Nobody talking about this?

Things have been going haywire in Greece for over a week and I saw no thread so here goes.
After the Leader of the Co-ruling party here named him as influencing Greek politics, and the whole Macedonian name deal that has been going on for months in particular, there has been a Soros craze, with everyone talking about him. Accusations are flying left and right inside the government about (((conspiracy theories))) and the news are capitalizing on this hard.
I couldn't find anything in English but thought they'd be nice to include
In the Embed, the former Finance Minister (shaky as to his political leanings, mostly a commie, but known for mocking and going against the EU in 2015 to the point where the country was almost kicked out of the euro before he was removed) says that Soros personally phoned the PM, Tsipras and ordered his removal.
Also, here's an article from a mainstream newspaper listing Soros' donations to Greece for 2016

I think him becoming public knowledge is interesting. The way the media handles it is very strange too, as they both hype him up as the real life supervillain he is and ridicule and discredit everyone thinking he indeed has used his money against the country at the same time.

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Hmm interesting, Greek politics is pretty cool to see because I feel like Greeks on average are more redpilled to this type of shit. Planning on going to Greece to study for a semester in the winter.

We need an English translation, big time. This guy is kind of a hero in many leftist circles, would be a great red pill.

BTW the EU didn't threaten to kick Greece out of the Euro I don't know how you got that impression. Varoufakis threatened to leave the Euro so that Greek debt would once again be denominated in a currency that Greece controls.

The problem with Greeks is ever other one is a Turk rape baby.

Agreed. I don't speak Greek. Any baste Greek anons?


Here you go. I just typed what he said, not the anchor too.


Thanks. This is extremely interesting. Soros has vastly more power than we may have first guessed.

You must not have seen this interview. If there is geopolitical turmoil then Soros is there, in contact with all the players and scheming.

its anti-Kike anti-talmud anti-kabbalah in other words anti-Satanic Jew

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soros is a rothschild agent, all power he has comes from them, he does their will

Who will be dead soon enough, there's a limit to what young blood will sustain.


He's a leftist but he is a fairly renowned economist, he was removed because he wanted to nationalized Greek banks when they got cut off from the euro by the BCE (EU central bank) to prevent a bank run and going all the way with Greek getting back control on their national money.
Which given what was going on was what all serious economists were advising they should do and the real solution for Greece to bounce back in 5 years instead of where they are they are (which is exactly at the same point as when this shit started except the EU forced the government to sell everything they had from ports infrastructure to national monuments).

Political opinions are a thing, competency to solve problems is another, Tspiras is a lefty but he is definitely competent.

>(((Greeks aren't White, Goyim)))

If you do, please try to figure out what is going on on the ground with Golden Dawn. Which local political positions do they occupy, how string is their support, what are they doing that doesn't get on the (((news)))
Then please make a thread on it because Golden Dawn fascinates me and I believe that they may be the path forward for all White nations.

Greeks are not Turkish rapebabies, the turks are.

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XA is having so many issues at a national level because they are shamelessly national social… they prefer the term Social Nationalists, since they have an issue with the gibs culture that the (((left))) has ruined the last two generations with (so much that centre-right Syriza didn't slow down the gibs-train at any moment). Their talk of ending fractional reserve banking (aka a debt based economy) and refusing to kiss the ring of Israel (on grounds that any serious ally of Turkey is a "non-country") means that government is going in by hook or by crook.

In a country where police are overworked, underpaid, under-equipped and scarcely defended by the justice system… especially in Athens where they're seen as punching bags… the XA narrative of returning dignity to police and military ring true. The leader Nikolaos Michaloliakos was a Greek Special Forces commando in his youth and has many contacts in the military… the tactics have switched in the last few years…To win democratically in the jewish system would be impossible without huge concessions to jews.

So in the past few years XA members were urged to become policemen (they screen now for "nationalist extremism" but how hard is it to pretend to be an NPC?) and infiltrate the military, especially in high ranking officer positions (even the media talks of "nationalist poison" in the armed forces. Of course, getting cozy with Putin is a necessary evil, since we don't want to simply be "liberated". The goal is to continue running democratically, but win the hearts of minds of the people and take over or weaken the hard power structure.

Eventually having Michaloliakos or Kasidiaris or whomever is chosen, to simply march into Presidential Palace in Athens and declare themselves "leader" and nobody will able to stop them.

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GD may be the strongest outspoken far right movement but I still don't know whether to stand by them.
They are very tribal, unnecessarily violent, with multiple shameful incidents and clumsy when handling PR issues, which in addition, makes it really easy for the already hostile media to ridicule them further. They are basically every skinhead stereotype amplified to the max.
On personal experience, their voterbase are edgy druggies in the army and old people.
I feel like they are doing what they are doing for the hell of it without having read any right wing literature or completely knowing what it stands for.
(Also, that's even more personal, I believe that they are kitsch as fuck. They need an aspiring aesthetic, not tiki torch bullshit)

You should.

We live in a rough world, and Greece is a lot rougher than Northwestern Europe, the bare-knuckled boxing approach is what people admire.

There's no hope at gaining cooperation with jewish media without monstrous concessions, look at how every "nationalist" group in the world must at least bow down to Israel, it's like asking kikes for permission to please allow this government to be elected, pretty please.

Read George Lincoln Rockwell, the outcasts are at least willing to get their hands dirty, they can be molded but either way, remember every military at war need much higher number of grunts than they need officers.

We have our intellectuals as well, in fact XA has it's own faithful Greek translation of Mein Kampf. But intellectuals have to be protected by thugs, because the first moment that the (((state))) uses violence or the (((media))) ruins their career or image, they shriek and hide.

We have the meandros, an ancient Greek spiral that look like the German hakenkreuz because, well… the spiral is just an ancient Aryan symbol, worldwide. And the Greek flag, the torches and the thuggish behaviour is just to intimidate our enemies. The Italian fascists did it, the German national socialists did it and the Romanian legionaries did it…

Screw the optics, we're going in.

Anybody have any books on the greek military dictatorship of the late 60s?

I have heard similar things about them. Their heart is in the right place but everything else is pretty mangled. Some anons might be scratching their heads about this but a cursorey look at the total shitfest that was Greece's history before and AFTER WWII will give you more than enough clues as what happened.
Greece is a beautiful mess and a horrible waste of potential but Greeks are also tough and cunning when they need to.
It will be very interesting to see what a happens now as there is a decent chance of major happenings coming from Hellas.

Not every voter can be extremely educated, a lot just go by herd mentality, it's true, but the ratio in GD's case is fucked.
They should strive to combat the stereotypes, present a more sophisticated version of their Ideology than what is usually shown by the media.
Expecting Daddy Kasidiaris to storm in and become god emperor while you cheer cheesy slogans wont do it and you know it. The moment someone attempts it, they start a war with the rest of the ZOG controlled world, they'd be assassinated/ overthrown in days.
The only way to do something is beat them at their own game. Act smug and polite while the status quo screams and makes a fool of itself as the party rises through the polls and eventually the goverment.
The status quo loves its facade of democracy. That's it's weakness. If you stay clean and refuse to give them ammunition to use against you, there is nothing they can do.
I'm still divided about Trump too but just look at how they tried to discredit him so many times and found nothing so eventually they gave up, shamed and schemed more, grew desperate.

You heard his statement about antisemites the other day, right?

Fuck off kike. Go post some more promotional pics and screech about drumpf.

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Trump is only a moderate improvement in a diseased system. You cannot work in the machine, Hitler was never democratically elected, remember that. Mussolini, Hitler, Codreanu, Primo de Rivera, etc were all thugs in their approach to power. True, legitimate change requires a coup, a revolt or a civil war… any hopes at smiling on jewish media to participate in jewish democracy to destroy the jews by using the jewish judicial system is laughable.

If XA were to only get a man like Trump in power and accomplish his small accomplishments… I'd consider Golden Dawn is dismal failure. We don't want a "funny little centre-right guy to harvest salt from the left" we want a total history changing social nationalist that shall elevate mankind by putting into place a hardnosed leader that shall by force eliminate the jewish influence (by hook or by crook) and again light the torch that shall illuminate the western world.

All the while your kind will sit there in your suits and bowties saying "gosh, I agree in theory but I wish they'd be NICER" while you keep asking permission from jews for "just a nibble more" in your democracy. And if we shall have to go down fighting, we'll fucking fight.

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Yes he was, faggot it just took him a couple of tries.
He is also not talking about being "nicer" but about using appearance and demeaner as propaganda weapons against the commies. Now that shouldn't REPLACE the bare-knuckled approach, it should complement it.
Appearance is just another battlefield and
propaganda just another weapon.
You also cannot allow yourself to ignore the shifting overtone window. Before Trump the word nationalist was practically a curse word, just as an example.
Don't misunderstand, a Trump-alike would not be the solution but it would undoubtedly benefit XA and Greece as a whole.

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Excuse me what the fuck

Not sure if you want to OP, but you could make a ton of money by just reporting on Greek news in English. A lot of the Anglosphere is very interested in what is going on elsewhere, particularly in Europe; and particularly where gigakikes like Soros are involved. As you've said there is never anything in English about the goings on in Greece, we only get the kosher version of events. Make a jewtube account and just report the facts and you will become big. You don't even need to say anything Zig Forums-esque if it could get you in trouble; nothing is getting out so anything you give us will be new and interesting.

Same goes for any French, Italian or Ukrainian Anons. The rest of the world literally has no idea what is going on in your nations, we only get the kiked version of events.

Hitler lost to Hindenburg, you've fallen for more pro-democratic propaganda. The only reason he was put into power in a bloodless fashion was because the system was terrified of all his popular support. And unlike the beer hall putsch, that time the military was so much on his side that the state wouldn't be able to stop him.

Reminder that Fascism was the Middle-Class's reaction to the Working Class's (Jewish given) Communism.

Fascism was about the people who had a stake in the nation defending it from people who sought to destroy it. They were comparatively better spoken, better dressed, better educated and simply better people than the communists. They fought not for 'revolution' but to defend their nation - that is their people, culture and way of life - from an enemy that sought to entirely destroy and replace them.

National Socialism was even more 'prim and proper' than Italian Fascism. British Fascism was much the same. Don't believe the jew's lies about Fascists and Nat-Socs being un-educated, badly dressed, with limited vocabulary and no concept of presentation. It was the other way around.

… This is also not to say that the 'lower classes' cannot be Fascists or National Socialists, nor to say that none of them were historically. The initial reaction to the lower class Communists in Italy was staged by the middle class Fascists, and the original battle lines were largely drawn around football (with the wealthy part of town being 'fascist' and the poor 'communist').

Democracy is a popularity contest. Hitler recieved power because he was popular. The process itself is quite secondary.
Point being, he didn't win through violent means directly, even though it was obviously part of the movement.

Things are different now, communists are attracting the upper middle class where XA is attracting low middle and working class.

That's what's going on in Greece, Golden Dawn aren't Siege-fags. Despite being denied federal funds, despite being denied parliamentary immunity, despite having randomly arrested members of the party… They're in a solid third place and growing. All they need is to get within striking distance of power democratically to try a coup or something else. Greece isn't America, the military junta is still fresh on people's minds and despite 24/7 propaganda against it is still fondly remembered by most people.

Wow, based civic nationalism.
Cry moar.

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Why are Greeks so assblasted at Macedonias name?

Imagine some south american shitskin nation calling itself texas.

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Interesting post.
I have heard these things too, brother.
Infiltrating the military and police are essential in order to stage a coup. However one thing that you and others seem inexplicably to have missed is local positions of power, which are often much easier to seize control of than national positions.
I have been told by members that XA has inexplicably failed to gain any noteworthy local positions. Why is this?
I am no expert on seizing control of a country. I admit this. But it seems to me that gaining control of local positions of power is absolutely essential for any future political goals.
1. If XA is able to stage a coup, it would be absolutely beneficial if local mayors and administrators and members of the bureaucracy were already on their side.
2. If XA intends to do anything concrete like distributing food aid to beleaguered Greeks or even staging a protest, it is absolutely useful if the local government is on your side. Look what happened to Unite the Right in America as an example of what can go wrong if you don't have friendly forces in government.
3. Staffing the local bureaucracy with supporters allows an organization to thwart enemy legislation. Say SYRIZA passes legislation demanding that all Greeks register for mandatory diversity sensitization and indoctrination training. The government can say whatever it likes but without men on the ground at the local level enforcing it, they are irrelevant.

many of the original Greek peoples came from Anatolia

Yes, and the ones that remained in anatolia got

What do you expect from a kushnerbot?

Funnily enough the man, King Pelops, who founded the Olympic games that Alexanders father participated in to prove his "Greekness" came from Enete, Anatolia - city of the tribe that went on to become the Slavs.

Alexander later conquered the region.

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Varoufakis is 100% controlled opposition.
-He is known for making jewish analogies on twitter
-He's known for adoring marxism and people who support socialism (communism) on twitter
-He's known for caring too much about what having a European identity rather than having a Greek unity
-He doesn't support dual currencies in Greece (euro and drachma ) but rather believes Greece needs to have only one.
-His knowledge of economics seems vast but is actually very restrained.
-He's thinks every race is equal and even goes as far as to support immigrants in Lesvos .
-Whenever he speaks in public about politics he always makes a fool of himself.

Just recently his huge dog hoped some random person which made that person drop (imagine if it was a kid or an old person it would have been immediately hospitalized) . When the person who got attacked questioned him "why isn't your dog on a leash" he answered "because this is (((our))) cliff comrade and how is he going to learn (to stay close to me) otherwise?"

The guy's an absolute moron.

I remember this faggot. When he won, it was really clear Greece was being sold out. Not surprising he was thrown under the bus. He's an idiot who should have sided with golden dawn, the only party that actually addresses the real problems.

Golden dawn are agents. Go over to their where among other ramblings they say the following ". Άμεση στροφή, επενδυτική και ενεργειακή κατ’ αρχάς, προς τη Ρωσία. " which roughly translates to "direct turn, economical and energy related to Russia" . They literally want to avoid allying with USA and turn to freaking communists! What kind of a nationalist socialist would ally with the damn commies to fix the issue? Not to mention other atrocities written in their "thesis".

That's a good thing, retard. The USA is the biggest anti-White force in all of history. America is cancer and needs to be destroyed.

Your supervisor must be so proud of you.

My post is 100% fact. No other country in history has done as much to end the white race as the USA has. Give a counter-argument or fuck off.

The USSR, kike.

As well as Britain in the 60s.

They were behind the destruction of Rhodesia.

what is going on with golden dawn? last i heard their government was going to attempt to prosecute them.

for being the gatekeeping group preventing greeks from organizing and physically removing their 2 problems?

Oi, kike, this is what you say to every parties.

Who will be the boogeyman after Soros dies?

The eternal jews of course.

This. Think of all the countries we have destabilized which lead to increased their world migrant to Europe and America. Our forgein policy is to literally put Israel’s needs and interests ahead of all else. White America could be broke, and raped and nearly dead and all our fucking congress will do is make sure Israel gets paid.

*Third world migration

Wrong. The USSR didn't destroy the White race. In fact, all the former European USSR states are the whitest in the world today, while those on "the west" are shitskin infested hell holes. East Germany is whiter and more nationalist that West Germany. And the USSR never would have even existed if the USA had not buillt it up. So, again, you're an idiot. No state in history has been as detrimental to Whites as the USA has been.

And Britain since the end of WWII has been America's lapdog. It is not a sovereign country.

Hello idiot, look at the whiteys in Rhodesia today, whitest in the world too, right, champ?

It's funny how you will try to ignore that point.

Only because they are poor, shitskins now are pouring to them immediately after they get their economy together.

Meanwhile, Russia has the largest amount of muslims in Europe.

last i heard they were supplying help and protection to citizens the government failed to protect, but only helped if you are ethnically greek.

now the govt wants to arrest them for discrimination or some stupid shit.

Again, trying to blame America for Britain's fuck retarded policies.

You should know that americans volunteer to fight for Rhodesia back then, as american volunteered to go back to fight for the 3rd Reich.

If you actually read the thread, XA is allying itself with Putin… because well… who else can keep Greece from being "liberated"? It's either the US, Russia and China as a distant third.

Oh look queer digits on this shit sodomite site.

Varoufakis may be a leftist, but he's a definite asset in fighting (((globalism))).

Hey kids, check out the managed argument!

The modern US is cancer and is turning into a brown hellhole. Modern Russia is also cancer and is turning into a yellow hellhole.
Both countries are cucked, both countries are run by jews, and have been for over 100 years (notice that is when America started to turn antiwhite/globalist, and when Russia became red).

While true for russia, theres a lot more room to grow for whites than in america.

Fake news

Retard. Fact remains, Russia does not force their allies to open their borders to shitskins like the USA does.

You are a dumb shit.

If Golden Dawn takes power in Greece, NATO and the EU will bomb the fuck out of them like they did to Serbia in the 90s.
The only way to survive is to pull a Syria card.
America wont ally with a NS Greece. The only ones who will due to the benefits of having clear access to the Aegean sea / Med sea is Russia. NATO and EU wont be able to bomb the shit out of Greece with Russian warships in the Med sea Dumbfuck. NS Greece not allied with any major power will barely survive 2 months.

for what it's worth, I met some Greek-American dude and he had an epicanthic fold. definitely had some turk admixture. no idea what percentage of them have it, but I imagine it's signifiicant. don't think they should be treated differently as a result though, all it really means is that if Greece ever gets a nationalist government somehow and they can implement eugenics policies then they should increase the reproduce of unadmixed Greeks and send the mixed Greeks to colonize Anatolia or something, that would be cool.

The paradigm shifted from working class vs bourgeoisie to thinkers vs cattle. The NPC meme captured this divide well.

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Don't know about any American volunteers for the reich tho

Acting like the US is the main enemy, instead of the people who made the modern US what it is today, then yes, that is duginism. You cant admit that though, because duginists are massive philosemites.

also, I know that you and your little friend were having a scripted argument because you did the same thing in a Andrew anglin thread a few weeks ago.

99% of western anatolians are greeks that just changed their language and religion.

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he did watch the baseball first though, and tweeted about it, i think that might say what he was thinking about it

A byproduct of being owned by kikes for the last 100+ years.

trying to work out which post the shills are trying to slide

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You know the merchants have advanced tech, classic nukes and a propaganda arm that stretches to all aspects of society. Yet the current "greeks" admire subhuman style approach.

JUST :) but good luck anyway

So let's have a civil war while TWO superpowers help us exterminate each other for the glory of Israel ? No fucking thank kike. Go spread your bullshit somewhere else.

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Europe will awaken itself from within. It is the birth place of brilliance. Compared to America ,Russia and China who have little to no valuable culture, Europe is representing over 30% of the research done world wide when it is only but a fraction of the total world population. We will unite ourselves in a common cause while you will be most likely killing each other like the good goys that you are.

I want to believe

He is a charlatan and the definition of controled opposition.