It's Okay To Be White /IOTBW/ 2018 BASE OF OPERATIONS

1. Posters go up on public spaces and campuses on Oct 31st and afterwards as momentum builds
2. Only use the original design
3. No vandalism or crime
4. (Optional) Wear a Halloween costume with a mask to blend in with trick-or-treaters for anonymity
5. If you see a fake version of the poster put up by a leftist, with links to websites or an altered message, rip it down

This thread is the base of operations for the IOTBW 2018 poster campaign. It is meant for people who already agree with the effectiveness of the campaign and want to participate. Post anonymous pics of your work, motivate other participants and boost their morale, share opsec tips, post salt from social media and MSM, brainstorm how to recruit more participants, coordinate and organize.

This thread is NOT meant for debating the campaign's effectiveness, concern trolling, spreading defeatism or discouragement, pointless bickering, off topic derailing, and definitely not for shills to encourage illegal activity or suggest edits or changes to the design. Any of this or similar garbage, whether from leftist shills or not, will be removed immediately.

This thread is also the containment thread for half chan if anything happens to that site during the campaign.

None of these things make the timing of the poster campaign a bad idea. When (not if) the media goes hysterical over this message again, how do you think undecided voters (especially white ones) will feel when left wing, Democrat - friendly media basically says it's not okay for them to exist? As for the Democrat base getting "fired up" over this, I doubt they can register much more outrage after getting pumped full of it 24/7 for 2 years now. They're burnt out and the silent majority backlash to anti-white racism will outweigh any "firing up" of Democrats. As for the two recent tragedies, of course the media will falsely link the poster campaign to them in an effort to smear it. This will only make the media look even worse because not only are they pushing a blatantly anti-white agenda, they are now exploiting multiple recent tragedies to push their blatantly anti-white agenda.


Ignore the shills, ignore the blackpills. Shift the overton window one message at a time.

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mods, sticky request please
for the next 72 hours this could have a massive impact
the old thread is full and noisy, it was time to bake a new one with an updated OP write up

More wasted reactionary bullshit.

guidelines, FAQ and smaller sizes for printing stickers
there is also a PDF link for printing hosted on a free Wix site used for IOTBW 2017:

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first media salt

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Support for struggle to wake up the NPC normies and to reclaim our homeland:

Good, reliable techniques in there on how the posters are not going to be teared down by the next faggot, who reject the message. Take care.

By the way, thanks to all anons, who make this possible. You rock!

tons of other MSM dogpiled on that story, pic related

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This is still a good op because even though they're wise to it now - they're desperate and will take the bait and signal boost it through local media.

you're more right than you think, see

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Yeah this is a good one guys. I was monitoring it last year, it got a great reaction.

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I know who you are

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♥ reroll ♥

I just downloaded the image!

awesome hackerman!

:D !

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Every minute you spend saying that it is okay to be white could be a minute naming the jew.

It's already making news.

Note: For some reason the article above contains a video news report regarding last year's campaign.

This story was also picked up on the Fox News ticker:


shills are shitting out slide threads with altered versions of IOTBW now all over the catalog

Yeah, what's the deal with that? All these other flyer threads with harder messages… how much more obvious can shareblue get?
If they're trying to stop you, you're doing something right. See you out there op.

This is good timing too because the media shills will want to hype the fuck out of it, thinking it will reflect negatively on the right. Whereas in reality it will just annoy the right and encourage them to vote that much more. If we can shut down this supposed "blue wave" nonsense I believe the lefties will get triggered even harder than the election itself.

Where can i check Zig Forums's public bans?

Ask in the QTDDTOT next time oxwugzccvk3dk6tj.onion/log.php?board=pol*

We are actually the real "people of colour". Vid related.

If for any reason this thread on Zig Forums becomes unusable, or if 4chan goes down for any reason during the IOTBW poster campaign, anons can migrate to here:


I made this board and I will keep it shill-free


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I ain't clicking that shit it's not even part of this sote

Name the jew when you're in person, talking to people you can trust who might be receptive to your message. The populace in general is not prepared for that message without serious education. Part of that education, indeed a first step for many, is to establish that white people are under threat. It may seem pedestrian to those on Zig Forums who know way more than that, but it is to pedestrians that posters are made. Don't participate if you don't want to, just stay out of the way of those who will.

Use at your discretion.

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We want the media to have no excuse to call IOTBW evil.

No. The point is that the media will call it evil. They are going to do exactly that.
But what makes this effective is when they run their pre programmed rant on "evil white supremist posters" everyone who isn't literally blind will see that the posters say something thst every white person should realize.
Then they see the media kvetching, pushing out its anti white rhetoric.
If we start putting out blatantly anti semetic posters just after this suspected false flag kike house shooting then the media can steamroll it as they like.

hey dumbass
did you read the OP?
it says: "Only use the original design"
it also says: "this thread is NOT meant for shills to suggest edits or changes to the design"


Is the Hallowe'en candy campaign an acceptable mutation of the original?

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I know you didn't tamper with the inside of the candy but how would parents (or police) know?

Seems better suited to its own campaign.

Interested to see what happens with this, but I don't think you're going to get anything near the response of previous campaigns. This has been done how many times now?
Needs to go further… Though the above is not necessarily the right avenue either.

Just use a non-toxic glue stick to glue on strips cut out from a printed page filled with IOTBW statements. There's no tampering and no crime if the seal isn't broken.

see these:

MSM is already going nuts over only two locations
it's going to be huge

that might be true but id still be worried about others assuming the candy is tampered with and then youd be forced into a position where you have to defend against that accusation

I understand that concern, but how are they going to track down where the candy came from? And if you're worried about fingerprints, just wear powderless latex gloves while handling the candy to place the strips, and wear some Hallowe'en gloves (like fabric skeleton hand gloves) to hand out the candy.

Don't most newspapers just reprint AP articles? Looks like what I'm seeing in those Jewgle results.

All the same, thats getting the message out there, so have at it. Point is, need to plan for next stage - eventually they're going to get wise to IOTBW and we will have to go further to get the same response, but that's down the road a bit still.

is there a benefit to candy deployment that is superior to putting up posters, that is big enough to warrant the increase in risk and potential optics backlash?

I kind of like the idea of this being a yearly event until it's just considered normal, and the people who freak out over it considered crazy. Just that simple phrase, "It's Okay To Be White," becoming a part of the mainstream public consciousness as nothing wrong will go a long way to cementing our propaganda efforts.

Paranoia and hysterical overreaction by our opposition. Imagine these commies–the few of them who have kids anyway–reading a story about IOTBW glued to candy wrappers and then frantically rifling through every single one of their kids' candies, looking for an offending mark, straining their eyes in a panic, trying to distinguish a lot number in the white space of the wrapper from the real thing.

stop making duplicate threads nigger

Ehhh, then it does just become 'normal' and nobody cares, and the whole value of it is that people care and get butthurt and project the message.
I don't see it man, but, hey, more power to ya.

Probably just makes the timing better as people are all riled up with white-hate and will fall for the same trick even harder this time.

Hell, these should go up after every (((white))) terror attack.

I like the idea but we could be false-flagged.
I mean, we could be anyways so whatever.

I understand your worry, but as long as non-toxic paste is used to attach the stickers and as long as the seal on the packaging is never broken, I can't see how this could possibly be misconstrued as a crime. Zig Forums was trying to falseflag us last year by threatening to place razor blades behind the IOTBW posters, so that people would cut their hands attempting to rip them down. I have no idea if any of them ever made good on their threats.

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No kidding. Report all shills. Fuck, I hate these stupid assholes that can't into any basic logic or comprehension.

And this really says it all about commies. It doesn't even make sense for so-called "anti-racists" to enforce racial hatred against Whites. Anyone who isn't up for putting up non-hateful, non-offensive pro-white posters is trash. Normalfags and cucks who have a problem with these posters are TRASH. Every other ethnic group could say this no problem. That is the point of the OP, and anyone who can't figure that out is far too stupid to post here. Go join the enemy if you don't get it.

Fuck this stupid forced jew meme.


implying they aren't already

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Best method to peel and place a sticker without leaving fingerprints?

Gloves, sandpaper, burn your fingers, or use the edge of a knife to lift the sticker.

Sandpaper and burning and acid all work really well (acid is permanent). You will probably hurt yourself though.

Don't worry about fingerprints they won't come after you.
Also you can use your nail to lift the sticker and only contact the sticker with your nail.

Easy mode user. Don't waste your time on silly problems.
If you must, get gloves.



let's copy this guys

fuck off

leftards on reddit are already screeching about the posters before theyve even gone up, and it's already making normies view the left badly

pic related

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Propaganda doesn't need to lie:
A simple message✓
anyone can get behind it✓

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I'm gonna have to heil my own post o/

Inaction is the worst option.


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IOTBW was a one trick pony. Nice troll to exhibit shitlib anti-whiteness with minimal effort. But the time for tricks and pointing out hypocrisy and anti-whiteness is over. And like every troll, this shit has lost its bite.

IOTBW was a one trick po-
dead wrong, see:

only two locations got postered and they are already screeching this hard

Yeah sure but what does it accomplish really, other than trigger the absolute NPC scum in the media? At this point ALL white people KNOW they are under attack. It's time to guide them to ((who)) is behind it. More jew naming is what we need.

exposing how insane they are to the public, you absolute brainlet shill
now fuck off

this is worth spreading on 4chan in case it goes down during the campaign or stops working for any reason, attack or otherwise

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As if there are still people who aren't aware of that. "WHY DO PEOPLE HATE JEWS?" is infinitely better.


No, they really don't.
Over here in the Midwest, whites haven't been exposed to much diversity and other bullshit. Shit like this is needed to wake up some of these NPCs.

"BLM" is a super-powerful brand, because you can't argue with the message.
Same goes for IOTBW, trying to argue against it instantly makes them look like retards.

The media bombards you daily with anti-white messages, from 8am to 8pm. If you haven't noticed by now I figure you are braindead and worthless. But I'm not trying to hold anyone back. Just saying something more aggressive might be in order. Go ahead, carry on.

this place truly is the ultimate cringecore. whiny little professional victims.

Gods speed anons

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None of this names the Jew you dumb fucking faggots. Here I am posting so you'll have to backtrack to when you remember normies associate whites and Jews.

"It's Okay To Be Jewish"
Wake up

Reminder that you can put small signs inside napkin/paper towel dispensers in restaurants, gas stations, airports, anywhere really.


What would you guys recommend for adhesives, should I just use tape?

How's my costume, wearing it to the mall tomorrow

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Jews pose as whites for credibility to fuck over whites. If their fucking over effort fails, yay, phase one complete. Jews are people too, and most are gross but not evil. You don't have to be a genocidal maniac to hate the negative jewish influences in politics.

For clarity - If people keep remembering that it's okay to be white, hateful jews will name themselves by trying to push more anti-white hate. And that way we naturally select out the jews that are actually responsible for spreading hate.

you look like a fag

It's a cunt user. You can tell by the fact that it has tits, long hair, and that it's posting a selfie on an anonymous image board.

post video or you fail

please tell me i'm beautiful

I'll try to get my hands on a phone, I hate the things but I need one for my protection this time methinks

I hope everybody who does irl activism knows that your phone's location is kept by your provider and available to law enforcement.
Whenever they want to know who did something when and where, they look at the GPS data of phones that entered the area of interest at the time of interest.
Probably nothing to worry about with posters like this, but you never know.


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Bump against the kike shills. Apologies for bumping the other one before I realized this one is up.

you are very pretty user
have fun and be careful

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