Be full of hope

Aryan Brothers,

Know that this is a spiritual war and that by and large you are already victorious. You have won what Evola referred to as the greater Jihad. You have named the rot at the core of this world and you named it Jew. I don't counsel violence or non-violence, voting or non-voting. Do you what you can with what you have. But on your deathbed, here now or 50 years from today, you'll be able to say you saw through an entire world full of untruth. You are a frenzied heretic a worth successor to the ancestors. They smile down on us and are proud that we honor them and keep their names in our mouths. Continue to retaliate in the most significant way, by keeping the kernel of your being Aryan.

Hail Victory.

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Just stay positive.

Good post. Hail victory. Hail the Aryan spirit.

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Good lad. We must become the cycle breakers. The demolition crew for the age of decadence and the sculptors of the masterpiece that will be our future

Ave Victoria!

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Hail and well said. Have some pdfs brother (158 gbs)!U3YAyJqK!EK-81ka9QIauKfYuWrkruQ

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Kike shills glow especially bright in a thread like this.

Deus vult.

It's true. Have been traveling much lately, and often(after checking if i'm jew) people ask me,

There's no room for D&C in a thread like this. Everyone, we all have to do our best to keep learning and bettering ourselves. When your friends see you improving yourselves, they'll emulate your choices, and your enemies will seethe at your success.
Thanks for the thread, friend.

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Agreed. I have experienced this first hand. It's contagious in such a magnificent way

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Sieg Heil!

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fucking source you nigger

I think it's "The Believer" or something like that. Just look up Gosling's IMBD


This thread should be bumped amidst all the fucking shilling and D&C tactics we have going on.

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Shit like this gets me fucking pumped, let hell reign down on all those who oppose the European peoples. I'm sure it'll be a brutal one, but the war I foresee happening is going to be whites waking up, and dominating, yet again, any toxic ideology that see forced on us, Marxist shitstains for example, and give them a nice genocide-style curbstomp.

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100 % TRUE :

Courtney Deanne Tubbs (RedPill from The Goldwater) used to be married to Adam Moseley, who is Jewish.


that's right. Courtney Tubbs allowed a kike to empty his testicles into her, and his satanic seed took root inside of her, and for 9 months, she incubated a Jewish child inside of her womb.


Courtney's number is (251) 303-3766
She lives on Westchester Avenue in shitty Mobile Alabama

If you don't believe me, you can call Adam Moseley at the Nissan dealership where he works 251-476-7800

Ask for Adam Moseley in the Service Department, and he'll tell you the entire story.

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Thank you for your profound words user
Hail Victory!

Heil Hitler!


it's completely TRUE !!

Courtney DeAnne Tubbs-Moseley

she and Adam share custody of the kid

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good vibrations

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Courtney Deanne Tubbs (RedPill from The Goldwater) used to be married to Adam Moseley, who is Jewish.


that's right. Courtney Tubbs allowed a kike to empty his testicles into her, and his satanic seed took root inside of her, and for 9 months, she incubated a Jewish child inside of her womb.


Courtney's number is (251) 303-3766

She lives on Westchester Avenue in shitty Mobile Alabama

If you don't believe me, you can call Adam Moseley at the Nissan dealership where he works 251-476-7800

Ask for Adam Moseley in the Service Department, and he'll tell you the entire story.


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just bow down to Israel like the good American boys you are. trump did it, so should you. xD xD xD xD

Hail Victory.

Who? sage

There it is. Didn't take too long.

Your either die for nothing or live for something. Heil victory comrades.

Courtney Tubbs

She's the reporter at The Goldwater
who calls herself 'RedPill', and every article she writes is Anti-Jew.

But that's odd, because she has a half Jewish child


Report it for spam.

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Blackpilling doesn't do any good.

Understand the reality and gravity of situation. But fight till the end in any event. Worst case you will do no worse than giving up, best case you win. There have been great upsets in history against greater odds than we face today. Never abandon hope, for that is the only sure way to lose.


Keep being optimistic and calm, you already won said the wolf to the sheep wile he eat its family.

Dont know if a jew or some deluded idiot living in middle earth made this, either way… cancer.


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Ad victoriam ex machina
Non sibi sed patriae

A man overflowing with self power thinks about more than himself: the future, the past, the volk, beauty and good form, the earth, eternity, empathy, virtue, master morality… all of this a sign of power. Only the weak live in fear, envy, and lust beyond their own power. The will to power is not free.


You are delusional if you think white people are going to exist in 50 years.
They have our genomes. Expect a strange plague that dismantles whiteness to emerge in the next 20 years.


Posting in a good thread.

Nerd detected

OP here. That actually means a lot to me. It was a nice fall day here and even the kike couldn't take away Nature from me. I tried to put it into words.

next time dont use Saturn as your pic though

This. This is why we will win.

Hope you are doing well today friend.

The reason they seem so powerful is because their job is fucking with you and they don't have any children. But It's already over on a biological and spiritual level, it's just endurance now; jews are dying off on their own– all that will be left are the fundamentalist ones. The pinkos and jews have chosen to die and to out source their baby making to the once legally retarded; the Whites that will remain are going to be more conservative and racially aware.
Open borders displaces "minorities" before the majority and has destroyed the power centers of liberals– the cities. They shit where they eat. All Whites need to do is protect their own and be prepared to clean up the mess once all the turd handlers master plan falls apart.

Build a strong clan, have a trade, stay fit and stay involved in local politics. Endure to the end, the turd handlers and jews are too foolish for this world.

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Good post. The ABSOLUTION.webm is what I was getting at.

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reminder to everybody: stop masturbating please

lmao are you trying to say that the jew is a wolf while the aryan is a sheep? bad analogy

and subhumans are going to construct such a thing? anyways, not gonna happen regardless

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You have no power here. This thread is full of positivity and love of our people.

Too warm for my tastes, but the trees were beautiful.

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(absolutely fucking checked)
A beautiful day indeed

That’s not Saturn.

Sieg heil OP. A perfect thread for the days we honor our ancestors most.

Drink bleach nigger.

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That's a nice graphic. Robert Bowers along with Dylan Roof are national heroes. Saved


The paintings are so honest and pure, one could sense the gentle aroma of the leaves, grass, flowers, water & land with the gentle breeze.

I needed this whitepill, me and my wife moved to a new house recently and it has been challenging for me to do everything.



I love Aryan art like this, anyone has more?

Thank you brother.

Easy to spot them in threads like this

How hard is it to get jobs in Sweden and what options exist for those who cannot find jobs?

I couldn't have said it better.

You people deserve what's coming.

You have to dig much to find good quality softcopies, many are uploaded to alarmy & pinterest.

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Italians and greeks aren't white.

You have no power here.

Irish are the real niggers. Same with Slavs. The only true whites are British royalty.

Lol sure are desperate.

Hey guys my skin is white therefore any bad thing I do is excused ugh I hate the race card

How bout we prove we are better than non whites by not talking about our race every five seconds. We are on fucking pol, no shit we are white straight males. No shit niggers are fucking retarded. No shit we don't mix well with other races. When you fags say white or right you sound like you are playing gright into a d and c game. It's like you are fucking marketers or some shit. A good product sells itself. The world white immediately scares off blue pilled whites too because it's associated with white supremecy. It's better to strike by not sending our enemies our exact position. A guerilla warfare technique is much more effective, reinvent yourself, your terminology your tactics every single day. Look at you through your enemies perspective or you will never know how to defeat them. Sick of seeing the same recycled shit every day here. Variety just for the sake of variety is good. Shills are actually useful too because they force us to not get too cozy. Spanish are real whites they are more white than Italians get over it mutt

The ones with hopes will win.

Hope= future.

No hope = no future.

Stay strong, my fruend.

Only white British people are true whites that's cuz when why then they were the if then how comes then they was the British empire not the German empire? And French faggots always would get killed for being dumb. Never once does anyone ever think of an Aryan becuse it doesn't exist. How do you call somebody who loses a war against international Jewry the master race? I get it, you are an amateur boxer , but you sound like a retard when you sau you can beat Mayweather. Stop celebrating victories you've never had. You ain't even then jf the then how comes then did jitler else to the Gandhi's? The Hitler Indian empire best the nazi British with just his hands behind his back so he couldn't masturbate. If aryan super master then why comes petite anorexic pajeets beat your ass with a yoga pose when you had zyklon b and angel of death torture on weak redditor jew beta usury manager s? How comes then did Himmler torture little faggot cuckold future dead jew niggers if then did aryan nation not even win and prison aryan are dumb and shank like niggers instead of assemble like good goy. What are you Muslim then? Huh? Chicken? Too much for you yhat you just say what cones to your breathe big boy.

That fourth image is gorgeous, what is it?

Italians Germans Irish and Slavs are not white only British are white look at Merkel's face she is Hitler's son and looks half black for fucks sake if she didn't have that Dylan roof cupcake head shed look like one of those niggers he shot outside burger King

Forget to switch IPs, faggot? Lol amateur hour over here.

The only true whites are Jews and British. You are just butthurt because Hilary won. Hey, at least you can watch more Apprentice! Maybe Ronald "Deport Ronaladinho" Crumpet can be lady president apprentice! He can be first cuck! John pedosta protects child rapists

You keep respond to yourself to look cool in your dumb ass thread

Mexicans are white. Stop excluding them. Have you ever even seen one? They look part aryan and are master craftsman who can use any tool at home Deport

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Yes it is you dumb nigger. The (((Bible))) daddy = chronos, saturn, (((EL))). Stop meming the child sacrificing cult as a good thing and stop worshiping a fucking virgin sacrificed Rabbi.

(((Jesus))) OP is dumb

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Jewish and British are white. Slavs , Irish, French , American, German are not white and its why those groups all look like shitskins. Greeks are literally Pube heads for fucks sake they aren't white. Only British and Jews are.

Always remember that of all epochs of the cycle of Maha Yuga, Kali Yuga is the shortest. It is the darkest age, but God allows it to be that way only because those who love Him have a higher path to follow, and a dim candle shines the brightest in the darkest night

Is this the college of winterhold?