Operation J.A.I.L #1 - Almost Halloween Edition

Jews Are Illuminati
J.A.I.L is a psychological operation intended to bring awareness to the crimes of the Jewish Population within the United States. Our exposure time is primarily intended for this week surrounding Halloween and the week after. No Jews were harmed in the execution of this psyop.

Intended Goals of the Operation

Use TAPE or Adhesive
Tape and/or adhesive glue is the best option to apply the poster. We want to lawfully name the Jew to people in order to give them the best presentation of the op.

How to Make Wheat Paste
1. Combine 1 part flour to 4 parts water in a large saucepan. Whisk constantly to prevent chunks from forming. Heat to just below a boil until it has reached the desired consistency.
2. Wheatpaste will work completely fine with just flour and water, some say you can achieve better properties in the glue by adding things, but others argue against adding anything to it, therefore I cannot confirm or disprove the flowing.
3. Once the glue gets ever so slightly thicker, microwave for less than 30 seconds at a time, because the glue thickens exponentially fast.
4. Wheatpaste will glue any porous paper to another with ease and dry to a rock-hard finish. It will also stick to many other porous materials such as concrete and wood. You can apply wheatpaste with a paintbrush, foam brush, roller, or just a piece of cardboard will work fine.

Avoiding Identification
Protect your right to free speech. Use OPSEC!

Printing Locations

We are NOT performing ANY violent action. Have fun!

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I'm going as Bavarian Illuminati.
With an irl Masonnigger.
Top kek.

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Stop trying to poison IOTBW.

Fuck off you shill rat

Damn, you kikes really are getting good at making these psyop OPs.


fuck off you obvious glowing shill
you're not going to derail IOTBW

come to the real IOTBW thread:

naming the jew is priority one

Unironically a decent op. Glowniggers are afraid.

come to the real IOTBW thread:

(THE) Jews are "THE" Illuminati

It's a bad idea. The word "Illuminati" is, to the general populace, only used by "conspiracy theorists". To say that the Jews are Illuminati gives the reader the opportunity to think the trained response, "Oh, all that anti-Jew stuff? It's just conspiracy theorist junk." The only people likewise who would even respond to the word "Illuminati" in a way that would be useful are either so riddled with misinformation that they are the stereotypical "conspiracy theorist" or they already know about the Jews - that is, no one you want to communicate to in poster methodology.

And stop using IOTBW format. There is no phase two.

this thread is the most obvious and retarded attempt to derail IOTBW ive ever seen

come to the real thread:

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Don't forget to put up a subtle message, too.


in Hollywood-esque letters starting in your back yard, over your house to your front walk.

Illuminated at night.

Of course its a bad idea who do you think (((OP))) is?

this thread is the most obvious and retarded attempt to derail IOTBW ive ever seen

come to the real thread:


This is such a stupid idea.

Can you imagine someone seeing that paper, and thinking,

"Holy Shit! The Jews are the Illuminati! God damn! I had a feeling but this paper really clears it all up! Time to start revolution now!"

I mean, come on man. We need good ideas, not just ideas. Don't even waste your time. Unless this is a joke. In which case good job, I laughed heartily. I especially like how you put so much detail into such a stupid idea. Reminds me of people in general.

Reported for obvious attempt to derail IOTBW. Kill yourself kike.


Surely it's the other way around? All illuminati are juden, but not all juden are illuminati.


What a shit thread.

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if the (central) Bank of England wont give Venezuela their gold back that is legally theirs, and that starts a war…

and the Central Banks control countries

and Jews Control Central banks

does that really mean jews control the world?

to figure out who rules you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize – Voltaire

This is a disinformation/well-poisoning campaign designed to make anyone who is "antisemitic" (aka, rational) look insane.

Why are these threads allowed?


Because codemonkey wants them to be allowed.

Most transparent, shitty, derail attempt yet.
Do not change the words.
There is no phase 2.
Kill yourself.