Hail Halloween: Dad Who 'Loves History' Dresses Son As Hitler For Halloween

Hail Halloween!

Nazi Father-Son Halloween Costume

Bryant Goldbach dressed himself as a Nazi soldier and his school-aged son as Adolf Hitler before going to a Trunk-or-Treat event Thursday evening. The news was first reported by WEHT Eyewitness News.


In Facebook post, father says ‘we love history,’ expresses ‘displeasure of dealing with the fruits of the so-called Tolerant Left’


According to Eyewitness News, Goldbach wrote: ‘My little boy and i, dress as historical figures…merits people not only making snide remarks, but approaching us and threatening my little 5 year old boy. ‘That’s right. Tonight grown adults threatened a child over his costume. Threatened his mom and dad as well.

‘Threatened to rip his outfit off him screaming obscenities, scareing a small child. ‘First off, it’s none of your business. Second, how dare you! I mean How dare you threaten a child.’ Goldbach continued: ‘You are messing with fire…Yes, liberalism is alive and well.

‘And we had the dis-pleasure of dealing with the fruits of the so called “Tolerant left.”‘


In a statement, Rabbi Gary Mazo of Temple Adath B’nai Israel called Goldbach's apology "important," but noted that such costumes are inherently "a sad reflection of our society."


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regardless, could be Jewish but the name alone doesn't take away from the fact that a lot of germans have names like goldbach and -berg

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It’s halloween ffs. That’s the one day of the year every year where you’re supposed to dress up as something scary and, I know Zig Forums may be contrary but in the popular consciousness the nazis and Hitler himself are the default villains of choice for any history fan. I think it’s a beautiful costume, honestly, and it makes a lot of sense. It saddens me very deeply that people are so hyper political and narcissistically sensitive that they would feel they had a right to threaten a child with actual violence because he actually understands what halloween is all about.

Halloween is great in that it takes the darkest, most macabre and superstitious elements of human life and puts it all on display, to laugh at, and to think that people are so hysterical these days that you can’t even do that is what makes me think that maybe the darkest, most macabre and superstitious elements of our world has finally won. It’s such a massive shame.

I thought kids these days would make Kony2012 the default villain.

kids these days dress up as trump, but they also think trump is literally hitler. I dont understand how this could be okay?

This would have been a truly scary and offensive costume to the left, if anything the people who threatened the parents and kids probably did it out of gut sympathy for the Führer.

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rosenberg isnt and was not a jew, dipshit.

fuck I just saw the rest of your post, my bad i kneejerked at the rosen-berg shit

It is a shame he cucked to NPCs and Shlomos, yet 14/88 for the costume, nevertheless.

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Well, he's in good Royal company

3rd attempt to post this on this glownigger faggot honeypot site

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He's a moron for thinking he wouldn't get an insane amount of pushback for this in current year. That said, pretty good costumes.

So its news worthy on someones costume, regardless of how its in good or bad taste? "OH NO SOMEONE WORE COSTUME OF SOMETHING I DIDNT LIKE, GOTTA MAKE IT NEWS!"

Well we can safely assume that this guy is going to get harassed , kid expelled and people are going to get him fired

always carry concealed, especially when taking the kids out in public no matter what the event

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I've already seen this multiple times, you faggot schizo.

Go back to cuckchan.

Yeah, and then he married a niggress… who cares?

rosenburg was a russian not a german wasnt he?

An SS dad with an SA son, thats gotta be the cutest thing Ive ever seen.

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Or I guess its not SA but supposed to be the big man himself, not enough pocketry and such.


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If you look at his face he is clearly Germanic. You can see inside his nostrils from looking head on, kikes noses look the opposite of that.

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Implying a single human begin actually remembered Kony 2012 after they liked the Facebook page.

Hitler had a sharp nose, Merkel has a rounded nose. This guys like a rounded nose, Hitler was Austrian though, not German.
Jews have hook noses, or bumpy ridge noses typically.

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he probably has german heritage, a quick lookup shows that there are several places and rivers called goldbach in germany and switzerland

Dress as a mass-murderer
Dress as a satan-worshiping witch
Dress as satan
Dress as a mudskin

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I think it's very dad-ish of him to make his kid the fuhrer. Makes me look foward to having my own.

Reminder participation in Halloween as a non-white is cultural appropriation for profit and that only whites are allowed to participate in Halloween. Also, non-whites clearly have no right to tell us what our own traditions are, bitching about us dressing up as them because they are spooky spooks.

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Or maybe he doesn't spend hours on social media because he isn't a tool. Dressing as a Nazi makes sense for the same reason a leftist dressing as Trump makes sense. It's a "villain" costume.

My feelings > culture/logic

Prince Harry dressed up as a brownshirt one time, I dont feel like searching for and saving the pic so heres james avery from Fresh Prince.

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Best post in the thread right here.

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Psyops, nigga. It doesn't have to be all posters.

It's kinda embarassing, but as a German it does kinda get to me a little.
Kek, I'd at least never try to police others around on the basis of it, though.
Either way, it'ss a slight nudge for onlookers in the social/societal balance.

Careful, there are many names that originally were regional/local and were taken over by Jews later.
It's what they did in all parts of the world that they went to.
An examply is the name "Morgenstern", it was originally from the early middle-ages but kiked later on.

Underrated post


I think it's good that he did.

The average normalfag, even if on our side, is not a warrior. They are complacent. In a sense this is why good optics are important. He was just a father who got harassed over a costume gaffe. Whoops. Very easy redpill to swallow.

Now they're more inclined to be sympathetic to natsoc

Are you retarded?

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Two different Reich.

Yeah maybe he has been living under a rock since 1946.

Are you retarded?

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We are talking country, and not ethnicity?

If you were talking about countries you wouldn't have implied Hitler wasn't German, which you clearly weren't because you were talking about genetics. Which cannot be attributed to a country but to an ethnicity. Don't move the goal posts, you clearly meant Austrians have different genetics from Germans unless you are retarded and cannot properly convey your thoughts through text. So no you weren't talking about countries. Austrians are Germans period. All Austrians are Germans, not all Germans are Austrians, just like Bavarians, saxons, the Rhenish, Badener, Pomeranians, ect. are all German.

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By George, that's a capital idea.

I want to be the Hitler with the trained dolphins.

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My wife might be a DACApede, but she loves her nation (not Bolivia, but the USA) and our beautiful Aryan children. Our children are proud citizens of this nation and probably whiter than even most people in this board. Now, I don't want this post to incite D&C, but please understand that your language can be insulting to other people's wives in this board.


I would like to check those digits.
12345677 is a fucking crazy get.
However…. you need to post your wifes tits before I can complete a proper authorization for these digits.

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Wow, top tier news. I'm more interested in the retard that reported it. I bet it was a fat middle-aged single woman.

What about names ending in "bart"? My grandparent's name ends in "bart."

gay earth etc




Long as they wear it with pride.

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It was true.
Fun fact, the same paragraph that is (((failing))) to be used today to deport repeat criminal offenders was already there in Weimer when Hitler, a foreign national did his Putsch.
I love to see leftists froth at their mouth when telling that story, smugly.
Hitler could have been deported and excluded after the Putsch and the Reich as we know it would never have existed.
It's ironic, really.

? What's your issue with this? It's common knowledge.

Wtf I hate immigrants now.

The jew stole white names for 'ornamental' purposes. In other words, to lower suspicion and pretend their roots existed.

I forgot to add the obvious, which "religion" is responsible for the most rhinoplastys?

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Thanks you and your wife just turned me and OP gay.

gr8 b8 m8

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"it's just a halloween costume, lmao"

Yeah, and then he married a nigger. What's your point?

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Have you two considered suicide?

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Excellent point user. Halloween is a European holiday that gets appropriated by all sorts of non-whites.

For those of you that are curious, Goldbach isn't a Jewish name. It comes from an area in Bavaria. en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Goldbach,_Bavaria

Also my Grandma's maiden name was Goldbach, and my 23andme has 0% Jewish ancestry.

You're still a redditor

The White race is genetic.
It is based on descent from the native peoples of Europe. At least 15/16th descent seems a good rough cutoff.
The vast, vast majority of "DACA" faggots are not White. A tiny portion may be.

Celtic Samhain.
Indeed, most "Western" "holidays" are actually lightly "christenized" versions of White Pagan European festivals.
Look up Yule, for example.

Despite what you may think it is actually a German name

Oh no they fucking dont lol

Clever troll is clever