Jewish Political Scientist Names The Jew

(((Bo Rothstein))), a professor of political science at the University of Gothenburg (GU), has written an opinion piece in Göteborgs-Posten slamming "critical whiteness studies," a new discipline that has emerged at his university.

The Faculty of Humanities recently formed a new network of researchers called VitKrit, whose stated goal is to focus on "critical whiteness studies." The discipline seeks to "problematize whiteness" in human science. It proceeds from the assumption that whiteness is associated with power and privilege in many parts of the world.

Rothstein sarcastically argued that the network should be renamed "critical Judaism studies" or JudKrit. Rothstein, himself of Jewish origin, stressed Jews' overwhelming overrepresentation in the academia, especially at the most prestigious schools in the US. While the Jews only accounts for under 3 percent of the US population, they account for 20 percent of professors at the leading universities, 37 percent of the recipients of the US National Medal for Science, 25 percent of the country's Nobel Prize winners in literature and an astonishing 40 percent of Nobel Prize winners in the scientific disciplines, Rothstein pointed out.

"Since I also belong to this minority, I can safely testify how often you encounter people from this small minority at different positions within academia," Rothstein wrote.

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Hmmm… he isn't doing it without some hidden agenda. What could he be up to?

Also, kike-free first post.

The amazing thing is that he pointed out Jewish privilege as an argument against white privilege

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The autism in this guy is strong…

He's not autistic, he's only signaling to the jews up top to take it slow

This. This is what all these pro-israel populists are about. The kikes saw that people were waking up to ZOG and white-genocide, and so they've decided to throw us some bones in the form of populists who are still Israeli stooges. Once the "populist revolution" is complete i guarantee israel is going to expand.

It's to get out in front and neutralize emerging anti-jewish sentiment. Present to White military/tax slaves that some parasites say good things and are "good jews" and recognize your plight and promise to ease up/give you a better cut so make sure you keep dying for israel.

You'll see anons asking the question that, "If jews are "White", aren't they at all concerned with their own safety when the dark races come to slaughter "Whites" wholesale after being weapoized for decades?"
Answer: No. They have a squeaky clean shit skin free ethnostate compliments of the White Caucasian of Euro-descent. They will be no where around any Western nation when the "Antisemitism©®™" reaches level 10

There's a certain jealousy at display here. That's really all it is.

This. They never do anything like this without ulterior motivation and looking for a way to hurt us worse later…this is just more manipulative bullshit from them. Nothing new here. If the kikes are the only people who are 'allowed' to be 'critical' of the kikes do you all really think they are going to pick an issue worth talking about?
Fuck these people, they are the worst thing that has ever happened to this planet.

I don't think the Jews are in control of their golems anymore. This is clearly an act of desperation because they can see how things are starting to unravel as Zig Forums and the like keep on pushing too far, too fast and refuse to stop when ordered.

This. One of the latest example is Maxime Bernier in Canada. He is saying the exact same thing.

I think they've got a secure leash on the likes of Trump, Bolsonaro, etc.

He knows that they had better secure a safe space for themselves before it goes kinetic

Doesn't help when the screeching hordes of degenerates that populate Western universities show the goyim what the future has in store for them.

Yeah I hear you, I have wondered why there wasn't more outcry from the supposed national socialists, over the coming destruction of Venezuela at USA, Brazil, etc hands.

And the $1 Million question is; "Why?"
Do the Zionists believe that if they virtue signal as Zionists that their kike overlords will spare them? If so, they aren't very smart.

It's the same group of "national socialists" that regurgitate capitalist talking points, run down the poor, ignore the systemic root causes. Mostly everyone of value was driven off this site inlate 2015 to 2016.

It takes some real mental gymnastics to process the cog dissonance that would be required to be both a globalist shill on Zig Forums and true nat soc. Watching them FLEX is kind of fun though.

This should be good.

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And the infamous "peer review" is just jews reviewing jews.

So he's placating the white goyim.

A better name would be "CuckKrit" because of the overwhelming over representation of nutless titty babies in academia.

Any sources other than sputnik? That site is generally shunned by most people.änkhetsstudierna-på-göteborgs-universitet-1.10169896

basically this, he's just another juden peterstein-tier gatekeeper trying to make jews look better


So a jew muddying water by jewish lies and deception? Roger that.

Maybe they all haven't been infested with that suicidal cat-shit parasite yet. Those are the ones you need to watch out for because they will wait and wait and wait until the best time for a sacrifice.

Is he the next Bobby Fischer?

The nobel prize is similar to how Hollywood hands out Oscars to itself.
Same with the Pulitzer and awards in journalism.
This is how jews artificially elevate each others prestige.

Certainly an (insert award here) winner cannot be wrong about white people.

Oh shit, I think you might have a point user

fischer was never a kike

jews accuse someone of being jewish they dislike so that any time they're mentioned it becomes perceived as 'internal politics' and mental illness involving no one else.

Always remember:
There are no good jews
even if some jews seem to do some good sometimes

For instance, Peter Beinart writes in The Forward:

There you have it. This is basically a confession that confirms everything Kevin MacDonald has been saying for years: the organized Jewish community is promoting multiculturalism and non-white immigration because Jews are perpetual outsiders who fear and hate white Americans even more than Muslims. The Pittsburgh Synagogue massacre is yet one more reminder that the truth about Jews and white dispossession is so terrible that it drives some unstable people over the edge.

So is this a case of a broken clock being right, or is there an underlying trick?

Jews aren't a monolith in the same way whites aren't. Jews like this guy offer us a chance to get the message across. If you think all Jews are Soros you'll end up devolving into rabbit holes that lead nowhere (which is what the controllers want).

Really, "national socialists" defending Venezuela?

You realize Maduro is a fat kike right?


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Hmm, goyjeans

By bringing in meat shields for the jews and their activities.