The Azzmador arrest is a ruse to reinforce the "legitimacy" of the Daily Stormer

Azzmador, an obvious informant given his rap sheet, is to be tried for his participation in Unite the Right. An event that Daily Stormer said there was "no excuses" for not attending, only to reneg on that position and through all the activists that participated under the bus. Lately they are back-peddling to defend the Proud Boys (lol) and RAM.

Remember, this is just a ruse to make Daily Stormer seem legit and cover it's telling history. Remember when they got caught for letting this kike write for them: ? Not to mention weev the kike being webmaster who himself claimed to be a descendant of Theodor Herzl, the founder of Zionism.

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Isn't that Colin Lidell?

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No idea. Only posting because it mentions the Azzmador case. If there are other reports of this post em.

Be warned. It's a tranny.

The .blogspot subdomain is enough for me not to even open it

Most obvious deradicalization shill ever. A prime example is if you browse how they've written about National Action of the United Caliphate and other actual National Socialist groups:

Earlier this year:
These guys are all professionals bla bla bla, we should support them
These people are wignat LARPers lol they all belong in jail fuck nazis

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No one cares, fuck off back to reddit.

quality post bro thanks for contributing.

Azzmador's official status is "Fugitive" according to albemarle county records.

I'm waiting for weev to come out calling for the murder of wignats in response to Pittsburgh. His last piece on Sarah Jeong was telling. He never once condemned her or even criticized her for being an anti-White gook, instead he just went into a totally unrelated rant about NSM=BAD

incredible people still trust those shills.

Nobody here believes you kike. Go back to >>>4chan.

they cracked under the pressure and developed delusions about red maga caps.

ADL stunt

Sessions will pay because ol Azzmador aka informant more than likely who gave Faith Goldberd an interview is a pro wrestler imposter he will be let go under his new identity

Lol when the Daily Mamzers cucking doesn't save them from arrests. AmNats burn in hell

get fucked kikes

E celeb! E celeb! Gossip! E celeb e celeb! Gossip gossip! Reddit Reddit! Gossip! E celeb gossip Reddit gossip gossip! Useless shit! A person with a name and a face! E celeb e celeb! Gossip!

Kill yourself

I don't know if it's a ruse or not. I do know that daily stormer is an anti-white deradicalization propaganda site, so I hope they give azzmador the death penalty.

weev has probably done more in the fight to save the white race than any person in the past 30 years.

DS has been down all day, wonder if they took it down after Gab was taken down. Anglin used Gab to direct people to the current clearnet address of his website, so without either, only people that know the onion link will be able to find it.

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I'm not really pro or anti stormer, but Weev is an ethnic jew and should not be trusted. I personally think Anglin is legit, but he can be autistic/wrong about a lot of things- namely Blumpf/(R), cucktianity, muh PR, 'alt kike' branding, and being associated with TRS. I suppose him being an agent is possible, but if so, he's very skilled and the operation is incredibly elaborate.

Fuhrer dubs of truth. The Daily Mamzer has show its true colors time and time again. It's a kosher gatekeeping outfit ran by a degenerate sex tourist and a literal commie kike troll. The saddest part is that so many good intentioned Whites fall for it.

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He looks like a GTA character.

Andrew has admitted multiple times that The Daily Stormer is just a performance art project. He's not actually a NatSoc or even an ethnonationalist; he's basically just a republican who is redpilled on lots of stuff, more or less. Weev is a multidimensional troll, trolling both left and right. He trolls the left with Nazi stuff and he trolls the right by pretending to be an Aryan fascist when he's actually a radical jew. That isn't opinion either; we actually have evidence of him admitting he's a Jew. And his mother admitted he was a Jew a while back. He also looks very Jewish, phenotypically. Anyway, at the end of the day, whether DS is LARPing or not, they're hooking in thousands and thousands of young people and radicalising them, intentionally or not, and that's what counts.

meh - it ain't worth considering unless I see it in Dat Sperger.

Hey OP, u know this year they have special noses for people who want to dress up as jews for Halloween.

Does this lovely model look like one of the women on your hasbara crew?

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Anglin isn't even visibly white, why do (((posters))) still pretend that he is?

terrible effort 0/10

he's not legit, he's probably a team of kikes sat in tel aviv.

He looks exactly like Jonathan Greeblatt.

Can anyone try to see if there is a connection with this and the bomb and shooting false flags?


The answer is yes, she's a hopper

This reminds me of something my DACAryan wife from Bazil told me, and that's that the anti-white government will go after us, including Hispanics and Mediterraneans.

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Throwing TWP under the bus when they were putting their bodies on the line was probably the most disgusting thing they did optics or not. The media didn't do nearly as much as DS/AA did with regards to those guys and it was completely undeserved.

I wont lie I was a crypto fan of both DS/AA when most this place gave up on him but he can get fucked for throwing people putting boot to ass to people IRL under the bus.

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not really. he just took our own humor and sold it back to us on a simple and clean looking site that is easy to navigate. he was as extreme as people wanted him to be at first. then when trump took office and immediately disavowed us, all that momentum poured onto the streets. this was encouraged by the daily shiller until the Charlottesville Holocaust happened. then they changed their tune in lockstep with the jewish medias demands. anglin even admitted the whole thing is just an act on his blog. ever since then its been "stay inside, vote GOP"

funnel all the radicals towards you, initiate street event where the corrupt state can fight back and the jews can get their shoah material for the next decade and then crash the movement.

you have to look at the whole timeline as well as their involvement with Joshua Goldberg and weev. also they now push the exact same shit as the jews. think about it:

jews and anglin:
both hate street action,
both hate gab,
both love the rape and murder of white women, both promote race-mixing (anglin bangs gooks and consistently talks about it)
both are against kicking niggers out of america
both wants us to just play a rigged political game

its so obvious anyone still on the fence is too dumb to want in any movement anyway.

Jews arn't white

Why are you shitting on The Daily Stormer. They put out good content and anyone out there naming the Jews and heir bullshit is a step in the right direction.

He actually disavowed TRS for being too wignat, that's the state of the stormer in current year +3

Anglin's Thai Fuck Shack solely exists to latch onto other ideas/groups/movements and make them look retarded by any and all means, just look at the bullshit they have pulled over the years. Anglin and (((Weev))) are adept at this sort of subversion.
And remember, people who write articles in which they lace the truth with outright falsehoods or cuck trash are obvious shills.

Does anyone care about the daily stormer? I see posts like this all the fucking time, but I'm not convinced anyone on Zig Forums even cares about them. I purposely get on Zig Forums to get away from personalities and celebrities. Because there is no face here, it is nice to swim in pure ideas instead.

What do you consider Trump?

a topic that is beat to death on pol playing zog or not

I thought he was a rednigger.

Tbh, I don't even bother to go into trump threads anymore. Same arguments every time on both sides.

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So even Kike Enoch and his B'nai B'rith faghag wife are further right than the current Daily Stormer? How long until they disavow Breitbart for being too antisemitic?

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I'll stop reading right there. The fuck shack can burn for all I care, but any post that uses the the word "obvious" before a non-sequitur to try and get the reader to swallow its garbage conclusion is unworthy of my time.

as far right is losing ground fast you chose to argue like teenagers over who is cool and who is not, hahaha

Anglin and DS are top notch dudes for exposing atomwaffles and their satanic bullshit. Your tears are telling, guys, stop worshipping satan, you nigger faggots

Lurk more

Shit dude, you aren't into the latest d&c infighter news? anglin cut ties with "eric striker" because he shared a few words with cantwell on a completely unrelated podcast.

this board for ground zero for satanic kike atomwaffle bullshit, Anglin realy spread it to the masses, atomniggers are now gone

And because Striker is mildly critical of Trump.

Azzmador? Really? Does someone being arrested automatically give them credibility as non-POS j00?

Considering he has been in jail many times before, no

I don't think it's a big deal, everyone knew of that guys past as a drunkard with a record. At least he sobered up enough to make racist podcasts or whatever, sadly he teamed up with andrew anglin of all people.

is he the only one?


Hes a very obvious Fed and he stopped using Gab almost immediately upon being told he was exposed and his cover was blown. I said to scurry along, run and hide and thats exactly what he did.

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They've been retarded for a very long time. A denouncement of these long-knife-deserving shills should go in the general and anything about them should be anchored, in my opinion.

I also told Ricky Bobby he would never be successful because he pissed off the ethno-nationalist wing and we control the meme production. this was a few months before everyone full blown rejected them when Anglin and Azzmador, Weev etc tried to drive a wedge in with their "wignat" crap and forced people to decide. They just decided the opposite way that the fed derad shills thought they would, failed coup really with the perpetrators still breathing.

Since when does a fed tell you not to be an alienatingly violent fringe and to avoid actions that will get your shit v& and vindicate our enemies kvetching in the eyes of joe public?
Last time I checked feds wanted us to be dumb violent craterheads about this and rush into a violent situation that we don't yet have the numbers, logistics, support, or fucking anything to win. I mean I knew that board IQ was dropping. I did not know it had cratered to being as deep a hole as the crimes of the jew. Think before you act, we cannot afford a single mistake.

strange how little information is going out about this. guess azzmador just isn't going nuts like cantwell when he found out he had a warrant.
any info from anyone inside the ds camp on this?

Since they decided they dont like the random death of political and religious officials associated with people like Roof. If you didnt notice Anglin and co's switch from GTKRWN 1488 to vote with based niggers for #NotAllKikes then youre braindead and dont belong here. They are deradicalization shills, the same thing jewgle and jewtube do when they feed you anti-racist propaganda when they figure youre pro-white. We know about plenty of online disruption based alphabets, feds dont just get people in a room and quasi-entrap them.

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Take out 4 Chan Zig Forums and the list is accurate.

The list was made when he was running. They supported him completely, and he did 2 AMAs at least on there. DS organized a few raids, but were pushed out every time for being newfags

I saw more people calling him a fed here then there

look and laugh at the retard hahaha, what ideas? all wrongthink is banned in the span of minutes, this board is reddit on steroids

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the atomkike is so mad

TRS and DS divorced, haven't you heard?

They are still the same cancer, a split won't change the fact that both sites are boomer-tier republicuck propaganda organs.

Yes but they're all under 20 years old.

The worst thing to happen to Zig Forums since Ron "Immigration Is Not Solved By Barbed Wire" "The NAP is Jewish" Paul.

Dude, the mods are shit, what the fuck are you even talking about? The biggest problem on 8/pol/ is that cancerous faggots like you DON'T get banned on sight.
You want reddit2.0, look no further than Daily Stormer - its quite-literally a bunch of under-20 kids that used to browse r_coontown, play pokemon and wave kekistan flags, when they aren't pouting about wignats.

They're both massively trash.

You really are trash my man.

Zig Forums does not endorse namefags and e celebs

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I'll cite pat little's own post-shooting video. There is no need for violence at this current stage of things. We should still aim to be peaceful at all times. If azz is a fed whatever but we cannot afford a violent approach currently.

To be fair, if this is related to Cville, any on-the-ground activity will result in violence so long as the authorities refuse to enforce the law upon antifa and the like.
The fact that the folks from Cville are being tried while the violent-as-fuck literal-communist antifa scum have all been let off the hook is only more evidence of the fact that there is currently no legitimate pro-White power base within the US political infrastructure.

Of that I am well aware. As such right now we need to lay serious groundwork. Regional groups for support, flierings like last night's IOTBW drop, friends networks, Support work in community settings wherever possible. We need hearts and minds to win this one. Because this is down to the choice of us (whites as a whole across nations). If we choose to live we will live. If we choose to die on the hill of multiculturalism then we will die there. We need to choose to live in as large a number as is possible so that no matter what we have a future.

I agree with this sentiment wholeheartedly, and don't forget this is trumps DOJ coming down on alt-righters and alt-lite types.
Professor bike-lock got a slap on the wrist for what should have been attempted murder, meanwhile those who went to cville and did way less than what antifa where doing are getting slapped in the face with federal charges, and that's all of them, not a single one is getting off light, the only one was maybe cantwell but that's because he ratted on people still spent a year or almost in jail or something like that.
Now, having said that, go vote republican this week

This is exactly correct. I'm surprised on a daily basis the people that go to the DS who don't know this. Your first clue was that Weev is involved, has weev ever done anything really that WASNT performance art? No not really. The DS is just "jews did 9/11" but on monster energy drink. You're kidding yourself if you think those folks are really natsoc.

The reason for backing republicans should have nothing to do with republicans themselves. It's about frenzying the left, not giving them a target to concretely hit and watching them brutalise the public. The leftists will undermine themselves.

What? I think I understand what you're trying to say, but it's not coming out right

I bet 9 out of 10 of them are cuckchan immigrants.

Yes sorry. We are not that party however. The left will go in on attacking normal republicans without hitting us.

Yeah, that's just it though - because of Whites continued investment in the system, and people urging them toward such, the only mechanism to achieve change is a democratic oneā€¦ So we basically need ALL the Whites on board, and we don't have that - a good 25-50% of the White population is supportive of their own destruction, because they've been indoctrinated to think that's 'progress'.
So, basically, 75% of US can choose to live, while 25% choose to die, and unless we're prepared to reject the system and/or combat it outside of itself, we're fucked.

Trust me, I'm not gonna forget it anytime soon.

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*75% of US Whites

its obvious, black nigger, because the definitive infographic in OP that you didnt bother to look at. back to reddit bitch.

When that fed is running deradicalization

saying and doing are different things

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