Police investigate hate crime after gang dressed up as the Ku Klux Klan were pictured outside an Islamic Centre
Police are investigating reports that a gang dressed as the Ku Klux Klan were pictured dressed outside an Islamic Centre in Northern Ireland.
Photographs of the group outside the centre in Newtownards County Down have flooded social media.
Images show the group who wore traditional Ku Klux klan robes with pointy hoods taking an intimidating stance with fists raised and arms outstretched.
'Hate crime, in all its forms, is totally unacceptable. It is the responsibility of each and every one of us to ensure that we live in a society where diversity is respected.
'If you or someone you know is the victim of a hate crime please contact police or your local support agency. '
Strangford Alliance MLA (councillor) Kellie Armstrong described the group's actions as unacceptable.


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Not mine, I never signed up for this

Probably just FEDS mocking us. KKK is for cucks anyway since they think niggers "can" be upstanding members of White society. Watch the original Birth of a Nation, it's take home message is "the North is racist", the whole 20th century KKK is a jewish meme. Random upstanding Whites righteously lynched more niggers than those ghosts.

I'm actually pro-diversity.
I support unicultural nations to ensure a multicultural civilization.
The alternative is multicultural nations and a unicultural civilization and thats very anti-diversity.

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I don't think we watched the sane film.

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Is that just a meme or is it actual dialogue from 30 Rock? It's fucked up that I even have to ask but clown world has progressed so far I don't even know where the line is anymore.

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I think its just a meme but i could be wrong.

But yeah i feel you.

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We need to bring back public executions.

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@2:41:00 you got based blacks betraying their race to save a white man, after punching an anti-racist White captain who wants to hurt white people
@2:58:00 you got based niggers defending Whites from an onslaught of blacks
@3:01:30 you got two blacks teamed up with the KKK

Your second picture was of a lynched black who raped a White girl that then committed suicide which is what your third picture is of her. It ain't racism, merely justice. We know a century later such a philosophy doesn't work because if you wait for these non-Whites to do something terrible you're always playing defense until they take that away because you aren't using your power.

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Yeah, and? They had personal connections to the Whites, also it was a comedy scene with a fat guy in blackface playing a fat shenigger incapacitating Black Northern troops with the weight of her nigtits.
Thats after pic 1, and they'll die with the Whites at that point if they cant hold out.
Neither of the guys in that image are Black, one of them is Nathan Bedford Forest I think.

No, no, he TRIED to rape her, but she an hero'd to avoid that fate.

The North was portrayed as race-mixing losers who almost lose their daughters to the niggers they put in power, which the White Southerners have no issue kicking the shit out of. That there are a few loyal slaveniggers who wound up helping save a nice old doctor who was kind to them, against the obnoxious abusive Northniggers, doesnt really invalidate the message of 'we cant live together, but not all of them are horrid apes - just most of them, and we cant live with any of them'.

Jews always but wait why are kikes and muslim slime in Catholicish(nowadays) White Ireland

Hey they said toddlers understand consent

No this is a hoax. Pakistanis have been a threat to UK society since the 60s and even other hindi, middle east, sikh people hate them as well as whites and nothing has ever been done. What's more is white britons are always the ones coming to paki defense! There is no doubt that this is fake at all.

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Orange Protestants and friends of Tommy "Boy" Robinson.

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Obvious fake / feds. The KKK don't go parading around randomly in their garb.

What the fuck does the KKK have to do with goatfucking mudshits? This reeks of RABBI WHATCHA DOIN

They're not sending their best

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I was thinking more about the communist salute. These arent KKK robes. The main give away is that they all say KKK on the front lol.

I would wager these are just a group of edgy guys playing a halloween prank.

Nice edited, low resolution picture in the social media ages where everyone has a camera. It's also totally believable to have a group dressed up like that while walking the streets without being filmed hundreds of times.

Oh, well that's ok then, seeing as he only TRIED to rape her.
Observe the typical jew tricks, arguing a petty point to distract from the actual point.
Whether a nigger raped a white girl or only attempted to rape a white girl is irrelevant, lynching is justified.
In fact, it would make sense to lynch them all just in case, the vast majority are criminal.

Wait, who said it's okay?

Funny how shills are saying KKK is pro-nigger now when fucking Hitler was more pro-Hitler than the KKK.

Someone post the black nazi and see shills got butt volcano.


And this is why the discussion is over. The debates are over. The voting is over. Dehumanize yourselves and embrace the battlecry given to us by one of the first heroes in this final hot war for our existence.

Fuck your optics. I'm going in.

Hello FBI.

Shut up faggot.

How's the donut?

100% it's sand niggers.

If we weren't in clown world, it would make sense, considering all their trappings are Celtic.

Burning crosses came from Scotland and Ireland….
There is no KKK in N.Ireland so obviously they are LARPing for Hallowe’en. Good on them.