Repeal Copy Right Laws

We should petition to remove copy right laws or put term limits on content; 7 years.

We could then fairly use music after 7 years on youtube videos.

Create content with our favorite character mash ups.

Generic xboxs, playstations, nintendo, ect…

Halo tangent from Halo 3.

Download what ever we want after the 7 years is up…

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While I agree that this is a necessary, pertinent and bipartisan issue we should try to shill into existence - how the actual fuck are you going to achieve this?

It's like they're not even trying to hide their graft and greed.

Fuck you. I made it. It's mine. Pay me, fuckers.

1. You are not on reddit.
2. Shit like this can’t happen until the jews are gone, so it’s irrelevant for our purposes now.

Yes! Yes! Yes!

drug manufacturers lose their patents after 7…

I agree.

For tech related, 10 years would be fine. Like give the source for age of empires 1, starcraft, the sims 1 or fallout 1 so those games could be modded, while new related products are released.

For music it should be 20 to 30 years and for movies around 50 years. For books 100 years. After that, they should become public domain.

It's about copyrighting genes; they're clamping down hard it.

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Yeah lets just shelve the JQ for a while and concern ourselves with videogames and youtube. Kino idea there champ.

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faggot, getting access to these resources would give us the opportunity to remodel them by our linking..


Yeah I get it. Getting your hands on video games and youtube videos is clearly top priority.

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You mean (((copyright)))

you want something you didnt make pay for it commie, no one likes poor people.

freeloading parasite

literally the lamest "whats up kids" attempt at repelling a law that would allow for kikes to make more money lmfao
also nice meme grandpa

This Mandatory NEEDS to happen. ZERO argument. The Monopolization of Creative Content and Any parodying Content is a Jurassic Obsolescence to the Liberties of the People under Modern Technology and outlets of entertainment. NO. You CAN NOT hold the absolute accessibility of a product under your monetized thumb for an indefinite amount of time. Especially that of Digital Nature. TEN YEARS of Monetary Aperture. That's It. Then it's off to Public Domain. No If's And's or But's about it. The Stifling of the Preservation of old Tech due to Corporate Greed will not be condoned.

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jews love to deny the 7 year jubilee to gentiles.

There needs to be a limit on the power that IP has. Going full China is retarded and dumb but slamming someones TV show or YouTube channel for playing 30 seconds of some boomer song is Jewish as fuck.

How come the dead beats who won't pay for intellectual property want gibs? So they can listen to negro rap music demanding gibs and kill the white man making gibs.
It's funny, and tiresome.

You can't copy right the shape of objects so why is it ok to copy right ideas???

What about the robot Scarlet Johanson some guy made should her likeness now be Copyright?

Ok, so lets say I make something pretty neat. It was my creation. But I cant own it ever after 7 years. I cant pass down the rights to my kids. My creation is now not mine even though IM THE ONE WHO PUT THE WORK INTO IT.

If you make something, you should have the right to share it how you see fit. If you dont want to allow certain places to sell it, thats your ability as the one who made it. I would make a cure drug and not share it with china,india, and all of africa. Not until those worthless shits contribute. So honestly this whole thing is practically socialism. "Whats yours is everyones!" Why even fucking create then?

Instead we should have something that allows people to own their creations and somehow remove corporations from it. Lets say someone makes a new type of engine (you can say on his own time). Due to the fact that he works at some research company, even though he made something on his own, the company can still say that due to him being an employee its not his but the company. So the people who werent even involved in the slightest with the content or device now own it. The CEOs did absolutely nothing but yet they own it. The person who made it? He gets dicked hard.

So there should be certain regulations for removing companies from claiming people's inventions but also there shouldnt be massive socialist retardation like removing ownership of someone's creation.

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What's fucked up about the copy right law is that the cure for cancer has less protection through the patent system than your random rap song.

Copyrighted content should receive protection for no longer than 20 years, and any content that's currently 20 years of age or older should become public domain.

This is why I quit gamedev to work on operating systems and userland. A horde of reets that want someone to entertain them and too useless to go to any length necessary to maintain anything they care about on their own.

I find it funny how people who do it for free can make a game looker better than the people who get paid to make it. So yea, there really is not an excuse for doing what you said if that person feels strongly about it. Also the fact that they will download the mod, play it for like 3 hours and be forever done with it is also a thing.

No. Fuck no. The entire reason copyright laws exist is extremely similar to why patents exist: It's to encourage innovation from individuals while protecting their ability to engage in the market. Without them you will get bootleggers or megacorps stealing ideas without effort and selling them off better with their existing resources, and the innovators will keep their ideas and intellectual creations to themselves since many artists would rather their idea die with them than be stolen and profited from by thieves.

Copyrights are more vital today than ever before given that so much of our economy's value is based on intellectual property. Just because you put time and effort and creativity into something that exists only in language or programming or whatever doesn't mean it somehow deserves no governmental protections that are afforded to physical assets that have been likewise created. However, copyright is like a patent in that eventually it is supposed to wear off and pass into the public domain. For individuals the copyright wears off at the moment of their death, but for companies this period is effectively being made indefinite thanks to Disney constantly extending it through legislation.

Should copyright be updated to include memetic phenomena? Of course. Basically make a meme based off of existing characters public domain automatically and be done with it, which means individuals and corporations cannot profit from them. That solves most of the real problem, with the rest being just companies complaining that the public is defacing their trademarks.

And if you're just trying to come to terms with being a fucking pirate stealing chinese cartoons and vidja, get over your guilt or stop pirating. Both are far easier than demanding the world warp around your wish for guilt-free theft, and far less damaging to a society that runs on IP.

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Watch a new generation of blatant ripoffs redefine "unoriginal" if this happens.

Copyright and patents are the bane of humanity.
Information shouldn't be owned, there should be zero (((legal))) recourse and only recognition of creation alone.
Great advances that can improve the quality of life for all are being held hostage by patent troll lawyers and fat fucks sitting in wait on ideas that others could eventually reach.

So that means we should allow nothing to be owned by anyone? Anyone who makes anything cant own it? Thats pretty communist to me.

We do: They're called copyright, trademark, and patent protections. Copyright is granted to the creator for IP the moment you create it, though you can file it for a small amount of money with the government to guarantee you have a record of being the copyright bearer. Patents need to be filed and are a compromise designed to encourage innovation specifically by granting a temporary monopoly (20 years) to the creator in exchange for sharing their design and allowing it to pass into the public domain at the end of the twenty years.

These two things work extremely well for individuals, but they get warped when corporations become involved. Corporations don't have natural lifespans, human interests, or actual creative capacity. A corporation acquires IP through contract and its operations, and this is often a very labor and asset-intensive action. In order to recoup their costs of invention they game the system in various ways: With copyright they petition to extend the lifespan of the copyright whilst it is held in an undying company, and with patents they intentionally clog up the system and slow down the rate at which their patent flows through in order to extend their virtual monopoly. These actions nullify the societal purpose of these IP protections, which is meant to build culture and technology in the public domain.

Keep in mind that I am saying this as a businessman who is learning how to protect my company's IP creations right now and to protect the company from artist employees who will work to create my product. An artist could walk away with my entire IP if they are not bound by a contract to render it onto the business once payment is complete, and many startups have failed because of artists walking away with the product at the end because the businessman fucked up the copyright transfer. Businesses are not the bad guy, but they need to be treated differently than people. The solution is likely to innovate copyright and patent process and rules in a new way to account for the massive upheaval in IP creation in the digital age.

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True, but with the kind of corporate shit jewtube, disney, and other such allows, it's fucking outrageous.

Eleven year old music videos done by the artist who animated them getting copyright struck? Independent students having to fight warner bros to use their stuff for learning, etc.

There are things that allow companies to claim creations from their creators if they are working for said company i believe. Its pretty shitty in certain things. I mean im no business lawyer but ive heard of people getting their projects removed from them and never see a dime of it more times than I would like.

But thank you for the information. It was a good educational read and I learned a few more things.

So to put another perspective on the conversation, what's everyone's opinion on copyleft and the free software movement?

Who drew Bowsette faggot?

This would solve most of the problems with distributing redpills. Bogus DMCA claims are a problem.

You don't, because if you did, you'd know that a chink would steal it, offer a cheap knock-off on AliExpress and after a while you'd stop caring.

If you create something, people will come to you for the next thing you create. You might not pass down intellectual property rights to your kids, but you'd pass them the hands-on knowledge that no chink can photocopy.

nah thats much too low I think 30 years is fair though a lot of video games start becoming fair use

t. Pewdiepie

Did you get another copystrike?

Copyright is literally censorship. Copyright is the monopoly right to censor anyone trying to share a specific work. Copyright is not owning property. Copyright is not possessing something. Copyright is a monopoly granted by the government to censor things that look similar to or are derived from something you were the first to record.

In the case of a drawing you own the pencil lead on paper. If I want to draw on my own piece of paper you have no right to stop me. If you don't want people copying your drawing, then don't show anyone.

You also aren't creating out of thin air. You are building upon our collective culture. The language you use was built by others. The myths and customs you use were built by others.

if you die the right to that creation should die with you, you made your money. you worry about your children? write/compose/create shit and let them publish it for you.

I'm not against repealing copyright, because it is different than patent. Patents are for inventions and discoveries. Copyright is for art.

Patents/discoveries require a substantial initial monetary investment and lots of risk, and it is not feasible to produce such things unless you can be sure of a profit/break-even from doing so.

The driving factor for art however should not be profit. Musicians should make a living by playing music live, not by producing records. Artists should make works they can sell, and then sell them. The purpose of writing should be to disseminate ideas you wish to put forth, not to make a profit.

I'm for repealing all "intellectual property" entirely.

it should have just been 50 years, no exceptions

Kys you communist scum. The fruits of my labor are mine alone.

How can someone own an idea? Will google eventually consolidate all information so if you think any thought you are gulaged?


drug patents are all owned by billionaires in big pharma. they buy up shit like epipens and or heart medicine and increase price by 1000% with no government intervention. if you refuse to sell, they sue you into oblivion or discredit you completely or just reverse engineer and release their own and deny you access to their market.

Destroying intellectual property would cost the (((media))) millions

No thanks Moshe, some books need to get out to the public to show the truth.

Let's focus on manuscripts first, genes are fucked already.

You forgot to name the jew, newfag. Get to the point.

Reverse engineering is a right, just like realising jewish tricks is an obligation.

That is okay, 5~20 is reasonable

Lower it, 20 is good enough unless you are a talentless hack


(((Intellectual Property))) is the reason why everyone is watching Steven Universe. Nobody can bust their pozzed shit.

TLDR "The Micky Mouse Curve"


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