America’s Middle Class Is GONE! Nearly 50% of American Workers Earn LESS Than $30,000!

America’s Middle Class Is GONE! Nearly 50% of American Workers Earn LESS Than $30,000!

For our wage data, the median wage (or net compensation) is the wage "in the middle." That is, half of the workers earned below this level. The table below shows that the median wage is substantially less than the average wage. The reason for the difference is that the distribution of workers by wage level is highly skewed.

31,561.49 is the median wage for 2017.

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Also record youth unemployment in large parts of Europe.

No surprise. The first thing that happened after Bubba Clinton opened the floodgates to the mexishit horde was all the typical "kid" jobs got sucked up by dirty spics. I used to mow lawns in the summer, rake leaves in the fall, and shovel snow in the winter for money starting around age 12. I did that until I was 16. This was totally normal for my entire childhood, and even my parent's childhoods.

By 1995 the mexishits had undercut all lawn care jobs kids were doing. Charging much less than the kids could reasonably charge because 5 mexishits can get a lawn done in 1/5th the time a single 12yo can. By 1996 they used all that untaxed (what, you thought spics paid taxes on cash-under-the-table jobs?) to buy top of the line professional equipment. By 1997 most if not all the lawn care jobs are held by illegal spics.

The same thing happened to most other part-time jobs that teenagers would take to buy their first car, buy their music, entertainment, etc. Most if not all fast-food jobs are held by illegal spics now. Most if not all kitchen staff positions are held by illegal spics now.

This means niglets that used to take part time jobs to "stay out of trouble" don't have anything to do but go get in trouble (because niggers gotta nog). It means the white kids aren't able to earn and save their own money for their own future dreams of their own car, or higher education (post-secondary, vocational, or college).

By importing swarthykin into white society aka Western Civilization we're literally racing to the bottom. Less money, less prosperity, less hope, more crime, more drugs, more violence. This is what we get with forced "multiculturalism".

The entire thing will collapse eventually. To sustain it forever is mathematically impossible. When it blows, we attack.

If you want high living standards and influence you'll have to support imperialism.

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I honestly thought the average American was a lot wealthier. We're usually fed that Americans are richer by comparing their GDP per capita with ours.

Yeah cool, when we're all fucking 70 we'll finally do something. Meanwhile I'll be stuck here because my city is overrun with niggers and I can't really do anything about it on my own.

Typical Americans caste are poor renters and riddled with addictions. It's got some high caste communities that are glamorized in Hollywood.

No, you just have to kill jews, ban usury, and nationalize the bank like the Constitution says.

Zig Forums only cares about whites, user. How are we doing, not "hows we be doin"

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Varies by area. My area has plenty of kitchen spics in restaurants but fast food is all niggers. At least until the business starts to falter, then they will bring in a couple of retired old white ladies to get it back on track. One sadly declined area is cooks in corporate restaurants…. they pay niggers $13+ an hour to cook steaks at all the steakhouses, and they absolutely suck at it, because niggers. That's more than I make at a highly technical job.

B-but if we c-create a m-more t-t-tolerant s-s-society, everything w-will ev-ven out-t!

Marginal whites are getting left behind. We're getting tired of having to take it for the team. Why do you think non-cucked whites ever vote D in the first place?

Can't be that technical if a nig grilling meat makes a comparable lump of money…

Fuck your red herrings. Fuck your wild goose chases. Fuck your false dichotomies. Fuck your jewish hoaxes. Fuck your arbitrary premises.

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Wouldn't a currencies purchasing power relative to gold not be a good metric when obviously gold production does not keep up population growth?

I'm sure it is still almost just as horrible, but I want to see a chart with other major goods like food stuffs.

that's household income brah

two income earners = 34k per person

who can afford to be sole income providers but a small percentage of guys and even then she'll just laze around all day and whine that she's working hard, fucking genderjews…

kek as if anyone but the most cucked, pozzed, ass-sucking genderniggers ever vote for the D. If you're marginal, you're not white. Real whites can personally conquer any adverse conditions. My ancestors thrived in kiked nations ten times worse than this with dignity and honor, and came the US to establish a nation for their offspring. I'm not trying to get rid of jews because I can't hack life, I'm trying to get rid of them because they are repulsive criminal filth that need to be eradicated.

This might be weirdly a necessary thing if the wealthiest elites were distributing that capital as efficiently and effectively as possible.
But it's becoming clear that is not the case. Many people are under-earning and can't obtain what they want effectively on what they earn, nor do they have the leverage to get a better wage from these massive corporate beasts that devour us all.

The irony is that the wealthy could earn more from a REAL worth point of view, had they known that their wealth has intrinsically an obligation from the nature of money as a tool to obtain real worth. Instead, they underutilise their money and therefore EVERYBODY is worse off.
This is how stupid some wealthy people are. They don't understand what money really is at all. They have the ability to do great things, but their ignorance prevents that.

Luckily, that might be changing due to the influence of the internet broadening the minds of the social elite. Many people do see how stagnant money is not good. I guess that was the rationale for things like tax cuts for certain uses of money… but clearly people are finding ways to obtain that benefit without actually doing what the benefit was intended to make them do. Another example is charitable trusts.

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Shhhh, you're going to trigger the people who think gold can adequately cater to the financial needs of a nation state / developed economy.

Manufactured goods wouldn't be a very good indicator of value either, seeing as productivity shifts drastically with technology.

The whole reason most nations adopted the fiat model is that it simply fits the needs of modern industrial economies much better. And gold-fags usually have a hard time dealing with the fact that currencies today have value because the state wants it to, not because you can haul a bar of gold out of the national bank.

No one is going to believe this kikery.
That's literally our primary concern with those currencies, you fucking faggot. What the fuck are you even saying?

EVERY fucking OP
USE (replacement for hooktube after they got shut down
or better yet
don't be a lazy nigger and use YOUTUBE-DL / FFMPEG to make a webm and post that

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Reminder that this poster here will be killed on the DOTR.

Fiat is not working because people are not using money the way people thought they would back in the day.
Wealthy people need to be taught why an obligation to distribute their wealth effectively exists. They need to see that their wealth is not that mutually exclusive from everyone's wealth. If nobody buys their products - they lose value, therefore if they don't supply the lower class a reasonable income, their own income (indicated by the value of their assets - the products they sell) likewise decreases.

I think the lack of education is the greatest hindrance to the success of FIAT. That said, attributing value to gold seems to be an archaic idea as there is too little gold around to use as a tool of value.

But user, do you really want to back the dollar to a resource they've been stockpiling for a long time?
If we do back a resource, perhaps we should use something they don't have much of to render their gold a bunch of shiny rocks (which needs to happen regardless as the gold is needed for electronics, etc).

There is also the issue of fusion potentially rendering the backing of the dollar to anything useless.

huh? it's still up though?

But wait! There's more.

Theoretically, a larger wealthier base is potentially positive to all white people's real earnings.
But given how ineffectively they use the money - there are issues with the theory.

No you need at least an upper class that actually understands the burden of wealth.
At the moment we have an upper class of twits…
Though even worse than the video, many of them are not white now and stupider.

Middle class by definition means people who make enough income from investment to not need to work.

Anyone who needs to work for a living is working class.

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Yes. You set the dollar against the TOTAL GLOBAL AMOUNT OF GOLD, not the gold owned by the US government. Then they have no choice but to admit to the amount of gold that actually exists.

A puny little piece of communist faggotry like you couldn't even lift the rope. Go collect your gibs and play your goystation 6 like a good little NPC and let the real whites handle the heavy lifting, niggerwit.

Which is?…

You see, being unable to properly determine the amount might be an issue with determining the value of the currency. Therefore, it might be required to make the currency a thing in itself with value attributed to it at the level people believe it to be in comparison to the determinable amount of currency in the system and the total domestic produce.
That would therefore make the increasing of the domestic produce the very object that should be stockpiled rather than gold, creating an incentive to increase the domestic produce to increase the value of that currency.

Our issue today is perhaps too little increase in that real value due to the overprinting of money.

Keep lashing, moishe. It should clue you in you're the only one in thread buying in to your bullshit.

Define "to work".


The real problem is that white families are infested with vidya-addicted soyfaggots, which is the direct result of ZOG feminism. There are millions of acres of agricultural land lying fallow because these soyfaggots would rather be boomer-clones than be white. Anyone claiming to be "marginal" is simply admitting they are lazy, stupid assfucks who think they deserve to inherit the boomer lifestyle of mindless consumerism simply because they are alive. Hard work is like kryptonite to these feeble cucks.

they got a cease message from google forcing them to use the API or get sued into oblivion instead, which completely neutered their system. A hooktube embed is now no-longer any different than a youtube embed. You do not get the mp4/webm anymore, you get jewgle's tracking javascript.

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No the real problem I think is the lack of better payed jobs because the upper class or corporations are not spending enough on new workers.
I think that comes down to their scepticism of the governments circulation of the currency and the other wealthy citizens circulation of their own currency, that is - the chance that they find themselves in a position where they won't be able to afford the worker or obtain enough worth from that worker due to the overprinting of money devaluing their currency.
Why is it becoming overprinted though?
I think one example of how that is so is the use of the currency for illicit purposes.
Another is the use for a purpose which is of no value (i.e. nothing is produced from it, nor is the currency put back into circulation correctly or effectively).
Large debt may be part of the cause.

Fucking jewgle. Big brother needs to know everything ay. It's like they forget how reducing privacy hinders people using the product and therefore decreases the usage of the product and their shekles :^)

unless one moves to a Linux box or creates a Linux VM on their Kikerosoft machine

you can run youtube-dl, ffmpeg, and streamlink on windows natively without problems. just add ffmpeg to the windows path.

Pretty much, yes.

No, you're not. Whites don't beg corporations for gibs any more than they beg governments for gibs. That's nigger noises, and why capitalism is the twin of communism. WHITES GO THE THIRD WAY

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Engaging in *productive* physical or mental labor.

Farming is work. Engineering is work. Even managing other workers is work. A CEO is a worker just as a janitor is a worker.

Managing your stock portfolio isn't work. Fronting capital and hoping for a return on stocks, bonds, loans, or currency exchange isn't work. I'm not saying its not difficult to be successful doing this, but it makes you middle class not a worker.

Sounds like natsoc!
I'm behind this.

you realize the middle class is the class that funds the democrats

fuck the middle class

fuck off, this is what nat soc fags dont understand. We want a white America we dont want a white christian state. Give me usury with simple terms and if I sign the paper its my responsibility to pay. Give me casinos and if I gamble too much thats my fault.

You are not going to make society strong by keeping them away from evils. Any decent amount of regulation will do by I dont want a government that trys to play god and keep their citizens in a nice bubble.

This is who posts here now.

Thanks, capitalism…

stats are pretty funny. you can lump a bunch of dead weight in by moving goal posts and make it look like everyone is in poverty or you can separate the wheat from the chaff and see just how much these immigrants, niggers, spics and other trash really hurt america and just how great socialism and its welfare programs really are.

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Straight welfare programs are really more something out of the modern West, a payoff to use at the company store and drive consumption to absorb overproduction. In the Soviet Union it was illegal to not work.

Reported for supporting judaism.
Reported for supporting judaism.
Reported for supporting judaism.
Yeah. You are.
So… ban usury. Got it. Thanks for admitting it.

Kill yourself Zig Forums shill. Go spam the thread with 600+ posts.

Local involvement > Federal involvement
You get to feel the actual guilt when you don't help your actual white neighbors. Fuck the Fed.

Not an argument. Reported for supporting judaism.

Why are you even here? Leave. Nobody wants you here.

Then that is a poor definition, as it certainly requires mental effort or labor. You are helping redistribute capital right? That in itself is a not only work, but a useful labor to an economies. There IS "produce" from that in the form of the financial service it provides to the economy.

They've always posted here. In fact I worry they post here less than they used to.

Actually we want, perhaps, in an increasingly scarce society a growing middle class that is not required to work on the tasks better left to automation. That means we have a system that is so automated that all we need to do is organise that automation to give effect to our wants and needs.

Less middle class implies that people do not have the ability to engage with the economy in a middle class fashion. That is, they don't have any nexus to the system in the form of currency.

fast foodfag here
some weeks I work 50 or more others weeks I have no hours
I never took any sick days
how do I network?
55% of this was done of thier lunch hour
I don't have lunch break during working hours
two jobs counts as more than one source?
67% of the wealthy watched less than an hour of tv a day
I don't have a TV
63% of the wealthy spent less than an hour a on the internet
got me there

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Spotted the kike doing damage kiketrol

Not an argument. Reported for supporting judaism. Nothing you said is true. We do not support usury.

Funny thing the British empire was actually reaching peak kike subversion during the time period depicted in that painting

I love you!

Ok I defined work incorrectly then.

I should have said: work is engaging in *productive* physical or mental labor.

Then I should have said: deriving enough income to support yourself through capital investment alone puts you outside of the working class and into the middle class.

Please go back

Did you even look at the graph, retard?

Managing your stock portfolio (profitably) is absolutely work.

If you're making money with stocks, that means that you gave money to a company that performed better than the alternatives. Making sure that resources are allocated to those that will make the best use of them is one of the most important jobs there is.

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You are in the wrong part of town, juden.

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You're a parasite.

I honestly never understood why people felt entitled to getting interest free loans like it was some kind of human right.

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As soon as the banking cartel introduces the cash-less currency, the economy itself won't exist anymore. They will have fully control over everything and will present entirely falsified numbers and statistics. The upper class will be unreachable for anyone, because they just shift money around endlessly, and the lower class will be fooled like pet slaves, while working themselves to death to archive their digital monopoly money. At that point it will all just be a game of torture and sadism over all of humanity.

Based on their reaction to crypto I doubt that's coming anytime soon.

They control all the big crypto names including all the exchanges.

Then why are they fighting it?

Avg hours for a year. Working 50 hours one week and 0 the next is 25 hour average. The average person works about 40 hours a week. That's 2000 hours a year. I've worked close to 4000 hours in a year (like 3600-3700ish usually) in the oil and gas industry and that's only working about 35-40 weeks of the year. That's 12-16 hours every day for 35-40 weeks of a year. I could work more and make more, too. And this is 7 days a week, not 5 and weekend off. There are no sick days in my job. I work pretty much double the average worker and most of the poor work about 1000-1500 hours - enough for EI or not to get into tax brackets, if they work at all.

And you get lunch by law and 15 min breaks unless you live in the 3rd world. Only time you wouldnt get lunch break is if you work 4 hour or split shift type deals.

Networking is not really going to work in fast food, but for poor people, it would be volunteering, meeting organizers and coordinators, getting friendly with people that have better jobs and positions of power through community. If you are higher up, you'll have lunch meetings or set up things with clients or attend social functions and mingle after hours. Group lunches with co-workers or other divisions can be networkign if you meet at a set spot for lunch on fridays or after work social drinks at a sports bar. It doesnt ahve to be rich people at fancy restaurant laughing about poor people to be networking - just getting your name out to community leaders and people in position to hire you or that know people who could hire you. Councillors, mayors, government workers, etc usually can 'get you on' for projects or temp work or random government jobs. Might be part time or only a set work limit, but this gets you introduced to more people and job skills and builds resumes and contacts - aka networking through non-work activities instead of playing video games, getting drunk and sleeping in.

Two jobs only counts as 2 sources if you are working more than average hours. Otherwise you have part time jobs that dont equal a full time job and counts as one source. Savings account, bonds, GICs, stocks, dividends, rental properties, etc are alternate sources of income.

And netflix/youtube would count as 'TV' as opposed to internet. Watching an entire season of random series is watching tv even if you arent subscribed to cable or wahtever.

Usury is evil when it is used to create money, causing more debt than money to exist.

That then requires "murder" in the financial system for the system as a whole to remain solvent, because some of the debt has to "die".

It doesn't need to be that way, it should be possible to only kill in self defense and if no one murders or attempts to murder and we all do our work, we should be able to all survive, if society were healthy with debt free issuances of money from our government.

Maybe it's because the cost of living is lower and it gives the illusion of wealth?

Gasoline is only about $2.75 USD per gallon.
Food is real cheap, a gallon of milk is like $1.90.

Isn't stuff in Denmark real expensive because of all the taxes, and its socially unacceptable to want to lower them?

Why does anyone deserve a loan to begin with? That's also a really good way to bankrupt your country give out loans with no incentive to pay it back lol

Our milk is shit compared to Europe, also.

Don't let USA fool y'all, anyone that has done extensive long term touring in several areas of the Europe and the USA knows that the "heartland of the USA" is kept intentionally poor and is being population replaced with Mexicans\Muslims\Somalis\and others, worse yet than former communist Eastern Europe.

NatioSozi party gave loans at no interest for having children.

Idea which the loan is funding should always be incentive, not cold actuary gain, your power to loan to whom is power to shape the future which should be held sacred, and repayment of capital and success of the mission should be sufficient.

I find that really hard to believe seeing how many Eastern Europeans are "economic migrants" to western countries


They have all left in the last 5-10 years to return to their growing homelands, Romania e.g.

Oy vey, shlomo Nazi is Konrad's Nutsy, NatioSozi is the correct contraction.

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Maybe you shouldn't have kept those nigger slaves and let all those spics in. You reap what you sow.
I mean, you are still wealthier than africans, hahahaHA

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Household income in real terms has been stagnant for decades.

People seem to forget Gen X were touted as the first generation to be less well off than the last, were seen as nihilistic and worked McJobs with a "why try harder" attitude.

Seems like a sick joke when you compare how fucked millenials are next to them.

The only advantage we still have is that we know how & why ancient empires fell and can stop it happening to us if we want to. In ancient Rome, interest rates fell from 12% to 4% and property prices soared as they entered a 10% trade deficit and outflows of wealth eastwards. They never recovered, but the US could. You have about 10 years by my reckoning America.

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You're too easy.

Not even kikey allowed your shilling.

I have no interest in taking loans interest-free or otherwise. I oppose usury because it is one of the most easy and basic ways for jews to get wealthy and a wealthy jew is a jew who has more power to fuck over white countries.

Beyond that if usury was allowed for gentile lenders but not jews (pre-christian Roman Empire for example) and with legal mechanisms in place for mandatory death penalty for any gentile who loans money on behalf of or for financial benefit of jews, I wouldn't particularly mind usury.

The graph says WHITE Americans median was $68,145 and the the number OP brought up was the median regardless of all race combined

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No one believes you. You were proven wrong.

I live in Florida, breaks are only required for minors

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I agree.

No one is going to make loans without some interest. Usury is not the same as interest. Usury is deliberately making a predatory loan with the intention of it never being paid off so you can create a debt slave. Normal loans with non-predatory intentions charge interest as a protection since the lender is taking a risk by giving a loan. Loans are very important to growing an economy, opposite of usury. Interest is required to create currency as well as destroy currency. Whites were able to use interest for centuries without issue, Jews are the people who utilize usury.

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Given that the average age of American farmers is now 58 and is now increasing by roughly one year each year (i.e. no fresh, young adults are entering that labor pool), I'd be inclined to agree with you. The problem is that all that land laying fallow is generally found in the form of a relatively small parcel that had been worked by a single family that hasn't been able to make it profitable for at least a generation or two, hence its abandonment by the younger generations of the family.

We have this exact scenario currently playing out in my family, the ~200 acres my family has been farming since the 1760's is still held by my grandparents who haven't actively farmed all of it since the early 90's. My grandfather still maintains the fields, irrigation, etc and was still keeping one 30 acre patch active as a source of hay for the dairy farm down the road as a favor to a lifelong friend but that dairy closed ~10 years ago because it was too small to remain competitive. The fact is that there is no cash crop that grows well enough in our region to allow that land to generate in income capable of supporting a family. It might be able to make a profit if we invested hundreds of thousands of dollars into wells and watering rigs. Unfortunately, no one in the younger generations has the cash to fund that outright and even if they were willing to take on the debt and give their all to reinvigorating the farm, they'd wind up making less from all that blood, sweat, and tears than they do in their jobs in the "modern economy" (all of us are successful to one degree or another). While the appeal of becoming self sufficient and healing my soul by working the earth is appealing, even I have to admit that there is no sense in trying to compete with the family owned megafarms of the Midwest and the massive corporate farms in our region that have bought up all the best land from the small farms abandoned by the younger generations. They can afford all the investment needed to make the land profitable again because they can spread the costs over an enterprise spanning tens of thousands of acres, something I can never hope to achieve.

Yeah, I've made this point over and over, but there's always some autist and/or currency-is-evil leftypol fag there wanting to claim that any sort of resource sharing agreement is evil.
There are two different words because these are two different things. Usury is actually illegal in many places.