Brit/pol/ #2918: Norf Utd Edition

DFLA vs FLAF: The Football Lads Tackling Extremism
They used to be football hooligans, fighting each other on the terraces and in the streets. Now, two groups of "football lads" have got together to combat extremism – but in very different ways.

Brexit salvation: Project Fear defeated as groundbreaking data shows UK's bright future
EXPORTS in the UK reached their highest ever level in May, as Britain goods sold to non-EU countries rose by more than £2billion

Tory councillor arrested on suspicion of 'upskirting' in branch of TK Maxx
Gloucester councillor Lee Hawthorne, 39, was arrested on Wednesday after police released CCTV images of a man suspected of committing the offence

Hundreds attempt to disrupt first-ever LGBT pride parade in Poland
First LGBT Pride in Poland's Bialystok met with massive counter-protest lgbt&src=typd

Police in Spain arrest Pakistani man accused of kidnapping a Slovakian woman as part of plot to marry her and obtain EU citizenship
The unnamed 31-year-old man is said to have held her in a flat in Tortosa, near Tarragona, for around three weeks before she managed to alert police in her homeland who contacted colleagues in Catalonia

Ben Shapiro: Trump Supporters Are 'Vile' And 'Disgusting' For Chanting 'Send Her Back'
Neocon Ben Shapiro labeled Trump supporters "vile" and "disgusting" for chanting "send her back" at a rally in North Carolina on Wednesday

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xth of nazbol

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First for Democracy

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Ching fc absolutely smashes chong fc pooftas

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luv communist party of China
luv eating insects
luv bamboo sticks
luv mao
luv me ancestors
luv Ching fc

ate imperialists
ate counter revolutionaries
ate Chong fc

simple as


I've not really been paying any attention to the HK stuff, what's the tl;dr tbh

tbh I reckon if some BASTE and redpilled guys got in I'd be jealous that it wasn't me considering how long I've had these beliefs and have had to lie and hide them from such a young age yet some normalfag cunts will sense the changing winds and get in and take credit for things, I'd end up becoming a dissident

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For her

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Unban me, stupid nigger mod permabanned me for telling the spammer to fuck off

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Pro Chinese paramilitary accompanied a pro Chinese politician to forcefully remove protesters from a train station and mall.

chinks sending in the mainlander good squad smh

Smashed the Hong fc cunts tbh. Absolutely embarrassing on their behalf.

Andy Ngo getting beaten up in stereo

Smdh, double check who you're banning


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ardest lads in china

based and moderate pilled

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She looks 40 yo now

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good lad

smh wish them the best tbh fuck the subhuman mainlanders and fuck thatcher

Woes is live lads.
Anyone watching?

who /going gove/ here

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shut the fuck up LIBERAL

kys chang


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Cheers lad

kys chang

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22 I better not see you posting again here tonight if your going to abandon woesy

you wanna claim this?

He's been busy saving the white race lad,what have you done for the movement?

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In mp4?

Good lad

He's streaming too late for wagie Norgebois smh


Unironically eating ready salted pringles rn

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woes is meta

Norgebros are only an hour into the future. What time are you up for toil lad?

7, but I am already watching a film smh

cup of tea and custard creams tbh

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What are you watching lad?

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im not bins if thats what you think

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Patrician choice lad

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tbf but I dont have any
only eating biscuits because Im round mummy’s house

Stop talking about biscuits lads im a fatty on a diet

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You know you want to lad

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Raspberries and clotted cream

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Rustlers cheese burger for meee


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never had one tbh

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tempted to put in my big chicagotown pepperoni pizza tbh

They taste like hot water and they take ages to cool down before they won't burn your face off, but they're alri if you need something in a hurry

Going to have a salmon salad soon too then maybe a pot noodle or some olives

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Do they taste of meat at all?

2 steak pies for dinner and on packet of cookies for supper.

I had a Rustlers chicken burger the other day and it was 49% chicken

might make some hot dogs tbh

What's the rest?

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tasted shite as well, the bread was soft on the outside and hard in the middle

We should be chipping in with our supachats to Woes tbh

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better put some mustard and onions on those bad boys

not a clue but I'm not having one of them ever again


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how can you eat rustlers. Literally just order a takeaway or go to a chicken shop Christ.

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had me some pigs and blankets for dindins

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that is a snack reserved for christmas only lad

think i ate about 30 last christmas

Woes' future

vile tbh you should be ashamed of yourselves

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