But why tho?

We need to make people wonder WHY EXACTLY the jews are a hated group. This might get people at least thinking about who is a jew, and therefor having an awareness of them. This leads to taking note of what they push for.


Other urls found in this thread:


it will also guarantee media coverage and mucho salt

Jews are perfect. I can't believe people don't like them. They never did anything wrong. Poll has always supported based Jews.

Kikes are parasites.


do it after IOTBW 2018
it's not a coincidence that you're pushing a poster campaign with a very similar design so close to oct 31st, the IOTBW 2018 poster date
fuck off shill

anons come to the IOTBW 2018 thread and ignore this shill

Jews have done so many great things. They are a great group. Every time you see a jew you should remember all that they have been through. Never judge them based on the actions of a few bad apples. Judge them based on the actions of the good apples! Start loving Jews. But don't judge them. But make positive assumptions about them. Don't be a negative Nancy an make negative assumptions. Don't judge a group based on what some members of that group did if what they did was bad. You can judge them based on what a few good members of their group did because you have to be nice. Stop hating so much. I hate people that judge. Using the word hate is never acceptable. I hate people that use the word hate. I just want to punch these violent people who think you can solve things with your fist!

Bump for ansolute genius.

Yeah good idea. Let's wait until after world war three. Right now isnt that important. Jews need all the positive coverage they can get right now. Later , we can start bringing in the controlled hatred. This will cover up our plans. Think, young chaim, think before you speak.

Sorry. I'm a phonefag at werk.

this thread is made by leftist faggots trying to spread a fake version of the It's Okay To Be White poster less than 48 hours before that poster campaign begins on Oct 31st

fuck this bullshit and come to the IOTBW thread:

read Mein Kampf

You are a jew-faggot destined for both the sword and the all-consuming fires of Hell for all eternity. Sacrifice your child to Remphan, you filthy lying abomination.

Daily reminder that all you need to stop a criminal is constant pressure. You don't need calculated chess moves, just constant pressure until they inevitably crack. Any attack on evil criminals is good. Anyone stating otherwise I'd a demoralization shill who is terrified of the new world where accountability is a thing. Every empire ever eventually falls and has to rebuild with more freedom for the slaves because of constant pressure. It's partly because they get overpowered , partly because people who gain power through evil means eventually have to fuck over their allies (mafia, black gangs for example just ended up destroying each other) , and mostly because they win so many battles that they start to view themselves as invincible when in reality their enemies just pulled back to regroup stronger. The only way they can avoid getting bad at chess is by playing better opponents, and that also involves them sacrificing some power and exposing some weak points.

Fuck off.

Attached: f8aa634ff70be70810ca2ad9082a61bd60ee83b9aaefb4fa17b29c71cc82e198.jpg (456x337, 25.13K)

But more importantly, you're a jewish fag shilling.

for the same reasons scientologists are a hated group

We know that the Celts, Romano-Iberians and Visigoths of Spain hated the jews because the jews conspired with the Muslim Moors to facilitate the Islamic invasion of Spain in 711 AD and the years that followed, and because jews for hundreds of years stole Christian children from the Spanish in order to obtain slaves to sell to the Islamics in slave markets across the Mediterranean region.

In 1492 Fernando and Isabella, after defeating and expelling the last of the Muslims, then by and through the Alhambra Decree, kicked out the jews too from Spain as a determined "good riddance".

That's why the medieval Spanish hated jews and what they finally did about it..

Attached: Isabel of Castille.jpg (638x358, 31.67K)

Is posting fucking up or what?

Ironic shitposting is still shitposting.

Attached: 1231231235.gif (255x255, 193.57K)

Go away.

You filthy and venomous worms are really getting desperate. The seeds are already planted. Callers are flooding talk shows revealing the truth about you children of the lie. We just need to plant more seeds and send more normies down the rabbit hole that we all took the spill down some time ago.

Keep trying to deflect. Its not going to matter soon enough.

"Stop hating Jews for no good reason" would be funny because reasons.

Oh fuck dude either go back to TRS or stop listening to that demented old nigger.


Or "Jews Rule!"

Attached: Communicating with rodents.jpg (612x792, 181.23K)

1. The campaign should be concise and clearly presented.
2. Detail the times throughout history the jew has been expelled and why.
3. Feature quotes from well known people on the jew. The more an average person learns of their constant deception, subversion and depravity through the ages, the more they will see it is not the 'ebilnatzees' fantasy at all.

Better to tell them straight from Jews themselves, they'll more easily listen even if they're Jewish

Theodor Herzl, the founder of modern Zionism
(From his diaries, as quoted by Arthur Kornberg 295)

Oh this too


"Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it." John 8:44 KJV

I'm referring to scripture you dismissive little faggot. It's funny that JLP had been getting flooded with calls revealing the answer to the JQ. He needs to be inundated with many more.

fuck off you obvious glowing shill
no matter how many IOTBW derail threads you shit into the catalog you're not going to derail the IOTBW poster campaign

come to the real IOTBW thread:

Attached: pepe_iotbw_campus.jpg (840x700, 88.49K)

This guy is right. Ignore any of these mock IOTBW ripoff threads and stick with the original format. Do not change it. There is no phase two. Ignore anyone who tries to tell you otherwise.

And the reason why this idea is bad is because people already have a premade answer in their head about the poster's question. Worse, it is linked to the IOTBW, which they've been taught is White Nationalism, which is of course the devil, and therefore people hate the jews because they are evil. End of story. A good poster creates a desired response that requires no more input from others. This does not.

This is bad for poster material, but an excellent question to engage people with when you are actually conversing with them. "Have you ever wondered why there is hatred against the jews?" This simple question has a lot of answers. A metric shit ton of answers. And all of them that are based in historical and scientific fact point towards that hatred being in many cases well justified. But a piece of paper won't educate people on that, hence why this is a bad idea. Stick with IOTBW. Don't make variations. There is no phase two.

No that is bad ganda. It is worded horribly. Don't do that. Go with this instead.

Attached: Expelled 109 times everyone else is the problem - are we the baddies.jpg (638x825 151.78 KB, 47.25K)

Deepest Lore

The cat's already out of the bag on where IOTBW came from. I don't think a second round is going to cause any reaction. By all means, go ahead, but that's my honest intuition about it.

However, the jews are getting ridiculously desperate with their pushing for anti-Semitism laws and protected status. Something needs to be memed into the public consciousness to get as many as possible questioning why exactly these disgusting parasites are regarded in the right manner in which we regard them.

It's really not so obvious why they are hated, and it wouldn't be relegated to so simple of an answer as "because evil whites hate them". That doesn't even make any sense, which leads me to believe that you are a shill or a alphabet soup glownigger.

Farrakhan has called them out. Sayoc, in the unlikely event that he is not a glownigger, has allegedly made statements about the filthy abomination as well. That's a blackie and a pinoy, and they are definitely not alone in their respective races regarding their understanding of the jew. The Japanese know. The Malay know. Many people know.

I would understand wanting a variation from the format that was used for IOTBW. However, A codefied prompt that makes people question the causes of the condition of disgust towards a "religious"/ethnic group is very necessary because on its face it is rather inexplicable for the average normie. Speaking personally, I was only red pilled on the kike only 6 months ago. I still haven't reached the bottom of that rabbit hole.

Memeing this is needed in fact, and soon, given the recent happenings and the legislative effort that they will soon unleash upon the USA. Either a different format or a POA needs to be created or formulated. The iron's hot, and it must be struck.

I believed "antisemitism is a religion, antisemites are obsessed with the jews to the point of wanting to be the jews themselves" for many years, before I was finally redpilled. You bad goyim should think about a way to improve your optics - to always make the JQ more accessible to the normies.

This thread is a jewish thread . They know they can't stop IOTBW so they're trying to dilute the message.

This completely violates the spirit of the original campaign, which is to have communists overreact to an innocuous phrase. Just stick to the original phrase and stick it in the white space on candy labels. That's the best solution for this year's Hallowe'en. It also generates more paranoia and hysteria in our target audience.

This is the best possible operation this year:

Attached: Mein shoa.gif (374x354, 562.64K)

People just need to show that they are not surprised about terror attacks against jews. Dont give an inch, say you are surprised it's not everyday. Enjoy the salt

I agree but when is that scheduled? The 31st, no?
This doesn't look liable to get off the ground until after that.


Attached: Why Do Jews Hate - Why Are Jews Hated.jpg (5672x8352, 8.08M)

not buying your innocent routine here, fuck off shill
IOTBW will not be derailed

anons come to the IOTBW 2018 thread and ignore this shill

Interesting message. But Why do people hate jews? Doesn't make people question anything, it's easy to answer with "because dey racist" or "dey nazis."
"Why can't you criticise jews?"

Ask people why they can't do something that can be done with any other group.

What the fuck….? Nigger, all I did was note that this has like no backing to it thus far, and your op is planned for like the day after tomorrow.
Calm your inflamed vagina.

it's not a coincidence that this (and many other threads) that closely mimic IOTBW design suddenly appeared in the catalog so close to the 31st
blatantly obvious derail attempt, fuck off

anons come to the IOTBW 2018 thread

No, its not a coincidence, its the fact that a major event just happened, that the IOTBW campaign is well established in memetic terms, and there's 2-3 threads in the catalog, besides YOUR 2 IOTBW threads, which could even possibly considered to be 'mimicing' IOTBW, and they're all in the same vein as this one.
Because a fucking happening just happened, regardless of when you planned your event.

The problem with this apparently well intentioned meme, is that there are far too many reasons for hating jews. Best to pick one and frame this as a statement rather than a question. I'd favor something that gets niggers riled up, such as "jews finance slavery".

that shit doesnt happen until you have a personal experience. Its like me trying to convince you to hate this guy I met because he stole my bike.

Youll probably be all like , this user is such a pussy crying about a stolen bike. I bet this user deserved his bike to be stolen

Then you meat the guy that stole my bike , you realize that hes bad with money, he listens to rap music at an annoying volume, hes taking remedial engilsh in college and he is ahread of the line in the quota system at the place where you want a job.

And ur all like: I see why that user hates that guy

Each of us has a different experience, but as different as they are there is one common trend. Beady eyes and hook noses.

Personal experiences are not the best point of reliance, because many people simply wont have them due to the small size of the jewish population.
You need to be curious to bother to investigate what is, in most places, a topic of extreme taboo. Something like this could generate that curiosity, but it needs to be more clever, a bit more refined yet.

If OP was genuine they would be planning this campaign to coincide with "International Holocaust Remembrance Day".
Imagine the kvetching.

Yes, such timing could improve the broadcast effect.

Jew slide thread. Remember to hate all jews, show the world the hate, and they will ask why. Then tell them why

im just telling you thats how "hate" works , you cant make someone hate others without experience

even things like hating hitler require a personal experience with racism or military takeovers to understand why he is someone to hate

basically OPs premise that hate can be handed out is a false one. The only other thing you can do is simulate it by corercing people into hateing jews … basically threatening them to step in line or else.

hating jews isnt taboo … they fucking bring it up themselves every other sentence

I would assume it was a nigger who listened to rap that stole your bike upon telling me that your bike was stolen.


1/7 people hate Jews worldwide, across races and nations. Jews say 1/7 people in the world are hateful, insane or ignorant and not one of them has a legitimate reason to hate them.

Did you know there are more anti-Semites in the world and US than there are Neo-Nazis? 1/7 people worldwide find Jews to be abominable. And, in the US, 1/8 people identify with or support "Neo-Nazis".

Doing God's work, user.

Stop trying to coopt IOTBW aesthetics, you shill faggot.

i remeber 2 old storyes about jews whose aftermath still echo today

the first one was the origin of the expression "poisoning the well".
Aparently during the plagues in Itally some goy doctor managed to detect poison in the water, the town villagers hid at night near the well and saw a jew aproachin it with a flask, when they confronted the jew he said it was just lavander and that it was harmless, yet still refused to drink a sip to prove it was harmles, during the strugle, the contents of the flask were spiled on the jew and he was lit ablase by the flame of a nearby torch, Italians were so pissed they rounded up all nearby jews and burned them all (tens of thousands acording to kikes but you all know how they like to exagerate), similar stories like this poped up all over yurop almost simultaneosly (in an era were news traveled as fast as a horse could run) later the spanish inquisition got a confecion out of a jew that they were following orders from the synaguogue, jews naturally blamed this rumor on the spanish inquisition interrogation methods, but still can't expalin how all these rumors appeared all over yurop almost at the same time, recorded by people who had no idea the same thing was hapening on the other side of the continent

the second story is why the coins nowadays have ridged edges
back in the day when coins were made of gold, jews grinded the edges to get a little bit of gold dust outa them, i'm sure everyone did this thing but the britbong king who ordered coins be made with ridged edges to spot if a coin had been grinded specifically blamed the jews for it

Attached: you can help by expanding it.jpg (750x728, 155.12K)

The same things that have been done hundreds of times over thousands of years to little appreciable result all over Christendom. It took the völkish NSDAP to actually do something about the Jews besides play yet another round of kick-the-can and "the name game".

Gay af.
OP's idea is way better.

Perhaps it would be more effective of a meme if you'd say: Why do nazis hate Jews?
Youll have plausible deniability if you need it too. It also allows people to contemplate the question more openly. Dont underestimate the roadblocks in their thoughtprocess installed through (((social media giants))). This way, after all, its not THEM that hate the jews, its those ebil natzies. A lot of people dont have an answer to the question why Hitler would want to kill Jews.
Yeah, thats nice, and its also national socialist instead of nazi; but were talking from the perspective of the normie. So to coerce some people, inspire them, you need to adjust yourself to their 'truths' and guide them.

I don’t hate them, I hate their political agendas and behaviors. There are Jews I even get along with at a distance.

Sam Hyde is a Jew I get along with.




The falseflag of "it's ok to be white" happening right before the election is now matched with, "We hate Jews". That's funny:

Attached: 2848_10151207958278290_475444299_n.jpg (600x772, 47.63K)

IOTBW triggered leftards and awoke normies to the rampant white bashing everywhere
there are manny people, boomers mostly completly out of touch with current events but when the media began kvetching about those stupid posters it got their blue pilled cogs turning, why wouldn't it be ok to be white? why are so many people throwing a bitch fit about these posters?, why would anyone feel the need to post them?
all these questions leave to the inevitable answer that there is a widespread, organized white hatred promoted by the media and education sistems
asking why does everyone hate jews will give similar results
the last thing jews want is goyim asking uncomfortable questions
even back in highschool some of my most pozzed history (((teachers))) started sweating when i asked where were the 6 gorillon bodies burried, to wich they answered that they were burned to ash, but then began sweating again when i inquired about the technical and logitics miracle they have had to pull off to erase 6 gorillon corpses while fighting a war on 2 fronts

kikes don't want the goy to think, and asking questions is the best way to get the goy to think

Attached: NPC gaining a soul.png (480x480 15.86 KB, 170.28K)

Offering poster correction.

Hate is an emotion backed motivation. It doesn't need a deeper reason. But targeting something requires reasoning, planning, and intent, not just rage. Target sounds more calculated, cold and methodical. Which then begs the question, "What did the jews do to become this person's target?"

Attached: 7fa1b6c61548cf0b9bf064a3cde9be5e48a4ac941953eb6cd6db07705325e6c5.png (523x294, 251.18K)

fuck off you obvious glowing shill
no matter how many IOTBW derail threads you shit into the catalog you're not going to derail the IOTBW poster campaign
come to the real IOTBW thread:

OP is trying to derail IOTBW, that's the only purpose of his thread

come to the real IOTBW thread:

IOTBW has already been done. this is more relevant. replaying the same old shit is weak and the media will not cover it. cry shill cry

i dont think that would have the effect you think. i dont think people would pick up on the irony, plus it would be too easy for the left to hijack as support for the synagogue false flag.

you have to make something easy to print. you are doing it wrong. jewish supremacy is bad wont work either

this is a more specific escalation, the opposite of dilution. its also a different topic.

Jews are not beyond Criticism

these could work

Americans at least do not hate jews in any way whatsoever, after all they just campaigned and elected the most jewish President since Roosevelt, they even openly used the cartoon frog imagery espoused by trumps jewish pedo mossad mentor Roy Cohn.
Perhaps other nations may be wise to the jew, but Americans on both the left and right suck on jew dicks openly and boast about it even on Zig Forums

Remember when weev managed to get every printer publicly accessible in north america to print out ads for Daily Stormer?
How do we do it again?

no matter how many IOTBW derail threads you shit into the catalog you're not going to derail the IOTBW poster campaign
come to the real IOTBW thread:

Just show through history that they all were kicked out repeatedly.
And add to context that they even had laws specifically for them, e.g. roman legislation.

Weev the jew, sent spam mail calling the movement "White supremacy" and play acting like an ADL sponsored cartoon "nazi",and you relate that to we?

Heh. I see what you did there

Attached: 1529032793641.png (497x580, 129.78K)

Do not condemn for race.
Condemn for behavior.

High interest rates = evil crime.
Pollution = evil crime.
Societal manipulation = evil crime.

And so on. Focus on what makes a thing evil crime, and you will find the true enemy. The guilty will suffer; the innocent will be spared.

Got it: Condemn for race. Thanks for confirming that all jews will be killed for being jewish.

That list is for normies. The point is to narrow in on crimes so specifically, that a person can't help but realize that only one race commits all of them over and over.

No shit. Only shills are falling for it.

But this is an innocuous phrase. It draws no conclusion. It could actually be taken as opposing antisemitism. The idea, as I see it, is simply to meme the question into people's minds and inspire them to look further into it - which, as all Zig Forumsacks know, favors our cause.

fuck off retard

everyone else come to the IOTBW thread:

At least make a design that doesn't look like a IOTBW ripoff if you don't want to be taken for a parasite.

Should say

Lots of very similar threads being created by damage control shills. Hmmm.

Worse, it is linked to the IOTBW, which they've been taught is White Nationalism
Worse, it is linked to the IOTBW, which they've been taught is White Nationalism
Worse, it is linked to the IOTBW, which they've been taught is White Nationalism

As much as this idea is ok, it kills the IOTBW originator by attaching a reason why it's not ok to be white. Poor timing and destructive to the original message.

High IQ OP, it's what Juden Peterstein says at least hahaha. I don't think anything new needs to be created as there's been some real gems the past few years, just more activity with those. Repetition is the most effective form of propaganda. Keep it simple for the somatics.

yeah they already know it is pol nazis behind IOTBW though. you're not keeping anything secret.

IOTBW is over. time to make something else.

Attached: CE639413-1FE7-457C-A321-1114AFCF9ECE.jpeg (853x691, 297.08K)

Attached: 6EE744AD-8767-4695-A2EF-6F754D40100C.jpeg (1242x926, 620.95K)

Americans value nothing more than “democracy.” By showing them Israel and by extent the Jews have destroyed this, the people will swiftly wake up

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Because they shut down gab.

I liked Jews in the 20th century, when they were all about free speech.

Not anymore.

Fuck off.
Want 3 white kids? Nazi!
Want a meritocracy? Nazi!
IOTBW is a great concept and now a Zig Forums tradition on Halloween. I get really activated thinking of spoonky skelmens and gostys running around on Halloween plastering the suburbs, unis and commerce centres with IOTBW posters.
Fucking brilliant, simple campaign.
If you were seriously behind "Why do people hate jews" you'd be doing it around International Holohoax day which is the 27th of January.
Imagine the impact.

fucking free speech lol..

In the final act, America floods Israel with a shitload of barely religious non-orthodox jews, destroying their ethnostate the exact same way they've destroyed ours - with a combination of the very guarantees that were supposed to ensure its greatness, and a shitload of fucking immigrants.

Wait for it. We've got this. 👌

Don't get it twisted,,Free speech applied to things of degenerational nature porn .movies music books mag …laws changed to protect that Free Speech for all …….Not just Them
They Have been pushing Laws to pass every fucking year to take everyone's freedom

They Honor the host nation when it fits them They are white when it fits them ..Shape shifter. I thought it was Fictional wew
Seriously though

I think more people are waking up to the bull shit Water Cooler fags trying to act like they care about the shooting ….