If you watch inrange tv, you are a cuck

(sorry for linking the jewtube version, my webm skills are rusty)

ian mccollum is a leftist that thinks white genocide is okay, while his buddy karl is a open satanist with ties to antifa, there are people on Zig Forums who unknowingly pay these fags to make content , don't be a pay piggy for libshits

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holy fuck the nigger cock sucking in the comments ,

Literally who?

fags that have over a million subs, they are trying to get leftist armed and trained from my understanding

I stopped watching him after he sperged out over the SA FAL comment section.
Always hated Karl, figures that he would be an edgy athiest faggot. Anyone have the screencap of their discord server where Karl is freaking about spies from "K" infesting their chat?


the pozz is strong

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How can you even deny that White farmers are getting mass murdered, their murderers admit it publicly.

same, i stopped after the whole backlash to "whites arn't being genocided stupid naaaaaazzzzziiiiis" apparently ian is a furry or something degen like that too

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by being a retarded hedge fund baby with leftist views, i doubt ian has ever had to work retail and deal with niggers irl

You can't stop shilling for this IP harvester even after the entire "point" of it was removed.

Can you go three posts without buzzwords? It'll help your attempts at consensus cracking :^)

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You're not even trying, schlomo.

If you can back up your claims about hooktube, it'll gloss over how you can't go just one post without buzzwords.

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Also see you kike

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Good luck with your personal army request ITT, it won't go anywhere and hopefully you'll coordinate better slide threads and help one another out in threads that matter.

Fuck off kikey.

Anyone remember when Karl came to Zig Forums and started sperging

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Yeah, nah.

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yeah now he post conspiracy theories about Zig Forums spying on him now and blames the whole him being a faggy santan worshiper leaking on us

Not your personal army, and you're not even from here lol.

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i meant Zig Forums in general asshurt kike


I hate that that faggot and cianiggers are ruining the use of smug girl pics, I always enjoy them, but kikes and fucktards like them are absolutely destroying my love for anime girl reactions.

They don't deny it, they're just happy about it. They say

Also fuck Ian and forgotten weapons. Used to like it but then I saw the SA comment. Also he talks like a faggot.