The Crash is Coming

Just wanted to warn you guys,
>before the 2020 election the (((FED))) crashes the economy hard

I'm not sure how to counteract these plans, maybe Anti-FED memes can have some effect, god speed anons.

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There is always a crash

Been seeing this same exact scenario being predicted for 30 years, I'll believe it when it actually happens.


FED is just one of the factors that are to blame for the incoming recession. Both parties were more than willing to protect banks in 2008, people overdraw on their cards and spend on retarded shit that they don't need, memes like Ivy League colleges are too alluring despite having perfectly good community and state colleges in our surroundings, people consider living with their parents as a faliure in life no matter how cripplng their finances are…

And yes, FED will be the scape goat of Republicans while Trump will be the scape goat of the Democrats. When you put it all together you can only watch for yourself and your financial well being. Fuck everyone else, be them D or R.

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Agreed, one way or another though we will see it for ourselves.

This one is true though.

shemita 2: electric boogaloo?

We can all stand around saying how both Ds and Rs are fucking useless but if Ds ever lock in the federal government and hold majorities for at least 8 years then we're all fucked. Granted, I think that's a long way off and I don't think the solution is saving Republicans from the fruits of their labor.

If we can get enough NPCs to see the FED as an enemy though it will be easier to show them who the real enemy is

It's a shame people here are too D&C'd to see the truth in your post OP. The solution is to stock up on supplies and be ready take charge of your communities when the inevitable happens.

crash number 999999999 incoming

>before the 2020 election the (((FED))) crashes the economy hard
Not likely. Trump swerved into the assassination zone a long time ago, but his normie-support is ridiculously high. His failure to start a kikewar in Syria twice has already marked him for death alone. By 2020, I believe he will have already neutralized the Fed from a position of strength through the erosion of chinese and eurofag globalism and will deliver a death blow in the second term.
Never forget that Trump is not the reincarnation of Hitler, he is the reincarnation of Old Hickory.

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Will this crash be worse than the Shemitah September 2015 crash that totally happened as predicted by you last time?

lets just cut that out. nobody is based like Andrew fucking Jackson. Hater of banks, kikes, and shitskins and would duel with pistols when he was mad.
Lets remember that we didnt elect Trump, we elected to start destorying libniggers and the system that creates them. Trump is suppose to be our tool, not BASTE enough to be close to old AJ.

Shemitah was complete BS which was obvious from the start, all I know is that it will happen before Trumps reelection and after the midterms go to the Republicans.

That wasn't what people on this very board believed in 2015. They were certain that the Jews would crash the world due to the prophecy of Shemitah. We even got a song out of it.

true, nobody is going to predict the crash. I think it wont even happen suddenly. its a slow burn as the kikes take advantage of little downturns to buy up cheap assets when they can. Stocking up on food and tons of bullshit is autistic. use your money to buy things to pass to your children and grandchildren like properties.
you are never going to live long enough to see that, and its a HUGE pain in the ass and of course autistic to stockpile tons of shit youll never use.

OP isn't claiming a retarded Jewish prophecy (hoax) though, also anyone who takes anything on the internet at face value is a retarded faggot

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I started a thread about targeting the Berniebots with predictive fed Programming. See here:

Basics of that thread, which is on the way to death, is that BernieBots are susceptible to us bait and switching them. Bernie talks about "big banks" but never mentions the Fed. I have had great success with pulling the switcheroo on these Bbots and telling them Bernie REALLY means the Fed.

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Double post sorry…

Point being that we can predictively program them to the crash that is coming. Read that thread, some good ideas. But we have to start talking about the Fed crashing everything, we get rid of the banks, THEN we go after Trump. Lying to these people is the only way to change their minds. If they catch a whiff of Trump support they will oppose you "principle."

This is great, its got me thinking that if we could also tie the fed to "muh white supremcah" it might inoculate the NPCs from reprogramming.

do you even?

Two account types:
1. Paid-in-full Account
2. Loan Acount
The "dollar" is really a receipt, so it can no longer represent "potential" value and must reflect actual value; the value of an existing transaction.


All's fair in love and war Torbreh. You don't lie about ideas, you use their ideas against them as the main strategy. You find the small bit of truth and you LEVERAGE THE FUCK OUT OF IT. See my earlier pic related. We know he doesn't mean the Fed, but I have sacrificed nothing intellectually to pretend he does.

This works, if you are against it, then I know why you are on Tor.

That can work, but only if you make sure all the jews and catholics (and now mormons) are gone, otherwise you're going to see the same bullshit that led to the Fed in the first place.

What is 1929, 1980, 2001 & 2008?

the people who became "Christians" as codified as a doctrine by Constantinople rejected 'Usury'. Whatever happened to the original Orthodox Christian? It appears that the few remaining in the Middle East are slowly being exterminated

Minor corrections in a 120 year bull market :)

Also what the fuck is this stupid shit thread. No link , no information, just "muh crash." Fucking anchor this garbage.