God Emporer to END birthright Citizenship

Trump says it doesn't take an act of Congress (see midterms for reversal of this if we lose) but a excutive act and he's going to do it.

SUCK MY WHITE DICK SHILLS. Zig Forums was always right!


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Enormous if true.

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the caravan nonsense makes sense now…

He's going to be their Judas, just as I suspected. Burgers will not know what hit them… one way or another


big if true

Yawn. Make a thread when it’s actually done AND enforced

Do other countries have Anchor Baby "birthright citizenship"?

6th post moishe, no bonus for you.

This "God-Emperor" crap was gayer than shit in 2016 and it's even gayer now. Go back to reddit with that bullshit, nobody wants it here.

As for revoking birth right citizenship, I'll believe it when I see it, not a moment before, and I'll probably still be double-checking in disbelief a month after if it ever really happens.

Nah, dude, it's you who sound fucking gay.

Funny how pro-Trump threads are shilled down to oblivion while anti-Trump threads are bumped right onto the top.


I want to see the past tense of this - for everything Trump says. Why doesn't he just do it? What is he waiting for? What happened to him boasting that he always operates without his opponent expecting his next move - every move he makes is to catch them off guard aka no telegraphing. All this really does is give a false sense of security and makes people complacent, e.g. "All is well. All is taken care of. Trump will solve it." Except in reality he hasn't.

This is why for every good thing Trump does he is also simultaneously dangerous. The boiling point of the right and the urgency to take action got vacuumed away in the last two years under the pretense that Trump would fix everything. I'm not going to lay the entire blame on him though.

Anyone who has triple digit IQ had the same standards: Use Trump as a stepping stone for true white nationalism - do not fall for the Wait For Hitler mentality. The goal was that Zig Forums would initiate an undercurrent of white nationalism and Trump could buy us time and nothing more, and anything he does get done is a bonus. Except people fell for the Wait For Hitler mentality. He isn't the next Hitler, and anyone expecting him to suddenly be close to Hitler is complacent and wants to be saved. We should be reclaiming that sense of urgency and action we had when we had no expectation of help from any would-be /ourguy/.

If Trump really could have done it, he should have, and caught everyone by surprise and the democrats off guard. I think it goes without saying that if he doesn't do this before the midterms, he never intends to do it at all. Doing this before the midterms is when it's most advantageous.

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here we go boys … shits heating up. I need a little help with how does this pan out:

-caravan crosses border
-caravan is gracefully handled by the military placing people into camps along the border
-illegals are let in to various locations (california, sanctuary cities)
-they stay but their kids are not helping them in becoming citizens

so what happens next , do we go to "war" with california? They look like they are getting in.

Pro Trump threads are deleted too. The last one where he blaimed the media for the falseflag was deleted. But (((white nationalist activism/terrorism))) is all over this board.

It's fucking disgusting.

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Fuck off Communist.

This board is under attack by shills, even the mods are shills.

Isn't this like a pimp lecturing on virginity?

he hasn't done anything, he's just said he's gonna, on the same fake media he won't expose properly anyway, right before an election

All MSM are fake news galore so take it or leave it.

"it's in the process", "it'll happen", then nigger why dont you just fucking write that executive order up?

trump talks, trump tweets, but does trump DO? it's just an executive order, what's he waiting for?

It's over for u Mexicans

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he said we were going to find out who did 911 also, we'll we're all still waiting

oddly the only major happening lately was a Bush stooge from the patriot act days got onto the supreme court, so you tell me what the odds are that Trump is legit in any way anymore, he even dropped the DECLAS because he got the Bush stooge in. He's fucking taking us for a fucking ride at this point.

But we know who did 911.

motherfucker even Q stopped posting after they windled their 911 coverup judge onto the supreme court

Kavanaugh is going to make the leftists cry for the next 50 years.

the 'leftists' ran defence with the baloney rape charges so no one actually talked about 911

No one actually talked about 911, even Zig Forums.

Good for him. Perhaps the Jews should have been a bit more accepting to him when he suggested that anti-semites need to be destroyed.

IF Trump wanted(and isn’t just giving lip service) to do the EO to remove birthright citizenship, he would have been waiting for Kennedy to retire or Ginsburg to die so he could stack the Supreme Court. The EO will certainly be challenged all the way to the Supreme Court.

That's nice but the left is already way ahead in the culture wars. Fags are cool, broken families is the norm, stronkwomyn do nothing but get all bureaucratic jobs, white men ruined etc

What exactly is Kavanaugh gonna do to reverse anything at all?

Ending birthright would be great, but Trump would have to follow up with deportations of these people if he wants it to matter. Otherwise, the president elected in 2020 or beyond can reinstate it by not renewing his EOs.

he literally just got on the court and it takes usually about a year for things to reach SCOTUS

i guess he should just not even bother right? who cares about citizens' voting rights.

Leafs do. They have chink hatching hotels all over the place for that purpose.

that's not the point. he can't reverse anything. he can only stop weird shit like 'letting trans-people adopt monkeys and enrolling them in schools'
i.e. he's a true conservative as in whatever's accepted now is fine by him

He could have done this on day one then. If he's going to actually do it (Doubt) then why did he wait so long? There's already millions upon millions of parasitic spic trash sucking up tax dollars and only NOW does any sizable pushback against this shit receive consideration?

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I'll believe it when I see it.

What (((politicians))) say and what (((politicians))) do are two very different things

Waiting for Kennedy to retire or Ginsburg to die.

Also waiting for the Mueller nonsense to end after midterms. Then he feels like he can lay the wood. Hopefully he doesn’t go berserk and start passing draconian hate speech laws against antisemites.

The culture war is on our side user.

We are the ones building the stable families and the future.

They can only corrupt and leech.

Thus they will lose.

I'd say you underestimate the power of corrupting and leeching. 30 years ago, every person came from stable families. DIdn't help did it?



Likely just posturing for midterm elections, but still BIG NEWS that this idea is even being floated.

You're right, Moshe. Kavanaugh was a bad choice. He should have nominated the BASED liberal one you and the dems wanted. And the burgers should have voted for BASED Hillary or at least stayed at home and let her win like you keep telling people to.

My my look at all the "NOTHING WILL HAPPEN GOY" demoralization posts ITT. Looks like this has stirred up a bit more panic in the kike ranks.

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President Trump is telling the media so he can use this as bait to get recalcitrant right wing voters who have become suspicious of Trump to vote for Republicans in the mid terms. So if he ever gets around to making this executive order, it will be after November 6th.
If he ever gets around to it. We shall see.

I have a bad feeling that you are right.

Will free up lines at the CA DMV…
Will free up Classrooms…
Will make it easier to tell who is Grandmother, Mother, Daughter, and Granddaughter…
Will be able to find a "Blonde" at Santa Monica Beach…
so many more and so much Tax dollars saved…

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Yeah nah. We are talking peak peak boomer as parents era. Divorce rate was at 50% and there was no internet. Jews had a complete monopoly on entertainment and news. Only difference was the culture was more masculine and whiter…But that was only because the frog was on slow boil. Sage for off topic.
t.-child in the 80’s

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Reminder the only good things Trump does anymore are in response to violent pro-white rhetoric. Reminder the "shills" are actually the ones holding his feet to the fire and keeping him accountable to our desires. You just suck his dick whatever he does, good and bad. You dont belong here, try cuckchan. Avoiding violent revolution is the only thing that motivates Trump to give us things anymore.

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Right about what? That a thing MIGHT happen? This is seriously all you have?

You should get a ban for just posting bullshit someone said, Trump or not.

Like if its not obvious this is a response to Robert Bowers and the pro-Bowers rhetoric that followed. The violent revolution minded people are now the leading force for good in making sure white people dont die off, their pressure is fixing the country as a concession to prevent them from succeeding in their full revolution goal. Anything good the government does is a handout to dampen a civil war breaking out. Its not genuine, hes not a good person, hes a bitch and hes on the backfoot.

why was that? did he say that he wasn't gonna make it in?

To be fair, it's always the same sperg using multiple VPNs across multiple threads.

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You are the shill, you dont belong here.

christ this fucking place is out of control with pozzing and shills

Everything is boiling and the shills can't stand it, heroes like Bowers are snapping and going in, and as the whole argument continues to shift around him… it forces Trump to have to appease the "hard-right core" to stay relevant.

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Jesus christ, is this how the first Irish Immigrants in the US looked like? No wonder the Anglo-Saxon and Germanic majority thought of them as barely above niggers.

Her name is Karla Meyers and youre a kike.

Promises Made, Promises Kept

He has followed through on initiating everything he has promised, Military to the Border for the BEANER INVASION, preliminary actions to implement the construction of the Border Wall, the Muslim Ban.

I have faith user, I mean jesus fuck he has made it THE CONVERSATION, this is going to spark the spinning wheels of lefty libtard kikel news-overdrive.

War is coming for China and Russia; they are going to be at war with each other. It will be known as "The Cyka Blyat of 2022"

Promises like the wall, the muslim ban, national concealed carry reciprocity that hes now said is never going to happen, draining the swamp, you shills are so blatantly obvious you havent even gotten your posting format correct yet. Spout more GOP party propaganda lines here, no ones falling for that trash. Youre at a preschooler level. Trust the plan, patriots have no skin color, promise kept, Israel is a beacon of light in the darkness and the only democracy in the middle east. Anti-semites should be executed.

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You sound like the kinda spook that might ask someone to say bomb a federal building or hack-saw a sawn-off for him? You got a pickup truck with 50 pounds of R D.>

fuck trust the plan fuck you niggerfaggot
he is literally spewing propaganda right now, the statement hes made alone is handgrenade into the political discourse

Trump has single handedly in one statement ripped the overton window to the right as much as his election did.

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Choke on a bowl of herpes foreskins, ya filthy sheeny fuck.

Are you actually gay?

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Yea, damage control. When a revolution is imminent the government always makes political concessions, next he will be offering to rewrite the constitution to pacify us.

She does have a weird looking face tbh and the lips resemble the traits of Jews to some extent. The other guy is still an anti-white D&C kike.

Nice body but that's a face only a mother could love.

this is not a permanent answer unless the next president agrees with trumps decision

Shes probably pure white, strong nordic background mixed with celtic for the red hair. Her face is long like a scandinavian but the nose structure is mixed and resembles celtic to some extent. Shes probably Scottish if I were to guess but her name is German or ambiguously Jewish. The long scandinavian face mixed with the stout celtic rounded face and nose just leaves a bit of a strange face. Her kids would be 11/10s.

good post

have a pic of nsdap ag pics

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The average conservative normalfag of today would be seen as a far-leftists in the 50s. That's how far we have fallen. Lemmings don't think for themselves. They do and think what society expects them to do and think. In the 90s fags were still something abhorrent to many. Now even the conservatives defend gay rights. Even their right to start a family. Miscegenation became normalized. Everything in the name of "true love has no boundaries." Most people don't even associate the first two waves of feminism, arguably the most cancerous ones with real feminism. They just think those pink-haired nutjobs of today went a little bit too far. None questions women and their right to vote, to work or to serve in the military. Even stating women and men aren't equal on the physical level is a thought crime.

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She has a pretty standard "hard features" German looking face.

There is nothing wrong with nudity, and nothing wrong with nudity in art.

Porn however is degenerate. Your picture is porn. You can tell that it is porn because she is slowly pulling off sexy panties and looking straight at the camera.

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Let's not kid ourselves:
The NPC drones will parrot what they're told to parrot; that this is about giving job opportunities to those that "are just looking for a better life". These idiot motherfuckers are barely out of Uni, graduating with any of the top 10 useless degrees offered (Read; Too young, too stupid, too programmed to have a place at the table)
Their programmers know that this is ultimately about depopulation. They know that this has gone way too far when this rock is teeming with billions of useless eaters. They tell the NPC drones what to say, and stick to the script in order to virtue signal that this is somehow about altruism and "progress", when it is about incrementally moving us closer to a world war that looks like lots and lots of civil wars. Biological enemies are being placed among biological enemies because the programmers know this results in turmoil and ultimately murder by numbers.
The programmers know that if they release a biological killer that has been tweaked in a lab to decimate entire swaths of the planet, that they themselves run the risk of becoming a victim of their own toxic concoctions, so they let the goyim do the wet work of manually decreasing world population.
This isn't about elections nor optics nor altruism; this is about depopulation. How do we know this? Because it isn't the first caravan and it will not be the last. Because we see boat loads of niggers floating on un-seaworthy crafts into Europe. Because we see China dropping chink hatchlings everywhere. Because India is a bio-hazard waiting to happen, nonetheless he spits out more Pajeets as if there is a shortage of mouths to feed. NONE of the aforementioned groups have been able to create sustainable societies historically save for China.
So, there is the thesis. What has to happen next is each group must figure out whether they want to survive the coming anarchy and in what capacity will they serve on the other side of the wars. Today' altruistic has to determine if he is willing to do what is necessary to survive, or if he will fade away; memorialized only by the random artifact found which represents his presence here once upon a time

Hes nose goes upwards, you can see the cartilage and its sharp, theres a sharp ski slope shape to it.. and the edges, the very side edges at the tip are squared it almost seems from this angle:

From this angle,

you can see as she smiles the piece of cartilage under her nose. Normally you get that from mixing celt with nordic. For example Dutch dont have that, straight dutch and even South Africans, at least one type. Theres more than one type of Dutch, theres more than one type of Germanic or Irish or Nowegian too. Some Irish have these really goofy looking faces that are nothing like the short stout ones, like Clarke.For some reason Im having this discussion in 2 threads at once and it was not my intention lol

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Not exactly. This will assuredly trigger a kikejudge to strike it down, which will then lead to Supreme Court case, which is obviously why Bad Orange Man waited until he stacked the SC with his bros. When the SC decides that illegals have no right to birthright citizenship at all, the legislation will be forced to deal with that shit because all the laws on the books will be obsolete, which means tons of new legal definitions of citizenship. It will be a glorious mess.

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You absolutely KNOW this shit is going to get taken right up to scotus, and without a solidly right scotus it would just get thrown out immediately and further enshrine anchor babies as a legitimate means to securing citizenship. The whole point of waiting was to ensure the challenge, when it made it to scotus, was ruled in our favor

I'm not someone who believes trump is hitler 2.0 in a good way, nor do I think he is a wolf in sheeps clothing, nor just a jewish stooge.. I think hes just a guy for the most part with some right leaning ideals, and some left leaning ones..basically hes a moderate painting as "literally hitler." But what he is, is intelligent enough to understand he cant play the same pen waving game obama did. He figured that out fast with the travel bans and how fucked that whole debacle was. NOTHING he does is just going to be waved by and allowed to stand without constant legal challenges until it makes it to scotus.. and even THEN its going to face any activist judge trying to jew their way through the wording to find a loophole even when its clear none exist

So, yes, he has to take his time and figure things out and make sure when it makes it to scotus that 1) his wording of the order is perfect and flawless, 2) that scotus upholds it which means needing majority right wing judges, and 3) that THEIR ruling on it leaves absolutely no room to jew-dance around the wording to undermine it

He figure this out already, why havent you?

The problem with relying on scotus is that scotus can overturn previous scotus decisions.

I'd marry her, and put four children in her.
The only reason against it is she is an immoral porn poser, and therefore has no character.
Body and face are fine, looks a bit odd because of her very light eyebrows, but I would be over that in about five seconds, and soon find it charming.
Children would be tall, healthy, bright with blue eyes and a couple would likely be ginger.
I imagine coming back to the smell of a pie baking on a farmstead, her wrapping her arms around my leg and her sweet, sing-song voice telling me she loves me.
Then I realise that the chances of that are very slim, and that I'll more likely die alone without land, a wife or children.

John Waters remarked that until the 90s, even the hard left saw gays as a bizarre fetish like furries or BDSM. There's an interview on some late-night comedian show for NPCs where he asked the bot: "Whatever happened to normal married men, who just hit the gay clubs or the bathhouses a couple of times a month to have some fun and were otherwise straight again?"… the interviewer was stunned and refused to accept that faggotry was just a weird fetish until a generation ago.

link to other thread if it involves another pretty girl

yes so let him stoke the flAMES

This court will only get more conservative, and it will stay that way for at least two generations if there are no assassinations. That is a terrible blow to ZOGs plans if Bad Orange Man pulls this off.

Considering he only floats this boat on cabal television he is testing the waters to see what a voter response would be. If he was serious he would hold a press conference. Since both president Trump and his 2020 competition are going to appeal to only liberals they are trying to establish how far to appear to set the right goal post.

Don't be a nigger and quote somebody correctly when you say they say something.

lol, youre like the (((people))) complaining about him not having finished the wall after "almost 2 whole years"

shills try to argue that he's not an improvement over the previous administrations. but even if he did nothing and was all rhetoric, he still did a huge service. he publicly proved to the nation and other politicians that his "obsolete archaic rhetoric" has a place in this country, and can topple career politicians backed by trillionaires.

there are so many open white nationalists on the ballot now, winning elections and getting votes, i hope this is more than a fad, but after trump left the DNC burning; i dont see it being a fad. it looks like they'll never recover.

The new generation is completely fucking insane. All day, every day, glued to their screens since they were young kids, listening to niggermusic, following nigger celebrities like they are some kind of a enlightened figures, using niggerspeak in day to day life, twerking like a fucking sheboon in a ghetto. Complete niggrefication and rampant faggotry.

(1) and done lol You shills GLOW IN THE FUCKING DARK

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by all means feel free to name a few

Yes, name some, and then right afterwards provide evidence for all the wall construction that is totally being done. We'll wait.