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Check the catalog before posting.

Pretty sure the mod who posted this checked it and posted anyway, dumbfuck.

Why should this not be deleted?

Why was this thread bumplocked?

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Really makes you think.



sending in troops
just like the last time
to let them in
lets escort them and give them an MRE

Are they going to keep them out? No? Then nothing is being done.

shit thread - why is this still up and not deleted?

This scares the shill.

Shills in meltdown, hilarious.

Anyone has the screencap of the >>12333333 GETS?

the only reason 5000 thousand troops will be deployed to the border is to put these DACAryans in trucks and ship them to the US

Lol, the troops outnumber the immigrants now

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That cannot be…

Who ismore Aryan, the US Army or the caravan coming over?

Great. Awesome.
What happened to last time when they said they would expedite the court hearings?
Why the fuck can’t we tell the UN to shove it up their ass? I know this asylum shit is fucking globalist kikery.

Do you have any idea how many invaders could show up over a rolling 3 year (and likely growing) period?
This has to fucking end. We don’t owe them anything.

Great, the DACAryans will go through a more orderly entry-process

Checked, we can only hope for the best tbh

If the units deployed are combat units, the army, if not, it's a toss-up

Why do you want the US to be flooded with criminal Aztecs?

In regards to who is deploying it looks like the 20th Engineer Brigade and the 89th MP Brigade. With current law iirc military can deploy in country but only to support/supplement law enforcement actions, so barring some impossibilities nobody here should expect geared up ZOGbots mowing down muds, more like ZOGbots moving ICE around and potentially helping set up tent cities to hold the aliens and to keep order.

While I like hearing this news nothing significant is going to happen, I think either the caravan is going to give up, split up and infiltrate all throughout the border, or just go to the border and be detained and allowed to stay on our soil as people wring their hands and go "Aw geez we gotta give them the same rights as our citizens" or let through as is standard practice. If current statistics are to be believed every day almost 2000 muds get through our border, a caravan of the what 10,000 muds is a drop of water in the rapidly growing pool of mud that is suffocating our people.

Shills are damn scared of this.

sage for doubleposting but I forgot to mention, this is all obviously just political spectacle because of elections. Trump needs to bolster his party since he hasn't really managed to do anything to remove muds from this country, deploying of the military is something he can do without congressional oversight so the political jewry can't just go "oy vey thats racist." There already been a couple thousand National Guard troops along the border since the start of the year, again in support functions, yet shockingly nothing has manifested from their presence. This is nothing more than a move to placate his base and to rile them up for midterms.

Literal orange nigger.

Let's go further:
It's a fucking anchor baby breeding program.

Nice fanfiction, shills.

I will remember when the caravan disperses and you are crying.

Go back to reddit.

Why are you like acting like a ledditor though?

These niggers are absolute shills who are so mad that Trump is defending the borders, do you miss the literal nude spam they have at the beginning of this thread?

I know reading comprehension is hard but I assume you just ignored my previous post. The people who immediately screech shill like yourself because someone insulted or lessened the actions of your kike puppet is the same tactics the left uses to silence dissent. I'm sure there are other anons around who notice these things but calling another shill is effectively the Zig Forums equivalent of "RACIST" no one seems to care or notice because its so common now. I'd bet every 4 or 5 posts on average is a person hit and running with a shill post to derail any actual discussion on things that make them uncomfortable. Since once someone yells that magic word discourse turns into a shitflinging fest of "nuuh ur the shill, nuuh ur the kike, no u, no u" until the thread dies or all discussion dies. If you want to actually address what I said go ahead, but if what I said sounded too realistic and unpleasant to hear then fuck off.

Too many people on here have gotten into their own little fantasy worlds so detached from reality its concerning. Trump isn't some crypto-Hitler, his children are married to kikes, he sucks Israels dick every day, he denounces us and our people every time someone say something mean to a jew. If you can't see this obvious political ploy as nothing more than some theatrical maneuvering then you are out of touch with reality. Why didn't he simply do this any other time? Guess what midterms are in a few days, the answer is obvious but to the addled mind it actually is a secret conspiracy by Trump all in a deep and winding plan to overthrow ZOG and GTKRWN and lead our people to glorious battle. Reality is a bitch, we live in horrific times and the hour is late, we don't have time for stupid fantasies.

Blah blah blah blah blah

Don't vote goyim.

This is the reality here, Trump is deploying troops to the border, if you want to see that, go to the border and see for yourself.

No amount of NO U is gonna reverse that fact.

Glad to know you have no interest in discussion and are nothing more than our equivalent of some aids riddled blue haired bulldyke.

Blah blah blah blah

Go to the border. If Trump doesn't protect it, you protect it.

inb4 excuse excuse excuse

I know this is a waste of time because you likely are illiterate but this is your last (you) so make it count. If you even looked at my posts I never denied Trump is sending troops to the border, I even clarified that he has already done so in the past to literally no effect but that doesn't matter to you.

Literally no effect how?

Did that 1000 strong caravan get through to the US?

And even if so, what's stopping you from going to the border to protect it?

Oh wait, excuse excuse excuse

Hey I actually got some discussion, you're doing better I'm proud of you. Again if you read anything I wrote I discussed this, every day 1000-2000 muds bypass our borders, maybe some get caught, many don't. Any action stopping more muds getting in is good, but what is one caravan with the equivalent of maybe a weeks worth of average infiltration. Each year half a million of those creatures make it in here no problem. To answer your question, if any one of us decided to go down there and bring some needed justice and remove those muds we would be immediately arrested by the Trump administration and he would be on the TV screaming for the death penalty for us just as he did with that guy that killed some kikes. So sure any one of us can, but it would be a one way suicide mission.

So again, you will not go to the border to protect it, but just whining here.

Okay, carry on with the excuse, nobody gives a shit since even you don't give a shit.

And be proud of me, kid, because I'm doing something like Trump is doing something.

Weirdest border defense I've ever seen.

Wow, he's putting up tent to hold them up so they cannot sneak in.

Hmm, really makes my nog nogging there.

Welp back to bringing nothing to the table, but hey if you're going down there for real good on you. I do give a shit if you read at all which I know you haven't at all but it's ok I know you don't mean to bring discussion but simply whine that people don't like the current president. If Trump cared about our people the most simplest and easiest thing he could do completely legally is remove all illegal immigrants, that would knock off ~10% muds from our population and hinder their growth, buying our people needed time. He will never do this though, of course you will never acknowledge this.

No, you don't give a shit.

Don't even pretend to, you are here to flap your stupid mouth about nothing, while real americans like Trump and me is doing everything we can to secure the border.


Alright I don't like throwing the word shill around but now I'm a little suspect but hey it is what it is. You understand that our population stands at less than 60% white right? Securing the border will stop the 500,000 yearly muds from getting in but by the next census we will likely be below 50% white since the muds breed like rats, Trump continues to allow their existence on our soil, if he wanted to preserve our people like I said the simplest thing he could do is buy us time.

Really makes my nog nogging there.

Was Hitler a secret jew lover by sending jews to summer camps and giving them free shit? Welp, Hitler is literally Trump!

Yeah, you are going to call me a shill while doing absolutely jackshit.


Boohoo, can't take someone calling you a shill for acting like one and not contributing to discussion in any way shape or form, then don't call someone actually trying to discuss the real situation our nation is in. Huff and puff all you want unless the muds are out of our nation we will perish, Trump is doing nothing to stop this. Plugging a leak in our house when it is already deep underwater does jack shit.

You can call me a shill dude, who cares.

Meanwhile, get some actual shit done, go do the actual shit you are lambasting Trump for, because you are not doing anything.

Believe me if one person could undo all this fucking horrific bullshit we're in any one of us would've done it by now. I can't single handedly deport every single one of the 30,000,000 illegal immigrants myself, Trump could do it with a sign of a pen. Even then we have a long road to go, those 30 million are only a fraction of the mud hordes infesting our home.

Anyone can do anything.
Even one dude can change the history of a nation.
But you don't.

You are here to whine why your chosen candidate not do shit, and you proceed to not do shit as well.

Don't even pretend you care, because you don't.

We'll see. The jews are about to sacrifice a white man in the name of "hate".

I didn't even know we had Federal "hate" laws. I didn't even know it was possible to regulate emotions (instincts) by law.

All of that progress in bringing back jobs; GONE! We 'had' the lowest African American unemployment numbers in a very, very long time, and those jobs are abut to be given to Juan at poverty-level wages. Good job, Dims


If the women are going to have babies either way, I might as well go and try to pick one up in her teens or early 20s



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