Tent Cities for "Asylum" Seekers

Immigrants who reach the border could be kept for YEARS in tents waiting for their asylum cases to be heard.

Previously, all you had to do was show up at the border looking for work and government hand outs and lie, saying you were seeking asylum from violent persecution at home due to your religion or ethnicity. The government was then forced by law to let you in while your application was being reviewed, which could take upwards of two years. In the mean time, you disappear into the vast inner reaches of the country never to be heard from again, until your anchor babies drop.


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So Trump is actually enforcing the border, nice.

in for the

muttmerica is being led by the nose like third world commie plebs and this pleases me. Keep trusting the kike lover and his kike family.

Until they're given amnesty.

He ain't gonna do shit. He hasn't proven shit with immigrants.

Israel first.

Deportations are up, kike.

This will be "kids in cages" dialed to 11. The media will have a field day. And they'll already be in the country. The best thing Trump can do is murder all these bean niggers while they're still in Mexico.

Tent cities is exactly what I thought would happen, the corrupt mexican government was assured there would be plenty of opportunities for prostitution, drugs and abduction if they basically did nothing as usual.
It'll also be perfect for fake optics for the left to plaster on tv.

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Putting them on tents is letting them in now.

What's next? Hitler was actually encouraging jews to go to Germany by putting up summer camps for jews?

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yes, letting them into the US, giving them free food and housing, and processing their bullshit asylum requests is letting them in. how about just tell them to fuck off? physically prevent them from entering?
the US is what enforces (((UN))) bs in the first place

Which decentralizes them and let them sneak in.
That's what the tents are for.

This is kind of like Hungary. They should "give" food by putting vending machines as well. Hopefully he puts the tent cities on the Mexican side.

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Kike shills in this thread thinking people don't know he is setting up tent cities for optics till after the midterms.

it puts them in the same situation as every wanna-be illegal that's still in Mexico
the tents are on our soil, paid for by our taxpayer dollars. and their applications might be accepted


Concentration tents. Great. We might be fucked lads. I figure a large amount of these rapefugees (Latin America edition) are only so eager to come here to rape and plunder. They won't be discouraged by having to live in tents. They'll try and try again to make it in so they get the raping they want. The only thing that can solve this is unlimited white sex bots dispersed into the Spiclands and unlimited junk food laced with estrogen. I'm serious there is no way to stop the brown horse except to corrupt them into a VR soy existence like the Jews have successfully done to the majority of whites.

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plus it "KEEPS MUH PRECIOUS FAMILIES INTACT" so that no vaginas can play the emotions card

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Which means they can still sneak in.
Or you want them in our country and getting our job instead?

so can the entire population of mexico
would you rather have the entire population of mexico living in mexico, or in tents on US soil paid for by the US taxpayer while their asylum applications are processed?

But the entire population of mexico does not want to move to the US.
Yes, I would.
What's that has to do with the population of Mexico?

it's a strawman, admittedly. my point is that they should be physically preventing the caravan migrants from entering the US. instead, Trump has ordered them to be let in and for their asylum applications to be processed

Trump is unironically doing the right thing here, as actually grouping them up and making a list of them is THE way to prevent them from sneaking in.

They already documented any wetback caught at the border, you stupid dumb fucking mutt.
Shariahblue kikeshill deecee blah blah blah
It pleases me to see you subhuman mutts devolve and suffer.


Nope, but you're still irritating kikes not wanted here or indeed anywhere on this Earth

Yo dumbcunt, no, they haven't documented ALL of the 4000 niggers incoming.

lol really? Because you are a mutt yourself?

Man, just like that time when Hitler was encouraging jewish growth by putting them in summer camps with swimming pools.

Trump is following the law, you dumbfuck hillbilly. You know, the laws passed 60 years before he became president? Oh, no, that's right, your nigger IQ prevents you from knowing things.

Will Donnie boy let them in after elections after organizing a fake shootout by white supremacist.

Are you illiterate?

Because they haven't hopped the fence yet, subhuman mutt.
Nah, just people who suffered because subhuman mutts loved the kosher cocks and commie wang.

How unashamed. Like a nigger.

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He just said they are not letting them in like they used to.

Oh boy the absolute state of these magakikes, this place is truly plebbit the_donald now.

So in short, they haven't been documented.
Look at the mutt trying to save face lol

Face it mutt, but your genetics aren't getting any purer.

And much like the "temporary camps" migrants occupy in Europe it'll be full of drugs and munitions.

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So ignoring the obvious (((Alt-Right))) shift from posters and falsefag activism let's consider this rationally:

1. Tent cities in America means goblins can sneak out. Is it in America or the boarder on Mexico's side.

A. if it's in America that's bad
B. If it's in Mexico, that's bad for Mexicans. The gang violence will begin to swim back at their own gangs because they are MS13.

2. If Trump let them sit there on the Mexican boarder and just wait, would they wait? Would they disapear into the Mexican cities? I doubt it. Mexicans know their own kind.

3. If they stood there waiting would they begin to scream "DIOS MIO STARVATION!"? Then the media would poor in. Screaming that these people are dying.
The end result would be the optics that they are NOW REFUGEES.

So this is all something to consider. Stop replying to the new Alt-Right shills who are pushing for Democrats because we BTFO of their e-celebs and poster campaigns.

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You know trumpkike is fucked when even huwite "hillbilly", you know, the people who voted for it, are tired of it.
Must be all that feet licking and anus sucking for wetbacks and kikes.
Nah, couldn't be. That is muh dee cee.


pic related

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>So ignoring the obvious (((Alt-Right))) shift from posters and falsefag activism let's consider this rationally:

LOL so you are wrong and can't admit it.
Nice picture mutt, which one is you?

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Man, not looking good there, mutt.

Maybe you should try a blackface or something because that's some ugly shit.


Still building.

You talk about your genetic hwhite brothers like that, mutt?

I dunno, mutt, I don't think it's good you badmouth your mutt brothers like that.

But I'm in Europe. My grandfathers both fought for the SS. How can I be a subhuman wetback like an amerimutt?

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I dunno, ask your grandfather? Because your grandpa is not making you any purer, mutt.


My grandma successfully fled the amerimutt sponsored soviet hordes and my parents are of the same ethnicity.
How can I be a subhuman kike loving, commie loving mutt like you subhumans?

Did he sign any paper that GUARANTEE that spics will be deported and walls will be built?
Words are meaningless, and a subhuman amerimutt like you getting mad because I pointed out that trusting the WORDS of a poltician and not his ACTION is the sign of a devolved, subhuman third world like population.
Which amerimutts are.

You seem upset.

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Oh, your grandma tells you that?

Poor, poor mutt lol

The shills will say that even if they are kept in concentration camps, it is the same as "letting them in"…

…don't vote goy! You're just supporting another arm of the ZOG! Voting takes too long, is bothersome, and who cares who wins, goy!

Haven't even read the thread yet, and I already know I'm right.
I'm right, aren't I?

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Yes, you are. Shills are absolutely terrified now that Trump has an actual plan to deal with them.

I know subhuman amerimutts dream everyday about killing Germans and handing Europe over to communism.
But those days are over. trumpkike will lose midterm, merkel will resign and the world will be rid of you subhuman MUTTS.
Non white scum.

The plan to let them in and give them all amnesty. LOL.

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Uncle Trump's summer camp.

My dream does involve of making fun of mutt like you LOL

So my dream is becoming true.

Yeah, right, mutt, more brothers for you, isn't all bad right?

Republicans have stopped this, in recent years, even though the Trilateralist Reagan turned traitor and signed it.
That won't happen again, or the Republicans will see a dysentery-level purge.

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How is he any different from Merkel, again?

Not a burger citizen. Are you illiterate, subhuman mutt?


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Something like 96% will be denied asylum.
You can only request asylum in the states if you fear for your life from some government death squad.
You cannot claim "I'm poor at home" and gain asylum.

What was the >>12333333 GETS?

And what makes you so certain of that?
The millions of illegals in your country that have yet to be deported, perhaps?

So they just say they are from Venezuela. Since most wetbacks can be distinguished from each other.

They probably wouldn't even have to put up such an act, seeing the amount of work trumpkike has made against illegal.

They should be given farming jobs to offset the expenses we make for them.




Welcome to being the sole world power… Sure there are many perks, but don't forget the responsabilities.

Resposible to mudify your bloodlines and kow towing to a bunch of kikes, lol!

Prove you're not a shill right now.


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Since when? I'm pretty fucking sure no one wants to live in Mexico. Otherwise the caravans could stop IN MEXICO. Right?

What we really need is forced biometrics of everyone in the US to check legal status. Those that refuse should be shot for terrorism (for immigrants) or treason (for citizens).

Fuck off muttspammer, what happened to your >>12333333 GETS

The only plan Trump has is whatever Kissinger and Kushner tell him to do and say

Where is it getting built, mutt?
The new section.

Nah, eat my pure blooded shit, mutt.

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This… And don't forget the swimming pool lies

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You didn't answered the question mutt…
what happened to you >>12333333 GETS?


I will never understand why ugly obese mexishits think posting selfies and pretending they are purebloods is supposed to be an insult to my 100% pure German descended blood.

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how would taking farming jobs from people in small towns offset the tax burden they create?

It is amusing in that after the last 4 years, what I've learnt about the American is that they see themselves as superior. legit red-pilled and ruly jew wise, then spent the last few years ingloriously sucking on neocon jew dicks and continue to get slapped in the face by every single neocon jew gloating and Trumpstein himself offering to give them the death penalty

If I could i would sponsor North Korea or Hezbollah to nuke or gas the entire country


Are you a DACApede?

Still speak a lick of German, faggot?

It is just legit dysgenics, m88.
Direct consequences of liberalism, both classical and modern.

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It allows them to contaminate more of our food at the source so we have more foodborne illnesses to cull our population.

More beanniggers on the farms means more beannigger feces in our food means more listeria, shigella, e. coli, and salmonella. All of which can be fatal or make you wish you were dead.

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Ja, tust du?


I can speak italian… Filia de pute

*SPRICHST DU, du amimutt Köter!
NIEMAND "tut" Deutsch, du absoluter Abfall.

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What happened to your >>12333333

Do you have assburger?
If I had that I would know.

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How many people on DACA have Hitler's genes flowing through their veins?

Well, can you look for it seeing as you're just saging? Then post it here


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The should just be shot on sight. problem solved.

OK so we're letting them in, housing them, providing water, food, sanition for free indefinitely until they have some "trial" or hearing about asylum which they might get and then be given free access to the entire country?

Fuck this shit, you stick a bayonet in their face and tell them to turn around. China wouldn't let this happen if Indians decided to march to their border. No one would. Trump is supposed to be a hard ass.


you realize that this is replacing the previous practice of letting them in, then deciding while they rape white girls, right?

id rather them be in tent camps for months while they complain about slow internet and difficulties charging their cellphones vs them being put in section 8 housing in the nearest metropolitain area, which is the current practice.

why complain about an improvement?