China has its own police force in SA

Chinese are forming their own police to "protect people and businesses" in South Africa

SA's communist ANC government allows China to colonize them but denies whites the right to defend themselves. They are sellouts who fool the people.

SA: Chinese have their own police but ‘no rights for whites’
30. Oct 2018

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You mean they are blissfully ignorant of the 2nd wave of colonisation?

Hanlon's razor. Who knows? Are they evil or just stupid? Since it's niggers propably the latter.

Watch China take SA from the Blacks while cuck Boers stew in abject poverty.

I'd assume it's because Amerimutts forced them at gunpoint to abolish apartheid, but now America is too busy serving israel but SA whites are too cucked to do anything, so they impotently ask "What about us! It's not fair!"

The Chinese are communist, and the ANC are communist.

May the Chinese use them for food.

There'll probably be incidents of them eating each other. We're talking about chinks and niggers here after all.
Maybe we should spread the word and inform our sub saharan friends that yellow flesh has magical healing powers.

You didn't read the article.

lmao nigs ur all gonna die

Stupidity is the essence of evil.

The parasites are behaving as they always have.

The nigger cries out as it robs you.

Good fucking luck living under the chinese. Poor Boers.

China will grow larger!

There has been a lot of increase in chinese male- southafrica black female relationships.
Expect the country again going back into the hands of Blasians with hans Chinese bosses ruling over them.
Bantunigger commies will handover the nation to Blasian puppets

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They think they have a swell deal, that the yellow men will be better than the white men. The white men came and tried to tell them how to live their lives. The yellow men are going to fucking kill them if they don't toe the line.
Before this is over, mark my words, they will cry out to the Boers to save them and the Boers will have fucked off for somewhere with fewer goddamn leeches.

If the blacks are lucky from what I've seen so far with Chinese history. The leaders of the dragon tend to go mad for some reason (the weight of such a large country? chinese esotericism?).
The Chinese, however, in this situation, may be legitimately trying to fix SA in their own way. Ostracising the whites was a real stupid idea though. It's not like they wouldn't help the situation either. My guess is that anger over perceived anti-chinese sentiment is the cause, they may interpret that from Trump's "trade war" (dumb name) with China.

Doubt it. Africans are just as sceptical of Asians(even Indians) than as with whites. Therefore, the higher ups may be receiving some personal private benefit.


Or they'll turn SA into the Belgian fucking Congo.

China only like SA because they know they can sweep in and take in ultra qualified Boer workforce + agricultural power house with minimal efforts.
First they support the black commies guerrilla today governments, then they once they have the appropriate power they will backstab them when the time is right and will do a win/win agreement with the whites (work for china -> get protection from the horde of niggers we unleashed on you).

Chinks are perfectly aware niggers are subhumans and that whites are the only thing that made SA good, they will exploit both by playing them against each other.

Doubt it. I think they'll just go full Belgian Congo as soon as possible.

That'd be the best, probably the end-goal but for now they have king niggers who assure fellow negroids that China is the #1 ally and can only help improve quality of life, same thing in Nigeria

Do not attribute to stupidity that which can be explained by malice. Those gooks know exactly what they’re doing and no, they don’t give a fuck about the plight of Whites in SA. People say the chinks are just the puppets of kikes. They’re more like allies.

If only white nations were less kiked we wouldn't be feeding the parasites either.

Intresting point.
But I think they will play ball only for a while, and soon the boer feels safe enough, they will head for independence again - hopefully a new apartheid.
And when at that time FINALLY put those uppity niggers in their place - the nearest lamp-post or landfill.

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Wrong. The chinks want the mineral rights only. They will tear up millions of square hectares of arable land just to pull out all the diamons and precious metals, leaving barren toxic wastelands in the process. Shitty roads and infrastructure made withe Chink carelessness will degrade and be unusable the second the chinks strip mine the region and then leave like locusts to other pastures. If there are any whites left after the raping, the land will not be suitable for civilized people for hundreds of years.

This. Needless to say, if the Chinese have their way then Africa's rich and wonderful nature and wildlife will be destroyed forever. Just look at what they're doing to their own land, how do you think they'll treat other lands?

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Hey maybe Winston aka SerpentZA from Youtube can help them?

Do something about the chinks to put Boers back into power then?
Oh wait

False dichotomy, niggers are evil AND stupid. Just look at the tortures the do in Africa.

user, how long until Zig Forums realizes that ALL SUBHUMANS are your enemies?
This is the reason why they all need to be completely exterminated. Because THEY ARE YOUR MORTAL ENEMIES; ALL OF THEM. There is no 'exception' there is no race that favors us, like we have favored others. They are all your enemies…all of them. Jew, shitskins, spics, niggers, chinky bugs, japinky bugs, poo in the loo, feathers (no dot), island tub-o-lards, all your enemy. None are ever going to 'play fair', none are ever going to 'be just'. These are VALUES that apply ONLY TO YOU and YOURS…no one else. You are expecting higher minds and reasoning FROM ANIMALS. It isn't going to happen. ANIMALS don't have higher reasoning skills, they never will because they are just animals…that is it for them.

That's a family of native KhoiSan tribesman on the third image you dumbass

Where did you read anyone defending chinks in this thread?

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It is the fact that you don't properly lump them into the category they belong in that bothers me.
They are ANIMALS…it has NOTHING to do with the 'race of the day', take your pick, ultimately who gives a shit, there all all different types of 'animal races' on this planet and none are capable of higher reasoning. Look at poo in the loo, they FOUND the rig vedas and tried to establish them in their nation, but are they capable in the slightest of higher reasoning, so that they become a nation of peace and prosperity and CREATION? No, I think not. And why not? Because they are fucking ANIMALS. Animals with 'good instruction' but ultimately utterly incapable of rising above their animal nature. Their country is shit tier, they are shit tier, they will always be shit tier. It doesn't matter which race you pick…they are all shit tier without any hope of ever being anything but animals.

So what are the odds that SA nogs are going to pull a Mugabe and beg for the white population to do something once the whole country starts getting RICED?

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You glow in the dark.

Too bad. The Chinese aren't so stupid that they fail to understand they need food to continue.

They will enslave the Boer instead of killing them.


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Because China actually has power and knows who they are unlike whites who've lost their own identity after the two world wars devastated us Physically (wiping out two generations), Mentally (ideological inferior dead ideas Communism, Liberalism, Capitalism victorious), and Spiritually (the decline of religion or spiritualism and over philosophizing ourselves into oblivion).

Of course no nigger government, jew run or not, is going to fuck with the Chinese, or any other nation that comes its way who has these basic traits. Our weakness is seen high and low by all peoples on earth. Call the 65 IQ nigger a 65 IQ nigger and it doesn't matter. He sees you weakness and will capitalize on your altruism and apathy. It's not even something that requires thought, it's basic human reaction like a wolf stalking its prey whose fallen victim is limited by an injury out in the wild.

I get why people want to portray us in a victim-hood sort of way because we've become so degenerated that weakness is looked upon highly now in our society, but it wasn't always that way. The rest of the world doesn't care if the world degrades into ruthless old school barbarity in our absence. Its group competition to them and if you get destroyed in the process then so be it. The problem is everyone keeps wanting to see non-whites as being this "white person trapped in a non-white body". They don't have you values and don't care if they see some "Bigger picture" i.e. the hellish environment without whites. So long as they're on top they don't care.

Cry for yourself and get that intellectual feels out of your system, then pick yourself up and remember nobody truly gives a fuck about your feelings, and then get back into the game.

Hopefully Mainland China would clean up house. It's been a long time.

If you only realized that is a compliment where I come from…lel


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I can't wait for the decades of schadenfreude as chinks rape African barren and beat niggers into submissions.

they're capitalist with a governmental monarchy

I don't think this is a good idea user. Think about how violent and horrific the spics are with their nigger blood and slightly higher IQ. Think about niggers with a higher IQ chink blood. Does that sound like it would be conducive to ANY FURTHER life on the planet? At all? They will reproduce like chinky bugs and niggers do and literally devour EVERY LIVING THING on this planet. If we care about life at all we are going to have to destroy them both.

fuck off kike

I'd rather white men take it instead of letting the bugs consume it to grow their masses.

Wasn't that a given from the get go? Niggers need to be wiped out regardless so we can make sure future generations of leftists don't have this biological weapon at their disposal.

As for chinks, I'm interested if they can be restored to their former greatness through eugenics.

And I'd rather have Africa be populated with whites and only whites, but since that's not gonna happen I might as well laugh my ass off at all the crying niggers on TV begging whitey to come back and save them from the evil chinks.

Because you lost WWII. Sucks to be losers, deal with it. Or win WWIII.

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that would certainly be a better outcome for the blacks, miles better, however do blacks know how much the Chinese hate all other races including non-Chinese Asians?

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They breed to much. What 'former greatness'? All I see is a natural disaster.

Go back to your tranny dungeon >>>Zig Forums

And that soviet solider holding the flag would have executed you in the street for being a degenerate freak

If they don't they're about to find out.

Not really. Since the one child policy they've registered a decline in births.

Open a history book once in a while, okay?

Isn't this not only ironic but laughable, China is in a literal sense, colonizing Africa and unlike us, they will enslave the fuck out of these low IQ africans without mercy. I would laugh a lot, but geopolitically wise, this is bad for us, we will need cheap labor and cheap resources in the next decade.

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Worry about the millions of seething Muslim soldiers who hate you and have known all about Zionism for years, its public knowledge for them, and for Russians funnily enough. What jews call conspiracy in the West is reported prosaically by Russian news stations.
just sayin

I don't see any greatness there, what compass? gunpowder? Like no one else on earth would have ever figure THOSE OUT. We just agree to disagree on that one. Besides, what are you going to do to recover the 'genes' after they mongrelized themselves.

And the 'one child policy' is a joke, no one sticks to it and it is not really even enforced anymore now that they are counting on the African expansion. You are not thinking clearly about them.

Considering most white countries will become minority white before 2050 the rising threat of China is the least of my worries, especially considering how fucked they themselves are taking into account pollution, demographics, political instability and the economic house of cards they've created.


The chinese (in my personal experience) have a strong moral compass, so it's better than black police. Problem with blacks was always moral, the lack of it.

IDK I got to 'cheap labor' and I filtered it. The death of Europe and Europeans has come on the backs of the globalist desire for 'cheap labor'. I am certainly not going to listen to their BULLSHIT here in our house.

huh, where could one find such a thing

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That is why I hate low IQ white trash. I prefer our race in the forefront of the next decade, leading the way, innovating, on top positions. Not doing menial shit. Too much outstading whites are diying for nothing. Start using your fucking head.

We will probably be entering war in the next 3 to 5 years, what do you want, whites dying on a war jews dragged us into, or low IQ races being our labor and avoid the death of a good percentage of whites, thus lowering the impact on our numbers?

The chinese expansion is much of a threat to us than our dwindling numbers. As usual, there is one specific race behind all this.

Rolling for:
I'll gladly pay it to know the world will be forever rid of those soulsucking demons.

The same thing is going on in France
When you have tens of thousands of foreigners who can't speak the local language in a country it makes sense to bring in foreign police to deal with them. Every consulate and embassy on earth has their own police working there for this reason, the media only focuses on this when there's a large number of them.

Lol no. They will destroy us.
Come on user, you don't really believe this.

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you sure about that bud?

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Well that'll at least be their intention. If they can make it real is another story.

people say a lot of things user, but when the rubber meets the road…

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If the whites want to die, Asians should inherit the earth.

ITT Shills practice trying to blend in with their low energy buzzword flinging, odd post formatting and grammar, weak deflection and that one guy posting paragraphs that look like ransom letters.

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None, Mugabe hasn't nearly been as sickly depraved as some of the members of SA parliament. They will cover their own ass for survival. Mugabe at least is standing aside.

SA's problem may be worse than Zimbabwe as it is linked to politicians with severe dirty laundry.

Well this sounds srs.

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I for one welcome our new Chinese overlords.
From a perspective of a small european country the world powers act something like this

I wonder what they will do to the Boers.

If it wasn't for imperial Germany, that flag would have never existed. But pretend to be "heroes of the people" some more while ignoring the fact the russian rebellions were rebellions funded merely so Germany could focus on one front.
The irony I guess. Though it explains why soviet russia never even made it over a 100 years like some imperialist powers.

I bet they'll Boer them to tears with Chinese philosophy and throat singing…

.. just kidding, they'll likely pretend they never existed while niggers pound their front doors in.

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天安门广场勇敢的英雄站在坦克前面1989年 amirite?

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No china is more like this from memory of it's history:

pick one

the question is always, what will the Boers do to you

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Boers are the biggest cucks imaginable wow

Boer through some Zulus by the looks of it.

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careful lad, the Boer 'secret service' might be ITT

Those Boers might hoove to be careful they don't squeal to much in this thread or this thread might get messier than a pigsty. There are a few suspicious anons in this thread.

I'll stop now.


I know many and I can confirm that they are the maddest angriest people I have ever met. I bet they might have shat all over vikings back in the day.

Everyone on this land needs to get killed.

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When's the eta on Liberals crying for use to save Africa and bring back all the shit were brought with colonization?

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Never mistake malice for idiocy.

I hate this timeline.

Niggers are both stupid and malicious.

China was never great.

I get disgusted whenever I see anything related to Hollywood

Given how the Chinese simply don't give a fuck, they're going to miss the white colonists.

There's barely any Chinese girls left, so it makes sense. Black dudes are getting cucked.

stop bitching about it and do something about it then