Looks like the blue wave is a slight drizzle in early voting

Looks like the blue wave is a slight drizzle in early voting.

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that's surprising

It is. Indiana typically leans hard left in midterms but religiously votes Republican for presidency. Except for obungo they were in a weird patch.

More false flags imminent

Quick perusal suggests you might be full of shit.


No, no, I meant this part

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Have some related salt


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Pay attention to time in office it's pretty notable with luger being the exception.


Whatever you faggots do, don't let the Democrats get back into office.
Those pieces of shit have attempted to stop everything Trump has said he would do, from day one.
Think of it as saying fuck you, to each and every one of them. They all hate Trump, and they are "Party over Americans"… so fuck them all, give Trump the tools he needs in office to actually do something other than look like a cuckold faggot.
Plus side of this, is we can purge a huge amount of Jews from the works at the same time.

Vote out any dual citizen of Israel and the USA.
Fuck it.. even if that means having to vote for a Democrat, getting rid of Jews is as important as getting rid of the Democrats.


Fucking hell, texas is getting dangerously bluer.

Big if true. I honestly expected the pipe bombs and synagogue shooting (real or not) to affect people's voting decisions, but it looks like even that couldn't boost a blue wave.
I really wonder if the Democratic party can even survive another loss intact. There's a huge schism growing beneath the surface between white liberals and non-white supremacists, not to mention full-commie movements like Antifa. They've all been working together in the name of their mythical blue wave, but I've seen plenty of articles revealing how the minorities are chomping at the bit to disown their white and (((white))) useful idiots. If the blue wave fails to materialize, they might just give up on peaceful politics and get truly violent. The entire Democratic party is on the edge of imploding, and we need to be ready to push the fracture points when it happens.
In fact, if the Democratic party is falling apart and is doomed to never win an election again, that's when a WN party needs to rise up and push the Overton Window hard right. In the long term we need to edge leftists completely out of mainstream American politics, making Republican the new "liberal" and white nationalism the new "conservative".
In the short term though, how the caravan is handled will reveal whether the republicuck party is worth anything at all.

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Republicans love Jews even more than Democrats do

They might just resort to shooting Republicans again.




Someone who can and has the time match those up with who's up in those particular states. They look primarily red anyway so it's kind of nothing.

Don’t care, jew.

I'm not shilling just pointing out a shooting at a synagogue really isn't going to have any effect on the left/right dichotomy because both sides passionately believe they support Jewish interests the most.

Purple states are a big deal and a massive win. Don't discount them going hard red.


Most of them aren't purple states.

lol not anymore they're not.

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Reminder to get out and VOTE. Even if you believe what the shills say: that voting is pointless and all parties are controlled, the worst you are doing is wasting an hour every year.

There is no reason why you can't prepare for a non political solution while also voting.

Arizona and Texas might be purple in eight years and blue in 20 but they're not there yet.

I realize this but that idea is so obviously a bait and switch. For my entire life Texas has been considered the absolute most red state of any and all. Yet this midterm election it's apparently a purple state. Not inching toward light red, but purple. It's obnoxious.

Hooray, the ZOG will defeat the ZOG and the shabbos goyim are going to lose control (oh, wait, they already don’t have control and no one is doing anything) in favor of the shabbos goyim! Surely now the ZOG will arrest the ZOG!

Remember that there is one person in the entire country who is running on Zig Forums’s ideology and that literally every single other candidate is owned by jews. You have no power here, reddit.

They will get there. No one is being deported or punished for treason, so it’s inevitable.

Don't fool yourself the brown scourge is coming and your taxes are feeding their over breeding.

Fuggen checked. Considering numerous actors within the Democrat party have already started agitating for the harassment of GOP and Trump admin officials, I'm pretty sure you're right on the money.

All things considered, though, I think people should really consider the optics of the pipe bombs and the synagogue shooting. The pipe bomber was radicalized and effectively disowned by everyone in the GOP, with even the media calling out mental illness and the lack of any real danger in the 'threats', and the worst Trump did was say it was the MEDIA's fault for stoking all this political animus. The synagogue shooting was also committed by someone who was not only apparently self-radicalized, but also a Trump hater and a completely unstable asshole, and with Trump and the GOP being so pro-Jew and pro-Israel, there's absolutely no way that this could realistically be pinned on them.

Realistically, neither of these events should impact how a person votes, and more than likely should only impact how likely they are to actually go to the polls. I suspect this is more likely to push more people to vote this midterm than we've seen in a long time, and believe it or not, that's a GOOD thing. Voting is the civic duty of every American citizen. For a very long time now, most of them have not voted, and Democrats have taken advantage of it, using the opportunity to stuff the ballot boxes freely. If enough people get out and vote, there will be that much less wiggle room for cheating and it will count for less; if there is enough turnout, actually, cheating will be much easier to catch, and it will be much more viable to prompt voter fraud investigations and voter ID/integrity laws.

Tell everyone you know who can legally vote to get the fuck out there. It doesn't matter who the fuck they vote for, but their voice needs to be heard. Drown out the cheating and get out and fucking vote.

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Eh, his daughter is fucking a jew, and went jew… so it's hard to not imagine him being pro jew.
That being said, many of us can see that, even if Trump is pro Israel, Israel and the Jews are NOT pro Trump, unless it benefits them in some way. Once they get what they want from Trump, then they throw him under the nearest bus they can.

Don't fool yourself and think I don't understand the federal government already has their first welfare checks printed off.

Plus we need the Wall badly. Trump is only geting 1.6B at a time. We need the funding now!

Voting here, on paper ballot, took less than 15 minutes.

fug, how did that webm get renamed pls no bully

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Trump has a higher approval rating in Israel than here in the US.

We need to just bomb the fuck out of our borders to send a strong message to Mexico and the rest of the world, that you aren't fucking welcome here, unless you come here legally. We should moab the fuck out of both caravans headed our way, and whip out our dick and say, which one of your faggots wants to be next.

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And who exactly would that one person be? Exactly like I said, even if all are controlled one has no impact on the outcome, and only has at most an hour of time to lose.

Red ZOG is a less devastating alternative than Blue ZOG, you all-or-nothing faggot, and one of the two must win the election. That is fact. There is no third position in this race; nobody gets to opt out without consequences.

I'm not arguing that.
Everyone likes the "girl" that puts out, while you are fucking her… just like Israel likes Trump, while they are fucking him.

Good job, brother, same here. Hitler was elected through voting. Also to those who are able: run for office if you can so that we can actually elect the next Hitler.

The full funding is already there. The full legal power is already there. 2 miles in 2 years. There is no wall and there never will be. Trump saw to that.

Art Jones: Illinois’ 3rd District. Every single other candidate, everywhere, is either a jew or a shabbos goy.

What if some civillian were to just show up at the border with an AR-15?


You will be arrested by the military, which has been sent to the border to protect the spics from the white militias that are forming around the country to go down and kill them. They will all be let in.

The act of voting might only take an hour, but votefags have turned White nationalism into a young republicans club and made voting for neocons its top priority. In the Daily Stormer's article about the synagogue shooting, Apedre was more concerned with how it would effect the midterms than the crackdown on antisemitism that would come out of it.

Nigger, some of the worst advances of the jewish agenda were under Republikike administrations. Don't pretend like you're voting for the lesser of two evils. There isn't one, and you don't think that. You're a mindless golem who was programmed to think "red team good".


Sure dude US will get right on that.

Or most likely your grandchildren are going to be brown LOL

He's been letting them fuck him his entire life, and will continue to do so for the duration of his presidency. He isn't going to magically turn on them in some Q-tier fantasy.

Keep telling yourself that. I've weighed the options, and the choice is clear.

When the Gen Z shitposters turn 18 the Dems are fucked like Obama on a "golf trip."

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Trump sent the military to the border so that if any Whites kill any of the invaders he has plausible deniability - most likely, the army just has standing orders to disband any militias they see show up. He doesn't want to be blamed for that if the invaders get shot - and he certainly doesn't actually care about the border.

The fact that you even think you have a choice shows just how much of a golem you are.

Wow, that's some really convincing meta horseshit. I guess I'm all turned around on the subject.

When will you revolt then, kike?

Shills are now advocating voting Democrats to own le ZOG.

Absolute state of ShareBlue.

Dems gonna get ran over

I Just send in my vote for CA.
Wont do much, but still


Tribs confirm

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there's shit stuck between their teeth every time they smile

I voted in CA a few days ago by mail, I voted for a democrat spic over Feinstein. The only spot I could write in Patrick Little was City Council, so there he went.

go away cia

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Did the same, spics are less cancer than jews
But did jot do any write ins, because i know nothing about CA politicians
Btw, i choose people by this pattern
Republican > Men > White > women > Spic > other > jew

Look what I just found


Dems are dying, because it appears more people are going to vote now than during 2016

so are the elections.

Tell that to Crook county.

Sounds like Christ's job. He has a nice spot in Hell for all of em.

They aren't even Christians. How are they going to own the synagogue of satan?



As a comparison, it was +0.7 in Rep favor during the primaries two years ago.

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Your (((comedians))) always favor that approach. At least say something funny.

Lace the 'free food' with Extra strength XLAX, that should raise a stink enough to halt the caravan.

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They both do you dumbfuck but only one doesn't want to flood America with more rapefugees and other garbage.

So based. Can't stop winning battles for Israel!

I kinda figured it would be. Dems tried to pile on the need for sympathy too quick, and really under-estimated their voterbases' own enthusiasm.

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Trump just now said on Fox that he will put them in tents and have them wait

Try again, shylock

Explains their desperation. Everyone already forgot the bomb hoax, thanks kikes.

Which one doesn’t want this. Go on, ban evading paid jewish shill. Tell us which party wants to deport anyone who isn’t white. Tell us which party wants to stop LEGAL nonwhite immigration. Tell us.

You won’t reply.

So yes, the military is there to stop white militias from killing the spics and to ensure that all of the illegals enter the country unharmed.

I was referring to that statement

Young "millennials" are insanely redpilled on beliefs. They most likely don't have the information or knowledge. But they have had to live with the uppity niggresses dancing on desks. The rapey niggers molesting white girls throughout k-Senior while the school (((administration))) turns a blind eye and the police zogbots turn a blind eye as well.

Yes…? And I was refuting it. What was misunderstood?

Nice totally uncited image.

Not legal.
A citizen militia on US soil that isn't a military base, or federal building have more power than the US Army.
Though the law won't be followed so I don't know why the fuck I'm saying it.

And I was refuting it saying what Trump just now said on tv is completely different from your (((opinion)))

Read the posts again

Expect the angry "DONT VOTE GOY" shilling to intensify

I still don’t understand what you’re trying to say. The military has been sent to the border to protect the spics from the white militias that are forming around the country to go down and kill them. They will all be let in.

Reminder that Zig Forums does not support zionists, neoconservatives, civic nationalists, shabbos goyim, or the continuation of the ZOG.

Reminder that your kike ass doesn't speak for all of Zig Forums.

Hi, paid jewish shill.

kek, knew it was coming. if everyone is a shill except you, reconsider your position with schlomo's shitposting service.
enough with you

You are the only one who said this. Hi, paid jewish shill. Reminder that Zig Forums does not support zionists, neoconservatives, civic nationalists, shabbos goyim, or the continuation of the ZOG.

Trump.TV. Said they will go to tents. They will Wait. Then go to an assylum. Then get kicked out

Get it now? you keep repeating they jewish mantra of

I know you nosey fellas are inbred but, jesus

Every single last one from the earlier caravan is still in the country. What evidence do you have for your claims? Nothing whatsoever. You are objectively wrong.

That would honestly be amazing PR for us. To make an omelette you have to crack a few eggs. A White man shot down by his own military trying to stop an invasion will be our own Kent State Massacre times 10, it would turn even most moderate liberal Whites to our side.

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Taylor Swift done goofed