Washington (AFP) - The Pentagon will deploy more than 5,000 soldiers to the US-Mexico border, a top general said Monday...



>Additionally, the Pentagon is sending three helicopter companies with aircraft equipped with high-tech sensors and night-vision capabilities.

>Though soldiers are not conducting direct law-enforcement operations and will ostensibly be in a support role, they will nonetheless be deployed with their weapons, officials noted.

Friendly reminder that kike shills will still try to blackpill this thread and claim that nothing is being done about the spic horde.

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Yeah, we don’t need another thread on the same subject. The military is going to the border to stop white militias from killing spics. They will all be let in.

Like fucking clockwork.

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He did that last time.

Under US law they are not allowed to intervene across the border, nor to act in any meaningful sense on our side of it.
They can't and won't do shit but hand out water bottles to the spics.

Anyone who is fooled by this shit is an ignoramus.

false flage

Cry more. You’ve admitted that what I said is true.

No one believes you. You are entirely impotent.

Checked and heil'd.

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No bro, that's not how you do it.
Zig Forums is a global board now, you can globally report that shit.

The mods here only come by like once an hour, at BEST, so its basically worthless to report like that to them.
Ignore the board mods and go straight to the global mods, they're far more active and are expected by CodeMonkey to uphold the board rules.
Be sure to include "Zig Forums is a global board" in your report, to remind them.

Do you get paid per post, faggot?

Checked, but no need. Looks like it was reported just in time for Polskavol5 to log in. Check the board log.

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Any president would do this. Obama something similar. You MAGAtards are so pathetic

By law, anybody claiming asylum MUST be processed. That means the military CANNOT simply block every person from entering AS LONG AS those people go to legal checkpoints and say the magic words.

Second, the military cannot be deployed for law enforcement purposes domestically. This is an important legal principle that restrains the military from this law enforcement task (that's what it is legally, even if it's characterized as a military invasion).

Therefore, all the troops can do is help detect unlawful crossings. Nothing else. Think about that. Since any assistance simply detecting illegal crossings could been accomplished by deploying additional civilian personnel and resources, WHY does the military need to be there?

They are there solely to intimidate militias who might consider taking matters into their own hands.

Checked for but thats not true.
They're also there to trick gullible normalfag Whites into thinking something is being done to combat the issue of the caravan, because they are idiots and think sending troops down there will somehow fix it without realizing the troops cant do shit but act to intimidate civilians trying to fix it.


*did something similar

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man remember all those shill posts about how donald wasn't gonna send any troops

i sure do

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Cross the border and now you're not on domestic land. :^)

Yes but please learn to format your fucking posts

No, all I remember is all the shill posts pretending him sending troops matters.

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Maybe they can test the new railgun out from international waters. Make dip.

In the worst case scenario where we pay tax dollars for military personnel to process the spic horde and all of them "claim asylum" and fill up detention centers to capacity we keep this in the headlines and push for "obviously badly needed border/immigration reform." If there is any potential for this to backfire and work in our favor it would be in that manner, I think.

Ban this meme right now!

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Also assuming shitheads meximutts don't fire a gun….
Honestly someone should head down there with a lot of fireworks….

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Got to make sure all those poor innocent refugees are safe and no lone gunman hurts a single precious GODLY spic one of them.

Thank you daddy trump for bringing all these new dreamers here. Surely their grand dreams will make America great again.

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All I have to ask is where the fuck were all you people when I was removed as a fucking moderator for trying to get rid of the goddamn trump shills? I’m pleased as punch that I’m seeing HUNDREDS of real Zig Forumsacks post here again and call out this spam, but why the fuck was everyone dead silent back in August? Now the board’s lost.

What Trump shills faggot, you should've been drawn and quartered as well as removed as mod.

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Probably because I would get banned anytime I so much as hinted that something the orange faggot was doing was less than a blessing from heaven and the act of Hitler reborn.

Also immediately after the election I realized how horribly I fucked up and drank really hard for a while.

Holy fucking christ, could you be worse at your job?

Well, kikey has been gone since May, so all anti-Trump content is allowed here again. It’s just that all other content–including shit that isn’t Zig Forums is also allowed here.

How much you wanna bet he's sending them to the border so they can protect the migrants from evil raysis nazis?

yeah at one point I had 15 VPNs banned and gave up

He actually didn't. Military wasn't deployed with the first caravan, only ICE and local law enforcement. That's why the military bit is such a big deal.

You were removed for banning people for breaking rules that didn't exist you colossal faggot. Accept it, and move the fuck on!

There is a middle ground between authoritarian fuckwit and pure anarchic chucklefuck moderation but it also requires a user base that understands there is a middle ground as well.

I got banned once a month, every month, for a month from December 2016 until January of this year. I just didn't care enough to ban evade since the discussion that was here was trump dickriding.

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Someone could always make a Zig Forums spinoff board here that you control and moderate. Just do a better job convincing people to defect.

perfect argument. wtf i love trump and the MIC and ZOGbots now.

If that were actually true the entirety of Mexico would have completely halted our courts and taken full legal control of our entire country.

Since that hasn't happened I can only assume (paired with knowing you're a TORpedo) you are pulling shit out of our taco-shitting ass.

No, that didn’t happen. I didn’t even remove any of the Trump spammers, because to do so would have been against the rules. You have no argument. Try again.

We will kill all of you.

And look at their damage control

Orangebots with weapons and militias patrolling private land while thousands of gross taco niggers slime toward the border.

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Reminder that Zig Forums does not support jews, shabbos goyim, zionists, civic nationalists, or neoconservatives.

Why? Aren't they traveling up the eastern coast of Mexico?