupid pieces of shit and I hate you if you're not 100% nationalistic socialist.

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I partially disagree.

Bolsonaro really was coopted to like Israel and to despise Shiites due to his relationship with neopentecostals and his huge aversion (thanks God) to Islam. The reason neopentecostals are so influent in Brazilian politics is because there was a conservative vacuum in our politics and catholics turned their back to it (and now are getting subverted by the ones who use politics for their dark goals).

But that's just it. He's far from being a puppet and is fiercely against International Jewry, he just won't be able to name the Jew. There's another problem with him, because he's a militar, he has a lot of Mason friends. So these two forces will get on our way from time to time.

Anyway, this thing of equaling Israel to all the Jewry is a Zig Forums thing. They despise Israel because they despise USA, then they shill it here as if they despise Jewry in general, but that's only a subversive mask. They are the same ones to mock us for naming the Jew, as we always have done and always will do.

Trump himself is ok. He could be better, but obviously could be way worse. He's doing great at external economical politics, acting in order to defend his country's interests. He's done good inside his country, but he's being sabotaged by Congress and FED.

Trump's in no way a puppet. If he were a puppet, he would keep financing ISIS and forbidding Russia to act. He's done the very contrary, but Assad cocksuckers won't admit it, since Trump is indeed against Assad and pro-Israel. As an ally, not as a puppet master. He's against ISIS and wahhabist expansionism as well.

Zig Forums shilling took over our board. Newfags think that sperging out about flags is really Zig Forums's culture and the focused and pragmatic anons are pro-kikes, a thing that's in no way true.

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The thing is kikes aren't stupid. They know whoever gets closer to a target, the most this target will behave as that one wanted.

Shills, on the other side, use small details to try to divide and conquer, so we get weaker. Zig Forums would get weaker, the same as their target they despise and that could be our ally (Bolsonaro, for example). They know we could influence our ally to be more like us.

Bolsonaro, for example, was mildly but certainly influenced by Brazilian IBs via his sons' accessors. Lefties get buttmad for that.

Thanks for the insight. I despise jews in general, but I do understand the existence of Israel. I believe the should not be such country in the first place, but since there is, it would be in vain to dismiss it altogether. Trump also acknowledges the JQ, but won't do anything about it because of the "power house" as in the international kikery. He himself has stated that he know things behind 9/11 for example. He's always advocated nationalism too.

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Edgier than theoretical geometry.

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They are mad because "the far-right" can't be controlled as such. We don't actually care anymore. We just wan't our societies taken back, no matter how many degenerates or jews get killed in the meantime. People are fed of the Weimar.

How convenient.

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So assmad you can't even spell properly lol, pic related but don't let it stop you.

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What's next? 2+2=3?


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I think you are way, way, too optimistic. So I don't recommend you to discard alternative more realistic narratives based on that premise of yours. But I won't go against it as well because meme magick although not really magic really works. Who knows what could happen if we meme this strong enough. I think we should keep trying and memeing it until we get to our goals.

P'tin means Finn in ancient Aryan.

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Are you retarded?

A retard conformed.

Why are you spamming my thread btw?

Bolsonaro is just a center-right guy and MSM gets memeing him as "worse" than Pinochet and Hitler. That's great for us, since we need Pinochets and Hitlers.

As they say… Never interrupt your enemies when they are making mistakes…

Putin actually is an ethnic Vepsian Finn.

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lol holy shit if someone tells you folks not to push the red button do you all fight among each other to push it?

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You're literally mentally challenged.

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Learn to ignore, or else you will doom your own thread with such conversations. Sage for off-topic.

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Putin is literally a jew

Not OP, but thanks for chiming in.

Same mistakes, over and over again.

No he's not. He's a catholic Finnic Russian.

Cool it with that autism there buddy.



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He did announce that Finns were the originators of Russia, so I guess you're onto somethings, but that's not the topic of the thread.

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The preliminary outline of his economic ideas don't support that premise at all.

Oh, I get it. You're just "trolling". Here's another (you), on me.

This is like one step below name calling. See here

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No more replies until that pedo is kicked out.

You took a leftist meme for reality and don't know shit about what you're saying.

Brazil is a commie shithole and has a continental size. He intends for the long term to decrease tax burden from 30% of our GDP to only 6%, so Brasília focus on strategic shit, critical infra-structure and military. Then, our cities and states will be able to keep the money to themselves, as it should be. Education, Healthcare and Public Safety are duties of cities and states. At same time, he wants to maximize our royalties on minerals and to do it more strategically, thinking in the long term.

Currently, money from Brasília goes to a lot of crap and progressive subversive shit. Our regulations are a bunch of bloated crap. Bolsonaro is correct in his economic ideas, but could be better.

For now, he won't change our Central Bank politics, because it would doom our economy if he did without new banks for competition. And I mean getting rid of the fractionary reserve, a thing he's a against (HE IS REDPILLED ABOUT FED), but can't do shit about it for now. We need time. I wish he was a Pinochet or Hitler as MSM meme it, so he could solve problems skipping bureaucracy.

Sage unintended. But check 'em.

Man, relax.


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I mean there hasen't been ONE nigger/gay thread on Zig Forums boards for a few days already. There were TENS daily earlier.

How do you hear words on a screen?

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Bolsonaro is pretty upfront with his neoliberalism. He doesn't hide it. He makes a big point of (((opening up Brazil))), especially to foreign investment.

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Funny how you out yourself in every thread.

Trump also said he'll do business. Business is good. The commies always cry about benefits and how business is bad, when they never do any exchange apart of crying together.

Lol get new material. Here, try pic related.

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What an absolutely perfect example of a npc.

You were more fun when you were spamming the thread, then accused me of it. That kind of projection is much funnier :^)

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Why are you even in my thread? You speak nothing of the topic.

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You forgot to sage.

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Why would I if I don't want to?

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Yeah, nah.

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Is this faggot a pedophile or why hasen't he been banned?


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Yeah ban me instead, I fucking hate this place too.

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True. I would also like to point out that politicians do not need to be 100 percent /our guys/to do something beneficial for us, or at least much less harmful than the alternative. In addition, Kikes often infighting among themselves, such as globalist diaspora Jews vs Israeli jews. Not saying any politicians support of Israel or Jews is acceptable, but sometimes it's better to choose your battles. Each politician is different and there is definitely a line of support for Israel that I'm not willing to cross.

Another way to put it is I would gladly save a jew's life if I knew for sure doing so would somehow help us defeat the Jew or help the White race as a whole. My love for my people is a thousand times stronger than my hatred of the Jews.

Reported for being a faggot, but that can be easily fixed with a timestamp.

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Shut up vittu

It is divide and conquer.

Action matter, not word.

So all these leaders that stand next to the wall and bow to the kikes aren't actually kike worshipping slaves and their actions later that are clearly those of a kike worshipping house goy are completely unrelated and coincidental every single time?

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Changing and combining strategies doesn't work if you never update the playbook :^)

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Is Trump a jap slave because he fed their fishes for them?

Whatever happened to goreposting to combat shills? That used to be a trademark tactic that was effective most of the time.

Shill replying to a shill

You realize others notice in threads outside this one, right?

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Niggermods have been banning for "spam".

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That's what they do the best. Never let them.

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Ok, now I'm a shill? Enlighten me.

Shill replying to a shill

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He's a pedophile jew.

Well, we've seen what American business culture has created. Of course, the narrative is always that its a super secret communist plot that's done all of this. It is weird that the Soviet Union wasn't full of niggers and spics, though.

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Remember when you got BTFO by a white man before kikey? I do too.

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It is just full of muslim, asiatics and jews instead.

No, you know exactly what it means because you tried the timestamp trap before and then started calling a white man a nigger in a sperg meltdown.

So you're a jewish pedophile and also a retard

Yes, that pic related would be pretty useful here. It's just really noticeable how every Western country in the American sphere of influence is a catastrophic racial hellhole with Whites on a total verge of being wiped out, capital in the strongest position its ever been in, corporate domination of almost every sphere of daily life, and everyone on the other side of the wall isn't like that at all. Of course, the US is doing its best to change that in Poland and the Baltics.

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