Zig Forums is for know-nothing conspiratard conservatard morons who need to take their meds

Zig Forums is for know-nothing conspiratard conservatard morons who need to take their meds.


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Shouldn't you be posting “I need a gf thread" kikeys little bitch.

Troll harder faggot

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Arr tha Joos givin ja moneey poo?
Must be makin aloto moneey yeeah?
How many rupies?

south park is for degenerate faggots
you need to take aids meds

Counterpoint: I'm going to murder your family and dump your corpses in mass graves.

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Not a penny. It's simple, really. Use your brain instead of being such a faggot tool fuckwit all the time.

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This is a natsoc board you retard.
Go back to plebbit with your global warming.


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Leon Trotsky violently disagreed, so did Lenin also menachim Begin the "father of world terrorism"


But natsocs (I assume you mean national socialists, i.e. nazis) are complete and utter retards, who seek to blame foreigners for their own complete and utter failure, due to profound stupidity, to carve out a niche for themselves. That's not my problem; it's yours. It's not my fault you're retarded.

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Here's a beaner who isn't laughing anymore. This is you. This is what you're going to look like.

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Yep, you're a retard. Congratulations.

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Good luck, faggot. Post my (VPN) IP. PROTIP: you can't, because you're an impotent faggot.

What a fucking moron.

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You need to read books faggot

After I kill you and all your pets there will be no competitors to interfere with the growth and prosperity of white children. I am going to murder you. Mark today on the calender fucko , because today, you got your warning. Next you will receive death swift and unannounced.

I'll kill you through possession. I don't have to do it with this body. I can kill you with almost any body.

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You need to learn to think for yourself, instead of believing everything you read so long as it gives you an excuse to think of others as inferior to yourself, thus disguising your self-hatred.

Guess what, it doesn't work. It doesn't hide your self-hatred; it highlights it. For the rest of us to point and laugh at.

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ITT: newfags falling for bait

Capitalists, YOUR capitalists, made that decision to outsource. Nobody else.
Making silly threats on the internet = profoundly stupid, impotent, angry, triggered, basement dweller. Congratulations on outing yourself as such, faggot. Give me your best shot.

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wtf is this psychobabble?

I think you mean jews

You are projecting, and i guess you have a bad day and need someone to dump it on.
But listen, you have it all wrong.
Natsoc is not the racist bully you think it is, they exist, but they are not really national socialist. But you really don't know what it is, do you?

obvious shit tier bot filter it

Low IQ.

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PROTIP: only 1 or 2% are actually jewish. Well done for being a gullible halfwit.

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I know far better than you do, shit for brains.

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Almost 50% of the 1% are jews. Most of te rest are shabbos goyim. Mouth-breathing leftist - why do you think we're still fighting WWII? Why is everything muh natsees this and muh natsees that? Because jews won't stop until all white people are dead. WWII was a war against whites, and it isn't over yet. And it won't be over until you and your friends are dead

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Who do you think will be first up against the wall?

Have you ever heard of a thing called "evidence"?

Of course not. Your beliefs are based not on fact or reason, but on whatever makes you feel better about your own failure.

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lol. Anyway it's time for me to head out to the defense contractor I work for. You really don't understand how the world works, kiddo, and I don't think a bullet to your skull will clarify things either, though it's worth a try.

Claiming welfare is not working for a defense contractor.

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Here are some pictures of your family, just to put a smile on your jew face:)

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Here's one of yours

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Make an argument against this video that doesn't involve attacking me or the presenter

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Do you have a point, brainlet?>>12342255

Weak, at least say something funny. Now you're reported.

Thank you for proving my point. Never forget we gave you multiple opportunities to talk with us like rational humans.

Please 'you know who' return to oven

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For what? Failure to believe without question everything you dumb cunts say?

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Asking if you have a point when you post an irrelevant .webm doesn't prove a point you fucking flid. That's not how logic works.

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Aahaa you are wamen, im i right?